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  1. Boris is gona stop everyone going out at all no exercise and police tug everyone lol
  2. Was winding him up over his foot lol he’s fine mate spoke to him other day!!
  3. I’ve been doing it lol cracked my skin like a c**t
  4. f***ing hands are red raw aswell burn when they touch hot water now!!
  5. 100 per cent they need to clarify
  6. All these Pratt’s in shops scampering to cover there faces is pointless you will get it still with a mask on because a decorators mask does nothing and the proper masks people don’t wear them right.. Leave the masks for the nhs people.. not my word the world heath organisation on the sky news says so
  7. For the general public yes useless.. nurses and doctors wear them anyway not just now
  8. Masks have been deemed useless unless your using one to stop spreading if you already have if
  9. Some lovely places there nice bits of land round em aswell get a nice enough place for 150k
  10. Gotta be what I had around Xmas/new year it knocked The bollocks out of me. Bed ridden for 5/6 days aching sweating hot cold no appetite sore throat didn’t eat for the whole duration bottom of my back was in bits probably kidneys went hospital the 6th day she said it was flu/virus.. all this corona shit hadn’t bearly been spoken about then.. if at all
  11. Had a few visitors myself took a while for the finches to come back
  12. Enjoy mate I’ve just had a homemade microwave lasagna
  13. That’s a jam roll ffs lol
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