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  1. j j m

    Few pics

    very nice mate
  2. j j m

    Unusual to say the least

    nice pic bud
  3. j j m

    Some recent success

    very good
  4. j j m

    It’s almost time chaps.

    you cant beat a bacon sarni
  5. j j m

    Cop runs over cop.

    that had to hurt him
  6. j j m

    Question ?

    no theres no excuse for any one to walk around naked
  7. j j m

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

    there a funny lot over there the way they deal with things,there there own law
  8. j j m

    Bermudan Peado...couldnt make this shit up

    id take a nonse out any chance I got,the system is to soft with them,they fecking run the jails tucked away on 43s with the best of everything them make me sick the lives they ruin
  9. j j m

    A big thank you

    glad you had a good time
  10. that's some pigeons mate
  11. j j m

    Game prep process...

    I do mine in the field the woodys make to much mess when you take them home ,the rabbits wee them jacket off the bits I don't want when gutting them I throw in the bottom of the hedge there never there next day
  12. j j m


    nice shooting v man
  13. j j m

    Saturday morning mooch

    nice shooting mate
  14. top shooting as usual mate