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  1. eastcoast

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Thank you for replying and sharing the photograph. Bullit was the sire of my terrier in this pic. I am not trying to pretend that I was part of the "scene" at the time, more a case of on the outside looking in, but there was some great Russell men around at that time.
  2. eastcoast

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Was that JE’s Bullit, if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. eastcoast

    Dog enjoying sun

    True. I have always had an aesthetic eye. Cars and women have came and gone (no pun intended), but quality Russells have been a constant. They never change or depreciate
  4. eastcoast

    Dog enjoying sun

    Two enjoying the Sun coming up to 40 years apart. Many things have changed in the intervening years, many for the worst, but some things never change. The good things!
  5. eastcoast

    Dog enjoying sun

    That’s one hell of a back yard! Luck man and lucky dogs
  6. eastcoast

    Breaking pup to ferrets

    The job is as good as done mate. The pup is only 12 week old, you have ferrets on site and seem to have common sense. That's all you need. I would be concerned if a terrier pup, a proper terrier pup, was not letting the devil drive him on with a ferret. It will be the 1st furry little thing he has came across in his life? Control the exposure. Let one ferret out during the exposure (assuming it knows dogs), have him on a lead. Let him sniff etc. Give a little flick on the muzzle when/if he tries to use his mouth. Use the lead, use your voice. I would not personally advise trying to share a bowl of food or drink with the ferret until the little fella understands that this is an animal that he is not allowed to harm and is on our side. Even then, with a terrier, it's pushing things. He will soon understand but may not be happy with it until you start ratting or rabbiting with him. Then he will understand that ferrets are a good thing. Clever dogs they are but wired differently to the "typical" lurcher. Obviously these are just my personal opinions. There are no rules, only laws when it comes to terriers. But the above is very brief explanation of what has worked for me and I have had terriers that were 100% broken to ferrets. Unfortunately I have come across terriers that were only 95% broken to ferrets.
  7. eastcoast

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    I should have wrote getting confused with. JB and MD. Not the original post but some of the replies. Unless the 2 lines are the same in which case it is me is confused, my apologies.
  8. eastcoast

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Are we not confusing 2 different men here?
  9. eastcoast

    Border /staff cross

    I would agree with the pointless statement, unless the point is that it is cross that someone really wants to try. There are no laws preventing a man owning the dog of his choice, apart from Dogos, Filas and APBTs. But fail to see the point of a Border x Staff. Not least because I have always thought that the Border has some sort of bull in it. Pre dating the modern Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Look at a typical Border terrier, imagine it black and smooth coated? Lots of folk would think bull influence. But why mix the Border with the Staff of today? Increase head size (and the size of everything) ? Should be no need as even show dogs are not lacking in that department. Add gameness? Then why use such a Border for breeding from in the 1st place if is lacking? All hypothetical of course in the UK. Did a well known terrier man not once say that if you have a good working Border then it's too hard, or something along those lines?
  10. There is already a ratting thread with great photos of fine looking ratting dogs. Also a ‘Show is your white dogs thread’, plenty of Russells on there.
  11. eastcoast

    Eddie chapmen books

    I've just looked for the book and it is not on my shelves. Then remembered that I lent it to someone many years ago, and it was signed. Never got it back. The reason for looking for it was to establish the date of publication but think that it was 1982. No digital photography then. Only skilled people could produce photographic images suitable for publication. Add to that, no unlimited images on memory sticks or saved files on PCs. Every exposure cost money on film and developing. Maybe the photo that ended up on the front cover was something that the author had in his archive and his publisher deemed to be the most appropriate? I have no idea...but it would be a little ironic if the best known (and possibly the best?) breeder and worker of Jack Russells in the 20th century had a photograph of terriers that were not his own on the front cover of his book.
  12. eastcoast

    Crufts 2019

    I tried not to watch it. Makes me so angry. But failed and watched the final. I was expecting the upright shoulders, short backs and straight stifles that create the "wonderful movement". But I swear to God that every animal in the final had turned out elbows and was cow hocked. Even the hound.
  13. eastcoast

    Crufts 2019

    I did not see it but the Australian KC was the 1st to give recognition to a type using the title Jack Russell. I believe that the people who were striving for recognition of a type by that name in the UK used it as one of the reasons why our KC should recognise the type that they were championing, as the UK was it's country of origin and the Australians had recognised the wrong type. Hence the Parson (Jack) Russell. Nothing to do with £££s of course.
  14. eastcoast


    The term "looking a gift horse in the mouth" springs to mind. I know nothing of the breeding that was mentioned. Pay no heed to that as I have no knowledge of anyone or their dogs in 2019. But, if due diligence has been done on the reason why the keeper is passing it on, why not take it? Some of my best dogs have came to me as young adults that for various reasons the original owner wanted rid. Going from being kennelled and bored to given a job, and being part of family, whether human or canine, well they seem to acknowledge and aappreciate that and give their all. You can rear a well bred pup, give it the best of everything, and they grown into little b*****ds for a few years until the penny drops. Probably anthropomorphic nonsense. But my opinion.