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  1. At least you are honest about it pal i remember working on the demolition in Nottingham 20 years ago ago and the lurchers i had were not getting out like they should have and keeping dogs over the years was one of the reasons i would never work away from home.
  2. I always found shift work was the best for giving the dog's more work back when i was younger. When i left the pit and went hod carrying i did not seem to have as much time.
  3. Hope so mate only been locked up for 3 nights in a local nick then bailed when in court on the Monday was enough for me. Though like you I would put my liberty at risk to protect my family.
  4. I have heard some young lad's on the estate i live talking about prison as though its some badge of honour sad as feck .
  5. FFS what a fekin country we have become when we are having to recycle crisp bags to keep the homeless from freezing to death f****n shameful IMHO.
  6. Me neither and he should have known better i heard he feared for his family if he could not pay the debt thing is he should not have got involved with the shite in the first place though i dare bet a good few suicides their will be a drug or drink connection somewhere down the line.
  7. A lot of the circumstances want addressing before it gets to the point of no return a lad near me the other year who left a wife and kids behind committed suicide due to get in into debt to cocaine dealers another lad who i knew well a good dog man and loved his rabbiting committed suicide sadly as he was in remission from prostate cancer.
  8. Just read about that lad who committed suicide after getting a gambling addiction during lock down very sad anyone who takes their own life. Those of us who have never had suicidal thoughts or suffered with mental illness to a degree to contemplate taking our own life really don't know how lucky we are.
  9. Think I had a weeks respite from a chest infection and feeling shite with no smell aching all over and an high temperature to then come down with the snots and sniffles that I can't seem to shift I have still carried on working there is also a few other lad's with the same at work.
  10. Still living at home mate and i bought two more before i got married in 82 and then it was the cheap wax proof jackets from the Pakistanis on Rotherham market.
  11. I have to admit i find the ridgeline gear good value for money tbh i bought one of them grizzly jackets 7 years ago and it's not fallen to pieces and i also have their hoodie that's not bad . I remember buying my first Barbour Solway wax proof coat in the late 70s and it was knackerd with rips and tares after 18 months though they were all the fashion then and their was not much else to choose from years ago regarding hunting clobber.
  12. Only thing I can say is i have had the snots and sniffles for what seems months now were as before i have usually shook it off in a week other than that i have not had any other new medical complaints since having the jab and i think it's a fekin miracle that me or the wife has not caught this highly contagious virus tbh.
  13. Seen a recent pic of a group of beaters nr me their attire was a lot different from when i used to go beating in the early 80s at Carlton towers near selby when NCB donkey jackets were popular.lol
  14. I can still remember the tales of old poachers and family members of pre myxomatosis day's and the numbers of rabbits caught mainly on longnetting poaching forays on Earl Fitzwilliam's Wentworth estate. It always puzzled me if rabbits were that much of pest all them years ago that they needed a devastating disease to nearly wipe them out how come the fines and some times violent punishment from landowners and their servant's could be pretty severe.
  15. Sounds a weird feker and i would class it as a form of stalking and should be nipped in the bud asap.
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