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  1. j j m

    Wanted . Shooting permission

    as above good luck bud
  2. j j m

    New hw35e

    looks nice mate
  3. j j m


    ok mate thanks ,im just asking as ive a tx200 to do just completely stripped the internals and put it back together,the blueing is not that bad really but thought id give it a go ,I did not pay much for the rifle I never open guns up but went on you tube and it was easy to do ,so enjoyed it rifle shoots lovely now
  4. j j m


    nice guns, what did you try to blue it with what product
  5. j j m

    Stumbled across this.....

    things will only get worse
  6. j j m

    Beautiful day

    looks nice bud
  7. j j m


    nice going bud
  8. j j m

    All Things Football

    good win for them
  9. j j m

    Couple of hours

    shooting bud
  10. j j m

    Hello all

    welcome to the forum bud
  11. j j m

    All Things Football

    the thing is with north east teams they do alright in the lower leagues ,but when it comes to mixing it with the top teams we just cant hold it together,id love to see one of them in the top 3 like the Chelsea and Liverpool but I just cant see it happening
  12. j j m

    foot and mouth

    not good
  13. j j m

    Watching the news tonight

    you got that right bud
  14. j j m

    stolen transit van wrote car off ...

    lucky escape it could of ended a lot worse mate