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  1. I'm thinking of trying to get my shoulders to take the weight not my neck, if you get were I'm coming from. Cheers Arry
  2. Lads have any you guys managed to alter the straps so they don't give your neck f**k. I've only recently changed to quick sets nets, and yea they are good. But when picking up especially if there is some sticks etc in the net it gives my neck some stick, mind I am getting on a bit. I have thought about a strap from the bottom of one corner of the basket through the neck strap and then back down too the other corner, just thinking on a quick release method. Cheers Arry
  3. Zinc is the answer, try it. Cheers Arry
  4. Got to say Wilf I do like "Jerusalem" . Cheers Arry
  5. Arry

    The Election

    I've been waiting no sport yet. Just get the pamphlets, don't think they got the bottle around here. Cheers Arry
  6. Try taking Zinc Tablets mate works for me. It's the closest thing to a cure for the Common Cold. Supposed to put lead in your pencil as well Lol. Cheers Arry
  7. I've always wished our National Anthem was "Land of Hope and Glory" Just my own opinion. Cheers Arry
  8. Arry


    Sounds like the bigger picture are corrupted some how, don't ask no idea. Cheers Arry
  9. Arry


    Just wondered mate as I tried to upload a picture from my nephew once and it didn't like that type of file. Have you tried o photo you have posted before as a test? Cheers Arry
  10. Arry


    Is it a jpeg mate? Cheers Arry
  11. Arry


    Posted a pic about an hour ago no probs. Have you tried shutting down and a restart, often cures a lot of things? Good luck Atb. Cheers Arry
  12. When I was about 14 I kept on and on that I wan't a dog, all my mates had Jack Russell's and Fox Terrier's. Then one day my father came back from the pub with a cross poodle with I think Skye Terrier which he had taken off a bloke that was hitting and kicking it, you wouldn't wan't to argue with my old man. To say I was gutted would be a massive under statement, I didn't wan't to know it. Father kept on to me about taking it out with the ferrets, for ages I wouldn't. Then one day I did start taking it out and hoped to god I would not be seen by my mates. Well this scruffy little cross took to it like a duck to water, would mark in, flush out and as I was solo ferreting he would sit watching one side of a hedge and I would stand on top. If a rabbit bolted he would pin it to the ground giving me time to get there. In the end I didn't have to worry about my mates they would come and borrow him if I could not go. I found this old picture of Skippy the poodle cross and my mates Jack Russell and scanned it from mid sixty's. Cheers Arry
  13. Tie a clove hitch on to the ring then a half hitch through each loop of the meshes then another clove hitch after the last mesh onto the ring. I think you have already solved you own question by the sounds of it mate. I would use the same twine as the net is made of. Cheers Arry
  14. I'm right down in S.Devon FF as I said to the other lad few days back. I was offered some kits by a mate few weeks back who I've had ferrets off before, but before asking I'm guesting I'm too far away for you mate. Cheers Arry
  15. Arry

    The Election

    That goes for me to Fred. Corbyn PM is a very frightening thought he would have Sub's without missiles Solders with out bullets just a flower stuck in the barrel of the guns planes without bombs. Hunting would go if he had his way. We would live in a bankrupt country. As for the Lying Lib - Anti Dem's say no more. Campaigned for a referendum then when they get the result go against the people and want to renege on it. Campaign to scrape tuition fees then get a bit of power jump into bed with the Torys and renege on that. Oh how we can trust them. Cheers Arry
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