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  1. Devon Minnow

    sea fishing.

    Forgot to say, see if there are any sea angling clubs near you and if anyone would help,advise you and possibly take you out. If I remember rightly Sea Angler magazine high recommended Sonik SMS Black shore rod available in 12ft, 13ft and 14ft (£80-100). Personally I would target flounders first as they can be caught very close to the shore line and are very obliging.
  2. Devon Minnow

    sea fishing.

    Best advice I would give you is to go to your local tackle shops and ask them. Visit the areas you are thinking of fishing and talk to any angler who is fishing. Be wary of tackle shops trying to sell you expensive rods, pay around £100 mark and get a good fix spool reel far easier to cast with.
  3. Devon Minnow

    Plans for 16th

    I seatrout and trout. River like Willy Wonker chocolate river at moment still rising, hopefully it will start to clear soon
  4. Devon Minnow

    Plans for 16th

    Prawns are in the fridge, the river has at last for some water in. Hopefully so salmon will start to run
  5. Devon Minnow

    Does anyone use hand lines

    Lovely looking brownie, bet that was fun to catch
  6. Devon Minnow

    Does anyone use hand lines

    Just returned from holiday in Nerja in southern Spain took two cuban yoyo reels with me, one with 20lb line and other 8lb line. First two days try spinning and bait fishing off the rocks into about 15 foot of water absolutely gin clear but no luck but seen mullet cruising around. Whilst fishing one local came down with a rod and French stick loaf and 4 wine corks for a float. The size of French stick the put on was massive a 10lb cod would have had trouble swallowing it. However he keeled ground baiting with smaller bits and the water boiled with fish. Had to wait a further two days dew to weather, this time went back with 8lb setup, small clear bubble float and size 6 hooks plus bread, I tried always but the fish just stripped hook bare must have had 10-15 takes, tried smaller hooks made no difference. In end changed to a size 2 and second cast into a bream about 3/4lb and then a second one about pound mark, I was the only one to land fish.
  7. Devon Minnow

    Cheap lead shot

    Cheap lead shot 6.1,6.8,7.4 and 8.6mm 5kg for £27 from www.claygame.co.uk
  8. Devon Minnow

    Slingshot world

    What another great magazine by Adam Rayner and his team. Keep them coming.
  9. Devon Minnow

    Which one

    Wasps, Spear & Stone or Suffolk slingshot all have some canny cheap slingshot. Avoid Gamekeepa John because his service is s..t!!!!! Which one you choose is up to you
  10. Devon Minnow

    Dub DUb

    Order some blue and also plum dub dub should be here tomorrow just to try with .50cal leads in stead of looped 2050 bare back style. Just started using Amber 1745 in last few week cause 1632 is suffering in cold. Have used black 1745 in pass and didn't really like it. But the Amber seem different and shoots 8,9.5mm steel really well in the colder weather
  11. Devon Minnow

    Flat bands worth it?

    You haven't stated what you are using other black widow for? The problem with flat bands his there longevity. I had band sets from reputable sells last as little as 30 shots. If you are using you catapult for hunting with 9.5-12.7mm steel I would go for Orange or green Dub Dub tubing, it lasts for ages and with very good speed only slightly slower then tapered band sets. And no need to modify your black widow
  12. Devon Minnow

    Dub DUb

    Never try blue I'm assuming it has a heavy draw weight than Orange or green Dub Dub. Avoid peach dub dub it is really crap even with little ammo.
  13. Devon Minnow

    Dub DUb

    Use it all the time, will shoot 9.5-12.7mm steel. Have no issues with its longevity. For me I would choose Orange over green because it has a slight lighter draw weight.
  14. Devon Minnow

    1632 tubing

    Never really got on with 1745 but everyone to there own. The draw weight of loop 1632 is so low it makes shoot 9.5mm steel so easy. The picture below is of my Dankung micro lucky 7 with looped 1632
  15. Devon Minnow

    1632 tubing

    Since the under growth has risen and the trees are in full leaf hunting opportunity have diminished my usual setup of Orange dub dub and 13mm steel has had little use. I thought I would turn back to looped 2040 and 9·5mm steel for some informal plunking fun, dead on at 20m and accurate. However I had a looped 1632 band setup and try that instead, o'boy what a light draw weight ,accurate and silent setup to shoot with the add bonus of been dead on at 35m hitting can for fun. Longevity of the tubes has been good, 750 rounds and still ok. I just wonder why more people don't use it. Going to try a few more penetration tests with 8mm lead before try it on quarry