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  1. It’s not just waiting for the certificat that seems like a life time four b*****d months to come and see me after they’d cashed my cheque
  2. One of the Doe’s I gutted had young in it only a couple of weeks old I’d say
  3. Managed another four today ferts had to work hard as the bunnies were reluctant to bolt just hole hopping done two big Warren’s with both longnets and purse nets had one bounce of the poke net as I put the over lap to close As it was awkward to net school boy error ended the day on four and ferts worked well so more than pleased atb B.B.
  4. Ebay or http://bagnallandkirkwood.co.uk/product/lightforce-170-striker-handheld-lamp
  5. Mention Ronnie and you’ll get well looked after atb B.B.
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