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  1. rob284

    A cracking few days north....

    That part of the north is a lovely place to spends your days hunting. Used to be up there every week. More travelling looking for permission but when you hit a good spot they’re very plentiful.
  2. rob284

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    What a stupid bitch. Talking about something she hasn’t the slightest about. The lot of them are a joke.
  3. rob284

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Can’t watch it outside of the uk. Any links other than bbc?
  4. rob284

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Sure they’re shooting them legally in cull zones. What’s the difference.
  5. rob284

    Nuttalls Copper

    Personally, as long as the dog works, I’d work around an aggressive dog. But it was your dog and your decision, nobody else’s.
  6. The mother has a beddy terrier that’s a pet, full of drive, very strong and in need of work. Will try and kill my terriers and is screaming to go when taken to a live earth, off it’s head. Would love to take it out, sods law, bring on a few we’ll bred dogs that won’t even travel and then this pet dog looks more promising than ever.
  7. rob284


    Couldn’t get mine in the 30litre, couldn’t fit. I have the same as dig deeps but I have it cut in the middle, top slid over bottom and sat upright. Does the job and easy to clean
  8. rob284


    I know of plenty of dogs that never see another person or another dog when exercised and they’re very well mannered then there’s the dog that’s born dog aggressive and you can show them as many dogs in parks he’ll still want to get stuck in. What did he actually do if you don’t mind me asking?
  9. rob284

    New Season In France

    Depends on how stoney it is, that picture looks ok if you have the tools. Once had a dig up in the lakes in stoney ground that was 2m deep, though handy enough, Roundmouth was useless and So was the sharptooth, The dig ended up being very wide due to all the rocks intertwining and having to restart and widen the dig from the top to remove a stone covering the bottom of the dig. Nothing worse imo and wasn’t enjoyable. Very tightly packed and plenty of small stones that were hard work to remove.
  10. rob284

    Moate show

    I’ve heard it’s cancelled. Anyone know if this true? Was a good show last few years and would be a shame if it was.
  11. rob284

    Trying to capture the essence.

    Brilliant job. I tried to pm you but I think your inbox is full
  12. rob284

    A couple of working Lakelands

    What a strange comment?
  13. rob284

    Trying to capture the essence.

    Thats bloody good. Can you do terriers?