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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    Lots of talk about money for sure..but in certain parts of the country (down here being one of them).. they are building houses quicker than they can fill em.. this leads to shortage of skilled labour, brickies particularly are having the best time of it that I can remember, they can demand the rates as the developers are desperate to.keep.developing (low interest rates, over population, lack of first time house..loads of reasons why big developers are cashing in)...a decent labourer keeping 3 brickies going will certainly be on good money...but god knows finding a decent labourer is hard, 2 weeks of money and they're on the piss and shoving it up their nose like millionaires lol... Like I said before, it's a decent bubble but that's all it is, I'm only 20 odd years in construction (set up on my own in 98, laboured and learnt my trade before that)..but it's as good as I remember it...my old man talks about the 80s and good times.. but then the big recession hit, end 80s early 90s and constructuon/building work is the first to get smashed.... Get your fingers in a few pies if you are earning a bit, invest well and it could drag you through when it gets shitty again...well here's hoping.lol


    The bubble will burst again no doubt, but there is certainly money to be earnt at the minute.. Good luck with your trip GB, a place I'm gonna defiantly visit in the next few years...24 hour fishing...yes please!! Lol

    Winters coming

    I wish...far better than.this shit thread lol

    Winters coming

    Good man... I knew in could count on you... I won't get caught out without my daily paper and a loaf of bread this winter... no way...My team.of super canines will get me to.the co op

    Winters coming

    I've got the dogs responding to "mush, mush" now... A sausage dog, a beddy whippet and a bull x .... some sled pack come the winter mate lol

    Winters coming

    Yeah probably.... so you think me buying a snow mobile is a bit ott? Lol

    Winters coming

    Until last winter I would've agreed with you..... but months of snow, ice and general carnage changed all that...I'm now far harder than any of you northern monkeys

    Winters coming

    Rather be chopping in the dry than in the snow like last winter!!!

    Getting used to it

    You couldn't make it up lol..
  10. NEWKID

    Bodywork garages?

    My brothers wife reversed her car into his van a few years back...I think he's just started talking to her again lol
  11. NEWKID

    Winters coming

    Time to get grafting for the winter!!
  12. NEWKID

    Pole kits

    Let me know the model mate and I'll have a word in Exeter Angling and with Dave at Luccombes (he owns the tackle shop in Cullompton) might be able to get you sorted for the match... else your fishing the top 3 lol
  13. NEWKID

    Pole kits

    There are universal pole sections that may fit, ask in your local shop, or we can have a look when your down.. If not good old gaffer tape lol
  14. NEWKID

    Pole kits

    What've you gone and done ya Muppet??
  15. NEWKID

    Sand sculptures

    There really good, real talent.. I.took the kids to a place in Portugal, it was a kind of sand sculpture theme park, unbelievable stuff in there.. I like stuff like this, street artists etc..