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  1. rob284

    Border x lakey pup

    That’s a cracking pup
  2. rob284

    Old Photo's

    The Irish, border, lakey, beddy. They all probably decent from some cross bred type used in both the north and Ireland and they changed over time when people bred for purpose or show. I wouldn’t say no dog originated from one place, just like the patterdale, as there is always more than one person breeding a type at the same time. But your right, Whitehaven was a big port at one time and it would have been a place where plenty travelled through bringing and taking dogs with them.
  3. rob284

    Old Photo's

    Lads in Cheshire, looks like they kept a strong type of white dog
  4. rob284

    Old Photo's

    Are they not the show type was around at the time?
  5. rob284

    Old Photo's

    I was brought up in the north of England and most of the black dogs around where big scruffy rough coated dogs, everyone called them patterdales and that’s what I’ve always called them. I suppose it’s subjective though and depends on what you’d picture a patterdale to look like.
  6. rob284

    Old Photo's

    Some difference in the head shape of those bedlingtons to today’s type, the dogs in the picture are well put together, near border like
  7. rob284

    Old Photo's

    A black dog doesn’t need a smooth coat to be a patterdale.
  8. rob284

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Looks like it’s that time of month
  9. rob284


    Peas in a pod
  10. rob284


    Peas in a pod
  11. rob284

    Lamping filters

    Thanks lads
  12. rob284

    Lamping filters

    Sorry i meant will the 170 striker filter fit the 170 tracer lamp?
  13. rob284

    Lamping filters

    Alright lads just ordered a 170 tracer, all red filters are out of stock, do any you lads know if the light force striker filters fit the tracer 170 lamps?
  14. rob284

    Jibb or more time

    Wrong time of year to start a pup. Every earth is kicked out and full of scent and going out this time of year will have you doubting your dog.