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  1. Accip74

    Harry & Meghan

    Well you put these things better than me mate, I’m far too flippant. Just to clarify I’m not suggesting for one moment anyone has sympathy for these past relationships that Charles & Andrew have had. But they showed absolutely terrible judgement & in my opinion cheapened & polluted the royal family far more than any mixed race bird. To call out Harry & his choice, but not these other episodes smacks of hypocrisy. Anyway I’m done because I don’t care, do I ?
  2. Accip74

    Here we go.

    I’m terrible mate, I really am! But yes what they way do never ceases to amaze me!
  3. Accip74

    Here we go.

    I went to see Irvine Welsh a few years ago talk in Brussels. He’s lived & travelled all over & he was saying, unlike the Irish, the scotts dont tend to gravitate towards each other abroad in case they “out Scottish” each other! I don’t know how true that is, but it made me laugh. Had a chat with him afterwards & he was a lovely bloke.....we had a pub in common
  4. True mate, but at least he seems to play it straight with a serious guest, instead of all these shit comedians....
  5. Accip74

    Here we go.

    Don’t talk to me about language mate, it’s a running joke between me & the Mrs........ misunderstandings that is.... .... but what about this : my kids speak Dutch to each other, my Mrs speaks french to them..... they speak Dutch back to her & of course English to me. At the dinner table I don’t know what the fcuk is going on!!
  6. Accip74

    Here we go.

    I actually thought that straight after posting greyman
  7. Accip74

    Here we go.

    I’m not a betting man, but I wouldn’t mind getting the odds & having a few quid on him winning a second term & not completing it through I’ll health, like early stages of dementia? If you dig up some early interviews from the early 80s of trump talking about politics it’s like a different bloke. His vocabulary is far better, much more coherent. There definitely seems to be some deteriation, some say even since 2016 he’s not as sharp?
  8. Accip74

    Here we go.

    You’re going to have give me time to compute all that mate But going back to your first paragraph I would assume it’s a mistake made by people on a ‘knife edge’, little comfort to those poor families effected though. More than likely a really horrible by-product of situations like this....
  9. Accip74

    Here we go.

    It was too much of a coincidence imo
  10. Just a heads up for anyone interested. Fascinating podcast with this Ed Calderon, that has apperantly been on before so I’ll have to check that out now.
  11. Accip74

    Harry & Meghan

    At least Saville & Epstein we’re white eh? It makes me feel so proud I’m welling up!
  12. Accip74

    Harry & Meghan

    I take it Charles didn’t pollute it by palling up with one of the most prolific nonces in recent history? Or his bother palling up with a convicted nonce? The silence from the royalists was deafening on these occasions. Harry behaves like somebody relatively normal & you all lose your shit over it You couldn’t make this shit up!
  13. The drama’s already started on here!
  14. Are any of you cancelling your subscriptions to Majesty Magazine over this?
  15. To be fair there’s a bunch of failed marriages to supposedly well bred people between them. Only the gay one made his marriage work! I don’t think breeding has much to do with succesful marriages? I actually don’t mind the bloke, so good luck to him....
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