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  1. Fury was basically knocked out on his feet, pride gone, usyk deserved the win no doubt he’s one game fighter.
  2. Waste, scrap, gardening mate keep it mixed up
  3. Yeah, they asked for them a metre apart as they want to put some bedding in between or something.
  4. Flower bed we created and planted out, customer wanted lavender all round front, beds turnt over just have to go back and mulch. this couple has been done out by there previous builder for over 600k they was glad to deal with some honest people. And more than happy with the job
  5. Mines 5 days four hours a day then test at the end. The theory seems mainly common sense to be fair I’ve whizzed through it. Hazard perception might be bit different though.
  6. Will take my test in automatic so bit easier lol, I wouldn’t have done it if my pal didn’t offer a job. Seems a doddle to be fair. Maybe will get my own lorry and just run muck time will tell !
  7. Yes mate I didn’t book class 2 even though you can fast track from car to class 1 now, I’m not planning on driving articulated. Class 2 perfect £3200 all in, passing my theory on the practice app already so hopefully a breeze, more worried about the cpc to be fair
  8. Just booked it up anyone done it ? mate runs a skip firm reckons he get me in strait away. And even if that falls through good to have under the belt ? I won’t be doing multi drop shit just grab or skip
  9. gonna treat the kids to a McDonald’s
  10. Think it’s safe to say I’ve won my bet mate Chelsea finished above you. It’s pay day £100 please
  11. Better than knobbing snowmen mate
  12. When your 3 hundred mate
  13. Я очень хорошо говорю по-русски, достаточно, чтобы помочь мне, когда я буду в Москве.
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