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  1. bunnyboiler

    Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

    It’s definitely you then mate I was struggling at first then you helped me out with a few emails as I said hats of and thanks for the advice
  2. bunnyboiler

    Working lurchers

  3. bunnyboiler

    Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

    My mistake I thought you was the fella who put the videos up and sold some putangs on here a while ago I’m sure his name was Clive ?
  4. bunnyboiler

    Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

    Take my hat of to nicepix if it wasn’t for him and his putangs and the video’s he uploaded I wouldn’t have the 1000 acres of land to run my dogs on once again cheers mate
  5. bunnyboiler


    T5 and T5 mini are near enough the same apart from the size of the battery and a slight better range the T5 is way over the top for a hunting dog over here it’s made fore the USA where the dogs hunt for hours on end and can go missing and cover miles upon miles of ground 430 is a good shout then there’s the Alpha which is near enough the same spec but has a touch screen instead of the buttons
  6. bunnyboiler


    Black neck would you say a Baked bean inserted into each ear lobe would be suffice
  7. bunnyboiler

    All good then?

    Pups were on fb for sale last week £500 a pop
  8. bunnyboiler


    Might help if you put what area your from mate
  9. bunnyboiler


    My type of dog that lad would you take £700 for him
  10. Give Thomas jacks a ring I’m sure they will be happy to help you out mate
  11. bunnyboiler

    Hare numbers are back

    Like b*****d rabbits over our way scare the life out of you when your doing a bit of cover and them b*****ds come steaming out 100 mph
  12. bunnyboiler

    Fox trap

    PM mate
  13. bunnyboiler

    What’s the best tracker system to use ?

    Garmin Astro 430 with a T5 mini collar from gps4us speak to them on the live chat ask them to send it as a repair so you won’t have to pay uk tax works straight out the box if you decide to get one send me a pm and I’ll run through it with you
  14. bunnyboiler

    Deer dogs

    Halal beans
  15. bunnyboiler

    Deer dogs