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  1. j j m


    ive had no issues lamping with a air rifle
  2. ive a nightmaster decent lamp
  3. well she missed a rabbit by inches it swerved at last minute she was a bit clumsy but will soon get her first kill im well pleased with her progress
  4. elchapo thanks mate flew her free for the first time yesterday,she sat up in the tree for a couple of minutes having a good luck around then come straight to the glove for her treat,after that she followed on lovely well pleased with her
  5. check bradford and stalkers they had what your looking for last week,always got a good rack of second hand guns
  6. a good friend of mine recently bought one from there hes had no bother with his
  7. nice shooting napper mate,love to see the black and white bandits taking out bud
  8. stevie i live by my self now bud and benches are cleaned once pics are taking
  9. as they say one is better then none
  10. yeh its crap lurchers mate but life goes on
  11. i bred the mother and father of this one i went through a seperation and sold them and my kessies and spars to a good mate on the understanding that once i was settled i could have a young female and true to his word he let me have this one,dont think i will ever breed birds again but love flying them,just need to sort a dog out now
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