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  1. All that Tuchel is missing to complete the look is a rescue Stafford. Once he has one, gets set up in shop doorway next to a Greggs, will never have to pay for another pastie.
  2. Chelsea v Spurs... what a game! Love to see the dug out kicking off
  3. Since seeing this thread something has been niggling me in regard to association but could not remember what it was. I have just found it. A quote from the Introduction of David Harcombe's The World Of The Working Terrier: Badgers? Is it safe to mention such creatures? Crackpot members of parliament and crackpot police departments have tried to ban a little book called "Badger Digging with Terriers" I find this ironic in view of the fuss made recently over the book "Satanic Verses" by the unfortunate Salman Rushtie. Threatened by death squads sent by the late Ayatollah Khom
  4. Years ago a girl came up to me in bar and said "you look like that guy in U2" "really, which one?" "don't know his name, not the good looking one" She meant the Edge. The period in time, a nano second, when U2 were considered cool. Lucky for me her mate fancied the Edge.
  5. There have been a few posts relating to how those who really know the game see things. I am reminded of a game when comments were made by the polar opposite. Gateshead v Newcastle pre-season friendly. My brother in-law played in defence for Gateshead at the time, a semi-pro. Not a tappy tappy exhibition bout sort of friendly, Newcastle had the mentality of wining every game back then and scoring as many goals as possible, in the 1st half anyway. Shearer was playing. If memory serves correctly I think it was the 1st time that Ginola had played in a black and white shirt. My brother in
  6. Chopping scything tackles reminds me of a story told by Steve Kindon at a sportsman's dinner. The 1st time that he played at Anfield as a young kid late '60s. The Burnley team bus pulled up outside to be greeted by the legend " Welcome to Anfield", he thought, "that's nice!" Walking into the away changing room there was a mat on the floor with the words "welcome to Anfield" he thought "that's nice" Running out of the tunnel were the words "welcome to Anfield" over the exit, he thought "that's nice" Ref blew the whistle to start the game and he jogged up the wing with his eye o
  7. I find the success and demise of football clubs over the years fascinating. The current predicament MUFC find themselves in being a fine example. What happened? Fergie retired of course but how did they go from being such a dominant force to the present? Many factors and variables, lots that people can argue about and give opinion, but it is strange. Football is strange. Getting 11 men to consistently perform well for 90 minutes a week seems to be more akin to an art form rather than exact science, almost alchemy. So difficult to achieve, so easy to lose.
  8. It's called Stockholm syndrome isn't it?
  9. The Aussie's do seem to do a good line in beautiful blondes. ONJ in the 70's/80's, Kylie in the 90's/00's and Margot Robbie today. Must have been some good genes in the stock we deported all those years ago.
  10. That looks like a pint of coke
  11. Going off on a tangent here but have always liked the attached painting, that has uploaded pissed for some reason. Norman Cornish "Man at Bar With Dog on Lead". The breed is not specified but when talking to people about the picture or reading critiques they always assume that it is a whippet, I have always thought that it looks more like a whippet x greyhound or scratch dog rather than a whippet. From the generation before me but would see the scene in bars sometimes when I was younger, not seen it for many years now. These days it is all about being proud of who you are and celebrating
  12. I love whippets. I love greyhounds. To me a cross between the two is the sweet spot for the field. But I am no lurcherman and fully understand that a serious lurcherman will often require a dog with a bit more depending on what is needed to be caught, how much is needed to be caught, how often and where. But a whippet x greyhound will catch most things and are a joy to watch when doing so.
  13. I am guilty of the opposite. Not the most sociable of people but at 1 time if you bumped into someone with a lurcher they would be a sporting chap or chapess and maybe worth talking to. I have met people and asked the cliche'd "how's it bred?" "done much?", then the owner looks at me as though I'm a nutter and reaching for the phone to call 999. That was before I realised that folk now keep lurchers as pets. Many times been asked what type of dogs mine are/were and when reply "Jack Russell" they also look at me like I'm a nutter. Look nothing like the pure bred, expensive, black and white
  14. No more "taking the knee" at EPL normal match days. A bit of uncommon common sense been shown for a change.
  15. That's me before I went vegan and started my pilates classes... not really, to my shame I don't know the lad's name. I just Googled "fat Geordie" and knew this image would come up.
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