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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    I know a few people that have met and a couple that have spent quite a bit of time in his company...they've all said he is a very decent lad, good laugh, down to earth and wants to get involved.... So he married a girl who's divorced...so what?... times moved on, I'm by no means a royalist but forgetting conspiracy theories on his mother's death, the colour of his wife and her past relationships...surely we should all want to see the one royal we probably all connect with more than any other have some happiness.... Good luck to him and her...id be f****d if I felt i couldn't marry the woman I loved in case I upset a few people who I didn't give a f**k about...

    Clear racism

    Mental.....the wage that is!! f**k working in London for that, by the time you paid to commute, eat some dinner and a couple of pints after work you'd be owing money lol Got to be a wind up regards the no white thing...ain't it?

    Change of career

    You'll never stop...lol

    Change of career

    Certainly one to forget mate... there'll be opportunities presented now your settled, the best thing is you have the wife and kids back around!!

    Change of career

    I'm not sure whether I'm the right man to advise, as you know what I'm like lol... I generally enjoy work and play....would like to do more play, but that's the same as most.. You know the changes I've made, it takes bollocks to make the changes but you've already made huge changes, you've got the bollocks...

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    Funny, I never had you down as a royalist mate!! Lol

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    I'll chuck my imaginary hat into the the imaginary ring.... lol Good luck to them I say, he comes across as a decent lad, a good mate of mine is heavily involved in the Invictus Games (badly injured in Afghanistan and has competed for years, one of the early organisers).... he says he's a top lad too...she seems ok too...and f**k.how anyone can say she's ugly!!! It can't always be doom and gloom....

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    He didn't realise an actual human was inside???.....prick!
  9. Yes mate..."on the side"....that is the staple reply...then I'm ignored when I'm shouting up the stairs "what side..." Everything seems to constitute being a side, the table, arm.of a chair, kitchen worktop.....even the f***ing floor I reckon... Lol..."the side"....it must be every man's dreaded answer when asking where something is...lol
  10. NEWKID


    I've just made mine read it, and the other thread... See, I said...look what my imaginary, internet friends do...you got to buck your ideas up woman....i want the works tonight...at least twice.... I'll be back to brag tomorrow gentleman....f***ing excellent place the internet...lol
  11. Went on the piss on Sat night, watched Gazza rambling on couldn't understand a word so got paro... I'd driven into town, left the car to pick up the next day... come late afternoon said to the Mrs better get the car...I'm f****d if I could find the keys...she rang the taxi firm that dropped me home...No good...so left car there till Monday (without a hangover I might have a plan)....Monday morning I find them, wedged under the chest of drawers (my drunken, stumbling undressing saw to that).....No parking charge on a Sunday...starts 8am Monday....f***ing parking ticket when I finally get there Phone, car keys and wallet is a daily occurrence....she's sick of me shouting to her "where's my......." lol
  12. I'm still recover from one of them with you!! Lol
  13. NEWKID


    f**k me mate, every thread I've looked at tonight you've been on about shagging....you sure you're getting enough?? Lol Oh and I'm with you on the bird....she's taken one blokes coat off and give him a kiss, he's only delivering a pizza....f**k would you be stood at the door waiting lol
  14. NEWKID

    So I came home .....

    You know I feel your pain...!! Lol
  15. NEWKID

    collie stud

    Good memories mate...good luck with the new pup