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  1. There will be plenty for sale soon enough mate I wouldn’t worry about that it’s the Locator’s and collars that’s the problem unless you’ve got plenty atb BB
  2. Will make the trap more humane And less chance of catching them around there arses yes they will work straight out the box but will increase the chance of a foul trap atb BB
  3. They all work in the uk mate but if someone wants to add an extra collar they need to know what software it’s running or what country it’s from as they will only pair up with collars purchased from the same country atb BB
  4. What software is it running mate USA ?
  5. I started with putangs then quickly moved on to barrels then quickly moved on to talpex which is my go to trap until last week when I went to a job and it was Hard clay when the talpex would of been useless so out come the barrels which done the job plus I always carry a few putangs because you never know and found the run going over a tree root up and down so put a Putang either side which also done the job horses for courses when it comes to trapping by the way does anybody tweak there talpex I’m sure I read they bend the trigger ? Atb BB
  6. Just a couple of tweaks I do to my tunnel traps and it seems to work for me take a sliver of the top of the trigger bend the bottom of trigger outwards and square the bottom of the catch loops the atb BB
  7. Just don’t stick them in the top of the mole hill
  8. Noticed the pigeons were hammering the rape and finally managed to get on there took my pall with me ended up on 62 picked thanks for watching BB
  9. Does anybody actually use these traps or are they the go to traps for people who haven’t got a clue two jobs I’ve been to and found these sticking out of the top of mole hills and when ever used mole traps come up on eBay guaranteed it’s these
  10. Get some big buggers around my way caught this fella yesterday having caught three out the same spot
  11. Nicepix is your man have you seen his video of how to clean them with a wire brush
  12. As above try talpex and have you tweaked your duffas traps to go of easier
  13. I’ve got one here for sale brand new in the box it’s the lightforce Enforcer 240 variable power can’t get them in the uk at the moment the only one I’ve found is £230 plus £11 p&p on eBay I’ll take £200 posted atb BB
  14. Don’t bother with the battery that attaches to the handle mate lasts about 30 mins and just dies with no warning I brought one when they first come out then waked it on eBay after a week better of using a lithium the thing with Lightforce lamps is the bulbs they come with are osram 100w vertical filament I’ve tried the cheaper bulbs but nothing touches the original bulb atb BB
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