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  1. gathers London word for Police... They "Gather you up" to arrest you Watch out the gathers are up your arse
  2. Gathers cockney slang for police
  3. Well I’m not a vet so not 100 sure but it came up on him after coming in contact with a fox covered in mange and I was advised to try Advocate before going vets which cleared it up and I’ve used it ever since and never had a problem atb BB
  4. Cleared the mange up on my dog so worked for me
  5. I use a mixture of Drontal plus and advocate not the cheapest option but works for me the advocate I use as it protects against mange as where I walk there’s plenty of foxes atb BB
  6. Yes Monday will be hunt day I’ll be out following the Warwickshire hunt although last year was a excellent day following the belvoir hunt atb BB
  7. They sold for £560 I was keeping an eye on them your lucky she never had you mate
  8. The sportsman gun centre are a Lightforce distributor so keep an eye on there for one as well mate
  9. I’ll take one as well if they’ve got any in stock
  10. I used this place Additional collar of location garmin t5 mini WWW.PECHEUR.COM A top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver, T 5 mini dog device uses LED beacon lights... but a lot use gps4us in America
  11. I use the alpha and t5 mini collars I’ve found the t5 collars are over kill and to big and bulky for what we run as there mainly for the American market when there hunts go on for hours and hours sometimes days
  12. Tuck it in them new boots you was strutting about in last night
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