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  1. That rise of the foot soldiers new one what a load of old bollocks don’t even waste your time. It is horrendous on new levels .
  2. That’s defo a bird mate
  3. I’d like to see fury get his other belts back and then retire and enjoy his family
  4. Best in the world aj couldn’t lace his boots
  5. Fair play mate how you doing with boat life ? Loving it I bet
  6. Needs a good 1000 Calorie shake once or twice a day then add the food he’s eating
  7. Something stuck between your toes mate
  8. Had a old fashioned other night was lovely
  9. It’s expensive but you can also get a shower gel type to bathe them in.
  10. Hi mate have you tried this helped my baby a lot
  11. Need to get back in the gym mate feel fit cardio wise but want to get stronger !
  12. f***ing hell still 11 stone 4 as of today thought id been losing weight recently been having really bad guts of a morning time. Knew id posted my weight on here somewhere thl is handy sometimes lol
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