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  1. A shotgun/FAC licence can be used to have your terrier pups tails docked you don't just need a letter from land owner/rep
  2. i use nothing but mk3m collars with the old grey knocker box and they work spot on
  3. hope its ok to add these here fox nets made with 1.3 cross braided nylon on 2" brass rings double knotted these nets are made to last and are 6ft 6 long they are long enough for single or double pegs [2mm draw cords to be add when you let me know if it single or double you want] plenty people off this site have had nets from me and will vouch for my nets [ 4ft rabbit nets also available]
  4. they work spot on as that is the combo I use
  5. be one lucky person that you give it to mate
  6. I was gifted the same style of knifes in the cabinets when my cousin died
  7. Sean you take it make a handy dog for your bairn
  8. that's a nice pup just waiting for the numpt and come and say how can i say that
  9. You go back and see what I put I said am sure av seen the photo in a book BUT I could be wrong but you still had to come back at me I would call you a cnut but a cnut is useful your not
  10. Ketch that old saying comes to mind you cannot educate pork
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