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  1. Labs not lurchers. Great niece a few years ago on a holiday with 4 generations of family on a trip to Ireland. Happy days. Very fortunate to have. There were some nice pictures being posted on this thread. Did I depress everyone?
  2. Not just lurchers, terriers love us too I deliberated for quite a while with myself regarding posting these pictures. My mam and my last (probably) terrier. Mam has Alzheimer's disease. Always a very proud and capable person. Is it being disrespectful posting these pictures? I do not think so. But thought long and hard about it before doing so. Am I looking for cheap "likes"? No, but if people think think that I am not bothered. It is hard work for those who care for my parents. I do very little, typical bloke really, but one miraculous thing that I have discovered is going for a walk w
  3. When they refer to the young of animals as "babies" and herbivores as vegetarians.
  4. Terrible quality but no time to think. Also not a very good photographer. Just built a new shed and looked back out seconds after a sparrow hawk hit on a woodie. Terrier lose so could not open back door and tried to photograph using phone through double glazing. Scooped up the dog, secured him and went outside. Past experience knowing that these beautiful mad predators are not too bothered by people when in the moment. Like stoats and weasels. Got a few shots close up before she got annoyed and flew off. Pigeon was dead. Moved inside and stopped watching as she would have used a lot of en
  5. Being an unashamed Plastic Paddy (the "family name" came over here in 1873 but loads of other Irish blood on all sides) I'm off out soon to celebrate. Think we'll have a whiskey drink we'll have a lager drink, we'll sing the songs that remind us of the good times, we'll sing the songs that remind us of the bad times. Probably.
  6. I can only recall 1 England game being played there (I could well be wrong) and I was there. Went with my brother in law who is staunch Sunderland. Gave him some stick that he has to come to St. James' to watch an England match. Forget who we played but Robbie Fowler scored.
  7. Most are in the same format and are only worth keeping for the photographs. D Harcombe's books a bit different and worth reading. D B Plummer? Great reads IMO. Eddie Chapman, all good. But the stand out, the greatest book ever written on working terriers is Lucas' Hunt & Working Terriers. A window into what must be the "golden age" of terrier work? A time when it was good to be an Englishman before the Sun set on the Empire. Not all Englishmen of course, at that time half of my lot where already grafting down the pits or cannon fodder and the other half were still classed as Irish low
  8. Good support from Wolves, numbers and noise made.
  9. Cracking day, and not a bad game.
  10. Anyway, for the 1st time in almost 3 years I have been able to accept an invitation to St. James' for tomorrow's game. In the posh seats so, win, lose or draw at least I will have been well fed and watered. Like a kid before Christmas
  11. How come that prick Packham can spout personal one sided views on the countryside and wildlife management on social media but is never taken to task? Oh I forgot, he is freelance and not an employee of the BBC even though he is the face and voice of BBC wildlife programmes.
  12. Never happen, she's not a lesbian.
  13. The politicians and CEO's still selling the lie know that by the time the shit hits the fan they will have retired and be driving around in their petrol powered Lambo's and vintage E Types.
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