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  1. j j m

    Mr Wilkes (on here)

    nice gesture mate
  2. j j m


    I was down Sheffield a few weeks ago to buy a spar,decent house decent people
  3. j j m

    Lady from Africa

    well I never
  4. j j m

    Will brexit bring an end to life

    looks nice
  5. j j m

    Kwiss Packam, crook

    I cant stand the bbc
  6. j j m


    totally shocking
  7. some guns mac we should not sell mate,the excaliber was one of mine,never thought id get the chance to get it back
  8. ive had most 100s,i had vizs sporter in 177 that was a lovely gun to shoot,i should never of sold him it back but me and viz do this all the time ,I like the thumbhole stock better ,as soon as I lifted this 100 with the custom stock I new I had to have it ,a lot of people love them a lot hate them ,the one I sold jimmy big mac I could not miss with yet jimmy struggled with it like he says he did not get on with a thumbhole stock on it,i bought a mfr the same day I bought the 100 I sold the mfr 2 days later it could not match this gun ,but that is just my opinion this gun fits like a glove for me
  9. j j m


    nice guns them
  10. i opted for the pump this time,saying as ive lost 2 stone i can manage it a lot easier these days
  11. j j m

    Putting Muslims in their place.

    theres getting more of these feckers in town then ever before
  12. j j m

    How long without food

    5 days after the first 2 it did not bother me but I was weak as feck
  13. well worth having a look at jimmy mate,i cant belive how quite it is,our lass and olivia say hi mate and hope your doing well