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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    Car Wow!

    Was up Coventry way today... been doing a bit of business with Gibbs amphibians .... now these things are what I'd choose... Hummer boats... 60mph on land 30 knots on water....
  2. Will be up this week mate, Jai, Yapped to Owain earlier, hopefully he spoke to you (I haven't got your number mate). Will get the donation link up, all will be for Johns partner and kids...Will put more details up later.
  3. Me too mate.... ruled with an iron fist..
  4. Your loving this....its like watching a young Walshie all over again...
  5. Mine was drunken renditions of "fields of Anthenry" and learning to carry rolls of felt up a ladder....lol
  6. Far more enjoyable thread over the last couple of pages....not a graph, stat, or sky news link to be seen...
  7. Classic education mate.... its about the best most of us can offer!! Lol
  8. Bloody brilliant mate.... its great when their hard work pays off, you're obviously very proud of them and rightly so...
  9. I'm not even gonna do the obvious joke here mate...
  10. Great stuff mate, its brilliant isn't it... all the best to your lad I hope he flies mate.. I honestly don't know where its come from with ours, me and my brother aren't stupid but no way are we intellects ...and our wives are hardly brain surgeons..lol My lad is going into his GCSE year and is very bright, he's doing triple science and his mock marks are all A+... hes not a square either...I mean you'd of got bullied to f**k when we were kids of you were a brain box, yet hes a popular lad (at a house party tonight with a load of lads)... it was only the thd sporty kids who were cool
  11. Taking a sword to the shitter, photographing it and posting on here..... I mean that is this place in a f***ing nutshell aint it!!
  12. Possibly my fave bit of evidence....I do like the worrying line shooting off into the sky!! Lol
  13. Mate, there are people who dedicated their whole life to medicine, virology, science.... Yet with the push of a button hey presto you're the expert!! Lol I've got one niece who just finished uni and on first placement in Nottingham, spent 5 years since college studying archaeology and ancient history, her first dig they find a roman skull... funny when she talks to me about it I listen and ask questions... I dont jump on Google and prove her wrong regards carbon dating etc lol... My other niece is off to London studying medicine at UCL, again her and my lad can talk science all
  14. Tbh charts ..as soon as you get to full blown Google searching to back up every debate it is no longer a debate...just a battle to who can find the best bit of data to suit their argument.. I mean imagine being in the pub, yapping/debating with your mates about any subject and every couple of minutes going "Hold on im just checking with Google if thats true or not!!" Lol You'd be told to f**k off in no time!! Lol Its battle of the search engine now!! Lol
  15. There's only 4 or 5 regular posters on this thread now... You gotta admire their commitment to the cause!!!
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