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  1. lurcherman 887

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Hes fighting ortiz or chisora thats the word in finchley abc anyway
  2. lurcherman 887


    f**k brexit my new motors just been pushed back till end of may cos of this shit f***ing wankers
  3. lurcherman 887

    trt treatment..

    I thought they was to stop you getting a hernia lol
  4. lurcherman 887

    People your dog don't like

    They read the energy after spending many hours studying your every emotion
  5. lurcherman 887


    But thats ok cuz it wasnt jewish people... they will be on every year like clockwork telling us how we can never forget
  6. lurcherman 887


    God noes why 80. per cent made that emotion lol
  7. lurcherman 887


    Just what i was brought up to know mate its fabricated bullshit and im not alone in my beliefs there was a poll recently and over per cent deny the holocaust. It really is simple stuff hitler had hid ways not to use the banks and the jews didnt like it thats all it was..
  8. lurcherman 887


    No they was being held there until the war was won and they was being relocated to africa.. place was rife with thyfus people died as people do.. 100k at most not 6 million its a lie, theres no witness statements no proof no mass graves nothing... it was a holding camp nothing more. You felt guilty then it worked on you.. the irish were slaughtered worse than the jews.
  9. lurcherman 887

    Brexit party

    Whats happened to tommy rabbistein?
  10. lurcherman 887

    View From Your Swim

    Nice little boilie grinder there pal enjoy
  11. lurcherman 887

    Which Waders??

    Get the vass ones mate.. ive got the daiwa non neoprene cupple sizes larger than i need for easy putting on and off but when i replace them il be getting the vass ones
  12. lurcherman 887


    The way the germans were treated after the war was the real crime against humanity.. that and the millions and millions of christians that were really killed by the bolsheviks..
  13. lurcherman 887


    Heres what it would of been like.. sounds like what everyone wants today?
  14. lurcherman 887


    One day it will all come out.. the winners write history.. we have been shafted all our lives. To appease one race of people.. and still to this day there pandered to with there sly yellow ways..
  15. lurcherman 887