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  1. YOKEL


    I was being daft..... YOKEL. NB: teetotaler?
  2. Get plenty of cubes... Yokel
  3. Smell more of them than I see!... Yokel
  4. YOKEL


    Percent THC?... YOKEL
  5. Or Brexit... Yokel
  6. YOKEL


    The bottom side of this dog goes back to those you mention. As for them "Irish dogs" was around a few, every one came with many variations to the peds/pinch of salt so to speak....of the decent staffs I've personally seen express their "natural" talents, the better ones have been closer to the KC stock. But this fella is no more than a well mannered companion.... Yokel
  7. YOKEL


    Cheers fella, had a little bit of practice over the years.... Yokel
  8. YOKEL


    I liked that floor, can't say as I liked laying it! Was a bit optimistic in the time it would take, and set about it after work one night.... Yokel
  9. YOKEL


    He's one of them "fat, useless" KC dogs you hear about....saw him at 12wks of age and you could see he was going to be a well put together animal so I brought him. To be honest, I haven't really put a great deal of work into him. Just hand walking and some nice long, off the lead rambles through the woods. He's just got a good natural shape to him.... Yokel
  10. YOKEL


    Cheers fella. He's a nicely balanced, well mannered dog with just enough "bull and terrier" traits to slake my thirst without getting me into bother ... Yokel
  11. YOKEL


    Just over 4yr old now. Has been good to have another bull to keep me company... Yokel
  12. YOKEL


    About 5/6 yrs ago I came home after a 4day festival, and standing on my garden fence was a big ol' hairy cat. My then Mrs opened the back door to shew if away, I stopped her, still full of "festival vibes" and started chatting with said beast. It hopped off the fence, ran into my kitchen shouting its head off, then crashed out on the floor. Woke up an hour or so later and f.ucked off...next morning there it was at the back door again, shouting away for food, and I succumbed to its charms and gave it some ham out the fridge.... still got the bugger, even moved house with it!!!! As the op of thi
  13. it wasnt the maddest of his ideas, he even put a letter/advert in the earth dog running dog offering his services of curing sheep aggressive dogs. in short, you would take your sheep worrier to him, he would dress his bull terrier in a sheep skin, you let your problem hound have a go at worrying the "sheep" and it gets the shock of its life! i kid you not.... Yokel
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