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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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  1. I'd say your right 90% of football fans would rather a 3pm kick off, lets them have a couple in the pub, enjoy match day yap before hand etc etc.. That's not really the point though, the energy crisis is real and huge, we are talking 2 or 3 times the normal spend on business use electric, clubs are making decisions for survival, fans either accept that or don't turn up because it's 2 hours earlier and become part of their clubs demise.. The big clubs don't really depend on gate receipts, the brand will sale from here to Shanghai, so if a few thousand don't go no skin off their balanc
  2. I'd normally say Plymouth... but wife was in in view so chickened it! Lol
  3. He pulled out top characters mate, didn't he...
  4. Thats the main thing mate... Looks a bit like when a Bristol bird opens her legs...lol
  5. Looks lovely.. @mC HULL presentation mate...
  6. Kens toad shit looks tastier than that Sean..
  7. Seriously!!!! I read your stuff mate, and wonder what it is truly like in your bubble, you seem pretty happy with it and that's the main thing... but measuring toad shit... and actually posting it like a trophy to be applauded!! f**k me mate, kettles, hedges, chick peas, frogs and toads and now amphibian shite.... mental....
  8. Used to call my youngest girl "baby Wagbo" ... she ran around like a demented Wagner when she was little, had his haircut as well!! lol
  9. Could be the artic monkeys.... a new discovery for me The Reytons.... very good!
  10. All the best mate, hope all goes well... Funny little post, nice humour even if you are under the weather... fair play mate..
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