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  1. People think Mike Dadd repairs knocker boxes he doesn't he used to get david aurthers to repair them he was just the middle man
  2. I have been out several times with these dogs and they were never behind always in front
  3. Your right Keith costs now't to be civil hope you have a good day
  4. Canny load again Ian look at the fixation on that pup looking at the rabbits
  5. Not a bad catch Mr W
  6. taking a litter from one of the jill's I had from you, you are welcome to a couple of kits only breeding to replace my old timers
  7. you still got that hob that's the father to mine
  8. Nice going bud I do like ya slippers out tomorrow second time out for the stinkers the two from you worked well well pleased with them
  9. Nice teckle looking good brother
  10. I use up to five collars to one receiver no problems
  11. You Only four YEAR younger than me ya old fart it was a good day good company and crack the boy shot very well for his first time with a shotgun
  12. The greedy gets you are a pensioner they should do them for nowt
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