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  1. Not been on here much lately nor been getting out due to a few things, but took the old dog out and a Young, bitch, over the moon!
  2. 9 hour round trip, collected my dog pup today. The fella is a gentleman, pot of tea and sandwiches waiting! Spent a good 2 hours talking! Cheers mate!
  3. Young bitch, year old in a a couple of weeks, just under 16 inch 21lb
  4. I was told about bigger tyres aswell, I will phone them tomorrow and pickle their brains for an hour, I seen them for some crazy prices!
  5. Anybody on this any experience or knowledge with lift kits?? I have a 1998 fourtrak an I am wanting to lift it, been looking online and to be honest it I may aswell be trying to read Swahili lol u could write what I know about cars on the back of a stamp with a crayon!
  6. Pup getting big, making the big dog look small now! Year old next month
  7. No mTe, it’s a greyhound! But that would be an interesting cross!!
  8. I have the red brick had it for 4 years but started end of last season to skip a beat so I am gonna buy the Barryvox, used 1 last year down digging with a fella and it was a good job!
  9. She’s no spring chicken either, may just try a younger dog! It’s my fault for leaving it so long! But I have options, a mate is breeding a big coursing bitch to a bull, pup will be first gen bull x, not ideal for cover but it’s better than a kick in the stones and I know where it’s coming from
  10. All good mate u? Would have looked better if she never had a false pregnancy! Think the old dog is firing blanks lol
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