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  1. Dig-deep-draw-charlie


    I got 1 of him, they are a good job
  2. Dig-deep-draw-charlie


  3. Dig-deep-draw-charlie


  4. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Falconry and lamping motor

    Lol suppose that would probly do a better job lol
  5. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Falconry and lamping motor

    I am lol But I was looking at that stuff they coat the paint work with that will reduce scratches
  6. Dig-deep-draw-charlie


    f**k me! That’s a stamp of a terrier!
  7. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Kennel bedding

    Not on my ranch!
  8. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Falconry and lamping motor

    To much to use as a hunting bus lol
  9. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Kennel bedding

    That better???
  10. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Kennel bedding

    There’s the mats in mine, the barrel and insulated box are the terriers and the industructable box is the Lurcher the only thing not on the kennels are the rubber flaps, no need for them in the summer imo..... he looks comfy to me
  11. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Kennel bedding

    I got mine of a farmer, he had a few spare and I asked him for them, I have 1 cut out for the back of the pickup,
  12. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Kennel bedding

    I have rubber cow mats now in mine, haven’t had a problem , lift them out and power house them of, dry in no time, all that shredded paper and shavings go everywhere! Then when the weather turns I will put in a couple of old towels or something that I won’t lose any sleep over if they shred them!
  13. Dig-deep-draw-charlie


    That’s the way I have mine done, stuck up in the corner side on, I like to have them face on so I can look out the window and see onto them, missus doesn’t, if she had her way they wouldn’t be there lol
  14. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Falconry and lamping motor

    Mine, few teething issues with it at the start, dpf etc but now it’s all sorted its a great going jeep, don’t have the big tyres on it yet as still summer. Just gotta get the lift kit on it, back of it has plenty of room!
  15. Dig-deep-draw-charlie

    Anshultz 1417 outing

    It’ looks small because it is a small rifle.... lol .. . Also that not exactly a Suzuki jimmy sitting beside it, it’s a Big motor deker