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  1. Devon Minnow

    Cheap lead shot

    Cheap lead shot 6.1,6.8,7.4 and 8.6mm 5kg for £27 from www.claygame.co.uk
  2. Devon Minnow

    Slingshot world

    What another great magazine by Adam Rayner and his team. Keep them coming.
  3. Devon Minnow

    Which one

    Wasps, Spear & Stone or Suffolk slingshot all have some canny cheap slingshot. Avoid Gamekeepa John because his service is s..t!!!!! Which one you choose is up to you
  4. Devon Minnow

    Dub DUb

    Order some blue and also plum dub dub should be here tomorrow just to try with .50cal leads in stead of looped 2050 bare back style. Just started using Amber 1745 in last few week cause 1632 is suffering in cold. Have used black 1745 in pass and didn't really like it. But the Amber seem different and shoots 8,9.5mm steel really well in the colder weather
  5. Devon Minnow

    Flat bands worth it?

    You haven't stated what you are using other black widow for? The problem with flat bands his there longevity. I had band sets from reputable sells last as little as 30 shots. If you are using you catapult for hunting with 9.5-12.7mm steel I would go for Orange or green Dub Dub tubing, it lasts for ages and with very good speed only slightly slower then tapered band sets. And no need to modify your black widow
  6. Devon Minnow

    Dub DUb

    Never try blue I'm assuming it has a heavy draw weight than Orange or green Dub Dub. Avoid peach dub dub it is really crap even with little ammo.
  7. Devon Minnow

    Dub DUb

    Use it all the time, will shoot 9.5-12.7mm steel. Have no issues with its longevity. For me I would choose Orange over green because it has a slight lighter draw weight.
  8. Devon Minnow

    1632 tubing

    Never really got on with 1745 but everyone to there own. The draw weight of loop 1632 is so low it makes shoot 9.5mm steel so easy. The picture below is of my Dankung micro lucky 7 with looped 1632
  9. Devon Minnow

    1632 tubing

    Since the under growth has risen and the trees are in full leaf hunting opportunity have diminished my usual setup of Orange dub dub and 13mm steel has had little use. I thought I would turn back to looped 2040 and 9·5mm steel for some informal plunking fun, dead on at 20m and accurate. However I had a looped 1632 band setup and try that instead, o'boy what a light draw weight ,accurate and silent setup to shoot with the add bonus of been dead on at 35m hitting can for fun. Longevity of the tubes has been good, 750 rounds and still ok. I just wonder why more people don't use it. Going to try a few more penetration tests with 8mm lead before try it on quarry
  10. Devon Minnow

    Public Liability

    I've been looking for public liability insurance to cover me for mole trapping only. The policies all seem to come in one bundle covering you for all aspects of pest control, quotes between £200 - 240. However found one that just covers mole trapping for £117 by Will Fountain insurance
  11. Devon Minnow


    Simply use a 6 or 8mm steel BB inserted into the end of the tube. Use alcohol hand gel to act as a lubricant.
  12. Devon Minnow

    New to snaring

    Glad to see someone got a rabbit problem cause there's very few where I live. I use to just hang the snare of the bottom wire of the fence where they were come in, taken loads of rabbits this method over the years but I know a lot of people do not recommend this method. But once the local Fox population know these an easy meal to had it doesn't matter what time you check the snares cause they will have beaten you to them. If noise is an issue you could always use an air rifle or fully moderated shotgun with subsonic cartridges or the poachers method catapult! Go luck.
  13. Devon Minnow

    Putange mole trapping

    All traps have there advantages and disadvantages, the putange is cheap, very simple and effective my only grip with it is how humane is it.yes the moles are dead when I check the traps. Prime example was this morning, two trap sites all the trap set the same first mole was caught round one leg large male and the second one caught round the stomach. Neither a quick end. I have also heard of moles struggling for over 25 minutes in a new British made Duffus trap
  14. Devon Minnow

    Putange mole trapping

    Reason I asked was when I started using putanges I caught quite a few moles by the front legs even thou I followed the supplier instruction (not a humane death). I stopped using them until I had a answer to the problem. I now set the trigger a lot further down the trap so the uprights catch the mole behind the shoulder. Hopefully giving a more humane death. If you have ever seen a skinned mole you will understand why, the front shoulders of a mole are very strong and muscular.
  15. Devon Minnow

    Putange mole trapping

    Looks like the mole is caught by its front legs