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  1. tatsblisters

    David platts

    Remember some lads from Rotherham having a dog off him that he brought to them all the way from Scotland I never met him but never heard a bad word about him from these lads.
  2. tatsblisters

    RIP and good riddence

    That might well have been the case but as far as business acumen went the man had not got a f****n clue and that came from some black zimbawbians I worked with who had jumped ship and came to Sheffield the city of sanctuary.
  3. tatsblisters

    RIP and good riddence

    He proved the point that Black Africans have not got the brains to make their countrys democratic and prosperouse .
  4. tatsblisters


    Same here most of my hod carrying was cash in hand till I went with a gang on 30pct split on sc 60.A mate from London when I saw his hod in his van it only had a short shaft on it and was told it was the norm with southern hod carriers.
  5. tatsblisters


    I used to have two hods one for bricks and blocks and one for gobo and a mixing point with a diesel mixer with sand a pallet of big bags of cement two 45 gallon drums full of water and a bottle of fairy liquid lol sounds like hod carrying's not a bad number these days.lol
  6. tatsblisters


    Jeezz wish I were younger I carried the hod for a well known house builder in the 90s and it was all ladder no loading bays.lol
  7. tatsblisters


    Ex miner and have never voted Tory in my life but come a GE that will change like a lot of ordinary working class folk I talk toin the area I live who want Brexit and know only Boris can deliver it.
  8. tatsblisters

    Smart night fishing floats

    We used those years ago were small batterys fitted in them their was also lumin floats witch we would snap the ends off witch could be used besides fishing.
  9. tatsblisters

    More of the same

    https://l.(!64.56:886/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fview%2Cbreaking-six-men-found-guilty-of-20-cse-offences-in-rotherham-abuse-trial_33223.htm%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR3wh6NHcbdHV9e5daXl1DXLZ0BP27gptWvMglrJwqgJNfnRSnOL-Rf0WG0&h=AT10oiDGut7ZjcSEy5fjXZe3Yh1KVYZjWHiY7HZtxMGiLAFTtSqqCLHGltynRBowLf_lqs5GR1gURDAr-1VwhWYoy5B9gMDNRAGd-_1hRUEjc2_ZIyihkeBV-Ou21enC-kOWUQm_LluK6P6dm8uJf2XlPNq2S0lLWLnxdEkpLhCp3p9MQCkN8rEsYwgGQCuMEyfmipvThAXv6BjdUHEGSojG9I4I0d3BMeb8cAnYRUs7M1MbpkKZ_BCys_KSWthbyg093NpdlNCpE555y3_9hAIViF-Oc4CN82u2X2CIWhH8Q7rKF5JxxmeNoEdp3FYAu51dWsGyPd9iJNRz7MJERHC7EtvimsdWVMv0Y20SdpGrNwkssKIEhlTRF0lBhbBX7XmaB42s4NrrIFFRcl-s3dW9aSvFy0CBwsrZRYdh8oY0cM5a4JuMUpBQfpSZcyD3JV7cst_jjFGF9fmMlbTi1ujUjsgljfmt6EePifFefgHOeNBPtC26U0gcuEoiqlDosngRJEdzbMJOERdn5CCxS6cbhySGNVrTLj5COT6Zo74qlWEHSz9AaUV33Rdm3Ff7jeAyhTJDIzGGfuABCEpN5748stXciCohNu2_nAG_upXoVIR2yhdLzuptIWmQDXB_-XeR Still no one in authority before the courts.
  10. tatsblisters


    Remember seeing one out of the dogs he brought to Rotherham with him a rough haired mongrel type terrier that was some digging dog this was in the 70s it was nothing like the plummer terrier.
  11. tatsblisters

    Have they ever been found

    I bet it was the same tarmacking gang that nicked my mates dogs as it turned out the culprit is an habitual dog theif and I dare bet he his the cause of hundreds of stolen lurchers over the years.
  12. tatsblisters

    Have they ever been found

    My mate had his stolen in the 90s two lurchers and a springer spaniel they sent a young lad up his path to steal them the springer was found near a campsite near Sheffield arena one of the lurchers was recoverd from an house in Edgeware 200 miles away from were they were stolen.
  13. tatsblisters


    Did these plummer terriers originate from the rough haired terriers he brought from wales when he came to Rotherham teaching in the late 60s early 70s.??
  14. Fantastic post Barrie and these were the type of whippets that were around in my childhood despite some claiming they were crossbreds after talking to an old mate recently most of the whippet racing clubs around s.yorks usualy on miners welfare grounds had a weight limit and any dogs over a certain weight would have not got a race.
  15. tatsblisters

    Hard men...

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranulph_Fiennes As hard men go I think this chap takes some beating.