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  1. kalibregun this has the same set up in back of gun
  2. yes phil it was one of his guns my mate bought it off him ,it shoots spot on its got a bloodknob silencer on it i think thats what my mate said and it makes the gun very quite you can ajust the power but i keep it at sub 12 lb
  3. thanks jon just getting used to it your right about the mags though there akward at first,ive just got used to my fx impact mag
  4. welcome bud some nice dogs there
  5. welcome to the forum bud
  6. it is derv mate most accurate gun ive ever used ,but mags will take a bit of getting used to cant load them sincle handed
  7. heres a pic but camera is not the best but gun is mint
  8. this is a export model lazer accurate ive been after it for a bit but my mate would not sell it,its bucket boys old gun im told and being his nicely tuned ive used it a few time lovely to shoot has key in back for power ,i will put pics up later when my camera charges
  9. a woody and my 30th maggie of the year bothe taking with the rapid 22
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