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  1. Got a good truck for sale if anyone’s looking 125 psi 65 plate 55k on the clock drives faultless £16500 there going for 18-20k plus vat online
  2. Always grafting mate fair play, me on the other hand I’ve been subbing all my jobs out and doing nothing
  3. Why hasn’t someone set up a charity thl boxing match? would be great and everyone can shake hands after and restore there livelihood (max)
  4. Need a wheel barrow for that Ken
  5. Can imagine you at a desk all sophisticated glasses on lol , my little boys got one of them towers lights up and all that gaming p.c he loves it but I’m a phone man as can log on anywhere ! and when bored slap it in me pocket.
  6. You didn’t strike me as the laptop type mate ? does it look like this in your hand ?
  7. No such thing as bad press! haters will hate
  8. Very nice. Saganaki is another lovely cheese
  9. Salukis good guards they are used in the desert for guarding are they not ?
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