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  1. j j m


    hate them crows
  2. j j m

    The lunatics are over the asylum

    bunch of fecking freaks
  3. j j m

    FREE Two 12g shotguns

    generouse offer bud
  4. j j m


    looks nice bud
  5. j j m

    7 more varmints

    top shooting bud
  6. j j m

    Home made scotch eggs

    my favourite love them
  7. j j m

    Well, well, well.

    that will be right
  8. j j m

    Father's day ,few pics

    very nice mate
  9. j j m

    Wtf is this

    looks like big cat
  10. j j m

    Father's day ,few pics

    nice pics chaps
  11. j j m

    A very short rabbit control video

    enjoyed it bud thanks for sharing