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  1. A bit of a long shot in my opinion but you never know, they may have got one.
  2. Having Jagd in the breeding it probably won’t be a small terrier. Heavy is good, heavy is reliable.
  3. eastcoast


    He spoke honestly about the importance of commercial game shooting and traditional land management for the preservation of our flora and fauna in the UK, even though he was not a hunting or shooting man. He had no hidden agenda but gained knowledge. That’s why he disappeared from our TV screens many years ago. Think he spent time at Durham University in latter years but not sure in what capacity. A proper naturalist. R.I.P. sir.
  4. It's a complicated question Nolly. Do you mean the KC registered dogs or the type? The "type" has been worked for at least 2 hundred years and still is to this day. The "type" was one of the 1st to be registered by the KC in the 19th century as a Fox Terrier. The KC Fox Terrier is not a breed that is worked in the UK. The "type" was registered again by the KC in late 20th century. The KC Parson Russell is not generally regarded as a working terrier 30 odd years after its recognition but the price of pups has vastly improved. £700 to £1000 being the sort of price for pet but not show quality stuff. The unregistered Parson "type" still exists and some people still work them. They are priceless.
  5. Loved watching him in his all too short spell with us. At the time (I think, memory’s a bit hazy) some toe rag broke into his house when the big man was at home.It did not end well for would be burglar!
  6. I do not know HP but I am aware of him same as yourself I suppose, through the write ups (free advertising? ) in the feildsport press. £2.5K for a pup does seem extreme. Playing devil's advocate, is he spending time, which is money, on trying to establish a healthy working "type" of Sealyham Terrier? Are surplus pups produced during this process offered to "outsiders" at a price to deter messers or opportunists? I know from personal experience that when surplus pups that very rarely become available to an outsider the initial quoted price is not the actual price. By the time pups were born and checks were made on progress over weeks the cash was handed over almost all of it was given back. Or is it a cash cow? Some Sealyham x Russells on Pets4homes being offered at £600 at present.
  7. I would like Leicester to do well this season. Just to prove that their recent success is more to do with an EPL club being well managed rather than having an open cheque book. Would also like to see Ayoze Perez make it. He came to Newcastle as one of our speculative, (cheap), buys as a kid. Got kicked from pillar to post in EPL and Championship, then EPL again. He came into his own 2nd half of last season, and then we sold him. He deserves a good run in a quality side and I believe he will end up as a Spanish international player.
  8. Quality of life is the only part of it that we can influence. I am sure that she had a good one. R.I.P.
  9. He's not giving much away at the weigh in
  10. Just want to comment on the Newcastle v Man City game today. My apologies in advance to maxhardcore as it is your thread and I am not commenting on Everton but this appears to be the only EPL thread running at the moment? Credit to Steve Bruce for today's result. He said mid week that if we (NUFC) were to get anything from the game then our defence and midfield must be focused and organised. They were. He also said that a piece of magic from the forward players could turn the game. Well, our most enigmatic and possibly most talented (and frustrating) player provided that bit of magic to rescue a point. Well done Steve. Well done Jon Jo.
  11. Lots of lovely organic, ethically sourced meat there. Did the lurcher take the birds if you don’t mind me asking Daniel cain?
  12. How unlucky were those lads? Ok, they weren't probably expecting to get out alive but the plan would have been to kill as many unarmed civilians a possible, and unfortunately they did terrible damage, but the last thing that they would of expected would have been to come against the SAS! 'He deserves a medal' is an overused in mostly undeserving phrase these days but not this time. Just a shame the awarding could not be televised to the nation. Maybe his identity could be protected by wearing a Spitting Image style Jeremy Corbyn mask?
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