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  1. I bred my bitch to keep pup back I may keep two yet as she is a very good worker I have had lurcher's. terriers but more in to shooting I could of had a springer off my mate but always wanted a lab which cost me nearly a grand
  2. I didn't see the fun side of it thought you where having a pop plus you cant count it would have been £7200not £6400
  3. I see were you come from it was the puppy peddling that got my goat I work from home making nets as you know I fcuked my back when I was a kid my wife works full time and makes good money it was not a case of fcuk it lets bred pups we bred to keep a pup or maybe 2 I haven't tried putting on to any of my family they would tell me to piss off not all breeders are peddlers
  4. Netmaker


    try drilling the rivits on mine you can take the handle a part to get to the switch hope this helps
  5. I totally agree mate got slated for a litter of pups we bred its costing my wife and I a fortune to raise them properly I have never advertised a litter on here but got called a peddler from the man who put it up about his brother making £30.000 out of pups I have NO problem with anyone breeding best of luck to them but what is good for the goose is good for the gander
  6. Netmaker


    not trying you how to suck eggs but undo the soldering on the switch that is knackered and re solder the new into place if you don't have one you might get one off the bay
  7. is he a peddler like you called me
  8. this guy is right its just cost me £248 for kc reg plus stud at £250 £38 for puppy food it soon adds up
  9. Netmaker

    Purse Nets

    You are welcome bud anytime
  10. Netmaker

    Foxred/Yellow Labrador pup's SOLD SOLD

    didn't crumb at all got sick of going round in circles got better things to do I will leave goldfinch to reply to your reply to him
  11. Netmaker

    Foxred/Yellow Labrador pup's SOLD SOLD

    there you go your honor
  12. Netmaker

    Foxred/Yellow Labrador pup's SOLD SOLD

    tell you what I will do I will put a photo of all 9 pups then you will see what was it you called me er yes that was it a knob head
  13. Netmaker

    Foxred/Yellow Labrador pup's SOLD SOLD

    you are a clever boy and to think all that it must of hurt your brain I am keeping one back not that it has any thing to do with you if I wasn't keeping a pup I would not have bred her as goldfinch said she is a Unbelievable bitch so no I didn't bred her to stead her up and with the shoot season round the corner I wouldn't leave myself with out a dog