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  1. couple of nice teckels you have there bud
  2. Back out tomorrow with Goldfinch2007 see what's about [Av been to spec savers ]so hopefully I might hit a few this time
  3. mine was meant for crimbo but that's out the window
  4. got mine this morning only put it down to type this the photos are fantastic bet you were a right cheeky chappie
  5. some cracking photos there Pud
  6. Tried to message you bud but it says you can not receive them
  7. seen as its a Christmas pup and it has been gifted what about Nick
  8. pleased your happy with them you know where I am if you need any more
  9. looks like you had a good day out
  10. very nice did you do those drawings
  11. There is a bloke on flea bay does them
  12. I still want my copy I have your other 2 Pay pal not a problem Cheers Paul
  13. gain 28 when I feed kibble but feed more BARF
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