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  1. Your not the only one who’s given up on Nelson and not just the ferret finder either
  2. Ferret Finder MK 1 Brand New, WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Works with all MK 1 Collars. New Collars Available. that one ?
  3. How do you become a member ? Just had a look and can’t seem to find how atb BB
  4. Your not the only one by the sounds of it trying to buy his nets
  5. It’s on Nelsons fakebook mate new ferret finder in the making watch this space
  6. Someone said he’s setting up a shop someone else also said he’s bringing out a new ferret finder and paid deben 100 thousand pounds for the patent someone also said he Don’t answer is phone
  7. Doesn’t surprise me to be fair mate
  8. https://www.cp-lighting.co.uk/Osram-62138-12V-100W-G6-35?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9b-Vnay78gIVYIBQBh1TDA0oEAQYCCABEgKYy_D_BwE
  9. Osram 62138 12V 100W G6.35 WWW.CP-LIGHTING.CO.UK Osram 62138 12V 100W G6.35 There you go mate stay away from the horizontal bulbs
  10. Not to worry it will be ready for the start of the season
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