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  1. I am out at the min mate, when I get back I will get a pic of the bitch up, she’s a lump!
  2. He would mark the odd1 but wouldn’t say he was a marking lurcher
  3. He would mark the odd1 but wouldn’t say he was a marking lurcher
  4. Jesus Christ!.....tell ya wat I would pay for, I would pay for u to f**k clean of and starting shagging ur sister or wat ever it is u inbred creatures get up to......
  5. Get him to join in, but keep the weight to where he is banging out 15 - 18 reps, high reps low weight will still give the muscle a good enough work out as heavy weight low reps but obviously without the strain on his joints! But make sure he eats, everybody wants a workout plan, without getting a diet plan! The gym is the fun part! It’s the eating that the hard part! For a few years there I was winging it and thought I was doing good, till I started going with a few bodybuilders from work (while I was a doorman) then I seen how wrong I was lol now I am all about the food!
  6. I have the harkila smock, 3 years now still as good as the day I got it, I use it for everything, from digging to deer stalking
  7. Looks like abit we do, we run them to the lurchers, take a while getting round but always good for a fox or 2 and the hounds always get a good hunt!
  8. Probly mate, only bitch I have here, but it’s a long way of yet
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