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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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    World Cup 2018

    Bang on mate.. scholes was the most naturally gifted footballer of that era and he was shoved out on the left wing... now scholes can never be accused of being big headed but he was right to say f**k that!!

    World Cup 2018

    There someone who watches a bit of football and understands it..

    Best part of uk to live

    Girt lush is Bristol mate... don’t tar us with that brush!! Lol

    Best part of uk to live

    Bang on mate.. ive drummed it into my kids how lucky they are.. Finley is in an after school surfing club, he gets on the school mini bus at 3-30 and is in the water at 5 for 2 hours back to be picked up at 8-30... now how many kids around the country get to be taught how to surf through school?? I honestly love Devon and Cornwall, it’s nowhere near as breathtaking as the highlands, Lake District or Snowdonia or stunning as the west coast of Scotland, none of the cut and thrust of London, Manchester, Liverpool etc.. its a prick to get anywhere unlike the midlands, but.... I can be on a decent beach in 20 minutes, on the moors in 15 minutes, fish rivers for everything from chub, bream and roach to bass, mullet, giltheads, flounder (within a 5 mile stretch!!)... im not gonna mention game but there is certainly enough to keep a lurcher or 2, ferrets and a terrier..( or a gun if you’re a poof!! Lol).. there’s enough going on in Exeter and although Plymouth is a dump (joking!!) it’s great for a night out.... The only problem coming is estates are spreading, the towns are starting to burst at the seams.. Exeter is a changed town, and can only get worse, we are becoming a bit of a overspill for other councils who can’t hone everyone.. ive got out in the country enough to avoid the shittier stuff... for now... but generally if you like to be outdoors I can’t think of many better places..

    Moving abroad

    Good luck with the move mate... mushrooms new lodger??


    Right I’m off... socks is looking good in her dress and high heels (nearly 5ft 2 now)... she wants to go dancing later, you’ve all seen the tantrums when she don’t get her own way... Lol


    He wouldn’t understand mate... Iron bru, haggis, Bucky is his kind of thing .. doesn’t understand the finer things in life... probably wears his skirt milking ffs!! Lol


    Very nice... duty free pulled me in... the gin will spit me out!!


    And you can wind your neck in too!! Lol
  10. NEWKID


    Don’t start again ffs... ok I admit it, when I say mrs I mean.... I’ve whisked socky poos away for a week in the sun... he couldn’t reach the fruit so I done the manly thing and put him on my shoulders... who said chivalry is dead... he loves G&Ts... he’s in ironing my shirt now for a night out on the Babychams... xxx
  11. NEWKID


    Mrs shouted at me you can’t take the estate out of the boy as I scrumped a few limes to go in the G&T’s tonight... old habits and all that lol
  12. NEWKID

    New MOT rules !!

    Mot/VOSA testing equipment are only set for particulates.. (smoke).. all the other gases that make up emitions from partially burnt fuel can only be tested on PEMS machines... and they aren’t cheap!! thats why in the early days Cgon units were tested at Millbrook or Emissions Analytics... the results were always good, infact very good... but the govermemt wouldn’t want a £450 product to solve the problem when they can charge extra tax, low emission zones (what’s the point, pay to go in and carry on pumping out the gas!! But at least someone’s pockets are lined!).. last week we fitted 2 units on a big national demolition firm, who work a lot in London, we’ve fitted on a Viridor dust cart in Canning Town, that thing was 10 years old and as dirty as you can get, instant 83% reduction in emission (vosa/smoke test).. the Viridor engineer couldn’t believe it, over the past few months we’ve averaged a 15% uplift in fuel (using their telematic system, 3 months previous fuel info, find the average and repeat the process after fitting).. it’s a long process, it’s old science done well.. the marketing has ramped up, tv ads on Sky last month.. lots of pin point press releases, big interest in the real problem areas (China, India)... i was a sceptic when this was first presented to me, I’m certainly not now, I’m in.... there arw huge problems beyond failing an MOT, the pressure on fleets, hauliers, large contractors etc.. to be ‘green’ is gainIng momentum.. hopefully our timing and product is bang on... but... do you know what... they don’t need to change/clean DPF’s (clean burn no carbon build up), the emission results are unreal... but... all the big boys care about is the fuel saving.. 5% on trucks that do around 8mpg is huge... when your fuel spend has 6 zeros on the end.. this becomes more than interesting!!
  13. NEWKID

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Always came over as a very nice woman on this forum.. I never met her but chatted a bit on here. RIP Jayne
  14. NEWKID

    New MOT rules !!

    Yeah mate that’s it... it’s a fish tank filter....lol I think hydrogen will form the biggest part in future planning for emissions, whether as the only fuel (lots of problems to sort out here) or as a very effective additive..(the 100’s of thousands spent in testing this product and getting through CE marking, ISO, patents, real road testing, government backed testing facilities (Millbrook, Mira) etc etc has proven over and over again that the emissions will be considerably reduced with the addition to Hydrogen in the fuel/air combustion) now producing that hydrogen on demand (not stored), the system reading the engine and working with the engine again producing hydrogen in the correct quantity on demand, whilst being produced with minimal draw on the engine is what we have... every one can make hydrogen, you could do it with 2 spoons a battery and a bucket of water... but I doubt you’d be able to launch it as a product, with the backing of Morgan motor cars, Stolbarts, Gregory Transport, 4 local councils, 100s of mot stations and sales in quite a few countries world wide... its certainly an an interesting ride!!
  15. NEWKID

    New MOT rules !!

    Yes it is mate. But the system has been tested for the past 5 years at Millbrook, emissions analytics, Clarke’s Laboratory and lots of independent testing (tons of Mot results)... the process of producing hydrogen is well documented but to do it with a tiny amount of amps being passed through the system (usually less than 2 amps in a car with this system) has been one of the issues. others include dangerous by products produced, inc Hexavaliant Chromiun. again this system has been tested at Clarke’s Laboratory (USA) to prove no dangerous by products. its a very advanced system, we are also getting very good MPG increase in most cases and working with some decent sized fleet customers on this basis coupled with emission reduction. once we get government approval.... well....... it would be pretty big!!!!