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    RIP Damien To young
  2. Picture of health,some fine terriers you have there
  3. Alright hatch,ye only bring him out the odd time,still do a job,about 13 now
  4. if you had the money I'd strip it back at least 4 tiles creating a bellcast on roof. Can see where the ply under the felt is sagging,them flat roofs are a nighmare if not done right
  5. Top man s, cheers she made a decent bitch
  6. With dogs thin on the ground, brought Jim out 1st time this season, 2 digs to the old fella
  7. Jim finished now, good dog to have around
  8. Thanks lads,hes just back from vet, calcium deficiency,gave her a shot and some other stuff should be ok now.
  9. Mates bitch had a litter yesterday,8 pups right on the date,last night bitch throwing up food she had eaten earlier and panting heavily,looks as if she's not producing enough milk either as pups constantly whinning,could it be milk fever?anyone same scenario?
  10. Used it on a bitch once before,came into season every month afterward,all bitchs are different but wouldn't recommend doing it
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