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  1. I just log my mileage every month accountant will sort it when it’s time..
  2. Lol I thought that when I typed it ain’t heard that for ages
  3. Ain’t got a ducking driveway you dork!
  4. Get out of here with your hairless legs
  5. Moor mill has 6+ confirmed 30s smallford has 30s as does valley pits aldenham has a 45Lb and over 20 different 30s
  6. No school don’t test home test and Pcr
  7. His school mate tested positive then he done one and he was as well
  8. I’m in isolation son got a positive test at school
  9. He be up Finchley probably you looking for a dual ?
  10. Just round corner from me That museums alright for free ain’t it. Got little cinema there n that. Not in the Mercure are ya?
  11. Defo tensing mate just done a reconstruction
  12. Grebs busy rubbing mud on his new boots
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