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  1. Mine still abit pupish, keen to chase tho, just not knowing wat to chase, pheasants are his main thing at the min lol still plenty of summer time left
  2. About 27 mate, thought he would have been abit bigger, now it’s just a waiting game till the season
  3. There’s abit of everything in them, from welsh hound to terrier, a mate of here bred them
  4. 2 young hound pups, litter brothers
  5. My big pup this morning, around 27/28 inch
  6. Heard that from the fella that bred them, mine has seen nothing yet but plenty of time, he still a big daft pup
  7. I hate that “animal fighting” phrase, boils my piss! A fight is a staged event, retards! Also the survey the league against cruel sports done recommended answers! If ya went into a polling booth and it recommended who ya voted for the entire thing would be called of! But still Facebook ain’t helping, boys hunting to have egos stroked! That’s been the downfall, look at that last investigation they done, was all based around Facebook! All these “secret groups” they where looking at lol And they where the biggest pack of ejits to ever own a dog, all that and the rest has just give them enough amm
  8. He emailed me back lol I just copied and paste and changed the name I would say lol
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