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  1. I reckon it will be a way of finding out if anyone breeding a litter are paying tax on money made through breeding dog's .
  2. LOL Peter and Jane fekin hell that jogged my memory from infant school.
  3. Some guns they are been watching some cracking vids on you tube with some lads in south Africa shooting monkey's with the FAC version's
  4. Hope everything works out okay for you. I have a niggling stomach since i had a bad dose of that Norovirus about 15 month ago its not been the same i am glad by turning 60 i have had that bowel testing kit come through the letter box just waiting for the results to come back as with this pandemic i have not bothered to seek any medical advice .
  5. Just seen a so called expert on sky news saying by mixing these vaccines it will give a stronger immunity to this virus then saying that's what he thinks FFS we can all think bollox to suit.
  6. They would stand in a bucket of shit if told to undermining some T and Cs in the workplace when poor management are at the helm admittedly most poles Lithuanians and Latvians are sound hard grafting lad's the Roma Slovaks on the other hand I have found to be mostly fat lazy smelly fekers.
  7. Morgan Porth is the only place i have been down their as a 11 year old but still remember it . It's a place i will have to holiday again some day.
  8. FFS been watching the news and now their on about mixing different makes of the said vaccine if this vaccine is not one big fekin experiment I'm a fekin China man.
  9. Not to mention one of the dirtiest job's I though after doing it for a wile give me the hod carrier job any day which i did for year's after leaving the pit.
  10. Then their is the habitual dog thieves one whose name or his offspring has cropped up recently on social media and who nicked my mates dogs in the 90s and was responsible for the theft of Brookies dogs a member on here some years back . It looks like the said dog thief is still carrying on without any serious repercussions .
  11. Anyone know what breed of dog these scumbags are targeting .The Daughter is on about breeding her springer cases like this is enough to put anybody off breeding certain breeds.
  12. No pal he just got reliable lads and runs his own job's now he did not do any physical work but he is far from a lazy twat as a youngun he would carry a sack of pheasants all night when he used to come poaching with me and his Dad.lol
  13. Same with them dryliners my mate who was running some big job's in S.Yorks said it was a nightmare with some of the lads from Rotherham and a big hitter from the area was given the job to get lads that did not take the piss.
  14. We stayed at a lodge at the side of Lochindorb not far away from Grantown though it was not organised by the chap mentioned i can't recall the name of the place it was near Athol and i remember ferreting near a caravan park near the castle.
  15. Sorry for going off subject a bit did any lads on hear ever go on them hawking holidays up Scotland organised by a chap with the surname Pattinson .
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