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  1. Seen them two nights on the trot wile walking home from work coming over an area of Rotherham at 20:00 hours.
  2. You think lock down is bad try working in a fekin warehouse full of Sheffield wednsday fans.lol
  3. Diversity is our weakness not our strength .
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2011/jul/07/leaf-fielding-outside-law-drugs Found this a decent read even though he is a hippy vegertarian.
  5. Same at ZND UK a firm near me that makes heras fencing one lad is in intensive care who works their with the virus and all management have done is send an automated text to the workforce to watch out for sighns of the virus developing .
  6. I don't think so mate tbh we also have one booked for September wether it will be back to some normality by then non of us knows.
  7. Try catmouse that's what ive got on my firestick I think you can down load it on your phone.
  8. Just finshed watching the series the looming tower found it a good watch tbh.
  9. I think the same mate my missis thinks we will still be going on holiday in July I very much doubt it if folk are working as normal like we both are that can some times give you the mindset that this is going to be over soon.
  10. Yes mate though we have had a drastic drop in freight coming through us and yesterday two lads off each shift were told they will be put on the furlough scheme along with so meny class 1 drivers and so meny subbys have been laid off we are also starting to handle essential supplys like hand sanatiser and other medical ppe though its been a mad week with the amount of televisions and other electrical items like microwave ovens that's come through us this week .Only thing I can think with the volume of smart televisions is that people are using them as screens hooked up to the internet who are working from home.
  11. Got told yesterday some of us may have to go on this furlough scheme were 80pct of wages are paid but was told we could not take on any other paid work wile on this scheme I honestly think this is detremental to what might be mass labour shotages in vital roles if this virus takes its toll on the vital workforce.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-52036088 This big non essential warehouse in Sheffield should be shut down.
  13. Got the same letter yesterday mate and parcel volume has dropped at our place only 40 50inch tellys from the 71 we had Monday.My daughters mate works at that big amazon depot at Donny and she reckons its going mental with the work load.
  14. We have had loads of them mini freezers come through us last few weeks mate what I carnt understand is people ordering soundbars and non essential items tbh.
  15. A work mate who is on the high risk list was told yesterday that if he chose to stay off work he would only be paid statuary sick pay HR told us that to qualify for the 80pct it was companys that had to lay you off.I found if baffeling yesterday we had 71 50 inch tv's come through us to be deliverd we are getting an higher volume of electrical goods than the January sales.
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