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  1. Yeah was pretty good mate, we had a day out with some locals ended up spear fishing on a nice off shore reef, cooked what we caught on the beach, was a great day/night ended up with a big group of locals eating fish off the drum BBQ, drinking rum punch and listening to music, they were decent lads. I've got one of their numbers and he said to call him next time we were over and he takes us out on his boat offshore fishing, better than any of the hotel lined up tours that's for sure, that's not really my thing...
  2. Sounds like heaven! We really liked Croatia, bit of everything
  3. Will let you know mate, last couple of times we've just got tickets when we are there and landed lucky in the match being on, not pre planned, but will probably pick a date around the match, hopefully Madrid v Barcelona....
  4. Mine and my brother's business... A little end of business year treat to ourselves lol I've been to Barbados, and St Lucia in the past, we really liked Antigua though, very chilled .. I take a rod and bag of lures and fish every morning, loads of snorkelling then maybe a rum or 2 lol
  5. Off to Antigua first week of May, was out there same time last year, it's our annual business trip, with my brother his wife and my wife.. only a week but time to chill out... Both youngest kids finish school/College in June so taking then away then, probably Split in Croatia, they really enjoyed it a few years back... Madrid later in the year to watch a match, the wife is fully converted after Barcelona and Lazio, so it's a winner for me! Lol
  6. Looking back over the first phase which we have completed, exposed most of the steel on phase 2, fixing new brackets and rails ready for cladding. Why they didn't just demolish it and get us to build some new units I don't know, but it's nice continuous work, decent payers and a relaxed site ..cant moan
  7. Problem is Wilder has zero boxing skills mate, Zhang is half decent and can bang.. could be interesting if they both start throwing, but I think Zhang will out box him and beat him inside 8 rounds... wilder looked shit against Parker mate
  8. I dont know mate, my cousin sent this to me I think off face book
  9. We have to match the rails in situ mate, only adding additional runs where we are taking out timber runs... The other 4 slopes are all timber so will take everything off back to rafters and put new Steadmans galv purlins in...I hate fixing to angle iron, but the cost replacing the lot would be the over the top, there spending too much polishing a turd imo.. lol
  10. I was thinking of asking you!! Lol
  11. Have you snuck into my house..lol
  12. Normally seen a few round here by now and the house Martin's that come every year, I'd imagine battling through all the storms and rain has put them back a bit... Managed 4 hours today without rain, best day for 6 month! Lol
  13. That looks stunning mate, I've an old staircase here with a nice wooden balustrade/handrail .. I hadn't even thought about a french polish when we come to renovate, but I think that's the way I'll go... lovely work
  14. Day on the tools today, really enjoyed it.. Measured the next phase of roofing (asbestos strip underway)cut out a load of cast iron gutter, (nice bit of scrap money for a works drink) then replacing steel purlins ready for roofing .. this is a big old job, about 18 months work, only 4 Miles from my door so one I'm quote enjoying managing and jumping in every so often ...
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