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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/fuming-vegan-family-send-neighbours-32794733?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Yokel
  2. Man known as ‘eunuch maker’ who streamed mutilations is jailed for life | Crime | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Marius Gustavson, 46, was involved in procedures that were ‘little short of human butchery’, UK court heard Yokel
  3. Out walking I reckon.... Yokel
  4. Yep. If you step outside there's three horses tethered to a lamp post next to a six inch square of turf.... Yokel
  5. If you read my post you'd see that's not what I'm saying. I have kept and worked (a long time ago) both bulldogs and terriers. I've had more than a couple of terriers that were very upfront, gave their quarry no quarter, and would stay all day til dug to if required, and yes, I would call them game at the job required of them. But, I would never claim them to be "as game as any bulldog" because the levels of gameness required, as stated in my post, are as different as night and day! I don't think anyone who has been around, owned/worked bulldogs at their original sport would see it any differe
  6. To truly claim a dog to be as game as another, it must have performed in the same activity and been pushed to the same level of endurance and punishment. To say an E.B.T coping a few scratches on its bugle whilst tackling an opponent half it's size at the end of a dig or in a shore is anywhere near close to the levels of gameness required to take a gamebred bulldog through a long drawn out battle with an opponent of equal size and determination is just silly talk. Your dog may have been as game as any strong dog dropped in at the end of a dig, the jack Russell may be as game as any terrier who
  7. Yes, I know what he meant by "bulldog" I was just being silly saying KC bulldog. Dillinger was the Stafford, and I think I did get them confused. Guvnor was around the same era, and I'm sure he went up against one of the names about at the time, and came up short...as you say, a long time ago... Yokel
  8. I bit my tongue on this post, I assumed he was talking about KC bulldogs it's laughable, but as long as he was happy with the dog I s'pose....re: pure ebts being matched, the only one I can think of was "Carl's Guvnor" pretty sure his claim to fame was losing against tug! But I may have remembered wrong. They're a "rough and tumble" dog at best, and to claim any were anywhere near "as game as any bulldog" would hint to me the person making the claim has never seen a true, gamebred bulldog going about it's business!...j.m.h.o... Yokel
  9. For anyone that missed it. Proper nobbin fight! Yokel
  10. Brighton, back street off north lane if memory serves me well.... Yokel
  11. YOKEL

    Weed ;)

    Grand daddy purple! Solid indica, proper old school couch locker....hope all's well your end... Yokel
  12. I'd tap everyone of them XL bullies, a useless mutt bred/created for all the wrong reasons and largely owned by clowns from what I've seen. Pairing a suspect tempered animal with a fool with no idea how to handle it is a recipe for disaster, which, sadly has been proven time and again with these dogs. Yokel
  13. The difference is a sensible/responsible owner recognises this trait and acts/handles the dog accordingly so accidents don't occur, as opposed to the majority of halfwits who own bullys and think it's somehow tough and clever to let the f.uckers off the lead in public places but have actually no clue how to control the problem when it gets out of hand. This is what happens when you get a specialist breed being owned by first time owners who more often than not haven't the gumption to care for/handle a hamster! Yokel
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