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  1. Whippet I had was a hard little dog, he didn’t work brambles, but he would fly into them if he spotted one. He was a smaller stocky type. One thing I will say his skin was good looking back, only ever got one skin tear when he was a pup on his chest....which was a miracle looking back. My little old lurcher has got skin like tissue, she only had to catch a branch and that was it. Other good thing about whippets I’ve found they shut off nicely in the house. I used to go out with two old blokes when I was a kid, they had a tiny blue whippet which they rescued from side of a motorway....they name
  2. I think £700-750ish. I’ve never paid much for dogs in past, that’s a big jump for me, however he did say he’ll talk about price when I asked .....that’s if I do go for one.
  3. My current bitch Is bed/whippet x collie/grey/whippet, she’s 19 inch and to be fair she hasn’t been much of a working dog.....too nervous.... she’s twelve now. My springer x lurcher was amazing but her life got cut short at 8. I said I wasn’t going to get another lurcher, but I can’t help but get tempted. I did consider a jack Russell x springer, cocker x bedlington whippet and recently saw a working lab x whippet. I also been considering a whippet ( was my first dog 36 year since ago). All would do what I want I guess, but a little bed x whip does take my fancy. You finding much differe
  4. How have you found the beddy x whippet first cross? Just curious, I haven’t fully decided what dog I’m getting next. I just mooch about these days, I’m not really too bothered these days if the dogs don’t catch, I just love to watch them hunt up and have the odd chase...and in my case these days it’s usually squirrels and pheasants.
  5. Thanks all. Seems a genuine litter....I just heard a few say in past no brindle in first cross.
  6. Just a quick question. If whippet is black bitch and bedlington sire......is it possible to have some brindle rough pups in litter....the rest been grey rough coats. I always thought they were grey rough/ broken 1st cross...., or is it possible if the bedlington has other terrier in its breeding? The dam is definitely a whippet. Just wondered as I was looking at a litter, looked a nice whippet and bedlington....but didn’t expect brindle in litter.
  7. Rosie....... springer x lurcher....about 21 inch.....she knew her craft well and was a pleasure to watch...many lovely memories.
  8. Love small lurchers.........anyone got any pics of small whippet type lurchers they’ve worked and details of breeding. Thanks.
  9. Nice that. I was lucky and found a freebie pouch in an order from catty shack. It’s sort of like faux leather/ like what some pouches are made of. Looks well made and should last ages.
  10. A very tiny pet Russell. A small rescued border collie bitch.
  11. Never had a pure spaniel. I used to mooch with a springer x lurcher. I had the best time of my life walking through woodlands and fields with that bitch. I’m sure a pure springer will put plenty of game in front of you. It’s what they love to do.
  12. I’m probably wrong....but didn’t he have a whippet x Lakeland.....thinking about it...it may have been that other fella....who used to work a white dog with black patch......( was it les white........I reckon I’m way off, it’s years since I looked through my old shooting news). I couldn’t believe it other day I picked up the countrymans weekly to look at in WHSmith....it’s now gone back to the old small style......saying that could have been like this for a few year, there was barely anything in it.
  13. Few weeks back an Alsatian killed a dog ( cocker x poodle) in the local woods. I’ve heard a few versions of the story, but basically the Alsatian was on a very long lead and it attacked the other dog. They managed to get it off the cocker cross, twenty yards further on it collapsed and died. Thing is the Alsatian owner said it’s the second time it’s done it.....wow.
  14. One thing I will say about my beardie/border x greyhound was that he was the most laid back dog I have ever come across...he loved to just sleep at home. If a chucked a ball for him he would not move a muscle. If my nephews came in the house...no joke he would leave his bed and go for a sleep in his kennel. However take him out for a walk and he switched to a totally different dog. I was only a rabbit hunter but he was mad for foxes.
  15. I’ve had pure border collies, collie greyhounds half cross, beardie x border greyhound. All the pure border collies lamped and ferreted well. However if you work land that is thin with game some border collies don’t have the drive to find a scent and would be happy just treating it as a casual stick finding walk.....some border collies do have the hunting up drive though. The beardie border x greyhound....lamped and worked with ferrets well. However he lived to hunt regardless of there been little scent, he was always search, nose down head up. He ventured further than my border coll
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