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  1. Out for a couple of hours this morning on the hill…… not long in the door….. baby sitter arranged, me and the missus out for dinner….. all out the window, was a sticky dig lol
  2. Mate it’s gonna come, Facebook and egos…… never a good cocktail
  3. That’s the 3, still working lol I couldn’t see past Garmin in fairness
  4. Yeah mate, they are only a couple of months old ffs
  5. Does gps does spare antennas??? My pups decided to chew 3 of them in the trailer at the weekend lol
  6. Who where u ordering of???
  7. We are using the atenos 100 now, good bit of kit can link 2 together
  8. When there is snow on the ground I always phone in sick lol
  9. Every squad has 1, we have about 5 lol I just can’t wait for the first frost! Booked a load of days of work for end of November and into December
  10. Ur there for moral support mate when it gets abit tight lol aye same up here, ground isn’t like concrete no more
  11. Happy days lads! Big man getting less shy on the shovel lol never left the house today myself, get a spin out during the week tho
  12. I got the new 1 of best deer call, just for price of mind if anything goes wrong! Used it last season it’s a good bit of kit
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