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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    Fury v wilder

    It's only opinions mate, but I.put him the worst of the current 3 personally.... his boxing ability is limited, as Fury proved in his first proper fight after a 3 year lay off.... as much as fury has limited power but can box wilder is the opposite I would say...AJ is a better boxer than Wilder and a bigger hitter than Fury...let's see what happens when he fights one of them....

    Fury v wilder

    I also think some of the top heavies mentioned on this thread wouldve made short work of AJ and Wilder...Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield, Holmes, Bowe would all have been too much for the current 3 in my book... it could still be an exciting couple of years if the matches are made...just we shouldn't get too carried away at the moment...if one of these retires beating all comers then we can judge their career and position in the hall of fame... Unfortunately I don't remember a time when politics, money and promoters affected the scene so much.....well maybe Don King...lol

    Fury v wilder

    For all of furys technical ability he doesn't carry any power, so the top lads aren't intimidated in any way by him, they are happy to take a punch to land a punch...Mike Tyson wouldve knocked him clean out, I have no doubt in my mind about that... I also think AJ will stop him... I don't dislike Fury, quite the opposite, that's just how I see it....

    Grandchild no.8 !

    Congratulations mate,

    Dog aggressive to me

    I do that mate, this big dog of mine will still.mouth my hands if we play, but no one else's.... right from a pup I encouraged her to mouth my hands and used it for recall would let her walk beside me mouthing my hand then when she went on a bit call her in and let her repeat.... she is soft as butter, and hardly leaves my side, I think this helped our bond a lot... Obviously loads of advise on here, but in this instance bones and pain = reaction...nothing more in my book...not the dogs fault and easily sorted (Don't repeat lol)....not sure what all the over dramatics are about by some...


    Got sent a video off a mate last year of a group of wallabies coming out of a wood onto land we have permission on...first-time I've seen them down this way... I know one lad who's caught them with lurchers, not down here though.

    One to watch if you are bored...

    Saying that, I was on the space on Sunday...sean was no where to be seen lol

    One to watch if you are bored...

    f**k spending an hour in the middle of a hedge, cutting through roots and digging around rocks...if they've missed the nets more than once...pick up and start bolting again.... God I am a lazy twat lol...

    One to watch if you are bored...

    I'll leave them if we get hole hoppers on a hedge, we had it last weekend, there is no way you would purse net these hedges, we cut off with run nets but hope for them to bolt out of the hedge.. I find if they have been above ground a couple of times and missed you're defo on for a dig...I'd rather pick and move then.... or as above end of day, risking it... I wouldn't pick if dogs were marking and we hadn't a few missed bolts though... Mind you I.hate digging and I'm.a lazy f****r.lol
  10. NEWKID

    Hard Earned!

    Well....Sam.spotted a rabbit hit the run.net on top.of the hedge, and cried for help as there were nasty brambles in his way....I sprang into action and leapt through the barb wire fence into the bramble and pulled the rabbit out with my teeth... Unfortunately I completely wrecked a wool barber jumper in the process, ripped open.on the barb wire...this was a birthday gift from.my wonderful wife, who said "don't wear it ferreting and wreck it".....She was really really happy I brought home a rabbit for tea!! Lol
  11. NEWKID

    Making a rabbit squat on the lamp

    She's getting on now Ray, but has been a nice little rabbiting dog, only 19" 3/4 whip 1/4 beddy...she's a trier for sure but has to work bloody hard on some of the land we work...like you saying cutting off the hedge and she sticks like glue once she's on them, catches a lot out of the hedges as well... Would have another like her but with a bit of grey in it to bring the size up a bit....
  12. NEWKID

    Making a rabbit squat on the lamp

    Haha...I know what you mean about ass over tit on squatters mate, this big dog of mine hit one on Monday night like it a train, 3 rolls on a squatter ffs!! With a pup I won't slip until they are up and running, they soon get the jist of running down the beam once they are at it regulary.. but some dogs are better than others on squatters for sure. The little dog I've got here has to work hard on big land to get up to rabbits, I'll flick the lamp on, spot a squatter, off with the lamp and send her in the dark..flick it on after a few seconds and she is up and on them by then...she's a clever runner which makes up for her size and lack of top end speed...the big dog is all guts and glory.....she runs everything full pelt lol..
  13. NEWKID


    Haha...thought it was dry January?? Lol
  14. NEWKID


    Funny thread this one, sensible question, interesting debate on working long nets etc......then it went mental...lol So is the dog a Jacker?? Is there honestly a dog that has never been straight lined? And who has squealed in Katchums family??
  15. NEWKID


    Hahaha... to the point Kenneth lol