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  1. All this navel gazing. FFS, do you lads even enjoy watching football? It is the Games, give them bread and the Games. That's OK with me.
  2. I am thoroughly enjoying this winter World Cup. Not just the games but the fact that it is being played in winter. I thought it was a bloody stupid idea but have been proved wrong. Major football finals are really the only time that I get together with old friends, other than at funerals these days. I had also saved some annual leave just for the tournament. Of course the same would have happened if the finals had been held in the summer, but it just seems more of a treat in November, almost a bit naughty. Another bonus is that to date the rest of the country do not appear to have embrace
  3. Great show by Canada. The BBC have managed to replace Mark Lawrenson as an energy vampire commenting on games in the form of Jenas.
  4. I'm watching on catch up but only 30 mins behind, looking like he may be!
  5. Come on Canada. Manager is a Geordie , he did coach Sunderland youth though, just in case Max is reading.
  6. No, it's not that. Not that simple. People at work have explained it, too many conflicting devices? They correct it for me usually. But THL should just have the simple change through 90 degree button to press. Only started to happen when I bought a Chromebook thing by accident. I know how to flip images, but no matter how many times I flip them, and save the copies, as originals and delete the others, and view as correct orientation, they upload to THL upside down or pissed 90 degree.
  7. A day off work tomorrow and from other things hopefully. Meeting up with old friends for the England game. Villa, Man City, 2x Sunderland and 1x Celtic fan RSVP'd accepted. The Jock is coming just for the craic as he has done over the years. To date he has always had the last laugh. A few more tentative's. I don't care where it is being held, it is the World Cup and I will be watching it and watching in good company.
  8. More of my lazy phone shots taken parked up at beach that is an easy way of calming the parents for half an hour. I love the bold starlings at this location though. No idea why the images uploaded on a piss. It only happens when I upload things on THL.
  9. Good film. Great actors and writing. Ralph Fienes /Harry steals it for me though. I want a normal gun for normal people He's suicidal? I'm suicidal, your suicidal, we're all f***ing suicidal! Has he killed himself yet? You f***ing retract that bit about my f***ing c**t kids! Class
  10. The Hylton Castle Arms, now that evokes a few memories. Geordies were not welcome but many of the patrons were dog men (all types of sporting dog) so it kind of cancelled things out.
  11. Just watched Fulham v Man U. Not a great game for a neutral but was worth sticking with for Garnacho goal. A cocky, fearless, very talented kid.
  12. A friend of mine who grew up with us doing the rabbiting etc. and joined the RM told me similar tales as above when in NI. Spending days and sometimes weeks in a ditch "observing" and the locals would just crack on as normal knowing full well that there was a man in the ditch. Mutual respect/apathy or mutual contempt? Probably a bit of both. Or just people getting through the day I think.
  13. People like dressing up, to look the part, no harm in that. You also need suitable clothes to wear for the specific task in hand that are more durable and weather proof than normal day wear that these days tend to be made in cammo. Personally I prefer to be as obviously visible as possible. Hi-viz is a great start for your defence after an idiot reports you for doing something perfectly legal.
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