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  1. Did he used to eat hard boiled egg's shell and all just to make kid's laugh.
  2. Brilliant pictures of the old American hunting magazine's Wolfdog i remember 50odd years ago buying an American hunting mag that was in a rack that was in a shop that overlooked the north landing at Flamborough head when i was on holiday as a 12 year old.
  3. Gave these a try and put a set on my HGH pleased with them found the green pouch good as well.
  4. I have been fancying one myself tbh like it or hate it modern technology is here to stay and even though i am an old school luddite i would have jumped at the chance of something like this bit of kit when i was bang at it poaching deer and raiding pheasant coverts on some really hot places.
  5. I have to agree about muntys the buck's in particular even though I never run that many seen one that the dog in my pick who took roe and fallow struggle a bit with a buck muntjac some year's in the daytime that turned into an eventful morning with it coming on top with keeper's and the old bill think it was only down to the fact the lad we was with a well known traveller and his tribe of young lad's one who became the Irish Middle weight champion of the world were just glad to see us on our way. Lol
  6. Any of you lad's know the best place to buy lead balls . I would have a go at moulding some myself if i had access to scrap lead as i am a bit to old to be climbing on church roofs for it. lol
  7. Probably worded it wrong mate he will get nicked if caught trespassing shooting game with it and no doubt it will come under the collective noun i once saw on one of my summons for trespassing in pursuit of game and coneys with various items and engines. As a poaching tool the catapult is easy concealed about one's person the copper i see would never guess i had a catty in my pocket i dare bet.
  8. The beauty of a catapult is how easy it is to conceal it. I pass an off duty copper some mornings on my way out with the dog with a catapult and a pocket full of ammo and always say good morning to him as he walks his dog.
  9. I have found these the best bands to date for squirrels and have recently started useing 10mm lead that i seem to be having more success with GZK YELLOW .90 TTF / OTT 20-12 / 24-19 SLINGSHOT CATAPULT BANDS x3 MULTI OPTIONS WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 3 X GZK YELLOW. 90 TTF/OTT BAND SETS. Double jig tied & perfect repeated knots. Elastic aids, help hold the bands in the optimal position whilst tying. Tied with...
  10. R.I.P A fantastic song writer and performer not many from my generation didn't have the rumours album in their collection back in the day.
  11. Like some have said on hear you speak out on certain things like Muslim grooming gangs and illegal immigration and straight away you become the bad guy. A few years ago walking upto Rotherham train station the Calendar news team shoved a microphone in my face and asked my views on the EDL having a protest in the town the look on the journalists face when I said I fully support their protest and they were ordinary working class folk. I never thought it would get aired on the news though they did cut a lot out Monday at work I got a bit of ribbing and a couple calling me a racist a few who know
  12. To a degree mate you are right council property's on the estate i live on the quieter parts when they come empty seem to be given to Africans and no one dare say anything. The council must have breathed a sigh of relief at the passing of the late Marlene Guest who would have been challenging the council on this as no one has had the courage to take her place.
  13. The amount of African and Muslim kids at the Catholic junior school my grandson goes to is a lot more than when my daughter's attended the same school in the early 90s.
  14. I honestly think a lot of that is down to each person's circumstances i have worked with Roma Slovaks who came through an agency 5 of them lived in the same house so with their combined wages it didn't matter if their was no work for a couple of them on the other hand a lad who now works with us was on the dole for a year saying that he would not take the risk working for an agency on zero hour contracts when his rent and council tax was being paid for by being on the dole.
  15. Same as WILF says mate not so much cowards it's that folk have been in most case's brainwashed by the media and the establishment i came to the firm conclusion that the final nail was hammered into the coffin when Rotherham had it's biggest protest march ever when the grooming gang scandal broke the news . It was estimated 10 thousand marched through the town pathetic when you think about it as most of the protesters came from other parts of the country.
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