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  1. I think aj's best bet is to train for a 6round war and go out on his shield. I'm sure I saw his current trainer quoted recently saying he'd be better losing by KO than points, so I'm guessing they're thinking the same, just put it on usyk from the get go....I don't see him having a chance any other way and to be honest I think usyk is way too smart anyway...j.m.h.o.... Yokel
  2. YOKEL


    Aye, dirty, horrible, bullying,rapey, piss tank of a man by all accounts... Yokel
  3. Aye, I think his love of herb laced cookies pickled his brain a tad! Yokel
  4. The man in bl....ood stained boots Yokel
  5. Don Mayfield with "Swig"... Yokel
  6. You beat me to it!!! Definitely says dogs.... joking aside, poor little mite, don't bare thinking about. To many of these instances happing recently. Either dogs that should have been tapped being rehomed to totally unsuitable homes, or fuckwits with monstrous great lumps they can't f***ing control! Needs sorting out... Yokel
  7. I'm a bit of a fan of wytchwood brewery. King goblin is a cracker! Strong but nice. They used to do a nice porter/stout called "white whych" I think....I'm currently being more refined and quaffing a nice tempranillo... Yokel
  8. Meadowvalley Gamefowl UK M.(!64.56:886 Meadowvalley Gamefowl UK. 1,266 likes · 6 talking about this. Poultry exhibiting and sales. yokel...
  9. This is a little cracker, but it don't 'alf remind me of someone.... Yokel
  10. I remember the first time I saw rocky, I thought, that's the fella who taught his kids Spanish by getting them to watch Mexican cartoons!... Yokel
  11. Worked out in Greece for a while back in the early 90's. Gyros was always pork, quite fatty, like pork belly, but stacked on a skewer doner style. Served in flat bread with salad, tzatziki and fries, all rolled in, not on the side. Asked the locals back then and they'd tell you pork was traditional in Greek gyros, lamb was for the Turks... Yokel
  12. BBC iPlayer.....watch it... BBC iPlayer - Muhammad Ali WWW.BBC.CO.UK Ken Burnss documentary series about the life of Muhammad Ali. Yokel
  13. Told for the first time - the most extraordinary and compelling story WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK As Mount Longdon loomed out of the darkness, my heart raced and fear set in. Among the rocks on the craggy... yokel
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