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  1. tatsblisters

    Starting to think dogs and go-pros don’t mix

    Bought one myself and was quite impressed with the footage I filmed under water in Cape Verde and Greece SOCOO the make was of ebay carnt remember the price though it was not over £50.
  2. tatsblisters

    Good read

    Like I said its each to their own but claiming greyhounds were the best dog's for lamping and using torches and crossbows for the taking of pheasants I found a bit daft tbh.
  3. tatsblisters

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    TBH mate I have never tried the trainer type those I have looked at have had flat soles with hardly any tread witch I thought would be uncomfortable with walking on a hard concrete floor all shift a workmate recently bought some for £15 off e bay and after a shift he was hobbling about saying they were murder on his feet but I believe they were a narrow fitting .
  4. tatsblisters

    RIP Geoff Fletcher (Sowhat)

    R.I.P .Old miner . Seen him a few years back at Highgate flapping track a well known figure on the non ped scene he came across as a knowledgeable man on the type of dogs he kept.
  5. tatsblisters


    Seen my MP Sarah Champion now changing her tune she has more sides than a ten bob bit .
  6. tatsblisters

    Good read

    Well I read this book wile on holiday and left it in the hotel library each to their own on methods used .
  7. tatsblisters

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    Remember my cousin having one in the early 70s with a tube on top that fed pellets into it when cocked like as been said realy a plinking gun just thank full we had BSA and Webley about back in the day who made far more superior air guns.
  8. tatsblisters

    Safety work shoes/trainers

    On my third pair of these with working in a warehouse and according to a work mate who did one of them step app things reckons we do on average 14 miles walking a shift these boots are the best I have had .
  9. tatsblisters

    Safety work shoes/trainers

  10. tatsblisters


    Pure garbage a lot like that silly fecker Corbyn .
  11. tatsblisters


    All my early lamping pics were took when I got home after waking the missis up who was not best pleased to come down stairs to take a picture of me with a nights catch.lol
  12. tatsblisters

    Myxomatosis already ?

    That's true thankfully .I remember the tales some of the old boys told me about mixy when it was first introduced in the 50s I believe that wiped out nearly all of the rabbit population in some area's.
  13. tatsblisters

    Myxomatosis already ?

    Still hard to believe this disease is still as deadly and about from when it was first introduced in the 50s.
  14. tatsblisters

    Good read

    Good on you mate.
  15. tatsblisters

    The Italians have got the right idea

    China have got the right idea.