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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    Surely youd buy 10 for £10.00, if they're a pound each? Cheers for the heads up though..
  2. Took my eldest to lion king and Wicked both good shows... Watched the commitments, that was decent too.. Spoilt for choice in London, i love a weekend up there, Bs love getting home after!! Lol... Last time was Scott's in mayfair, brilliant seafood (are there a couple of times now, not cheap but good), comedy club in Soho on the Friday, and Baneras (amazing indian) on the Saturday, walk around the Tate gallery, and home on the train.. Over the years we've done a fair bit up there, I like shoreditch for a a few beers as well.. Last time found a cracking pub just down from paddington station, sat with the local and had a great laugh, landlord/manager was Italian and offered me tickets for a big motor event, I rang him in the week as I couldn't make it...nice touch though.. Mrs went back for a course and took 3 of her staff there, all went in the same pub, straight off the train had dinner and a few drinks, the chap was chuffed to see her... Dont believe all the shit about unfriendly London...go with a view to enjoying yourself and you will... I personally couldn't live in London, but I do love going.. Oh...had some great nights in the piano bar in Kensington, the pianist was from Plymouth ( as is my wife) we went quite a few times, he'd spot us and shout "Devon!!".... if you've not been to a piano bar they are a good night out, shout your requests and have a proper singalong... great night out... Theres a few in London, we stumbled into one around Trafalgar area, it's in the underground passages near there...one of the London lads would know...it was late and we'd been on the piss with Sean C off of here, me and the mrs tend to make a full night of it and found the piano bar in full swing...well another couple wont hurt!! Hope you have a good time mate...and I agree with Gnasher, pick a few things you really want to do and do it properly... you can spend more time travelling from one attraction to the next else!!
  3. Hmmm a messy farm yard you say...
  4. That's no way to talk about Joe...


    Brendan Rodgers at Leicester is playing some great stuff mate, he has always liked to play attractive football and he has some real talent to use there..

    The Election

    I'll be honest mate, I've seen first hand how poor the NHS is watching my wife suffer for the past 10 years, dont get me wrong the staff are in the main good, but the mistakes are out of control...we ended up in St Thomas hospital, London as they were the only ones who had the answers, ae were told her 2nd OP was a mistake and they'd gone a procedure to far, she fought with a nurse to take down a pouch of blood they were about to put in her as a transfusion as it was the wrong type lucky she knew... there are loads of other things, and I'd love to be proud of the NHS, but it ain't free and in my experience it ain't good enough...reduce my tax and I'll go private...

    The Election

    The only vote I've ever really cared about and it's been pushed back in our face and proven real democracy is dead .... so here lies the problem.... I'm sorry but by not voting or "wasting" your vote on an unelectable party will only increase the likelihood of a labour win and the one vote I did care about, leaving the EU, will be gone for good ... It's a tough call, because none of them are any cop, but the only chance I can see of forcing through some kind of Brexit is a vote for the Tories... What a load of shit eh!
  8. Well this thread has used up all my likes, So a big ... to all that have posted
  9. This place may get some stick at times...but by f**k theres some decent people on it, Black dog that's a great offer and Keith all your prayers answered mate, what a cracking little pup, speak next week mate.. Kev
  10. Oh I get exactly what you're saying mate, but it's never going to change, it never has! Play the game as best you can, I dont care about Jews or Yanks or Chinks or whoever else is calling the shots way above my station, because I cant do f**k all about it.... people are all made different, and if your happy doing your 9-5 paying your mortgage, 1 holiday a year, a fairly new motor and 2.5 kids, knowing that you may be able to retire at 70 be bored for a few years and then die..well that's fine, it's the life you've chosen, the powers that be (whoever they are) love that man...and if that man is happy too it's a win win I suppose... If youd rather take a gamble or 2, work 7 days a week or 2 days a week when needed, chuck whatever you can put on the line at each opportunity and your happy doing that then it's fine too....generally this sort is not so well received as it's harder to track a moving target (so to speak), not having a regular pay slip allows a certain amount of manipulation...but that's the game some would rather play... You'll never entirely beat the system, it's been thousands of years in the making, but if you want a bit more than the "normal life" it's there for everyone, comes down to a bit of bollocks and a lot of drive....
  11. The worlds corrupt, always has been, the strongest/richest call the shots, nothing has changed from the Roman's to now, economic power is the way to rule the world, guns and bombs are all for show!! Us common folk have to take our chances and go with it... Not worth worrying about the world order imo..
  12. NEWKID

    The Election

    If carlsberg done health care!!
  13. NEWKID

    North Carolina

    Well..... it was a fair jaunt.. but worth it!! Training yanks is fun!! Lol
  14. NEWKID

    North Carolina

    Had a few beers....but it's been loads of work mate...next trip will be a jolly!! Lol
  15. NEWKID

    North Carolina

    Just saw this, I'm at the airport now...I should've got you a catty in that store earlier...
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