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  1. Cheers... always loved the look of your bedlington lurchers and will be interested how this compares in the field once it has a few seasons behind it.
  2. Not your usual cup of tea? I know you’ll have mentioned a few times already....what’s the breeding?
  3. I taught my male border collie to bark on command also guard on command. I don’t know how I did it looking back, I think the fact his IQ was higher than mine probably helped. He was one of those collies who just seemed to know what was needed from a young age...there not all like that I was just lucky.
  4. I know mine isnt a pure spaniel..she was a working springer x lurcher, but she’s very spaniel in her nature. When out she’s focused on what she loves doing....basically hunting squirrels rabbits pheasants etc. At home she’s very relaxed, but her body is full of pent up energy ready to be released at the slightest chance. Smartest dog I’ve worked. It was only yesterday I was speaking to a lady who had a 5 month old working cocker pup and I was asking if she switched off in the house to which she replayed yes she settles very quickly.....this is a question I ask most spaniel owners and most
  5. Hancock and his daughter still up and running or they packed up? I heard he retired and his daughter was running things but that was sometime back.
  6. Sorry.......must have misinterpreted what you previously said.
  7. Sorry,,,,,genuinely lost? Is it a touchy subject to some? Each to their own in my eyes........
  8. What collie traits bother you lot ? I know they can be jealous and sensitive, but I’ve never really had that problem personally, scared of loud bangs yes. I wouldn’t personally have another border collie half cross. Not due to any quirks of their personality just the fact Ive found border collies to vary so much in their enthusiasm to seek game out in places where it’s a bit thin on the ground. I’ve had a couple of keen hunters and a couple who didn’t really hunt that instinctively....which drove me mad.
  9. Out of curiosity where is your anchor point? I have to have mine high, under my cheek bone.....but I find it a bit inconsistent as I tend not to be perfectly in the same place, ideally i wanted in the corner of my mouth, but I’m shooting over trees with such a low anchor point....hence a wider forks would lower my anchor point.
  10. Shooting 8mm Steel....17cm active, 18/13mm taper, GZK 0.58 black When I shot 9.5mm steel....25/20, precise 0.65mm
  11. If you do succeed...I would very interested, would have a home for life.
  12. Can you rememberer what sort of material it was?
  13. It’s a lot of money to spend on something that might end up in the cupboard, but some people really rave about them. I think it’s a case of buying the right one......and washing them correctly. I don’t think you can use biological washing powder, non biological I believe is the one to use. Don’t know if you’ve been on their site, but there are buyers reviews for each item they sell. Theres also a fella on YouTube “ Woolys world” who’s done several reviews on these jackets and the montane, he also covers the army softie and smock......worth a watch..
  14. I started one eye, but now use two. Just trying to iron a few other bad habits I’ve picked up at the moment. I think I’ve been dropping my arm without realising.
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