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  1. j j m

    a few adjustments to the 97

    looking good bud
  2. j j m


    as above very nice
  3. j j m


    welcome bud
  4. j j m


    welcome bud
  5. j j m

    Land required

    welcome good luck bud
  6. j j m

    Crow Hawking

    very nice mate
  7. j j m

    big thank you to paul sewell

    I don't know how you find the time paul mate,hope your well bud
  8. j j m

    Out last night

    top shooting as usual billy
  9. j j m

    First time out for ages

    shooting napper mate
  10. j j m

    Tree rats

    nice going bud
  11. nice shooting mark
  12. j j m

    Got out again this morning

    very nice napper mate
  13. j j m

    Returning the invite

    nice going chaps