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  1. She was ok with Paul Daniels, don't know if I'd trust her in a survival situation tho... Yokel
  2. YOKEL

    Weed ;)

    I remember you saying about the fella pulling big bucks at burning man. Them shrooms are rolling high a.t.m. do me proud... Yokel
  3. YOKEL

    Weed ;)

    Swim says shrooms are on average £10 a g. £25 for 3g. Looking at the dosing on that bar, swim says 3 to 5g of shrooms, so £30/40 a bar wouldn't be out of the way. Seems steep, but I know plenty pay it for raw shrooms.... Yokel
  4. I make you right, and for the reasons I stated. The vast majority of people I've seen around these XL types are clowns who either want a hard looking dog, or, want to make money by selling hard looking dogs to clowns, and the dogs have no other purpose. Take that away/make it harder, and they'll just drop them. The reason there was passionate/dedicated owners that kept the a.p.b.t. going after the DDA of 91, was because it wasn't about the money they could make out of them, but about the total appreciation/awe/addiction to their sporting qualities, and the breed was a whole lot better for
  5. Yep, the big difference for me is, the XL had no legitimate use, and is largely in the hands of f.ucking idiots, from what I've seen. I think the clowns will just get rid, the people who genuinely have them as pets will abide by the rules and keep them as such. Going back to the original DDA, I've said it before, and will stand by it, it was the best thing that could have happened to the genuine a.p.b.t. it left them largely back in the hands of the people who appreciated they're natural qualities. I honestly think if the only people who had ever owned them (a.p.b.t) were those who used them f
  6. I'm going from memory, the original act was a total ban on breeding, selling, advertising of "pit bull type" dogs. All existing dogs to be neutered, third party insurance, and muzzled and on the lead in public places. Any contravention of the above would see your dog taken and destroyed. I can't remember when the amendment came in, late 90's/early 00's I think? But basically it meant if you was caught owning a banned breed, it wouldn't be automatically taken. If the dog was of sound temperament and you adhered to the other rules, neutered/insured etc, you could keep it. I think they
  7. They done the same with the a.p.b.t. back in 91. It was £50 then. I see there's some rescue shelters already refusing to take these (XL bullies) in. Surprised they're still being advertised for sale to be honest, again, back in the day, the e&m etc stopped taking adds for a.p.b.t's long before the law came into effect... Yokel
  8. Oh, and just to add, can you imagine the shite that he and his hangers on would be shouting if AJ or Usyk had just put in that performance against a boxing novice..... Yokel
  9. I think that was the long and short of it, and has proved what others have been saying for a long while. Take away his size advantage, and his (severe) limitations are clear to see. I think he's shot himself in the foot with this shambles. Like you and others, I had no interest in this until I woke up Sunday morning and clocked the news, I just had to have a peek, and YouTube came up trumps. I honestly don't see it as a scam to pump interest for whatever either, I can see the reason for it, but he genuinely looks dejected and the fact his old man has remained silent speaks volumes i.m.o. ...lo
  10. Fury's body language says it all to me here. He doesn't want any part of usyk anytime soon i.m.o. I can see him retiring..... AGAIN. Even his gobshite old man kept his mouth shut. What a f.ucking embarrassment, the WBC "gypsy king" blah blah, getting spanked by a man who'd never had a pro boxing fight. Yokel
  11. Think I've just come across Mchulls training video for dealing with canine attacks in general..... http://youtube.com/shorts/BgYn7uqOoW4?si=dmXddiworbKhLihj Yokel
  12. Nice little russula and a few A. Musaria from the weekend.... Yokel
  13. Yes fella, Ps Cyanesens. Hit a couple of new spots today, along with the old ones in full flush it's looking like a good season... Yokel
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