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    I am writing this with a stiff malt in my hand. The only decent thing that's happened today. Let me begin. I am driving about a mile away from home when I am witness to a car accident. I stopped to see if anybody was hurt. Everybody ok but a roe buck is lying with a broken leg. The poor bugger was balling like a calf, desperately trying to get to its feet. I put my jacket over its head and carried it to a hedge away from traffic. I went to get a knife from my boot intending to put it out of its misery. I approached the animal with my knife concealed so that the car occupants wouldn't be alarmed. I figured they were city people who thought meat came in polythene packets. Suddenly one of the female car occupants spotted me and began wailing and screaming. She looked like a professional vegan/anorexic. She told me to leave the poor animal alone and that she was going to report me go the police. Alarm bells began to ring in my head. Technically I may be guilty of an offence. f**k it I thought,I 'll ring the police myself. The police eventually arrived. Vegan/ anorexic was having some sort of anxiety attack and was gibbering something incomprehensible about me being some sort of Jack the ripper. I decided I wouldn't talk to her or even exchange eye contact with the hysterical bitch. When she had finished her fit, I explained the situstion to the cop who looked like he was on work experience, he looked younger and smaller than my 12 year old grandson. To be fair he grasped the situation quickly, turned down my offer of dispatching the beast either by knife or rifle and called a vet. The vet arrived twenty five minutes later and gave the animal a needle.So one creature in absolute agony for over an hour. My eardrums assaulted by a squealing bitch and my morning ruined. I arrived home to find my wife warming up a bumble bee and feeding it dilute honey. Advice she got off the internet. I'm looking for tea and sympathy and she's obsessed with a f***ing bee.I f**k off into the garden in a huff. Suddenly I heard one of my dogs yelp in pain. I went to see what the problem was.The revived bee had stung the dog on the tongue. I had to suppress the urge to mutter "stupid woman" and went back outside to continue my sulk. Two minutes later she hollers me into the house. The dog's tongue had swollen up .ike arugby ball, the poor bugger couldn't breathe. Off to vets,touch and go for a while but eventually the dog's ok. So a f***ing great day.I'm looking forward to the bill. To add insult to injury my wife of nearly fifty years is taking the piss saying "poor me, poor me, pour me another drink" and i can't think of anything to say back. f***ing day!
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    Yes there should be weight restrictions Wilder fought Fury at 211 because not feeling threatened by Furys power he was happy to sacrifice strength for speed.....but he has also fought guys at 230 with the opposite in mind....at every other weight division guys have to fight opponents of the same size..Tommy Hearns put on 40 odd pound through his career and every time he moved around the weights he had to fight an opponent of the same size....weight limits are there to protect fighters and make for competetive bouts so as men get larger so should the divisions.....a 225 or 230 super heavyweight division is needed whereby a 205 lb fighter with great skills and ability is not being mauled to defeat by a guy with an overactive pituitary gland.
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    You know those putangs are crap mate? According to ' experts' who obviously can't use them fer shit.
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    A young bitch I was given by dillydog
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    When your finished ask him if he's going to start posting again
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    You lefties are so pathetic.....any sort of a man would of slit Bambis throat,tore a chunk out of its hindquarter before spitting it at the hysterical bitch....lobbed it on the back seat before wheel spinning away from the scene.....got home smashed a rolled up newspaper over the bee and told the ol woman to get the dinner on while you took the dog for a walk. That way you could of necked your malt instead of sipped at it.
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    My mistake, I didn't know the full story and thought he was saying Brexit would affect him differently because of his colour. I might even give him a reach round...
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    You should of stabbed the vegan, brought home and ate the roe, squashed the bee and then the dog would of been fine and you could relax and have a malt.
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    Might ask Mark Williams if he,s got any spare pen drawings of pigeon heads for me to miss aim at
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    What do you think track days are for. I love quick cars but im not the best driver in the world id probably end up taking out pedestrians,lamp posts,all sorts....track days you can f**k up at will
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    Smart looking dog (bitch) chesney . I'm joking dd, you don't seem the type to be thinking of ££££ before your dogs.
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    That’s a frightening fact here’s another , you could fit the entire home office into the empty seats at a Sunderland home game fact.
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    These Roe keep popping up everywhere
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    Excellent, I’ve got an hw100ks and it’s a good tool. I never intended to buy it though. Went in the shop for some ammo, and came out with the hw. No regrets on that though. I see livens have the crown in synthetic in store fac and sub 12. I’ve been trying to avoid buying another air gun but when I see them, who knows? If I had a spare slot already, I’d be in danger of a purchase I think, as it would have to be fac if I had a crown, because I think its potential would be too compromised in 12ft lb. oh no, here I go again
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    got the gun delivered today quickly got it zeroed in up golf course and managed 3 rabbits did not have time to pick camera up to get picks but what a beast of a gun this is
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    I had a pup out of Blue. Minshaw said he wanted 700 quid. (Seriously) We eventually agreed on 60. Blue in my opinion had a good dose of bull in him. I never saw him work but minshaw showed me a couple of scrapbooks with photos of gear he and other minshaw dogs had killed. It was very very impressive. He was full time at it and I know for a fact he kept a game dealer well supplied. I dont know about him being a nonce but I heard his house was burnt down after the accusation. The pup wasn't the best dog i ever had.
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    more bad news for you the bill aint been on since 2010 unless you can get it on pick
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    deffo them lot ....spirites......we classed ourselfs as from Mansfield....only 3 mile from us mansfield
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    Weird folk from them parts. Thats where im from
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    There’ll be men looking to give him a reach around now kanny. Lol.
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    Yeah your right furg Apologies to everyone involved
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    Your a glass half full kind of fella really arnt you
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    using barracudas at moment mate as lad gave me a tin with the gun phil
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    Reminds me of a Gould bred dog my mate had 30 odd years ago, stunning animal
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    As nice a terrier I've seen in a while. A Picture.
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    Strange isn’t it that every word the man spoke was spot on and if it had of been say on the radio everyone would of been shouting his praises. Lol.
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    If peoples views and opinions were not completely censored this whole thing would be a lot easier to sort out.....the majority of people voting leave did so to stop immigration they didnt give a shit about being in Europe or not...but nobody can say that so instead we have to play these little games where the losers get 100,000 people protesting in the street about losing and because the winners dont protest about winning they lose ....f****n roll on its primary school stuff !
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    haha... dont tempt fate, had to buy a printer the other day and he's asked me to knock up a load
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    Now you tell me! I've just bought another 100 of 'em
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    Can’t beat doing up an old banger bc! Its come up well
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    YouTube dont produce any content that I'm aware of, they are just a hosting site so fill your boots and produce something if it bothers you there's plenty of pro white content on YouTube for the record I couldn't care less if big bro was green with pink spots as long as he's saying what I like I dont care about his colour. A bit like a football team or a boxer if the star man representing your team or a area is a different shade you don't care for colour as long as he's keeping you at the top. Big bro clearly has the UKs best interests at heart and always comes across well and takes a lot of stick from his own so called community for doing so ..manners maketh the man!
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    Yes Majogany of some obscure tree and a lump of isopon for a cheek riser .Its no rabbits head shot at 600 yds but old tin cans at 15 yds are toast
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    Nice bit of wood once the dark gloss has been removed. Phil
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    Hey sandy, you'll enjoy this. If you breed your bitch in a couple of year's time, you'll have to keep a dog pup out of the litter, and call him 'jim'. Just to 'see the shape he's in' lol
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    So the trumps donated 10g U.K. money haha The price of a 2nd hand fiesta car hardly breathtaking news as anyone and every one had to pay the clintons and ther foundation
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    Take trump out the way and you’ll all be chanting 5 times a day acting out sharia law getting away with murder oops selling uranium and paying to play fkn Jesus plenty on here need help lol unless arming terrorists is something the sits ok with you and the USA morphing into a Mid East state well does it ???? ! As it did with Obama’s Clinton control then crack on and trump towers a great place and don whatever he’s guilty of bring more cos the dope heds are fkd and the spec savers just can’t see well enough and never will lol
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    It's late September and I really should be back at school.
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    still got em tomo I rate them better than my hunters only thing I`d say is wear decent socks with them .. plenty of life left in them yet ,I wear them for dog walking lamping fishing ratting and the odd dig I`ve worn them all day and covered miles in them trouble free warm dry and comfy .. only problem I found was socks tend to go to sleep so a decent pair of long socks are a must
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    I think I've got something to saaay to youuuu!
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    Like you say Stavross, it’s worth it if you know it’s going to give you the edge. £1.77 per fox is money well spent, no doubt about that
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