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  1. good luck with ya pups bud
  2. My old man used to say a lab is born half trained and a spaniel dies half trained ....
  3. both my lab bitches have been very very easy to train showing them something once/twice and that is all it took both are clever sometimes too clever for their own good at times
  4. The old Mk1 collars 8 and 15ft are suppose to work wit the newer version of the mk1 box
  5. Get a magnet and pass it over the side of the collar
  6. The two I made for myself was with a 2" board and 2 1/8" and they both catch well
  7. did you not get a magnet with it
  8. nice fish looks a right dodgy bugger holding it only joking mate
  9. ya won't go far wrong with a lab
  10. That's true had a kid here last week med keen for the dogs but cant get any permission but of the clowns spoiling it for other people I keep me self to me self go out with a select few that I know wont feck it up by back tracking as a few have in the past
  11. Fourteen acre's isn't to bad price wise
  12. Lurchers is right a few years back there where a lot of lads on here you only had to ask and you got a straight answer but now some just want to take the piss out of people but you are also right fred90 there is a few good lads still about and to you Wallie Yes I make all my own nets
  13. I bought a Labrador bitch 6yrs ago paid a grand for it as a 8wk old pup
  14. Best of luck with your new venture Les
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