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  1. tatsblisters


  2. tatsblisters


    Been bad here as bad as 2007 the firm I work for did not have the sense to call the vans back to the depot and one lads van ended up stranded on the roundabout at parkgate retail world.
  3. tatsblisters

    Another Bird in the Hand

    I can highly recommend this book and cheers Bill this book has took my mind off a few shity incidents ive had in the last few weeks.
  4. tatsblisters

    Holidays next year.

    Dubrovnic next year any body been and is the fishing any good.
  5. tatsblisters

    The Election

    We all do.
  6. tatsblisters

    Game Of Thrones

    Just saying to the mrs think we will start watching it again to mindfully escape all the politics and Brexit nonsense plus we have booked an holiday to Dubrovnic for next year to familiarise us with the place.lol
  7. tatsblisters


    That's true mate especially in our area south Yorkshire it amazes me how Labour party MP.S are romantising the 84/85 miners strike when in reality they gave us fekall support then under Kinnock though I am glad to say a lot of ex pitmen like me will be voting for the Brexit party but I still reckon south yorks will still be under labour.
  8. tatsblisters

    The Election

    I don't know about anybody else but my f****n heads batterd with it all wish I had the time and money to feck off up to the Orkneys and stop in a remote cottage till its all over.
  9. tatsblisters

    The Election

    Bang on WILF I am prepaired to have a 100 pound bet that labour will keep their 3 seats in my town of Rotherham despite us voting to leave.
  10. tatsblisters

    Funny Joke Thread

    Two lads at work have been sacked this week one for making a comment on some facebook page and the other sending a joke in private messenger I realy do fekin despair about this snowflake generation.
  11. tatsblisters

    Another Brexit?

    Any body else like me have had a fekin belly full of it all its obviouse a large majority of MP.S do not want us to leave and the shit house of a labour party would be screaming for a GE if they thought they had any chance of winning one.
  12. tatsblisters

    Canning town commuters

    I agree with a lot you are saying WILF just out of intrest has your view on the miners strike of 84/85 changed at all when ordinary working class folk like me and thousands more downed tools and said feck that.
  13. tatsblisters

    Canning town commuters

    I would have been sticking the boot into the fuckers aswell it must be an every day stress travelling on the tube to reach work at peak time without those fekin idiots disrupting your day.
  14. tatsblisters

    Wine drinkers.

    I only have a drink Saturday night witch is a bottle of red wine usualy lindermans carbenet sauvion or their merlot wich is reasonably priced and found it a decent drop of wine tbh.
  15. tatsblisters

    Climate crazies

    Never a truer word spoken WILF I remember taking part in the largest march my town has ever seen and tbh was a bit disappointed with some mates who chose not to participate in the protest about the council and grooming gangs.