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  1. No fake news welsh government have confirmed it ...
  2. You’ve lost me mate must be on the yaba lol
  3. I just heard it’s now compulsory for 5+ kids WILL be taught sex education about benders trans etc etc and the parents by law can’t say a thing.... guess we be getting same soon I’d say f***ing disgusting!!!!
  4. Can’t find the thread but yes that 1917 film was a load of old shite
  5. That little theatrical fanny ain’t my mate max enjoy yourself out there pal and hope your hole doesn’t get too sore
  6. Yeah seen it some right nut jobs lol obsessed is the word
  7. There’s a lot of speculation
  8. None of this carry on though lol
  9. They need to leave the Essex boys alone no more films please..... think them two are out soon aswell ain’t they??? Poor c**ts were well set up i reckon
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