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  1. lurcherman 887


    Probaly busy helping dykos get about the fishing comp with his age and that.
  2. lurcherman 887


    Same way you usually do mate
  3. lurcherman 887


    Thats not an a illegal immigrent its a black jamacian man from london.. nothing to do with immigration
  4. lurcherman 887


    Shit herself didnt she dozey tart f**k em was too good for him anyway.. lucky he didnt stripe him on way down aswell. Pigs and wogs perfect match for each other meanwhile the dairys took off the clever ones dipping under the radar keep it up.. keeps em nice and busy
  5. lurcherman 887


  6. lurcherman 887


    Shouldnt eat past 7 pal
  7. lurcherman 887

    Hard men...

    Max is a pacifist
  8. lurcherman 887

    Early Leavers

    The arse sucking on heres terrible. Worse than working in the f***ing film studios lol
  9. lurcherman 887

    Early Leavers

    So to sum it up max idolises a nonce case , gnasher talks aload of old bollocks (FACT) , And wilf wants to polish gnashs pipe , jobi asks pointless questions he already knows the answer to and rusty pissed all over his dads palace ? Oh and ive just opened my workshop in hatton so if anyone wants customised jewellery stone setting or there kettle bust down then hit me up
  10. lurcherman 887

    Dirty Rotten Cow!

    Selfish whore
  11. lurcherman 887

    lee duffy of borough

    Outburst which one when you caught me climbing out your bathroom window ? That time?
  12. No money in lurchers... when the old man did his last stretch when we was all a bit younger he brought the old girl 3 bitch chihuahuas and it put dinner on the table and that was that... there all spade and pets for life now. But at the time they served there purpose..
  13. lurcherman 887

    lee duffy of borough

    All good pete mate cheers
  14. lurcherman 887

    lee duffy of borough

    Well in mate hope alls well
  15. lurcherman 887

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Good goy tommy