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  1. Been on a few hunts in the past including the Eccelsfeild beagles and tbh never found any snobbery seen it lots of times with some of the tweed clad shooting fraternity though.
  2. Them Korum chairs are the dogs bollox but not cheap.
  3. That was purposely done by the media as it was commentators from ITV.
  4. If labour ever get in witch could be a possibility now with Boris's handling of this pandemic though lucky for him we have a wile before the next GE i reckon their will be more restrictions .
  5. Keep at it pal you will enjoy looking back on them in years to come i am glad i took loads of photos years ago to look at them now and again and see old mates who are no longer here.
  6. Looks a belter that mate. I said when my old lurcher has gone i wouldn't bother with another though i would be tempted if some one bred them like this type . I kept a mix of this breeding years ago and was happy with them they were also easy to live with.
  7. Ye that's them really nice people a few of us joined even though non of us had permission and our coursing was always poaching.
  8. I can remember the couple who ran the national coursing club tent at big shows though I can't remember their names.
  9. Pro shot UK. I put an OTT band on it as the band that came with it was TTF. Trying to find who I ordered the bands off on ebay has they have been very good and that's my last one.
  10. Just christened my new scout pretty impressed with it as I am not the best of shots but getting their.
  11. Almost impossible to do any physical work for a long period in one the visors are not much better i ended up buying one of them plastic type mask off ebay and it's a lot better than the cloth face mask.
  12. I believe statements like this that's come straight from the horse's mouth so to speak rather than some conspiracy theories on the pandemic tbh
  13. That Scottish wildcat seems high . Them frames with the Butterfly's and Moths seem reasonable.
  14. tatsblisters


    Their shocking mate and not worth over50 notes.
  15. tatsblisters


    Just an heads up on working boots i bought some V12 Bison lightweight boots for work they are garbage the leather after 2days ware in a pretty clean enviroment started going white were the leather creased and cracked. Chinese crap that i would not have bought if i had known though i have received a full refund for them from the ebay sellar.
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