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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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  1. I think I read one of his... Called Dunsten I think?

    Fcuk it

    I'm the same mate, plodding through jobs and achieving a little everyday.... I had a lazy day yesterday and couldn't sleep properly...back at it today... Need to keep working to keep the weight off as the eldest girl keeps cooking puddings, syrup sponge tonight...
  3. Hope you're staying 2m apart..
  4. Cheers Sean... You in tomorrow morning, be round about 8....just leave em out the front! Lol
  5. I'm using odd bits of wood to make a full length now, f**k this is some cobbled together shit now...lol Got a pile of pallets to rip apart.... while the rest of world goes mad for bog roll I'd sale a kid for a pack of batten and a couple of lengths on 4x2 lol


    It's always backfired when I play hard to get!! Lol


    I'm seeing who joins before I jump... So far no chance...lol
  8. Ours is small now mate, but closed it last Monday, lads at home on 80% with work to come back to once this is over. I'm a firm believer in you shouldn't make someone do something that you wouldn't do yourself... Hence some stupid steel walking over the years... lucky health and safety is a damn sight better now cause my balance ain't what it used to be!! Lol
  9. Watched Happy Gilmore with the kids last night, its shit really but light entertainment was the order of the day!
  10. NEWKID


    Too true mate... The shit woman find "interesting" is a f***ing mystery!! Lol
  11. Had a binge on Ozark yesterday, first day in 2 weeks I done the sofa/TV thing.... Great show, up to episode 8 series 1 now....f***ing bonkers!! Lol
  12. Here.... Ffs I'm sick of here
  13. Take a breath Joe and do a lap of the garden...
  14. Get it done David... I'm trying to summon the effort to get my ass out of the chair and get back at something.. I know I'll regret being a lazy twat later...lol
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