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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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  1. What a great fight.. Yarde really impressed, just the sheer resilience of Beterbiev and his class in finishing... I think the corner was maybe a little early in throwing the towel in as Yarde had looked in trouble a couple of times and came back well.. but they are ringside and can see far better than us arm chair pundits... Could be fight of the year already and we're not out of January! Lol
  2. No room to swing an estwing?
  3. You should see Socks now mate...was a real nice fella until he got his mod badge.... changed man now, hard to watch tbh... even my lad said "whats happened to Ken??"... Once you put the mod badge on your f****d!! Lol
  4. Its f***ing mental mate! The only thing is he has now been sent to a mens prison... so that little ploy f****d up a bit on him a bit didnt it! Still don't account for the trial and original sentencing as a woman.. .. and the lawyer who's trying to get him off scot free as hrs now a woman needs stringing up as well... utter madness all round
  5. .... Happy to still be alive at 66 let alone running dogs! Lol Good on you with the kids mate, exactly the same with my 3, 2 girls and a boy...all of them have ferreted, ran lurchers, fished etc... the girls won't anymore the lad will... but not as passionate as I was at his age, in fact no where near..
  6. Exactly that mate, I'm "only" 46 but am probably in the last generation of people who hunted, fished etc as kids... late 80s through the 90's etc.. Kids of today aren't interested and the 20-30 years olds are in the main the first of they computer generation... Bans won't stop those that want to get out, but there dying out naturally.. .. its shit... we've all done our bit, taken the kids, taught them that food ain't just in a plastic wrapper in sainsburies, that pest control is an important part of rural life, caught killed and cooked game and fish etc... I know the majority
  7. I thought maybe an anti... but he seemed to have his sights set on the 1 bloke..
  8. Crayford Greyhound Track attack: Shocking moment handler is punched and kicked by racecourse ‘invader’ as man arrested https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/21161566/crayford-greyhound-track-attack?utm_source=sharebar_app&utm_medium=sharebar_app&utm_campaign=sharebar_app_article
  9. This is the Airbnb links to the 2 cottages, As said if you do want to book do it direct with me ill knock off all the fees and discount for lads on here Access Denied WWW.AIRBNB.CO.UK Access Denied WWW.AIRBNB.CO.UK
  10. I'll delete some messages mate... p.s it aint a stingers place if that's what your thinking! Lol Near Exeter, Devon mate
  11. Mate that wasn't what you said, It was simply his dog wouldn't put a bend in one on open land... nothing about running hares first...
  12. Chess mate.... Check mate...
  13. Careful mate, you don't want your protege calling you a liar... "The roe in Hull will make your dog a cull" My little ditty on the situation....
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