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  1. one of many more i hope mate the lad never been out til last year now wants to be out more than the gas he's 35
  2. Couple hour's out with the Lab's for a few rabbit's had my stepson with me to give a hand only did two warren's ended up with 20 good clean rabbits will get them skinned and minced for the ferrets and dogs in a bit back out next couple of day's to do the warrens that didn't get done today
  3. Hearing aid batteries are more for the Mk3 collars
  4. Pound shop battery strip 357 i think
  5. Like all labs they know which buttons to press
  6. Good luck with them Marc Paul
  7. drove 3hrs round trip to get a vasectomised hob and jill but it was worth the travel as it would of cost more to have one of my own hob's snipped
  8. Another of my lab bitch watching the nets
  9. I have kept ferrets for over 45yrs and never lost a jill by not using a jill jab,vasectomised hob or entire hob like has been said keep her on her own clean as you can and she should be ok .
  10. it might have been after Arthur died but defferently didn't repair them
  11. Every one thinks Mick Dadd fixed the knocker boxes but he didn't he sent them to Arthur some body cant remember his second name he died awhile back
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