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  1. two crows

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    when are they putting the roof on?
  2. two crows

    Advice needed

    I think they do, but if they are set on a run through a hedge they work cos they can see through, I was always letting pheasants out of his traps, he asked me one day what I thought was killing the young rabbits he court in them, I dint know so I set three more right up to one with a rabbit in and court a carrion crow.
  3. I have seen a mink there a couple of years back.
  4. in a bear tree with mistletoe that's likely to be a mistle thrush or similar mate.
  5. i have permission to fish an old pit in a wood, the chap who owns it recons he has an otter about cos he found a dead eel with its head missing, don't know if they do that but the eel was as thick as his arm he said, so will have a go for them when the cuckoo comes.
  6. two crows

    Advice needed

    there was a simple fella used to help in the garden on a shoot where I worked, he used to set them cage traps all the time with sliced carrot and court loads of rabbits, he had a few somewhere else and went to check one morning, and found a fox in one he went all the way home to fetch his gun to kill it lol.
  7. two crows

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    got to agree there max great shame, I went a few times for the crack, but greyhounds are not my bag as coursing dogs, but terrible shame never the less, no respect for history and tradition some people unless its foreigner's .
  8. two crows

    best pic for charity

    yes their brill, but mine has failed its test so going to sell it for spares, she liked it better than the defender. (think the clutch is a bit stiff)
  9. two crows

    best pic for charity

    this level of training can be difficult to achieve, but with experience anything is possible. (note the concentration on the dogs face)
  10. two crows

    advice needed

    nice little bunch, do you leave the tails on your terriers from choice just out of interest, I like whippets and whippety lurchers, when I was a boy I used whippet blood to breed down my coursing dogs as we had allot of barbed wire, and found the offspring very easy to live with and very capable animals indeed.
  11. two crows

    advice needed

    either of the above any thing else will come with traits best left to more experienced hands atb.
  12. two crows

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    I thought he said it was a good dog just older than he was told and was going to keep it.
  13. two crows

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    was this lad the same one who had a dog he thought was 5 and turned out to be nine, if so what happened to that one.
  14. two crows

    ginger rabbit

    I saw a realy dark grey one like an arctic fox it called in that close I could not get a shot, never saw it again, a mate went lamping all night and never saw a fox then his mate ran over a white one on the way home, I ask if he has a picture when I see him.