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  1. Two nice pups DC got my first dog when i was about 12 and taught the right way if i didnt listen i got a clip round the lug was always told stock break ya dogs to all livestock am 56 now and never had a dog or pup grab any livestock and if i did the farmer wouldnt need to shoot the dog ad do it myself and if I was on my permission and saw a dog raging a sheep i would shoot that an all there is no need for it
  2. same here mate had them 40 odd year never lost a jill keep them clean and keep checking them and they are fine I only have a snipped hob now as he was gifted to me
  3. Think the last lot I got was about a tenner a box but they may have gone up as the place I got them from have bumped up their prices ten fold
  4. I use nothing but and find them to be spot on accuracy wise and I have shot over 600 rabbits with them
  5. looks like ya trying to cut the heads off them two plummers bud
  6. Bradford stalker sells them I think
  7. I used nothing but Eley's when I first started shooting then a mate said try CCi subs and now I use nothing else and as said 10 quid for a 100
  8. The hob is vasectomised as well so saved there but you are right about people giving away ferrets for free if I bred a litter which is maybe every 4/5yrs I never ever sell any of the surplus kits I gift them to mates
  9. Picked up the two stinkers from Bedx this morning met him at Penrith as he was on his way to Scotland have a good holiday mate and thank's for the stinkers they settled straight in it was worth the travel to get them cheers mate
  10. that year has gone over quick bud
  11. lined my silver that i got from you pud to albino hob will be spares here to my BEW missed don't know why might line her sister as both are good workers
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