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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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  1. Great offer Arry, top man. Just be careful mate..
  2. Crass Stan... I expected better of you! Lol
  3. Thank you mate, This was their first outing, a couple out of the first litter are coming on well, but these 2 were great to handle....young ferrets often mess at the mouth of the hole and I never grab at them I want them to come out to me...these were straight up your arm..lol Time will tell if they are any good at work...
  4. Absolutely mate, the quicker you move them the better... As you know you need a few of you to keep an eye on those sort of place, once half a dozen ferrets are in it gets a bit hectic!! Lol
  5. .... I seriously thought they were in her room for good!! Lol
  6. Thanks Arry, try and get the kids into everything...it'll be with them if they want to do it later or not..
  7. Thanks mate...her and Fin took care for 3 weeks in thd house, we had a right fall out when I said they had to go back outside! Lol
  8. Cracking pics Ross, nice one mate
  9. Hes tough as old boots that dog D....and likes pissing on old boots as well!! Lol Hope he makes a quick recovery mate, the comp won't be the same without him pissing on everything and desperate to shag fergie!! Lol
  10. The terrible teens Dave.... you'll get him right.
  11. She's got a rucksack of purse nets on her back in that last pic mate, I said I'd carry it but she said I had enough already...long nets and ferrets, plus rabbits... I've been grinning all day mate, one of my favourite days ferreting, she was all over it today and so pleased with her ferrets....she wants to go next week again... ill see how she handles crawling through a hedge row!! Lol
  12. Bells on the ferret collars, put locators boxes at either end so you know of the ferrets are moving past where you are.. Try and section it off with purse nets in the runs, the rabbits will just hole hop usually, so if you can't get at the holes, net the runs...they are obvious and the rabbits tend to only use them.no matter what.. a good terrier or sharp bushing dog can be useful.as well...my old terrier would nail loads in deep cover when ferreting. Keeping a track of ferrets is hard work and digging is a nightmare... done some right heavy places and usually hate it...lol
  13. Thanks mate... That was her summer, she loves the animals mate... it was great today, just me and her, normally my lad comes but I said unless your up you ain't coming, she was up and ready at.8 so we went without him...
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