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  1. Buffy or Von Helsing?
  2. Read the 1st sentence of the original post. Perhaps the pup is 3 month old, give or take a few weeks?
  3. Gazza would be like get the ball, beat your man, pass the ball, scream for it back, beat your man, score a goal ...then... I've told yous what to do, why aren't yous doing it? Do yous need another can or some more chicken?
  4. I was trying to use the chicken for scale, but I suspect that ain't no ordinary chicken. Foghorn Leghorn?
  5. That was the frustrating thing, nothing at all lacking in the squad we had in Germany, but for some reason that only he knows, the manager refused to utilise them.
  6. You took the words right off my fingers
  7. In the top picture looks like he's got some growing to do yet. Got a houndy look to him, Plott hound type blood with some mastiff or bull type also? Very nice anyway.
  8. Quite right, Howe's nothing but a chancer, taking credit for a team doing OK only after Steve Bruce had laid down the solid foundations. Talking of the Corbridge cabbage heed, he would suit the FA down to the ground. Play 85 minutes with 10 men behind the ball then have have a proper go in the last 5. Like for like really.
  9. I was trying to not mention Anthony Gordon as I am admittedly very biased after watching him play fantastically all season for my home club. But, as the superb Cole Palmer changed things whenever he was brought on during the competition, we could have had the same thing on the left with Gordon. Those 2 changes with Toney or Watkins on 60 minutes and we could have been battering the opposition. In regard to Bellingham and Foden, another Lampard/Gerrard conundrum.
  10. eastcoast


    I try to avoid using public transport whenever possible but took a chance yesterday as I was heading into town and intending to have a drink, given that England were playing the only taxi drivers working would be foreigners and too far to walk. Tyne & Wear metro. So many fat lasses. Once into town, so many fat lasses. In the pubs, so many fat lasses. OK, there have always been chubby people around, and I am no Brad Pitt (not so much these days anyway) nothing wrong with that, but a bizarre number of young people, mostly female, that were of... well, as has been said, space hopper proportio
  11. For decades a common thread during usual the post - mortem after another England fail is that we need to learn from the countries that are beating us. The Germans, the French etc. What are they doing differently to us? It always used to be youth development. Everyone else was better at that than us. That can no longer be the reason. Young talent is recognised at an early age now, nurtured, developed and protected surely? Yes most of our players still ply their trade at home but have come through the ranks or been scouted or bought by EPL clubs that are some of the wealthiest in the world
  12. One last request, Why Aye Man. I still believe our Anthony Gordon will make the difference.
  13. Could someone with better IT skills than myself post Bowie, Changes?
  14. I didn't say we was happy.
  15. We was lucky to have shoes on our feet and coats on our backs, how the other half must have lived.
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