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  1. The dirty b*****ds to f ing lazy to bring young@uns on them self's Sean if you Closer you could of used my hob he is a small type and a good grafter
  2. Netmaker


    nice them mate good luck with the sale
  3. when I was out last week 2 of the 6 rabbits were pregnant
  4. Cheers Arry he will becoming out as often as possible I don't have any lads just daughters and they not interested so when my mate ask me if he could bring the youngster with him I said as all as he behaved his self it would be ok and the bairn took it all in his stride
  5. he took in everything that he was told wasn't frightened of picking up the ferrets i got him a little jill off of a lad on here behawk i think his name is and it bolted a rabbit for him so that made his day
  6. Had the morning out with my mate and his little lad who is 5yrs old it was a miserable day for it but he never complained once wanting to be right in among it only had to be shown a couple of times how to put the purse nets down end with 6 but little'un was over the moon asking when are we going out next .
  7. Who's that dodgy git with DC dog hahaha
  8. i will give you one am breeding a litter this yr
  9. did you get sorted with another hob
  10. cheers bud how you keeping
  11. Had a couple of hours out with my mate took a couple of ferrets and the dogs got 8 which wasn't to bad plus picked up a few horse paddocks so happy days
  12. smart as fook them martin could be tempted on a pup
  13. Bet skinning them give your elbow some jip
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