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  1. Thou shall not have false Gods. Benitez is no Kevin Keegan.
  2. Not sure to be honest. I don't analyse stats. But Benitez had at his disposal more or less Championship quality players but got the best out of them. Steve Bruce appears to not be capable of doing that for some reason. Some of those same players have gone backwards under Bruce and the new signings after looking good initially are starting to look Championship not Premier League. I hope l am proved wrong tonight
  3. A team managed by Steve Bruce will be playing a club that used to be managed by Steve Bruce tonight. I wonder which of them will be shite?
  4. Think back to how important that gravy was on the day that you chose to freeze it. Is it more important now? And why would any sane person freeze gravy? Ok, you had too much gravy at the time when you decided to freeze the surplus and now you have none but ...it's just gravy.
  5. Seems like you're living the dream Toolebox. My dream anyway. We all make our own choices but some make better choices than others Any photographs of the Fox Terrier type in your breeding?
  6. Not sure if you were agreeing with me or not. But not a mental illness to the down trodden that have f**k all. They are given false hope by people who promise them a Utopia.
  7. Does Nicola Sturgeon and her party honestly believe that if Scotland were to leave the UK and become a "country" that the EU would accept them? This is most bizarre thing ever to be muted in our history to date. Even more bizarre is the fact that this delusion has not been officially addressed to the nation, our nation , by Government. Who know it is a joke. The second that Scotland would cease to be part of the UK every UK military installation in Scotland would become an occupying military force. The UK would need to leave, quickly. That would be relatively easy in comparison to th
  8. Seriously though when I hear these "modern man" types talk I really don't understand how they can cope, long before the pandemic. The good side is they have no problem working weekends or holiday periods. Anything to get out of the house and also balance the credit cards maxed out by their nearest and dearest. Women have always worn the trousers but now seem to do nothing in return and these poor b*****ds don't have the local club as a retreat as former generations of men did. Sorry for going off on a tangent on your thread Socks.
  9. The lad I mentioned has started work on a man cave, we used to call them sheds, as he enjoyed having a space of his own. Only taken him nearly 20 years to stand up for himself.
  10. A work mate who was furloughed for a few month stuck in the house with his wife and 2 teenage daughters ended up living in a tent in his back garden. He's not into camping or the outdoor life in any way but got to the point where he couldn't handle being couped up with his family anymore. He's back to work now and regained his sanity.
  11. If you've recieved NHS notification to self-isolate it still applies even if you yourself test negative. I'm doing that at the moment but luckily can work from home. Lads on site only get stat sick pay.
  12. How many of those wanting a ban bother to check how their chicken and bacon is produced and are willing to pay the bit extra for meat and eggs not the product of intensive farming? They love animals but not that much.
  13. I have noticed a lot more Patterdale types with pet owners in recent years. Two types seem to be emerging. Tiny black dogs (11") and massive (16" +) chocolate/liver coloured.
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