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  1. it wasnt the maddest of his ideas, he even put a letter/advert in the earth dog running dog offering his services of curing sheep aggressive dogs. in short, you would take your sheep worrier to him, he would dress his bull terrier in a sheep skin, you let your problem hound have a go at worrying the "sheep" and it gets the shock of its life! i kid you not.... Yokel
  2. no it wasnt/isnt. it was one of the thigs he got put away for after the news of the world expose. causing an animal undue stress or something or other... yokel
  3. That was his daft idea of "muzzled matching" the gezzer was a loon! Yokel
  4. Is it for spearing p.ikey shit out of a Butlins pool?... Yokel
  5. Deep molasses... Yokel
  6. Yep, super laced to toe were the very fellows. I remember walking a good mile or so back with the dogs in my socks they'd torn my feet up that much breaking em in! But they were the best boots I've ever bought... Yokel
  7. Not that long ago, I wouldn't have given fury a hope in this match, but going on both's last couple of performances, I can't see anything but a fury win. I'd go as far to say fury makes a.j. look silly. Loved to be proved wrong, but other than his punch, I don't see what a.j. will bring to the table to upset the apple cart...j.m.o... Yokel
  8. Way back when I was a big fan of Hogg's "breamaster fell" boots. Absolute b*****ds to break in, but when that was over, the hardest wearing boot you could find. Keep em clean and well "dubbed" and they'd last many a season. Now, lowa mountain gtx.... Yokel
  9. YOKEL

    Lloyd Honeyghan

    Only just clocked this...no need to apologize, cracking bit of history I think his boy (Gary jnr) has put a book together about the times there, and his old man in general. Don't know if it's out yet tho. Only knew him from the gym last year. Something told me you'd have known his old man... cheers fella ... Yokel
  10. YOKEL

    Lloyd Honeyghan

    Remember seeing Floyd years ago outside York hall, we'd gone down with our local gym for the golden gloves or a.b.a's, can't remember which. He was still fighting at the time. Came over to the minibus we was in, chatting away and handing out photos. Lovely fella.... Re: the "Beckett" did you know the fella who ran it? Gary Davidson, ex pro, lightweight or something similar...was training with his son last year, none too shabby himself, runs a gym out Cambridge way... Yokel
  11. YOKEL


    I was on a job just down the road from me. we was all packing up early to go home, none of us had heard anything when the plumber comes down and made some jokey comment about planes falling out the sky. (he'd just caught something on the radio) got home and put the news on and watched it all unfolding. f**k me, i recon i sat in absolute silence for a good couple of hours watching that, unbelievable, shocking stuff.... Yokel
  12. Peanut butter falcon on Netflix, first fooking class! And green book on Amazon... Yokel
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