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  1. Yea mate seen that one and another similar to the one I have but the Burton - McCall one did not have the rivets proud but flush. Good luck with it Joe. Cheers Arry
  2. I have this one Joe but think it's a copy mate. It's got BMG on the blade and made in Japan on the other side. Cheers Arry
  3. Must be hard mate. I'm retired so is my mate so we can chose when we go. But I want to enjoy a days hunting not to go out and suffer, just crave some cold dry weather. Seems all to hell at the moment it blew a b*****d and pissed down all day today and another one the same to come tomorrow. Cheers Arry
  4. I can't remember a winter as wet as this one. Lots of crops knackered, some farmers still trying to keep stock out which is poaching the ground up. Most of the maze was f****d or harvested late and gone mouldy so they are short of winter feed. Barley has poor germination or the seed rotted in the ground, stubble fields still stubble. Out ferreting on one farm recently up to are ankles in sloppy mud, turned to my mate said do you know I'm really not enjoying this mate. He replied I'm the same. I don't mind getting wet but hauling the gear around drying the gear out getting the purse nets and long nets plastered. Oh for a good frosty still morning when you can hear the rabbit rattle and they come flying out. Cheers Arry
  5. Arry


    Nice write up mate, You're as good with the pen as you are with the gun. Really enjoyed that thank you, keep them coming. Cheers Arry
  6. Raining and blowing a b*****d again. Been a wet old winter this year, only had a few frosts and none of them was hard enough to make the ground solid. Been so mild the rabbits have young in already. Cheers Arry
  7. It happened in the Totnes mate, Theres a big red sandstone church in the centre of the town. The town council decided to take all the grave stones down and sell the to a reformation yard as paving stones. Their excuse is to make some green space for people to walk dog have picnics and the smack head to jack up. It's bloody disgusting in my view. My mate was in the reformation yard when they came in thats how I know where they went. Cheers Arry
  8. Christ mate thats a belter, well done. Cheers Arry
  9. Arry

    Night out .....

    Happy birthday Ken. Cheers Arry
  10. Arry


    I probably not the best to help here but I'll try and help, What are you after mate? Put a key word in the search box and it should come up with a list of posts with it in. Cheers Arry
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