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  1. Like I said it depends what you use them for. If you are walking up or rough shooting the last thing you want is a dog up the arse end of it’s prey and you can’t have a shot. Teckels are know for there stamina and will work all day. And are well know for driving boar out of deep cover. The number of times I have followed people down hedge lines who have either had terriers or spaniels and have found nothing! And the Teckels going after and fine and bolt rabbits foxes pheasants
  2. Like to see your Beagle cross go through heavy vegetation or work wild boar . It all depends on what land and vermin as to what type of breed is best but a Teckel is very versatile with a very high prey drive. I wouldn’t go back to Terriers even after 40+years
  3. You won’t bet a Teckel. Will fine were all other dogs fail.
  4. If it does it will be the fluoride in the toothpaste that is doing it. I know fluoride toothpaste is toxic to dogs. If not the the will have the whitest teeth in the world
  5. Terkel if you can find one the dos’nt give to much tongue. Hellish nose on them, go through any undergrowth. Can be trained to retrieve very versatile little dog
  6. You can buy a lot of carrots for £1300 they will help you see in the dark
  7. Goldfinch where do you purchase them collars from
  8. Bonny dog you have there Goldfinch. How good are thoughts bells, can they be heard in the wind
  9. Would not be without one. Got a Garmin far to many features on it, have to keep resetting compass but excellent range, multi dog features and 5 second update
  10. Blow torch, kitchen soup ladle and lee moulds
  11. Cheer matey he just coming up to a year old. I think he may have 1/4 patterdale in him. Not that it bothers me. He is not as good as my Teckel below but he is still a little mean worker and never gives up.
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