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  1. Nice post. And l do like the beaten by Jarrow bit
  2. Refreshing honesty. The mating may have been accidental but how many bred are the product of terriers that have truly been tested and of 100% known breeding. Some may well be and I respect those who have the dedication to do so, but most are not and probably never were. Ratting and rabbiting and the odd trip to ground (if the dogs are lucky) being more the rule rather than the exception and always has been.
  3. At the time I think that entry into the "cup"came via final league position. Almost ran clubs that had failed to qualify for Champions League or Europa cup across Europe were given a change to fight it out and winner went into Europa.
  4. A plaque? I'm sure it was nice glass vase but it wasn't paraded around the city on an open top bus and could be wrong.
  5. A vastly under rated achievement winning the Intertoto, we won it 2006.
  6. Hares are one of the easiest animals to catch using terriers. If you know your land and your hares. Well not easy, but not impossible to catch. Knowledge and terriers can some times be better than large fast dogs and stupid people.
  7. The League Cup, or whatever it is called now has just kicked off . The fortunes of the club that wins that could be changed forever.
  8. When clubs that did the hard bit years ago and have/had the infrastructure in place to carry on in the top flight but struggle season to season or plummet down the leagues fascinate and annoy me. Always down the people making the important decisions off pitch getting it wrong. Usually down to greed and/or the arrogant belief that they can re-invent the wheel.
  9. The recent rise of Wolves should be inspiring to others. Yes money has been spent but nothing astronomical and yet they're getting up there and playing nice football.
  10. On a footballing note and from my own biased view a nice start for NUFC. Steve Bruce carrying on his lucky streak (I'm not complaining) as WHUFC hit the cross bar a few times before we scored and on another day penalties would have been awarded against us and Carroll red carded early on and Wilson's goal chalked off. But we got the luck and made our own. Looked like a competent Premier League club and did not instigate a negative cowardly game plan. Early days.
  11. That reminds me of the time I got arrested for masturbating. I didn't think it was against the law but apparently it is if you do it when a nurse is putting a plaster cast on your leg.
  12. Is this the right room for an argument?
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