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  1. tatsblisters


    Yep mine did the same with some books that were bought as Christmas presents plus the old man was a member of readers digest and some books on wildlife came from them. One I still have is the one on british birds.
  2. True. Got half a dozen Lithuanian and Polish plus a family of Chinks on our road and their all as good as gold and they all go out to work not dossing about smoking weed and drinking all day.
  3. Well I can only speak of my grandparents who were hard working folk and them on my fathers side raised 7 kids and when most of the back to back terraced houses were demolished late 40s and early 50s moved into brand new large 3 bed council houses on new estates with large gardens that they kept like palaces as they knew how lucky they were and did not abuse what they got. With the right to buy what the torys brought in most were bought for them by their grown up kids. I don't see how it's there fault if nearby properties are still owned by the council and the council decide to put scumbags in
  4. Here's betting your council especially those who make decisions on who gets council property's are some university brainwashed left wing doo gooder who have never lived on a council estate and think it's great to put junkies and other scumbags smack in the middle of people who work or are retired and take a bit of pride in their council property whether they have bought it or not. My street thank feck as returned to normality after a family has moved on after the landlord decided to sell it due to all the grief they were causing and the sad thing is the woman was the daughter of a good mate of
  5. See their pushing the shingles vaccine now. I got shingles about 5 years ago and felt shite and it took best part of a month to clear up but no way would I have a vaccine for it and part of that's down to how the establishment conned and put pressure with threats of loosing your job and not being able to travel with the covid jab.
  6. Like i said those who are settled nearby are usually not the problem from my experience when my mate had his dog's stolen in the early 90s it was by them on the move most of the time though one of the dog's was recovered from an house they had in Edgware London after a tipp off from another traveller .
  7. You must have eyes like an hawk . What a cracking find did the nightjar fly off the egg's.
  8. I think it's a very small percentage that wouldn't have you over mate mainly them that's settled nearby you. I think it's madness having them around your place or allotment if you keep birds or dogs.
  9. It is mate especially in parts of Sheffield and Rotherham there is thousands of them and no one has ever come up with what benefits they have brought to the country.
  10. I walked through Rotherham town yesterday on my way to work and the amount of Roma Slovaks that now reside in Rotherham is terrible two big fat ones came riding past on one of them double mobility scooters and I thought ffs their is only one reason them fekers have come to this country for and it's not the fekin weather but for the free money in benefits.
  11. Still fiddling about with the camera on this s24 ultra and with not being to good with technology it's trial and error. Lol
  12. Just had the letter from the the council telling you what you need as photographic evidence it's you and what to do if you can't get to vote for various reasons which I will not be able to do with being on holiday in Spain. For the first time in my life when I reached voting age I really can't be arsed to phone the number up on the letter to sort a postal vote out how I am feeling with all the delusional and shite that's coming from these politicians and I reckon it's a forgone conclusion that Labour are going to get in.
  13. Don't hardly drink much at all these days but like a couple of these to help with the Sunday night blues knowing I have work tomorrow.
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