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  1. best of luck with ya knee op bud
  2. Alan is a good bloke i look after 5 of his dogs when he goes away his partner kept a red bitch pup like i said he has about 12 dogs and they get their share of the graft thats a cracking litter you bred like the pup you kept back
  3. It was my understanding that consett lad owned both dogs as i asked Alan if he bred the litter and he said know as far as i was concerned Alan always had cockers but but his partern had a springer maybe he used that then again he has about 12 dogs even he could not remember all the litters he has bred I know he has a cracking pointer due to drop a litter soon
  4. I Know Alan he didn't bred this litter this lad has a pup from a lad was called Consett Lad I don't think he bothers much as he had a bit of hassle and lost his gun tickets
  5. how did he contact you on FB ask him for his address and pass it on to me al go the little b*****d
  6. least ya out bud and old alf enjoyed himself
  7. Someone will know where to find him but av not got an address for the b*****d
  8. fcuking block me soon as I asked for tracking number
  9. this is the little shithouse Jed Thomas I wont be caught out again
  10. Wish i had 50quid out of pocket but not as bad as 300 cant put a photo up as the little b*****d has blocked me but is name is jed Thomas from sunderland
  11. you didnt call the lad Jed mate did they as i have just been scammed off a lad called jed for 50quid it was to be a half up front and half on delivery but 300 notes is fkcuing disgraceful
  12. highest on ebay i saw was on Sunday it made £181 for 8ft collar n box
  13. another sold on Sunday for £181 [8ft]
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