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  1. I'd disagree. The average person out there on the street will automatically back a ban, as they assume any form of hunting is cruel, based on ignorance. Unfortunately democracy doesn't protect a minority culture from prejudice and interference from a majority who isn't effected.
  2. Best digging boots to last you are the fell boots, can't break them. For general hunting and digging I e got the hanwag alaska, real solid pair.
  3. I've heard some Gard's are known to lift terriers off lads to benefit themselves. Corrupted isn't the word, theyre lying bent thugs in uniform, nothing like the police, you'd be the easy man to catch if you retaliated.
  4. I’d have said yeah no bother, then carried on as I do and he wouldn’t be the wiser ?
  5. They’re a cracking bunch of pups, the two pups posted there are very much like the father, he’s an impressive looking dog and a good temperament, suprised they haven’t been snatched up by now!
  6. Anywhere without eleccy fences
  7. Nice bitch, is she a pure or is she saluki grey bred?
  8. Is it not a hotspot? Just with the long coat it has.
  9. Buzzards everywhere, they’re bold too, used to be wary of people now they’ve no bother being above you.
  10. He’s just a sour man and it comes across in the posts. I’ve no problem with lads out shooting for enjoyment but it’s a bit unreasonable for the lad to be slating dog lads especially when he effects their sport more than they effect his.
  11. You and the likes are bad news for everyone who’s into hunting. Bitter. I’ve never understood why a hunting lad can feel so pissed by others out hunting with their dogs, they usually want everything to themselves. Fact is the population is down like you say. a rifle man can take a lot of foxes, one man with one gun, which is very common place. Now a fox pack can take good numbers up to 100 a season but there’s not many fox packs doing the job and doing it well, so there’s no comparison when it comes to who’s causing the damage to the population. The cover lads have been at that craic for many
  12. Fox numbers are down here too, still there but not many. rabbits seem on the rise though.
  13. I’ve found some places the shake works well, others it makes no difference, suppose it depends on if they’re lamped before
  14. A dog will have 20 generations at least! of dilution in a century, humans might possibly only have 3. Worth a thought.
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