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    The morning after jab 😳

    Used it on a bitch once before,came into season every month afterward,all bitchs are different but wouldn't recommend doing it
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    1st to the left for me,good luck
  3. dublin dezzy


    Try pick a winner out of that lot,fine litter,hope they work out for you
  4. dublin dezzy

    Terrier Couples

    Butter ,the full fat stuff does the job
  5. dublin dezzy

    Trying to capture the essence.

    No problem ,nice work.
  6. dublin dezzy

    Trying to capture the essence.

    robs dog is an ugly b*****d looks nothing like that, haaha Great job,what sort of price for same sized picture.pm if preferred
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    The national

  8. dublin dezzy

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Great pic, cracking terriers
  9. dublin dezzy

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    No wedgey mate of mine bred her about 7 year ago he had both sire and dam
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    Mates bitch hard season had
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    Theres another attic recently done in a timber framed house,a lot of engineers will not sign them off.
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    If it's 11 meters in lenght you'll need a stanchion up the centre or in and around to support your beam,if you have solid walls below loft you should be ok,if there's studs you'll need a stanchion from ground floor up to attic.let us know how you get on
  13. dublin dezzy


    18mm osb flooring grade chipboard,t&g glued and screwed
  14. dublin dezzy


    This is one I'm finishing at the moment,14500.00 total cost,6.0meters in lenght X 4 meters wide,6ft2" to the highest part of ceiling.
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  16. dublin dezzy


    What's the length & height of attic rusty,is it a truss roof
  17. dublin dezzy

    Dublin looters

    Two remanded in custody the rest out on bail,the local Centra was broken into aswell shutters cut,lad stabbed at local garage for skipping que
  18. dublin dezzy

    Dublin looters

    Unfortunately mainly locals, but mix of both
  19. dublin dezzy

    Dog kennel render

    Scud,scratch, finish coat ....not much more you can do
  20. dublin dezzy

    Concrete Slab

    Looks well,keep us posted on finished job
  21. dublin dezzy

    Sand ,dos and donts

    When terrier is out of the sand clean the eyes out soon as possible and clean thoroughly making sure all sand is gone,can destroy a dogs eyes
  22. dublin dezzy

    How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Out yesterday,had old Russell off walking to earth and bolts fox from cover,entered old Russell Jim into rangey spot and within seconds was on,plenty of movement couldn't bottle the fox after 30 min's fox bolts and gone over hill,Jim follows straight after none the worse,starting to show his age now will be using him sparingly this season and will definitely be his last. Put collar on mates bitch again travelling well within 15 mins could hear her baying away,gave her 30 mins and no movement 2.4 was the reading on box .got down after 1hour to bitch with fox,it was very warm yesterday sun splitting the trees and dogs done well,good to see the foxes in numbers Good day had