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  1. 2 young1s to get started start of season minshaw bull greyhound whippet Wheaton high hopes for them
  2. Not a white dog ino but here’s my little bitch she parkes bred fell x Russell
  3. [NO TEXT TALK] got any photos of the dog that won the forley what was it’s name??
  4. Speak to someone who’s ran proper minshaws before slagging them off not all the phoneys who claim to have ‘minshaw blood’ yes there is good and bad dogs in any strain of dog but from what I’ve seen are only good things
  5. They where 6weeks old on that pic grew a lot since then I’ll get more upto date photos soon
  6. No moon tonight by joe finnan talks about minshaws and history of them seems he’s done a lot with them and rates them alot
  7. Minshaw x greyhound whippet Wheaton pups trust me the minshaw single handed on all quarry
  8. What’s everyone’s view on minshaws?is there any pure blood still about or all diluted?
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