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  1. YOKEL

    Weed ;)

    He's an unusual guy... seriously tho, he's been about the game for a long long time, even working with a government licence until reasonably recently! Always trust his wares... Yokel
  2. YOKEL

    Weed ;)

    Just got gifted this off a mate of mine, one of his own creations. Durban poison x skittles......pretty f***ing tasty and hits the spot! Yokel
  3. YOKEL


    The whole "micro dosing" thing is a bit of a middle class hippy invention. I'm not mugging it off, if it works for them fair play. But all scientific studies and breakthroughs so far re: psilocybin and depression has been made using full dose therapy. It's stuff that's been known for years by many, and has thankfully been noticed by and licenses given for further studies by the powers that be. Yokel
  4. YOKEL


    They can come and knock about my gaff for £2000... Yokel
  5. YOKEL

    Weed ;)

    Grand daddy/grand daddy purp....pure Indica, proper couch locker.... Yokel
  6. YOKEL


    Oh, half the dose at least, and they do hit different as well....I've misjudged it more than once! Yokel
  7. YOKEL


    Libs are sparse down here (east Anglia) Midlands and up seem to get the best of it. But these wavys are coming on thick and fast the last few years, and strength wise, they're head and shoulders above i.m.o. Yokel
  8. YOKEL


    Buckle up! Yokel
  9. YOKEL


    They're wild, tho not indigenous to these shores. A foreign invader, bought in on imported wood chip. Getting quite common now with all the new builds and landscaping....a most welcome immigrants! Yokel
  10. YOKEL


    Got amongst the other as well..... Yokel
  11. YOKEL


    Psilocybe cyanesens (wavy caps) pokey as fook mush!!!! Yokel
  12. YOKEL


    Bumper crop of these beauties this year, and it's just got started!... Yokel
  13. Certainly put some dogs on the ground that made their mark on the UK scene and a big champion of the breed. R.I.P. Fella Yokel
  14. YOKEL


    He died in 2002 from cancer apparently... Yokel
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