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  1. Should and will make great bushing dogs i would put my house on it and would be tempted to give one a go but i just can't seem to gel with terriers and knowing my luck i would get one more to the terrier and the golf course near me is half a dozen active billy setts that rabbits also go down when pushed.
  2. What's the thickness of each individual band mate. I used to use double bands a wile back in theroband gold but they did not last long before one of the bands snapped.
  3. You have my respect mate. My regrets and just trundling through life now puts me at 63 working in a mundane boring job with the most boring snidey backstabbing individuals I have ever known in my working life if I was to describe each one of them lad's on hear would think I needed psychiatric help. The only saving grace is I start the shift earlier and only have to put up with them for 4 and half hours. Every Sunday teatime a black cloud comes over me knowing another week is coming being around people I don't want to be around. It's now more than ever I wish I had listened and took a few risks
  4. Another grand morning had the daughters dog for the weekend and dropped on five hare's boxing wile I hid behind a tree with the dog. A sight I had not seen for years around here due to pressure from dog lads and trigger Happy gun men. It's a sight that gets the old ticker skipping.
  5. I agree Walt started watching it last night and episodes don't seem to drag on. Thanks for the recommendations chaps.
  6. Listened more at school and avoided alcohol when younger.
  7. Just seen the trailer for the ballad of Davy Crockett that I will have to watch. Remember watching the one as a kid and have always liked westerns and them type of films.
  8. That's why white working class community's need to vote for anyone bar the main two and candidates who want to keep our community's British one of the reasons i have always voted for what the media love to describe as right wing racist party's
  9. Seen it mate it's fekin sickening. It will be the green light for all the Pakistani criminals and grooming gang's.
  10. See Rochdale have voted for that Islamic appeaser to represent them in Parliament in the word's of the Mike Harding song it's hard being a cowboy in Rochdale as just got a lot fekin harder for any non Muslim individual who lives there ffs.
  11. Just pandering to them again like most companies do that have a large Muslim workforce when they make a preyer room for them and squat toilets and low sinks to wash their feet in f**k em I say. Thankfully the company I work for their is only a couple to my knowledge and non work with us thank feck.
  12. I would be exactly the same if i ever left Rotherham mate.
  13. Me also without a shadow of a doubt.
  14. They could ease pressure on the prison system by deporting all the foreign criminals languishing in them.
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