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  1. tatsblisters

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    Same here mate the thought of a prison sentence fekin scares the shit out of me .
  2. tatsblisters


    And some wondered why we voted for Brexit in south yorks.
  3. tatsblisters


    They are were I work only one Lithuanian lad though its only a small workforce tbh
  4. tatsblisters


    When I worked down the pit in my 20s never a shift went by when politics was not mentioned or talked about I don't know if its just the job I am in now warehousing but politics is hardly if ever talked about.
  5. tatsblisters


    Just done the same Arry though yesterday I asked about 20 odd lads I work with if they are voting all of them bar one said they wont bother even the lass in the local shop this morning said she thought it was a waste of time its one of the reasons imho ordinary joe bloggs will continue to have the piss took out of us by these politicians.
  6. tatsblisters

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    Remember this happening as though it was yesterday must have been a moment of madness for Kenny Noye and as for the copper he should not have been on his property .
  7. tatsblisters

    care home this sums it up ..

    Care homes are gold mines if they weren't the Pakistanis would not be bothered about buying and running them.My question is would they be better if they were nationalised and run by the NHS I honestly find it repulsive that profit and gain is the main driving force for the private care sector in the care of our elderly and vunrable.
  8. tatsblisters

    Question Time Tonight

    FFS that Sourbry is some thing else she makes Diane Abott look reasonable.
  9. tatsblisters

    All rounder

    The best ones I have see that's come close to the perfect allrounder have always been a mixture of sighthound crosses with non sighthound crosses .
  10. tatsblisters


    Never forget the act when he chucked them maggots at some celebritys the man was as nutty as a fruitcake but funny.RIP.
  11. tatsblisters

    Danny Baker Sacked

    True cannot stand the feker tbh and what the f**k was that silly hat he was wearing on one interview I saw him giving on his doorstep.
  12. tatsblisters

    Muslim problem.

    TBH I agree with your comments and if I were young enough and with no ties I would be doing the same though to be honest their is parts of these isles that may as well be a different planet to some of the shitholes me and you have witnessed first hand.
  13. tatsblisters

    Muslim problem.

    Trust me I berate every nonce no matter what colour or creed when it becomes more personal like the destruction of my town of Rotherham when it could have been avoided if the law had been implemented of course I am going to be more vocal on the matter of muslim nonces the labour council SYP and other fuckwitts in authority who turned a blind eye.
  14. tatsblisters

    royal baby

    Same here mate though if it became a choice between the two give me a trip to see Everest any day of the week.
  15. tatsblisters

    Muslim problem.

    Still no councillors police and others who turned a blind eye in failing the victims being brought to justice and theirs silly cnuts in authority and positions of power like Rotherham's 3 LABOUR MPS who reckon they had no knowledge of the scale of the abuse.