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  1. Not many coal sheds left unfortunately. That could be the answer though, open the pits back up, solving the energy crisis, and send the fat lasses down to work them. Never used to see a fat pitman
  2. The "positive female image" that is being portrayed in advertising is doing women no favours. Fat lasses jumping about and exercising having a great time on an edited bit of film as though it is a normal and healthy thing to be grossly overweight. No it is not. We just do not seem to be capable of honesty anymore. Telling young women that being fat is OK is just as damaging as the old "size 0" model thing. Applicable to men of course, but I don't see many fat blokes in adverts. That's sexist that is, on several different levels.
  3. I always thought (read, never seen it) that a dog and fox can perform the mating act (have sex) but cannot procteate due to (as mentioned by others), being completely different genetically. No more chance of success than that depraved sub-human freak on an another current thread.
  4. Hunt & Working Terriers, Sir Jocelyn Lucas MC.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning that sort of behaviour. A 35+ maiden in the back of the Land Rover would be nice though. I can dream.
  6. Babylon last night. I struggle to stay with new films these days as there are only so many stories that are constantly being re-told/re-made. Enjoyed this though. A drug and Jazz fuelled retelling of Singing in the Rain. Helped by the presence and beauty of Margot Robbie.
  7. Certainly a type that we now class as Basset hounds. Probably fair to say that on the continent the need for an earth dog proper was never seen to be needed and small hound types carried out the role and it was those that gave us the dachshund/teckle types. The working terrier being developed in isolation within the British Isles. The Czech and jagd terrier a 20th century development of already existing British breeds. The jagd being the product of crazies who considered only something of pure germanic origin being worthy of existence. They rated the Fox Terrier as they considered the English
  8. Fair comment. Some people these days are incompetent at everything they do, whether peddling a bicycle or walking along a track. I always say a "thank you" when cyclists have given me a warning before they pass from behind. Some stop as they think I am being sarcastic or "trying to be funny mate?". I explain that it is genuine appreciation and gratitude. Have had a few chats when the cyclist does not know whether to ring the bell or give verbal warning or not as it can provoke a negative reaction from the non-cyclist. Can't do right for fear of doing wrong kind of thing. My advice to them is f
  9. Do you have a bell on your bicycle? Handy things to have when approaching from behind. Dogs could be old and deaf, people could old and deaf and blind and f****d. Warning from dicks on bicycles before passing very close is welcomed and recommended.
  10. Lovely looking whippets there. KC or not KC, they are one of the few breeds that are relatively still fit and healthy and free from faults due to badly written or mis-understood KC breed standards .
  11. what is a whippet? is it a dog that needs to run faster than any other dog in the race that it is entered in? what is a 'pedigree' whippet? kc registered? what is non - pedigree whippet? a slow mongrel? do non-pedigree whippets have written family history, a pedigree? if a kc line of whippets can be made to run around a track faster than non-kc whippets by introducing non-pedigree (kc), and you do not do that? what is the point of closed gene pool kc registration of any type of dog? how many kc registered kc whippets have non-ped blood in them? well. all of them before the kc existed. n
  12. There was another thread on this chap and made the same post but it still makes me smile. He was the main speaker at a sportsman's dinner about 12 year ago at the Hilton hotel in Gateshead, tyne and wear (bloody chromebook, caps stopped working again). about 45 minutes in there was an announcement to say the sir ranulph will be speaking later than planned as he got lost. i forget where he had travelled from, somewhere down south, but had missed the turn off on a1 and was in scotland. i can just about understand someone missing the 1st exit but to carry on all the way up to over the
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