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  1. I stopped filling feeder in my back garden last year due to amount of ferals coming in, a by product of the solar panels neighbours have on their roofs. Just started putting seed in again and a pair of green finches visit daily. No ferals yet. Someone must have been shooting them with .177 Pro Sport.
  2. Add young home grown Lewis Miley and Elliot Anderson and I'd agree.
  3. More from a perspective of how much would he cost and who would we need to sell in order to comply with FFP? One step forward and two steps backward.
  4. Would rather make plans to protect, secure and further develop what we already have in those positions at Newcastle in my opinion.
  5. I have a philosophical view on Callum Wilson. If he had not been injury prone then he would never have came to Newcastle and we would not have been able to pay the price for an English CF of that quality. Having said that, we had paid £40M for a useless young Brazilian CF! Wilson's quality and goals kept our heads above water and in the EPL and the club more attractive to the eventual new owners as a result. Damned shame he's sidelined again as I would love to see him play for England in the Euros but not much chance now. I hope he is at Newcastle next season, but only as an 3rd choice o
  6. Re recent posts on centre forwards and who is or is not a genuine 1. If Alexander Isak is not a proper centre forward then I do not know what is. I do not have the knowledge/experience of those who play/manage but all that I expect from a centre forward is to play up front and centre and score goals. Isak does that and will hopefully have the number 9 on his back at Newcastle next season.
  7. I would imagine old marmelade pots marked P Bear are the most sort after by collectors.
  8. eastcoast

    OJ gone

    A topical joke at the time of his trial "what's the difference between OJ and Christopher Reeve? OJ's gonna walk."
  9. Are the HPR types already more akin to a lurcher than the "conventional" gundog breeds? Types of dogs developed to perform more than one task in countries with a different culture to the British Isles when "our" breeds were developed by those who shot over dogs lived in a world where you would have spaniels to find and flush, pointers/setters for the moors, and retrievers to retrieve?
  10. I haven't seen the documentaries but he always comes across as an interesting and charming man and a probable sociopath boarder line psychopath. Have not all great football managers not been the same? Fergie was, Keegan wasn't.
  11. Renault Fuego? Came close to buying a couple but by the time they were in my budget were 1 step away from the scrapyard and held together with bodge and old newspapers, interesting looking cars though. Before car designers started using the postman Pat van as their inspiration.
  12. The end of the Halcyon days of the common man hunting for sport? Has always been the preserve of a certain elite in the British Isles. Changed, when, mid- 20th century when people got vans and cars and knocked on doors or did not knock on doors. But got out there and hunted without the fear of being hanged or deported to the colonies.
  13. Don't know why they unsettle me, nothing with 6 legs or 4 legs or 2 legs or even no legs has that effect. Maybe that's it, they just have too many legs and too many eyes. I would imagine that being wary of spiders is no bad thing in your part of the world though
  14. To honest I'm the same with spiders. I'm not scared of them, I a can bluff it out and remove them from a room looking all brave, even worked under floors in electrical switch rooms that have small plague like populations, but when one pops up unexpectedly I shit myself. And it's always MASSIVE!
  15. People who aren't used to seeing rats never see a small or average size one, it's always a MASSIVE rat!
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