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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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  1. Was in North Carolina last year for work, went into a huge hunting/fishing store...unbelievable place... been offered some hunting when I go back later this year, one of the lads is going to set it up... no idea of details, but there even in the short while I was there the attitude to hunting is completely different to here, certainly a place I'd love to travel/hunt/fish in the future.... Oh, and fishing in Panama... that place looks unbelievable!!
  2. You're turning into a proper gypsy now...we need to talk!! Lol
  3. I remember that....ridiculed for running more than 1 dog, by blokes that have never left their own county...f***ing mental!!
  4. We live similar lives I reckon mate... only difference bring I'm still too busy to commit to rearing animals if I'm honest...certainly the way I'm heading, I've got the space and a few tweaks over the next couple of years should buy the time . Like yourself the kids will have a house each at least, they're gonna be taught to graft but there is no way any youngster can get a property in this country now!!
  5. Congratulations mate... All the best to the family...

    Rip love island

    Deafness and dementia...God bless you Jetro..

    Rip love island

    I was being polite...

    Rip love island

    I suppose we can all presume the reasons back then m the same as we presume social media,reality TV etc is the source of the problems now.... Perhaps it's more simple than that...some people get to such a dark place they can see no other way out, whether that is a mental defect or through sheer desperation...who really knows?? Too many people blame outside sources on the wrongs in society or their general life style, I'm a firm believer in you're the master of your own destiny, but I'm lucky to have a strong enough character to be able to deal with what life throws at you without looking for an excuse to pin on anything outside of my control.... government, people, social media, TV etc etc...its there in the background and you just get on with it... I reckon we're all pretty much similar in our outlooks, but these social media yaps perhaps make you look at the bigger picture more regularly... I like the diverse thoughts and opinions this place offers, it certainly gets me thinking...

    Rip love island

    Watched Dangerous Brian in pantomime this year.. He was class old Brian Conley, kids loved him.as well...used to be Bobby Davro every year...kids liked him too...
  10. NEWKID

    Rip love island

    Maybe this will change somethings, probably not, there is no doubt the look at me bullshit of reality TV, social media etc..is causing far more young people to feel depressed even suicidal...I guess with this girl killing herself it polarised the whole thing even more... I dont get the massive outpouring of hatred towards a girl who in the grand scheme of things has done little wrong, a row with her fella being about the size of it... lads I respect on here from posts and meeting them are getting right into her.... not for me, shes hardly Jimmy Saville is she..
  11. I was mad into them when appetite came out, had a bootleg version of lies on an old tape... I was 11 or so... Finally got to see them live 2 years ago up the London Stadium...great bit of nostalgia for me and my bro... still knew every word! Lol I like everything from folk to metal... not a big fan of dance music and only like the odd bit of rap... Springsteen is a firm favourite as my old man would play it non stop. Watched loads of bands over the years.. Watched the Killers in a small venue in Paris that was great...and saw the rolling stones in Twickenham, Concorde flew over just before the gig, it was the last time I saw it in the air.... Love my music..
  12. NEWKID

    Rip love island

    That's my take as well, it's a mental imbalance, or a trigger that is out of your control...it goes against everything that is instinctive, we are animals after all and you would think survival is built in... My mate is one of the nicest lads youd meet, very good footballer and we grew up on the same estate..his dad was Irish decent as is mine and they were good friends, he was a big strong man and ran a couple of successful companies on the roads.. they were considered rich on our estate Lol... His old man hung himself, the rumour is money was getting tight and the tax man was looking...I'm not into rumours, but I still cant believe he done it, these arent morbid, gloom mongers at all...intact the are people you would want to be in the company of... when he killed himself my mate was married with.a kid as was his sister... he was a decent family man.who doted on his kids and grandkids... he was a very popular man in this city and the church was filled with people outside, the wake was all Irish songs with family over and again packed... I still cant get my head around it...not for needing a few quid, it dont make sense.... my old man often says about it..really strange... Its affected my mate, he feels angry as well as sad.... Like has been said on here, you just dont see it coming some times..
  13. NEWKID

    Rip love island

    Real sad to read your posts mate, nothing any of us can say or do..but if posting on here helps a bit, like you say in your first post, then do it ... might be easier to write than talk at the minute... Take care mate...
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