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  1. Arry


    My lad wife's parents had Ridgebacks nice dogs mate, Good luck with that one. Cheers Arry
  2. Arry


    Well seems they have just vote and Boris or Hunt will not be able to fully suspend parliament. So it's back to Stalemate. MP's now know all they have to do is keep voting any deal down and we never leave. Only hope is the Brexit Party. Cheers Arry
  3. Arry


    Mines the same Sarah Wollaston was in favour of leave then changed her mind to remain. Walked across the floor from Tory to the new Change Party. Now left the Change Party to become an Independent MP. Now talking about becoming a Lib - Dem. No wonder we can't get a decision on Brexit. Cheers Arry
  4. Arry


    Think I misunderstood where you were coming from. I don't know how mate. But if they suspend parliament to do it I'd be happy with that. Christ this does need sorting. We need to move on. Don't think I could trust any MP's any more. They have deserted the people. Cheers Arry
  5. Arry


    Well lets hope somebody get us out of the EU and I don't care how they do it. Our Mp's are not prepared to up hold the result of the democratic referendum. The EU only want to give us a crap deal. Michel Barnier on the box today saying May's deal is the only deal and it's not up for negotiation and leave at your peril, or words to that affect. So what are we left with. Oh okay we will say in and remain and you can carry on fleecing us. Or tell the EU to stuff it. Leave with no deal is the only option now the b*****ds will never give a good deal. Get us out. Cheers Arry
  6. Arry


    No idea Micky, just a conversation. Cheers Arry
  7. Like a rose among the thorns. Cheers Arry
  8. Thats amazing footage, that Owl looks small than the prey. Cheers Arry
  9. Don't know if any body or their kids are interested, took a few shots of different stages and colour changes. Cheers Arry
  10. Arry


    I was talking about this thread to a mate a how somebody had one on his cock. Thats feck all he say one of his mates went to Powderham Castle for a concert and was sitting on the grass all the time, ended up with fourteen on his todger and ballocks. Mind it is a deer park for most of the year. Cheers Arry
  11. Just 4 or 5 on this one mate, think theres a few square yards left to get your towel down. Honestly mate all joking aside it was bloody beautiful, so many locals do not appreciate were they live. My father alway said you have to appreciate it and god he was right. Cheers Arry
  12. Arry

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Cheers Arry
  13. Sorry about the fingers. Mattiscombe sands near Startpoint nice little beach for the family or fishing after every body gone home and into the dark. Worth finding if your down this way on holiday. Could be any were in the world when its like this. Cheers Arry