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  1. Accip74

    Brexit Thread Redux

    It's still great out here. Lots of work, lots of promotions & lots of pay rises .......somebody really needs to give the EU the nod on how bad it is.........they obviously just don't get it???
  2. Accip74

    Ready to roll

    I have to say that looks stunning green lurchers. I don't know if I want to fcuk it or eat it????
  3. Accip74


    I'm not Him?
  4. Accip74

    Christmas dinner/lunch

    I'm with green lurchers & bgb on this. The star of the show was Boxing Day dinner. Let's be honest here, who the fcuk has roast turkey any other time of the year? That should tell you something, right? It's fcuking shit! Yeah I know some weirdos like it, but they are a minority group, so lack any credibility what so ever........ For me it won't be the star of the show because I'll be doing something decent like Venison fillet on Christmas Day..........but Boxing Day dinner will still shine!........................................how wank does that sound???
  5. Accip74


    It ain't mine mate I was tempted in my younger days. I've looked at loads, my mates got loads.........but I know you can get the same quality for a lot less than half the price.....
  6. Accip74


    It's amazing how this little label can add a few hundred quid to the price of jacket. What do they make it from?
  7. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    That's the one mate......
  8. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    Quality over quantity mate............I've still got my 32" waist at 43
  9. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    I'm surprised he hasn't done BBQ breakfast yet?
  10. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    That's not toasted mate. My only rules for breakfast are eggs & mushrooms, anything else go's...... Ive actually had moorhen brests before with a cooked breakfast, I'd bet you'd love that.......
  11. Accip74

    Game Breakfast

    Partridge this morning.......
  12. Accip74


    I have a russian sister in law & she used to go ice fishing with her dad. He was still doing it in his 70s with his mates, but poor bugger passed away this year. Lovely bloke as well.....
  13. Accip74


    You can't beat a good Parka in winter.......
  14. Accip74

    Yanks And Their Guns

    I'm glad you took that well.....
  15. Accip74

    Yanks And Their Guns

    You're red dot material even without the gun mate!