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  1. bunnyboiler

    Dog behaviour

    Give it a big kick up the arse and show the little b*****d who’s boss that’s what you get when you mommycoddle dogs let it know who the alpha is
  2. bunnyboiler


    Called smithy by any chance
  3. bunnyboiler

    Snaring a hedge line

    Thanks for the advice I put 25 snares out caught 3 mr Had 2 which left me with one for the ferts also had 2 knocked the land owner was over the moon and I’ll give it another go next weekend atb BB
  4. bunnyboiler

    Lure racing

    Keep them fit throughout the summer mate good on him
  5. bunnyboiler


  6. bunnyboiler


    Used to be on here 24/7 now they only come on when there’s pups on the ground bring back the black assassin
  7. bunnyboiler


    How much a pup
  8. bunnyboiler

    Cordless lamps

    Absolute dog shit and weigh a ton I used it once and sold it on eBay lost £60 on the f****r stay well clear
  9. bunnyboiler

    sportsman's net

    It was only a matter of time before someone copied Nelson’s basket design I think he’s missed out here as he was always out of stock and took ages to reply to messages I even ended up with someone else’s order
  10. bunnyboiler

    Snaring a hedge line

    Set the snare 6 1/2 over the middle of this beat mate ?
  11. bunnyboiler

    Snaring a hedge line

    I’m going over there later mate I’ll take a few pics and put them up
  12. bunnyboiler

    Snaring a hedge line

    Will do mate I’m back over there on the moles I’ll take a few pics and get them up
  13. I’ve been asked to snare a hedge line leading to a football pitch the rabbits are coming from the other side of the road coming through under the hedge a digging up the football pitch now the problem is there’s no beats all I can see is where they are coming through the long grass and weeds under the hedge so I need to snare where they are coming through do I set the snares high or low will they jump through the long stuff or come through low any suggestions welcome atb BB