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  1. Nice offer that mate i have a few ttf bands if anyone wants them as i doubt i will give that style of shooting a catty a go again.
  2. I always shoot ott think it's a force of habit though from the Milbro day's of my childhood. I have tried ttf on my scout and couldn't get used to it i have often wondered where the through the forks style came from as it seems a new style of shooting catapults to me.
  3. Yes it's quality food mate pre book if you are planning to go we went one Sunday afternoon and it was quite buisey.
  4. I will never get my head around why anyone would dump good meat like venison if you plan to poach them at least have a plan to get them home . I know some times in tricky situations they may have to be left but to just dump them is madness imho.
  5. Last time i spoke to him a few year's back at Highgate dog track Dave told me he had made a start on a book though he said he was leaving lads names from the past out of it i told him he was free to use mine and gave him some newspaper clips from the 80s to use if he wished. I consider Dave as a good mate from back in the day when we both poached the same area i would always help him in any small way i could. A book of his life with lurchers would be a good read imho.
  6. Never actually spoke to the chap but saw him with his dog's over the year's at various lurcher shows and about ten years ago at Highgate when they had the bends championships held their. Recently heard of the passing of a great whippet man who i learnt a lot from about running dogs when i worked at the same pit who later on in life went into racing Pigeons. Arthur Ward another great whippet man from the same pit is Tommy Steel a Scotsman who was still racing whippets ten years' ago.
  7. I have heard don't know if it's true that they don't race whippets anymore at Maltby. I worked with some top whippet racing men from Maltby in the past.
  8. Think Highgate is still running mate .
  9. Let's face it mate its an interest and hobby that's becoming less popular year by year Pidgeon racing and whippet racing in a rapidly changing country.
  10. I enjoyed it as well mate. I don't think anyone can say old Dave ain't a knowledgeable chap on certain subjects. Can't wait for him to write a book that last time i saw him he was in the process of.
  11. Had a good walk around a big wood near me this morning that borders the large council estate i live that the council now own it was crawling with grey squirrels i shoot the odd one's with the catapult even 20 years ago i would shoot over a hundred a year with the airgun and other lads with airguns would put a dent in them .I wouldn't dare mooch about down their with an airgun these days in case a member of the public saw me and phoned the police or sneakily took pics and put them all over social media.
  12. Some union leaders were also hardline Brexit supporters like my old union leader Arthur Scargill and i believe the late Bob Crow also wanted us to leave the EU so i don't think any union that supported Brexit would be in favour of mass immigration. Though i will be honest and say a lot of union's in this modern era have been took over by people with views from the hard left and not view's of ordinary working folk another reason why a lot don't choose to be a member of a trade union any more i gave up my membership of the RMT union after i saw one of its banners outside a London police station
  13. And they call the French surrender monkeys. What happened in the UK when they raised the retirement age for the state pension ?? f**k all not a peep.
  14. Maybe because the French don't put them up in hotels and give them other benefits like health care and such like you can't really blame the French for not being more robust in stopping them crossing the Channel to then become our problem. I smile when I hear folk calling the French surrender monkeys when in reality it's us british that have become surrender monkeys imho.
  15. I often wonder what this unions stance and would have been on mass immigration back in the day. On this day in the picture in 1985 saw the end of working class solidarity never to be seen again. I always said if all the pits had been open when Rotherhams grooming scandal broke the news their would have been a bigger reaction than an EDL march through the town.
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