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  1. eastcoast

    Hunting the mice

    Good point, we are not legally allowed to hunt any species of mice in the UK with dogs
  2. eastcoast

    Old girl

    This has developed into a truly bizarre thread. There was a time when lads took terriers to be shown without being washed. Even if the muck came from bad kennel management more than graft. There was a time when terriers were genuinely worked a few hours before the show and were not only filthy but "snotted". All to gain respect from their peers. Look where we have ended up. How bizarre!
  3. eastcoast

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Yes and yes. And it is a cracking looking dog. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  4. eastcoast

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Undoubtable a very fine looking terrier. But is it a Russell? A petty comment I suppose but I've been incapacitated with and old back problem for over a week and bored with reading the Bedlington Stud Dog Yorkshire thread.
  5. eastcoast


    I know lads who have collections of screwdrivers and other tools. Sparks (particularly), plumbers, joiners etc. They may not realise that they have a collection but when things need replaced or a better item comes onto the market, what do you do with the old one? Chuck it out? No way, put in one of your old tool boxes in the garage or shed. It's a bloke thing.
  6. eastcoast

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Not sporting scenes, but taken at kennels of a local hunt at their show on a very hot day a few years ago.
  7. eastcoast

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    True, he’ll also lick pots given the chance
  8. eastcoast

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    What exactly is on his mind? No ferrets were harmed.
  9. eastcoast

    life below zero

    I can watch the programme without getting too annoyed but 3 things do confuse/annoy me about the people regularly featured: 1) The people featured live where they do, the none natives anyway, because they have decided to "opt out ", primarily to live "off grid" . They do not give a shit about the world that they left behind or the people that inhabit that world. I get that. But...why the f##k do they then invite a camera crew to live with them and film everything that they do? 2) How come most of them have no apparent field craft skills and can not shoot straight to save their lives'? They just seem to send as much lead as possible in the direction of an animal that they chance upon and never cleanly kill with the 1st shot. 3) After the 1st series was re-commissioned the people featured, I would imagine, now get paid a pretty penny by the production company. I do not begrudge them that but why not be honest about it? The salmon run is late but it's ok because I got $20,000 for being on tele. But it's better and more honest than Country File.
  10. eastcoast

    Well done Sunderland

    I love showing off the North East. Sometimes it's to people from the south and sometimes from abroad. Once took a lass to Durham and she said to that "our" cathedral was the most beautiful building that she had ever seen. She was well travelled and born in Prague, they have some nice old piles over there. But Durham cathedral blew her way. She loved the Norman architecture.
  11. eastcoast

    Well done Sunderland

    I've just watched the NUFC game. Don't think that Blackburn will be exactly shitting their knickers at the prospect of playing us this Tuesday. The Makem thing is a strange one and has never been conclusively defined . The version that I like dates back to the days when the shipyards on the Wear and broad majestic Tyne shared contracts. The main build happened on the Wear and the final fit out was done on the Tyne. The Wear lads said "we makem, and you takem". Don't know if that's true or not but we both used to build the best ships in the world. Most SAFC people that I know are proud to be known as Makems, apart from the ones from Washington. They regard themselves as Geordies but are proud red and white. Strange people in Washington.
  12. eastcoast

    Well done Sunderland

    The land of the Prince Bishops would be Durham
  13. eastcoast

    Well done Sunderland

    The Hylton Castle Arms...that brings back memories, bad memories
  14. eastcoast

    Deal breaker?

    Checking the mouth for a correct scissor bite?
  15. eastcoast

    Deal breaker?

    Just look at what you have started Jr90! Welcome to THL