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  1. j j m

    Mobile speed camera laws

    they do what they want when they want
  2. j j m

    RIP the Labour Party

    well no doubt they will have helped may out
  3. j j m

    My house caught fire🔥

    glad no one was hurt bud
  4. j j m

    Last day at the hinds

    nice set up mate
  5. j j m

    Fridays fry up day

    cant beat a nice fry up
  6. j j m


    should be interesting
  7. j j m

    isis bint

    leave the fecker where she is ,she new what she was doing,let her and her sprog stay there
  8. j j m


    not saw any my self
  9. j j m

    Webley Raider 2 shot

    sounds fair,i do know one gun shop that called the old bill on a lad that's gun was well over,same said shop is closed now
  10. j j m

    Old girl

    nice going bud
  11. j j m


    welcome mate
  12. j j m

    El Chapo

    or buys his way out
  13. has anyone know when the lurcher shows are on in scotland

  14. j j m


    very sad news r.i.p
  15. j j m

    RIP Gordon

    very sad new r.i.p