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  1. I don’t think he could have laced that bitches boots mate! That bitch was a different kettle of fish at a fox! But that b*****d would have went in and f****d about for an hour or 2 at a soft 1, but that bitch was a a fox only and only dropped on fox
  2. My mate has 1, I have tried everything to get her, he’s having none of it lol that’s here the brown and white headed 1, the tricolour Russell I had a few years back, she was a demon at foxes! Would give anything to have her back
  3. Doesn’t look it lol I don’t give a flying f**k if it bolted the fox or stayed till dug!! I had a fox only and worse mistake ever was to move it on! But kennel space was an issue then!
  4. Another late 1 last night, seen this big dog fox walk up the same field a few times and through a hedge, heading home yesterday 1 of the boys said f**k it go over and see if there’s a hole, got over the hedge with a small torch and there it was!
  5. My cousin has to re-home her 9 month Malinois dog, she has no time for him, he’s a big dog and she just can’t handle him! He’s from working stock, he had be reared with young kids and house trained, if anybody is interested drop me a message, will try and get her to send me a couple of pics
  6. Nothing like a roof top hot tub over looking Belfast, defrosting after a days digging lol
  7. Hopefully it’s blowing this direction! Lol
  8. No snow here! I would love it! We are just getting that snow/rain stuff, out tomorrow to scare a few so fingers crossed!
  9. Bump......retirement home awaiting lol
  10. Out today, checks a few earths with mates bitch, nothing then fell back to a good hole dropped the old dog, hard enough dig in a stone wall, never had it there before, would rather the 6ft than that again
  11. Bitch pup coming up to 8 months! Didn’t realise how big she was till the mate was holding her, in fairness pics don’t do her any justice!
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