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  1. lurcherman 887

    the fight

  2. lurcherman 887


    Max sits down to piss fact
  3. lurcherman 887

    the fight

    said he had his nose broke and injured eye.. makes sense why aj has looked so dazed in all the interviews before fighting hes been poggered in sparring. And mentally drained its all got a bit much hence the look of relief and pressure off his shoulders
  4. lurcherman 887

    the fight

    Knew aj wasnt right he seemed a bit slow.. severely concussed.. and that joeys a big fat c**t.
  5. lurcherman 887

    the fight

    So word on the street is aj was carrying a injury and was knocked spark out last week sparring joey dawejko.. who saw ajs old man going for eddie after the fight security had to stand infront of him.... the old man wanted him to be pulled out before the fight and eddie insisted he fought... the plot thickens.. this is from one of ajs pals up the road from me.
  6. lurcherman 887

    the fight

    Aj said to mcracken "why do i feel like this" strange never let a opponent hold your belts and never pose with satanic drake before your fight
  7. lurcherman 887

    the fight

    Glad i had a 1er on ruiz
  8. lurcherman 887

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    Defo a cat
  9. lurcherman 887

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    Prostitution at its best
  10. lurcherman 887

    For our special boy our team

    Dont remember that welsh accent when you was down ken lol
  11. lurcherman 887

    6 years ago today .......

    Defo pal we never heard much more about them new zealand attacks either did we
  12. lurcherman 887

    6 years ago today .......

    http://sonarz.com/could-this-damning-evidence-prove-lee-rigbys-death-was-a-hoax/ Video been removed this was the fella
  13. lurcherman 887

    6 years ago today .......

    I see some fella go in trouble for putting a video on you tube about lee rigby conspiricy saying he never exisited and it was all fake... madness
  14. lurcherman 887

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    Theres a womens and cooking section aswell
  15. lurcherman 887

    Fox eating crocus bulbs

    This is the under 16 section