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  1. Nice unusual breed, always gets my ears twitching. Do you have a side on pic?
  2. Lovely scenery and dogs.....keeps you young.
  3. I had a collie bitch that was rescued......it had a litter of pups at ten months old. Anyway it took to hunting like you wouldn’t believe. She was lightly built, small and a natural scrounger. I ferreted, lamped and hunted with her in the day time. She was a top notch bushing bitch......couldn’t move as quick through bramble as my small jacks could, but she would crawl on her belly if needed. She developed her own style of hunting, in certain cases it almost seemed like she knew where she wanted to push the rabbit out to. Negatives I can think of.........bramble stuck to her tail and she was prone to just fly off hunting up sometimes and forget I existed. Her scrounging was her failing as the vet reckoned she’d eaten something that had been laced with poison. I wouldn’t get one for daytime work personally ....and I love collies. I think it’s a bit of a gamble as some collies don’t seem to have that natural daytime hunting drive to seek the game if it’s thin on the ground. I would sooner have a springer x or springer x collie, or in my case my springer x lurcher.
  4. A hand in the bush........By Deborah addington......for the bushing connoisseur.
  5. And you came across this looking for.............?
  6. One of my dogs was show bred, from very good show lines, but by Christ you’d be hard pushed to find a hardier keen working whippet. Some whippets these days seem a bit too lanky.
  7. Nice those and a handy size.
  8. On the subject of terrier crosses I saw a bloke walking his newly rescued dog other day, what a beauty. It was a bedlington cross patterdale that had the physical shape and size of a bedlington but was pure black. I bet that would have made some interesting whippet x pups.
  9. Bet he couldn’t believe his luck when you turned up. My springer lurcher is the best squirrel dog I’ve owned, very crafty, although she’s turned her attention to pheasants the last three years. They cant half bite though, my little jack used to hate the bloody things, she had a couple hanging off her snout in her time.
  10. Love a nice rucksack. I’m also very rarely without mine.....always got a flask of tea in it....although I’ve gone down to the half litre now as the 1.2 litre flask was taking its toll on my shoulders...(I suffer with my muscles). Off topic, but the other thing I like is a good coat. I’ve just managed to get hold of the RAF blue goretex coat with removable liner off eBay (new £16.99)...usually about £30 ish....it’s bloody brilliant....massive double pockets at the bottom. Also treated myself to the Austrian gortex m65 style jacket, that was £45 though new, however the goretex in that is sandwiched within the coat so the outer layer of material ( which is water repellent to some extent) will eventually get wet which seems a bit daft, bloody nice coat though. My dogs caught a squirrel recently, it was a shame for the squirrel as it’s was safe, but it panicked and ran through some big hawthorn bushes then did this crazy impossible leap..... I must be getting a bit soft. What breed of lurcher is it looks nice.
  11. Bloody good rucksack if it’s the one I’m thinking of.....I’ve a couple. Using a little 15 litre osprey at the minute.
  12. It’s dogs like that in some weird sort of way seem to make the best ones. I know someone who’s got a young collie x Jack Russell......it’s a pet, but it’s got all the makings of a good mooching companion.
  13. Hello shaaark...your right I used to have a pure collie dog and bitch also had collie lurchers, 50 % of them had not too bad hunting instinct, the others would just be as happy trotting along a path looking for a twig to carry.......but that’s with regards to having the drive to look for game when there’s not a great deal about. If you were ferreting or lamping putting game in front of them no problem. I used to see old ladies walking there pet spaniels whose hunting instinct would knock the socks off my lurchers.That’s when I decided I needed some spaniel in there. From a young age the spaniel lurcher I have had the instinct to hunt I’d been after, she was crafty and clever with it. The other thing I like is she’s so trainable. On the down side unfortunately she is sensitive to thunder and other certain loud bangs, she does seem to tolerate the local shotguns though. Another annoying thing she’s started to do the last month (at full volume) is sound like a dog in distress when she’s marking a pheasant in a tree......of course this alerts everyone thinking a dogs hurt or something......need to get her out of this. My next lurcher will definitely be of similar breeding.
  14. Mines doing well if it’s any interest to you. In fairness I don’t lamp or ferret anymore with my dogs so she just hunts. She’s caught everything, but really she’s just a one for the pot type of dog. Her drive to hunt would knock the socks off any bedlington or collie type lurcher......and that’s not pulling bed or collie lurchers down by any means. I can only comment on mine as I haven’t seen others work. I would sooner take my chances with a pet springer x a pet lurcher over a working bred collie or bedlington lurcher.....but that’s just me.
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