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  1. wanting 90 quid for a new M3m collar
  2. THE RABBIT INDUSTRY IN IRELAND: 20TH CENTURY SNAPSHOTS. By Michael J. Conry. by Conry (Michael J.). | 1 Jan 2016 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 Hardcover £29.95£29.95 Get it Saturday, Jan 21
  3. just before christmas there was arrests and they were all little old lady's and young scruffs with nowt better to do they go from hugging tree's to abusing coppers over illegals then when the shit hits the fan they will be first people to cry
  4. Reopened the old detention center up by me for the illegals and nearly every saturday there is a demonstration by the do gooders to release them wonted need it if they didn't come in illegally send the lot back and look after our own
  5. Good luck mate hope its a start for more things to come
  6. Postage costs would be down to the buyer i would think you would be looking at around £3.60 depending on the size of the book
  7. also your rabbits will be ok to eat just not the liver
  8. I still have the two collars I bought from you about 10 yrs ago and they are still going strong
  9. I use the flat band collars on my labs they do the job not used the leads as they are not on them much
  10. turned out a cracking bitch Charts
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