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  1. Only see something about that online the other day alana McLaughlin the shims name is google search will give of the shim when in army complete joke
  2. Be interesting to see who would get the England when southgate leaves
  3. Just put them in as dont anseer
  4. Something has to happen i dont see the point of these countries having all these nukes pointing at each other drop them bad boys and done with it
  5. Americans are pulling out there cause there trouble coming down the line with the chinks and the last thing they want is to be bogged down in Afghanistan and middleeast if it kicks of with them
  6. Should tell them take down that flag and go support there local league of ireland team lol
  7. Where ever they orignated from the black uns are terrier mans dream in the right hands and a peddlers dream on the otherside of the coin
  8. Shown good signs first time out cant complain
  9. Some miltary hardware after been left behind in that country the taliban has its own air force now
  10. Powerfull speech that the thing with the west wilf is they dont have the stomach for an all out conflict after 2 world wars devastated the continent. Abd lets be honest if they west decided they really had enough of them they could wipe them of the map within hrs maybe thats they will eventually understand
  11. Some waste of young soldiers lifes after all that politicians should be held accountable forvthe lives lost and veterans and families left devastated . But then its not there sons and daughters was sent out there.
  12. Thats something like the leaflet hse give out here there basically telling you it wont stop you getting wuflu i got both jabs of the Pfizer 1st grand 2nd knocked the bollix out me for about 24hrs. I got at 9 in the morning by 3 that day i was in t he bed all the same symptoms as the covid i had few months earlier apparently it mimics the virus itself
  13. Be a few weeks before ya anyway back to yourself dogman it effects people in different some people have it dont even know it but some are getting it bad and in all honesty if an elderly person gets a bad dose its very hard to see them fighy it off
  14. There mate mine has a yard of that type russell easily 30 odd years breeding in them and more they have never sold out 1 pup and very rarely gifted out any and services just a no. The first dogs o ever dug was them and were gamey enough dogs
  15. Do ya use them for cover Hens teeth
  16. Scumbags who ever they are hopefully he gets them returned
  17. Just a bit banter keepdiggin no malice intended
  18. Why all the bitternesd from welsh and Scottish towards this england team you are basically english your counties or states (wales and scotland) are ruled by your government in london currency english sterling cardiff city and swamsea both play in the english leagued celtic and rangers would give there right hands to play in the english premier league. You should just get behind your queen and country and support your fellow country men.
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