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  1. Anyone else find that odious little creep the mayor of London being hypocritical in supporting the pride carnival when we all know like most of his brethren they would be throwing gays off tall buildings if they had their laws and ways.
  2. Still happening in Rotherham according to some reports plus Albanian criminal's flooding the town and setting up large cannabis growing operations as more and more 3rd world criminal's come to the town plus the Roma Slovaks have made certain areas unrecognisable.
  3. Exactly what the council estate i live in is like and the few scumbags on the road i live on have 2 things in common drugs and work shy. I deeply regret buying my house now.
  4. I called in town yesterday on my way to work and spotted the said low life and was tempted to go and stick the nut on him but knowing if i did the police would be all over me.
  5. I think with the virus been relatively new and the last two year's we have all been through it will be a wile till we see it as just another virus doing the rounds. A van driver at work has tested positive and is still working though to be fair he is wearing a mask i jokingly said don't come near me i am going on holiday next week and i don't want to come down with Covid.lol
  6. Was he under the influence of drugs or drink the few times I have been threatened by some one with a shotgun i never carried off like that.
  7. I ended up buying a box of them tests kits a wile back when i had it if i feel i come down with it again i won't bother doing any test i think its time we just accepted it like we do the seasonal colds we get unless you have underlying health problems then take necessary precautions.
  8. I just don't get it anymore with South Yorkshire police and how they operate and their Facebook page is always good for a laugh . One topic on their is of a low life scrounger who hangs around Rotherham town who robbed an old man in March and they have just released his picture the same individual is still begging around the town on a daily basis no doubt all the coppers will be manning speed cameras instead of arresting this lowlife.
  9. So sorry for your loss pal same age as my eldest Daughter it's no age.
  10. One photographed in Sheffield the other year. https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=2ebd184ad1582fe499131d65a14da3cf48d49efc9d1449590e5a0f35fe869fccJmltdHM9MTY1NjQxMTE5NiZpZ3VpZD02MzgwMTk4OC00MjgwLTQzZGQtYjFiOC0xODMyM2U3MmI2N2EmaW5zaWQ9NTE2Ng&ptn=3&fclid=ed22514e-f6ca-11ec-a21e-9657a8705d7c&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZXhhbWluZXJsaXZlLmNvLnVrL25ld3MvbG9jYWwtbmV3cy9iYWRnZXItc3BvdHRlZC1vdXRzaWRlLXNoZWZmaWVsZC1zdGF0aW9uLTE4MTI3MzA4&ntb=1
  11. Its as though it never existed in most day to day scenario's though the care home the wife works in their has been another outbreak of it and certain restrictions have been put in place unnecessarily in the view's of the majority of the staff and residents also most foreign travel now do not require any tests or proof of inoculation. I know believe that this pandemic was one of the biggest cons of this century an over reaction for ulterior motives from governments and those in power.
  12. It's like letting rabid dogs into the country with the mindset those coming from backward have.
  13. Thing is non of them will make a difference to my life unless they bring the retirement age down which non of the main political parties will doo.
  14. I thought the same as the summer is the time they go around touting and door knocking for work.
  15. They have lost both of them the red wall seat in Wakefield is an indication that other red wall seat's will go the same way in Northern working class town's.
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