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  1. Anyhow... got to risk my life and drive to Paignton...the original Devon epicenter....lol Hopefully catch you all later...
  2. Stats from Brazil, Make different reading regards cases to deaths. Huge amount of confirmed cases 4.75m But only.. 142k deaths Why such a percentage difference from Brazil to Mexico? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/brazil/&ved=2ahUKEwjgnYzB7o3sAhXOSxUIHcDhBLoQFjAEegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw2JvdBn-PU0QK8FCn7X9DU2 When I say only 142k deaths, I mean in comparison, around 7% less death rate to infection from Mexico..still a huge number of deaths... I think the world death figure is around 1m now... This is some mighty conspiracy that's for sure...
  3. Heres some figures from Mexico, https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/mexico/ 740k cases 76k dead That's a huge figure, could be wrong and I'm sure the stats will be pulled to pieces, but from my conversations with my contact there he said it was a terrible state. Medical facilities would be poor and they lockdown too late I believe. I'm only going off what someone there told me and stats off the web...but it don't look great.
  4. I think it was Glasgow students on the radio mate
  5. Been driving a bit last few days, radio 2 is all over the amount of students infected since they have gone back, reportedly spreading like wild fire. 1 student cane on, there is 11 in here rooms and 6 are infected (including her), they have been locked down so I guess they will all get it, the concern is them.passing it on to elderly relatives etc ...now talking about keeping all students in halls over christmas to prevent spread... it's a shit show alround mate
  6. Edited cause I'm getting involved in shit which I ain't bothered about.
  7. Without any stats or real knowledge, my on opinion is this virus is still very new, so over the course of 12 months a more thorough study will be put together..come next March we should have 12 months of figures from infection through to death rates, which as you rightly said in another post will give a clear comparison from the previous 12 months. The infection rate was high in this country through the early part of summer, and it is thought the lock down prevented spread (that is obviously up for debate, but it makes sense to me). Also countries like Mexico and Brazil were badly hit, I was dealing with a chap in Mexico, this all came to a grinding halt as he said it was terrible over there. So the sun/increased light alone hasn't helped completely... the next wave will more than likely be because we are all inside more, look at how it is going through student halls etc... I dont know how people can draw full conclusions either way when this whole thing has been in existence less than a year.
  8. I guess the staff have to be regularly tested now? If so could there not be the same measures in place for key loved ones, sons/daughters/grandchildren perhaps. This would at least make it safe for them to visit and surely a bit of happiness goes a long way.
  9. I've never heard you once moan about the restraints being placed on you, you just get on with acting in a sensible manner mate.. It's been a shit time for you but not once has the additional shit that covid brings been a topic of our conversations.
  10. ... all out of foil mate.. I'm sorry it still dont add up.. I've no idea what a positive result is worth? I agree we are controlled, everyday one way or another, but at the route of all that is taxation...forcing us into positions where you are taxed... this is the opposite...it is killing industries and with that revenue, on top of that the bail outs workd wide are depleting all public purses... I know this will be paid back at some point, through tax, but why disrupt everything on such a grand scale for future higher taxes? Or is there more to it, forget the WHO for a minute as they dont control the decisions, the advise only.
  11. f**k me mate...forget toilet roll your local shop must be all out of tin foil...lol
  12. For what goal mate? Everything revolves around money if we are talking about government control, this is a worldwide pandemic...do you really believe every country is in on.the act and what to smash there own economies for what??
  13. Sorry to hear that mate.. If testing was better surely a test 24 hours before visit and proof of negative result would suffice..? It is things like this which haven't got the correct approach, the blanket policies are not a good solution for sure.
  14. Influenza has a vaccine, which is used for the vulnerable. Influenza does not spread as easily or as quickly as covid (at least that's what I understand from scientific evidence) Influenza is (in the main) seasonal, covid has spread, infected and killed through the summer...and is spreading quickly (if stats are right) now, so it could mean flu and covid will both be very active at the same time. Flu has been around for so long we understand it medically so can deal.with it, no one knows what covid is or is going to be, how to treat, if there are longer health issues after you have had it etc. There was a spike in deaths of approx 40k from last years figures during the summer period and whilst covid was at its most prominent, again this seems strange if covid has no bearing, regardless if there are other underlying health issues. There are no financial.benefits for anyone, outside of the medical research/development industries that I can see, I maybe missing something but no one has given any good reason on a commercial/profiteering angle to why this is good for the "ruling elite". I agree that depression, loneliness, anxiety etc is a terrible side effect of the measures put in place, it is extremely sad. There is certainly complete uncertainty and lack of real leadership now, but...as I often say, surely we should all take responsibility of our own actions instead of moaning that the government are giving us correct guidance... You agree there is a virus and it can be dangerous to some, no one knows the full figures yet as it hasnt finished, there is no reference point we are in the middle of it... I just find it strange to throw out conspiracy theories with nothing to back it up other than a few local.people who have it but feel fine... or it's only killed people who were dying anyway... I dont think anyone actually knows very much yet, and calling people plebs, or sheeple for doing exactly what you are doing..(wearing masks, washing hands etc) as that is all 99% of us are doing. We are all in the same boat mate, feeling our way through something with zero experience of it and only a bit of common sense to work with..
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