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  1. Shortstraw

    Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

    Not read all the thread, but my little bitch is a hell of a fussy eater, sometimes she looks like a dog from a rspca advert. Only thing that really helps her is lamb ribs......she looks ace when I can get a supply of these. I also used to get fresh chicken carcasses, about 20/30 for a fiver..however one morning I came down stairs to sort the dogs out and the floor was covered in blood.....and I mean covered.......she went straight outside to do her business and blood was running through her. Anyway apparently she had picked something up from the chicken, can’t remember what, but I’m sure someoneone here might know. Never understood how as it was defrosted carefully etc, I must have done something wrong, but saying that my other bitch was fine. Couple of days later and she was back to normal.
  2. Shortstraw

    Odd things you see when your out.

    I was off out lamping with my mate, we had a stretch of straight road to walk before we get to the fields, either side of the road is woods......pitch black no street lights. I saw a car pull in the woods, knock his lights and continue driving to hide his car behind a holly bush. A minute later a little a fat little fella popped out of the woods, he scams straight over to us........he had a gun of sorts around his neck which he was waving at us........” f**k off from here there’s things going off tonight”, it was just gone twelve. Been young at the time we just legged it......given he had a gun I wasn’t hanging about. Anyway when we got out of the woods I noticed the lights on at the farm house......got them to phone the police. Anyway not long after the police had spoke to the fella and caught back up with us. It was an air pistol he had been waving at us. The police were aware of what had been going on.....which I’ll get to......roll forward a year later. ......About 10pm my mate was laying down in the drivers side of his car and his girlfriend laying in the other seat.....same road....my mate noticed he could no longer see the moon in his wing mirror, he suddenly noticed something move, so he banged hard on his car window and got out of the car....the bloke just walked way.....he had his head right in between the mirror and window. Another time on the same road, same scenario, but he heard something rustling near a tree just opposite the car, he got out and chucked a big brick, all of a sudden same fella popped out and chased my mate who shot off in the car. According to the policeman the fella with the gun was part of a group that used to wait around the woods for cars to pull up, they would then just watch them shag. Fella got away with a verbal warning. Best part for me was I recognised the blokes reg plate so I knew who it was.
  3. Shortstraw

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Not bothered about rumours.
  4. Shortstraw

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Don’t seem to see many 1st cross bedlington greyhounds these days....... I remember Gary Hoskers spud.....not sure if it was pure bed x grey and was fence hoppers a 1st cross......looked like a big bedlington.
  5. Shortstraw

    Tying up pouch

    Greyman.......thanks for the pics. That a great idea with the tubing, I’ll give it ago. c.green...... I’ve done a little more looking into the constrictor knot and the video I watched said to stretch the band before tying the knot. I’ve now watched the simpleshot video and he says only to stretch the band maybe an eighth of an inch which I suspose makes more sense. Im still learning, but it’s all good fun and thank goodness I haven’t hit my hand for a bit now because the last one has only just healed and it still a bit tender.
  6. Shortstraw

    Odd things you see when your out.

    Are they any good?
  7. Seen a few weird and funny things when out over the years....both day and night. I was recently just having a walk with the dogs and something caught my eye as I approached my car. Just to the side of the path is a wooded area, one of the trees had a big strip of bark missing, well that’s what I thought, curiosity got the better of me and walked a few yards back to check as something didn’t seem right. The tree in question was just two/three trees back in the wood. Anyway it wasn’t stripped bark, it was a rotting deer hung up....In full view....why oh why.
  8. Shortstraw

    Tying up pouch

    Tried tying on bands to pouch using a constrictor knot with marlow no4 whipping twine. I’ve watched how it’s done on the net, but I just don’t seem to be doing it right......in that after a few shots I believe it’s nipping and under stress it’s snapping the band. I reckon the reason maybe I’m tightening it up a bit too tight. In the vids you keep the knot slightly loose then stretch the bands a bit more then slide the knot back to the pouch, tighten a bit more and repeat a couple of times. I’m sure I’m just maybe nipping it a bit too tight. What you reckon and how do you tie yours on?
  9. Shortstraw

    Let this be a lesson

    My insurance is cheap, although it’s just gone up ( as it does with age) I think it was about £8 a month per dog and I have an excess of about 70/90 quid.
  10. Shortstraw

    Let this be a lesson

    I couldn’t believe a recent vet bill, basically a skin tear which need 8 stitches.....cost over £400...... she was insured , but it still really annoyed me how much they were charging. I haven’t got the confidence or experience to stitch my own, but many years ago my mother cleaned and stitched a chest cut on my whippet, no anaesthetic just stitched it, she was used to handling a needle and thread mind......healed perfect.
  11. Shortstraw

    Fibre optics on a catty

    Thanks for that......it’s a cracking looking catapult......is it a custom build?
  12. Just bought one of these band templates with fence......25-20mm. Made my life much easier. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F303113135599
  13. Shortstraw

    Fibre optics on a catty

    If you get chance can you post pic of it? cheers
  14. Shortstraw

    Going cheap!

    I thought my eyes were playing a tricks on me. Be able to get a Chinese replica of it next week for a fiver.
  15. Shortstraw

    After a catty

    I’ve just decided to treat myself. I’ve fancied one of these for quite some time now, but parting with cash isn’t something I find easy.......it’s the Target sniper ott/ttf. I’ve opted for the small version, although I do have quite large hands.....just think it will suit me better. I was torn between the scorpion the target sniper. If I’m right I think I read in a post of yours it’s a bit of a pain to band up for ttf.......that should be fun! shortstraw