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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    Let's see your river catches 2019

    Was wondering that mate...unless it's a match??

    TOPE ?

    Yeah good point....

    Women’s World Cup ......

    Regardless of who we played, good or bad etc...we got to the semi-finals of the WC, with a very young and yet to hit full potential side... We're bound to lose games along the way, personally I think this is a turning point for our national side...Southgate is not scared of losing a game to test these young lads...fair play to him!! For generations now it's been the same thing, a win at all cost mentality and shoe horning players in regardless if they were fit, in form or could even play the position.... I welcome the odd loss, you learn a lot in defeat, we're on the right path imo..

    TOPE ?

    Yeah I'd say they're smoothounds.... strange to have so many washed up, probably lay their purses just off the coast there and a few have died during it....
  5. Not many harder than Foreman....FACT lol... He would've walked through Fury imo...furys lack of power wouldve been his undoing...Ali in the Jungle forced him to run out of steam...yes he got the TKO...buy Foreman was dead on his feet, punches himself out....and Ali was still stood there yapping in his ear " is that all you got, George".... f**k me brave or stupid Ali was one tough b*****d...as well as class....

    the rest of the world take note

    I've too much on to add more livestock at the minute mate...its a big project for me, long term I want it as a fishery for residence only...so a retreat of sorts.... 10 year plan...done at 52!! God loves a trier lol

    Free raw food.

    Geth visited a week or so back so the freezer is full...cheers though...

    Free raw food.

    Nice one mate, good offer that...

    the rest of the world take note

    Japenese is the way to go....fresh and raw!! Lol Like you everything from scratch... need to up my farming skills though...lol
  10. NEWKID


    Just seen spell check on my post put "symbolic politicians" I guess everyone knew it was meant to be "Shambolic"....lol
  11. NEWKID


    No one knows what a no.deal will mean....it's unchartered territory....so any studies, papers general rambling is guess work from both sides of the argument.. Bottom line is the majority voted out, the will of the people needs to be upheld for any form of democracy to continue in this country....if a deal can't be brokered (which is looking less and less likely)...then a no deal Brexit is the only option... futures in our hands...well our symbolic politicians hands lol
  12. NEWKID


    Great stuff mate...congratulations to you and your lady... Be good to see you down here if you can escape!! Lol
  13. NEWKID


    Very nice looking animal Ow.... Hope you're well mate.
  14. NEWKID

    Bird ID help

    f**k me no chance with a big cat when we can't even spot if it's a buzzard or not...lol
  15. NEWKID


    Twobob is a northern monkey!! Fact