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  1. Good session that mate well done. Cheers Arry
  2. Arry


    The most common sources of spasms include overused muscles and dehydration. Prolonged writing or typing can lead to hand cramping from overuse of the muscles. Other reasons for cramping are low levels of calcium and magnesium. Numerous things can affect your calcium level, but the usual culprit is vitamin D deficiency. Cheers Arry
  3. Lamb Roast. Cheers Arry
  4. Out with the Ferrets again. Cheers Arry
  5. Backs aching from metal detecting yesterday but we had arranged to go ferreting. Cheers Arry
  6. Right mate this is from the little pasty book. If you buy some pastry from Morrison buy the Morrisons own the just roll one is shit for pasties. Unroll it cut in half and work it back into two equal balls then roll out into two circles. Use quantities This will make two good size pasties Add good amount of salt and black pepper and a knob of butter. Hope this is some help. Cheers Arry
  7. Where I have found others mate was near an old range but all covered in now except the butts. This was a single in open field. The others .450 and .557 near the range all have groves where the cartridge held the bullet. This one could be paper cartridge or muzzle loading. Cheers Arry
  8. Out yesterday for few hours not much lumps of lead which I've started to keep, 3 washers ffs a plane oval horse brass, Broken buckle a coin with faces gone other crap. But did find a Lead Token. And a Bullet think it from a musket as no grove on the bullet from a casing. Weighing 33 grams fare lump if that hit you. I have found others of the same caliber but they have the groves from the cartridge. Cheers Arry
  9. Going to have a very sore ass in a men prison LOL. Cheers Arry
  10. I feel moaning on here will do no good apart from venting anger. I wrote to my MP Anthony Mangnall on the migrant problem amongst other things tired to a rant about hospitals, ambulances, care in the community, what used to be Council old folks homes the state of the roads ie pot holes. Cheers Arry Just got a generic Reply. Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns which I read with interest. I welcome the Prime Minister has already taken early action to tackle the problems the country faces by stabilising the economy, providing support with the c
  11. Smoked haddock. Cheers Arry
  12. Could try soaking in Butter Milk ( milk with a lemon juice ) then coat in flour, then dip in whisked egg then coat with Panko Bread crumbs. Paxo do a Southen Fried Bread Crumbs I tried Chicken in Air fried the other night IMO good. Cheers Arry
  13. I did that one day with my old site wellies. I did realise after a minute or so but was a pain in the ass trying to hold the detector at arm length. f**k off home in the end Lol. Cheers Arry
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