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  1. Ok I’ll be the first to say it. They’ve called it off because they know hardly anyone will show up & the crowd would be much smaller than Trumps ??
  2. Looks that way. Even if it’s only virtual I’m still really excited....anyone else?
  3. A 183 people thought so.....Sounds conclusive ?
  4. One of my neighbours, a NATO chemist has just had hers. I’ll keep you all informed of any strange outcomes ?
  5. I would say the majority of republicans will be too shit scared to vote In favour of impeachment, even if they wanted to....
  6. Absolutely, the more people you get to know the better really ?
  7. I didn’t recall them mate, but knew straight away when I saw those words ??
  8. That’s who I was thinking of! Sykes ?
  9. 3 out of 45, but yes......some need to move into reality now ?
  10. The DJ thing kind of went over my head really. I’m sure I saw many top DJs back in the day, but I either can’t remember or weren’t really interested in their names. My claim to fame was seeing Pete Tong DJ at Twilo in New York. Was he any good? f**k knows! Too busy with a girl from Queens ?
  11. 1 & 3 were easy, but I’m struggling with 2 ? Great pics by the way ?
  12. It’s great to have a mentor obviously, but be discerning about the company you keep & don’t be afraid to use your own common sense. Good luck in finding someone good ?
  13. The smell certainly stays with you, it’s the smokiness I think. It’s great stuff ? I must admit I was in two minds about keeping them because of the fit. They are on the large side length wise, but I have a broad foot, so by the time I added an insole & 2 pairs of lightweight boot socks as instructed I knew I couldn’t really drop a size. Anyway I had them out yesterday & I think they should be fine. I went through water right up to the tops & they stayed nice & dry inside. Maybe once the leather softens a bit they will fit a little snugger? But they were comfortable en
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