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  1. Thats exactly what puts me off these days....
  2. Just wait for some lurcher to lurcher pups that do mainly what you want. That’ll be your best option.
  3. Try googling.... gundogsdirect.co.uk , look under other dogs near top of page, have a good scroll through.
  4. Worlds smallest lab or patterdale or neither
  5. I joined a Facebook whippet x bedlington forum.....me thinking it’s for working dogs, but all that get posted are threads/photos regarding how cute their dog looks.....they’re so popular as pets these days.
  6. Tyla....what’s the rough height please
  7. God I’ve always loved the look of these two......in my experience dogs like these provide me with more fun than an out n out lurcher
  8. Springer, cocker, sprocker. Or these cross terrier. I’m in same boat with my next dog. Lurchers these days seem to attract attention that I don’t need. I just mooch and practice with a catapult Lots of pics on here of spaniel x terriers.....I’m guessing odd one might drop down a hole, which I don’t want.
  9. How do you find them? Only bushed with Russell’s n collies.
  10. After losing my springer lurcher I was considering getting a cocker x whippet or springer x just for general mooching about. Gaza on here kindly pointed out a cocker x whippet litter out, I really wanted one but I’m still too raw with my loss. From the pics I’m not sure if it was whippet...maybe lurcher (which also would have been perfect) I’ll check if there’s are still any left. It was at County Durham. Been in touch with the seller, unfortunately they sold last week.
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