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  1. Wait for the sorry I’ve only just seen the message had my deben 22ah lithium battery for 5 years now brought it of Ian Blackwell of here £250 never had a problem with it you’ve got to be careful buying cheap chy nah shyt as trump would say
  2. If your gonna get the alpha set up buy it from France https://www.pecheur.com/en/gb/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3qzzBRDnARIsAECmryrtjFLQ8XztGwSRmsDfJ5vD5sQr4VSF_mhwcgEW6rmexIxdxlNzzC8aAq2VEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds. No import tax and they do offers mate also it comes with Europe maps already installed
  3. Talk about putting your foot in it
  4. Herd his pups are frying out mate
  5. Sounds about right Was it the armchair hunters
  6. That stag looks shagged out tbf mate
  7. Brought a couple from them then got two of Les Nelson and I’m telling you know rabbit fevers are going in the bin
  8. How can selling a gun turn into a gay wedding conversation you lads are worse than the lurcher lads ffs by the way anyone interested in the gun
  9. No there not you daft f****r that’s clay or concrete with no lip on
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