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  1. Recipe for disaster kennelling a terrier with a lurcher pal. Many a good quiet terriers killed in those circumstances
  2. They hardly give any bad press in comparison eh! What have they got to do with this fool and the likes of him?
  3. Well he wasn’t driving down the road to tend to his cattle at that time in the evening surely, he was chasing the lad down to have it out with him, sound that he did. I don’t have sympathy for a vigilante farmer mouthing off. Yes it’s his land and he farms it but there’s been and there’ll be lads walking it long before and after his time, let them on and don't get yourself all worked up over a few rabbits being taken. That lad could have been brought up in the area hunting that land since he was a kid minding his own business taking the odd rabbit here and there, no harm done, the slap might have put some manners on the fool.
  4. My wee dog, what I’d call a fell type or a patterdale. Bays away steady.
  5. Haha you clown . The farmers are usually nothing but gents with me and I’ve an as English accent as it gets. Thankfully the majority have moved on and don’t use the past to be bitter with folk. It’s harder to get permission in England that’s for sure.
  6. It’s legal in Ireland just like it’s legal in the U.K., but you can help out any landowner not just game bird estates, a bit more freedom with less restrictions. I’d say it’s more common place in England though.
  7. Regardless of if he knows someone or not, what will he gain in telling you, other than lads trying to fish for even more info to post for all to see?
  8. I was referring to your last sentence in your previous post, back pedal all you want, you wrote what you wrote, which says a lot about yourself. The op asked for lads opinions and I’m sharing my opinion which is that the average lad has enough help from friends and lads they know up and down the country on good sites like these, without the need to join a club and if they want to attract the modern terrierman something else needs to be used to encourage subscription.what That something else is, I don’t know. Like I said just my opinion and it’s no bad reflection on the good work the club does.
  9. So what your saying is if your not in the club you deserve to lose a dog? That’s very immature of you to come out with a statement like that and I’m sure a club like the fmwtc wouldn’t share such a narrow minded, bitter view especially when they carry a terriers life and wellbeing at the upmost importance. You must keep bad company if you’re of the opinion that the standard of modern terrierwork is lesser. I’ve been around nothing but honest and genuine lads, young and old, who would help out in any situation regardless of a club membership or not.
  10. i don’t really know of the benefits of joining the fmwtc that justifies having your name on a list. It’s just my honest opinion but what is there to gain from it other than the occasional social meeting?
  11. All the working dogs I was brought up around where brought up around the family and were soft lazy and very submissive at home. But they all worked hard in the field and did their job well. The way a dog behaves is no baring on how it will work, it either has the drive to go to ground and work it’s quarry, or it doesn’t.
  12. It’s not the dog being broke to the horse I’d be worried about, it’s the horse getting at the dog. Your better picking a dog up near horses if possible. They’ll charge at and stomp at your dog as they see them a threat.
  13. Is it on the sports pitch again? Looks like we’ve the weather
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