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  1. tatsblisters

    Where's the northern grit I here so much about

    Disgusting an event like this hijacked by left wing looneys some of them old dead miners will be spinning in their graves and f**k all said about free palistine flags been flown.
  2. tatsblisters

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    Just seen this from the Duram miners gala ffs.
  3. tatsblisters

    Nuisance flies

    Anybody else had a reaction to these horsefly bites just had a course of antibiotics and steroid cream even 3 weeks later my left arm were I was bit feels at times its on fire.
  4. tatsblisters

    Sadiq khan's live on LBC

    Free Tommy Robinson.
  5. tatsblisters

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    I feel a bit the same Kanny though I did attend the EDL organized marches when they marched through Rotherham and the people who camped outside Rotherham police station at the time in forcing the then police commishiner Shaun Wright to stand down I for one support this march 100pct.
  6. tatsblisters

    Sadiq khan's live on LBC

    Stay safe people on todays march I for one take my hat off to you all.
  7. tatsblisters

    Old busher from 90s

    One from 40 years ago the black and white mongrel in the pic was an awesome bushing dog and was purchased as a pup from a pet shop in Rotherham as a pet.
  8. Got a few more in the albums knocking about some were.
  9. Are you Noel Edmunds ?LOL no mate but I wouldent mind his bank account.
  10. Both crosses when crossed together produced some of the best pot filling lurchers ive owned back in the day
  11. tatsblisters


    It was an horrendous fire that killed all those people and hopefully no stone will be left unturned in finding out who if anybody is to blame how ever I find it disgusting the hard left wing groups have latched on to this tragedy to further their quest for support.
  12. tatsblisters

    Our Friends In Social Services

    If some of those employed by Rotherham council in the past are any thing to go by its common sense they were lacking and the head of social services who had to resign when the CSE scandal was brought to light had the audacity to remove two kids from their foster parents because they were UKIP supporters.
  13. tatsblisters

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    Makes you wonder with the recent rise of groups like the FLA and Tommy showing up at speakers corner the establishments arse is getting a bit twitchy.
  14. tatsblisters

    6th June

    Hard to imagine what must have been going through their minds at least in the aftermath of WW2 their sacrifice was rewarded with the NHS .Slum clearance and decent affordable social housing and jobs for all.
  15. tatsblisters

    Dream job

    Before I went down the pit in the late 70s I worked for the south Yorkshire canal king Waddington loading barges up with steel billets and potash bulk bags on the fiddle I always envied the barge mens job with its freedom of not having to work with loads of other people.