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  1. Get a Chromebook and don't learn how to use it properly. I did that and every time the battery goes flat I lose everything. Once plugged into 230v and try to log onto THL I need to enter password. Don't know password so try reset password. 1st thing you need to do then is enter last known password. I never know last password, that's why I want to reset it. Eventually I get there but while all this is going on there are so many important things that I wanted to post but never get posted because I forgotten what I was thinking when I tried to log on before the whole enter password thing. Hope th
  2. Unlucky or more talented than the "lucky" ones?
  3. It is certainly failing in removing the human error part of important decision making by those officiating games. All that has changed is that the pitch match officials are still missing stuff, understandable as no can see everything 100% in real time from 1 angle, but now the VA refs are also dropping bollocks when they have the luxury of playing back play from many angles and slowing it down. It's turning into a massively incompetent inconsistent system. Who is monitoring the performance of these VA refs?
  4. All I have now is an old terrier and have not owned a lurcher myself for many a year. Even "back in the day" I tended to have terriers rather than lurchers but have been fortunate to have had some good hunting partners who kept lurchers and whippets so all bases were covered and I also had the pleasure of seeing their dogs work and run. The present terrier will be probably be my last for the foreseeable as he has not been given the chances to realise his full potential for various reasons. I wont waste another well bred terrier but at the same time would not really want to keep a terrier
  5. Billy Bellbesky who plays left back for the Dog and Duck. Not played this season due to a hernia operation. Apparently Newcastle are not trying to sign him. Apart from Billy, can't think of any others that we are not trying to sign.
  6. Drinking pina colada with perfect hair?
  7. Something that has always captured the imagination of people, Hound of the Baskervilles kind of thing... and going back centuries before that.
  8. A romantic idea but I would think the thing that would drive a dog most in that type of situation would be to seek out people, as has happened, unless it has experienced things that made it want to avoid people and then I imagine, depending where it was, it would be shot before developing skills to fend for itself in the wild even it were capable. In the UK anyway.
  9. I was told by someone who professes to know that he had cleaned up his act by the time of his 2nd spell at Newcastle. Living a healthier lifestyle more befitting a professional sportsman than a rock star. Grew up I suppose ,but where as it's ok for say a spark or plumber to grow up their 30's (better late than never anyway) it's obviously too late for a footballer, unless you're Maradona. I would have liked for him to have been given more game time when he was here last. As Charts has mentioned he could unsettle defences when brought on in games when the opposition were cruising. He also
  10. "expect 3 points"... what a bloody stupid thing to write ya bull's knacka!
  11. Back to Newcastle, not that I'm kennel blind. Been slated this week in some quarters in the media for signing Chris Woods, along the lines of "is the best they can do given unlimited funds" sort of thing. Begs the question how much do these people know about football? The lad is a perfect signing for us in trying to remain in the league. Counting chickens of course but let's see what he contributes tomorrow hitting the ground running, which is what we needed, and for the rest of the season. Full house again tomorrow. I know personally of a few honest lads complying with Covid-19 guideline
  12. Chris Woods is the type of signing that I was hoping for in January. Not a temperamental spoiled "galactico" who's pissed people off at his present club or a player who is new to the PL. Woods knows the league and can contribute from day 1, starting Saturday hopefully. The kind of player we need for a chance of survival. I don't expect him to be prolific but will help us win points.
  13. I watched the Forest game and Jack Colback being a point of example. Best performance I watched from him was a NUFC V SAFC derby. He was outstanding and scored 2 goals, (if memory servers correct but may only have been 1) for Sunderland. We signed him on a free and he was shite at Newcastle. He looked good today though, several years later.
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