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  1. tatsblisters


    The LONDON Labour party he is further proof the labour party do not give a fook about its traditional labour voting areas north of Watford gap.
  2. Had some sport on edible quarry with this cross years ago.
  3. tatsblisters

    14 Year old stabbed to death in London.

    True and tbh it would not bother me if a thousand a week met their fate those who cause misery and mayhem across the country.
  4. tatsblisters

    14 Year old stabbed to death in London.

    What a sad state this country has become when if like me we do not give a feck about a 14 year old getting killed.
  5. tatsblisters

    The hooks son arrested.

    The same scum the left welcome here with open arms.
  6. tatsblisters

    Be careful who you vote for!

    They would then with out doubt go after shooting and fishing .This present labour party are a threat to our freedoms what little we have of those in the present .
  7. tatsblisters

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    I guess you have not seen his latest statement about an imminent threat to him and his family issued by Bedfordshire police who have issued him an Osman warning .Love him or loath him its disgusting how him and his family are being treat by the authoritys in anybodys book.
  8. tatsblisters

    Gatwick Closed

    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=eagle+takes+down+drone&view=detail&mid=DD808DB633B671366D01DD808DB633B671366D01&FORM=VIRE more of these maybe.
  9. tatsblisters

    Gatwick Closed

    Doing it on a main airport to bring disruption and endangering aircraft yea why not.
  10. tatsblisters

    Gatwick Closed

    Jailing them would be a better deterant imho.
  11. tatsblisters

    Gatwick Closed

    Makes me wonder if its any thing to do with those left wing idiots the Stanstead 15.
  12. tatsblisters

    saville town.

    I despair what is it going to be like in another 100 years .
  13. tatsblisters


    The thought of that sends fekin shivers down my spine then again the amount of people I have spoke to who would support labour if it was not for that buffoon Abott a bit of a double edged sword imho.
  14. tatsblisters

    Rotherham council at it again

    Another time bomb waiting to go off at a later date thanks to the labour party.
  15. tatsblisters

    Rotherham council at it again

    That's just how I feel Vin and having daughters roughly the same age as some of these victims know how easily it could have happened to mine.