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  1. Played like schoolboys moving up a year. Terrible performances all round.
  2. Totally bizarre turn of events at St. James' turned surreal on tv with David Ginola giving tips on CPR. Not making a joke of it. Life is so unpredictable.
  3. I declined the offer of watching Newcastle's game in the posh seats with the prawn sandwich brigade today, cannot be bothered being polite to dickheads on my day off anymore. Shopping done, house cleaned, terrier tired out enough for a few hours peace, Bolognese on the go and bottle of 19 Crimes uncorked. Just hoping for a decent performance and 3 points, but I'd take a mediocre performance and a lucky 3 points. But if the miss firing Harry Kane doesn't score in each half I'll eat my Bolognese. Everton v West Ham not a bad game by the looks of it.
  4. How much success in the modern game, in England, is down to the manager/head coach or the players that he has to work with? I have had some recent interesting conversations in regard to this with people who know their football far better than I do. One person reckons only a 10%. I may be getting soft but would like to see Bruce, a local lad, given a chance until the end of the season. But it is not my head on the block. Similar to managers not taking the risk on youth players already on the books getting a run of games at the risk of losing those games. Easier to play the staid, average,
  5. Well tomorrow is a new dawn for a new day at St. James' Park. New owners with the apparent wealth and intelligence to progress the club both on and off the pitch. Reason for hope and optimism. Will tomorrow be the day that it starts to go tits up? "Wor Flags" will be back. A sell out ground. Wilson will be playing. The atmosphere will be electric and the noise deafening. If a side currently siting in the relegation zone do not perform like world class players and go in down at half time will the boo boys vent their anger and rather than sing support start the anti Bruce chants and vi
  6. Don't man it out. No walk in centres where you live.? A tetanus injection at the very least.
  7. Used to course hares on the slag heaps of Follingsby pit, not great for dogs stoppers.
  8. I get your point but think it was more to do with organised coursing being high profile, public in the main and open/easy to misinterpretation to the general public. Every other week likes of the Sunday Mirror, News of the World, even my local paper publishing spurious articles with out of context pictures portraying coursing as an activity where captive hares are released to be "torn apart" by greyhounds. The public believed it, not that the majority of people either side of the hunting debate really give a shit about animals anyway.
  9. It was probably a daft thing to try and prosecute someone for as the Hunting Act brought legislation in regarding dogs and wild mammals but imagine if a clever Barrister funded by the likes of Packham and his associates managed to get a prosecution? That would be the end of gundogs also. It's things like that that they are constantly working on. They wont stop until they have completely won.
  10. Not hunting orientated unfortunately and just mundane everyday sights, in the NE anyway, but from a perspective not always accessible. Sometimes a Monday at work can be a good day.
  11. A Slovak not a Pole but there's Martin Dubravka the goalkeeper. Don't know if he keeps digging dogs though and if he did would more likely to be Jagds or teckles I'd imagine.
  12. There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip. Please don't watch us play WILF, I still hold you responsible for England losing the EURO's.
  13. I still own the Webley Omega that eventually replaced the Airsporter S. At the time it felt like a Rolls Royce. Today, in comparison to my Pro Sport, let alone my PCP (even if it is a 20 years + Daystate Huntsman) it feels like a bag of spanners. I would imagine if I were to obtain another S it would be as bad as the Omega, so I get what you are saying, but I loved it at the time, as I did the girl, whatever her name was.
  14. I have just been out to do my weekly food shop and the whole region seems to be buzzing. Those of a black and white persuasion anyway. People may think what a sad, easily pleased lot you Geordies are. I understand that, we are yet to win a game so far this season yet alone anything to be euphoric about. But when I was out and chatting to people and overhearing other people's conversations something dawned on me. Whenever something happens that has an effect on an entire region and the communities within it is usually, unfortunately, a tragic event. Not in this case. People are smiling, as
  15. Andy Carrol's kit should fit him... oh hold on, we don't need to penny pinch anymore
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