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  1. Accip74

    Justify this

    I’d of gladly paid per bird mate
  2. Accip74

    Justify this

    You can control what you’re slipping at though... My point is the disturbance I’m likely to cause is negligible compared to a shooting party, it’s mostly an excuse.
  3. Accip74

    Justify this

    I got that a lot when seeking permission hawking. The landowner would grant permission only to ring me up a few days later to explain the keeper had overruled his decision. Same old excuse about disturbance, though many falconers put down their own birds without such problems apparently?
  4. Accip74

    Making furniture

    They were treated\coloured boards cut to that length at my local DIY place for general outside use. I thought they would make a good table top & believe it or not in a daft moment I was going to cut them down because I hadn’t intended on making a table that big, but luckily come to my senses! I just sanded them down to expose more of the grain & finished with clear oil.
  5. Accip74


    What was for dinner Arry?
  6. Accip74

    Wine drinkers.

    We done a nice little tour & tasting at the Marques de Riscal winery............even the kids enjoyed it! Very nice wine indeed......
  7. Accip74


    A sustainable, ecologically friendly & healthy source of protein that tastes great, but never promoted properly to the general public in the uk. f***ing madness! It annoys me so much my Mrs is bored to fcuking tears hearing about it
  8. Accip74

    Wine drinkers.

    I’m 45 now mate so I’m taking diet & exercise etc very seriously these days. I’ve been eating well for years, but alcohol always seems to be a work in progress....
  9. Accip74

    Food challenge

    I’ve never done an all inclusive holiday, but my mates that do always tell me the same thing. The greed & glutony is staggering! ..... it’s always put me off the idea tbh
  10. Accip74

    Wine drinkers.

    I’m no expert, but I always think you can’t go wrong with a decent Rioja or Tempranillo. When back in England I would normally get a Campo Viejo which is reasonably priced. I’ve tried limiting myself to wkend drinking, but it never lasts....... before I know it the wkend starts on a Thursday & ends on a Monday! So these days I set myself goals of long periods without drink. Normally first 3 months of the year etc. If I have a time or occasion like a holiday or something to work towards it seems to work for me, for example I have a mate coming out to see me at the end of the month so I’m in the middle of 5 weeks without drinking at the moment, then try & do a run up to Christmas. My aim is to be teatotal majority of the year. I still think a sensible social drink does more good than harm, but limiting it is the hard part. Atb
  11. Accip74


  12. Accip74

    Rugby World Cup ......

    The main problem with football is they are just not paid enough. It’s time people f***ing woke up & realised football is going to be fcuked forever if we don’t start paying these boys a reasonable wage & more rest time. A million quid a day plus every other wkend off should eliminate most of this silliness. It’s not their fault, it’s time to think outside of the box & save football!
  13. Accip74


    Nice one Kev! Atb