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  1. I would say very few keepers went to any posh school none I know did lol, glad for you that you have a dog your proud of mate, I picked up on a moor for a mate when he was short my cockers caught loads of rabbits but dont make em better than a good lurcher, be silly to draw a comparison imho.
  2. what is that mean 99% of keepers are ordinary working lads, and I would not swap one of my cockers for any lurcher on a shoot day, we all see bad dogs, I seen a lot of disobedient lurchers.
  3. that might suggest an eel in my pond, but that's cool, I found a small mirror on the path yesterday with I thought heron damage, and that one floating today.
  4. never caught one but must try lovely little fish, what did this any thoughts anyone
  5. we used to take 100 plus in yorkshire week in week out and bring some back for the keeper never made a dent honestly.
  6. when I was a partridge keeper I used to do ten thousand a year and partridges are in and out the pen in about 12 hours, if you not on your game fox wise your stuffed, I am still on the same land with a few pheasants now, and possibly shoot 6 foxs a season and don't mind one or two about, the thing that pisses me off is the police giving tickets for foxing rifles to joe public with no keepering or farming interests, just for sport fox shooting is not a sport its a job, as for rabbits ive caught thousands ferreting and never whipped a place out yet. there are allot of holier than though people on here the ones that know the least say the most as usual.
  7. life is like that sadly and when you go on your own and get on the lazy cunnts that you try to employ think they can get a free ride to the top, like they think you did lol what do you do shadow.
  8. luxury it was sheer luxury and stones bitter was 12p a pint
  9. bricks and tiles stacked on lorries no forklift all handball and carried up the scaffold, and I remember lads racing to unload cement last off 2 at a time so they could go,lol
  10. I used to dream up ways of killing my boss lol but there no jackers in my bloodline so I took it,,, and learned all I could and had a good living ever since, and done what I like, most young dogs that fail do so because of bad masters as well.
  11. idle men both young and old but always seem wiling to slag a dog off for not being a grafter.
  12. I have read about it, sounds just right none invasive cheers for the help.
  13. this grew in my border, any ideas what it is please, its quite big and showy.
  14. how does it work mate, and how much water does it pass back in while its working, I dont want to be to invasive as there are other creatures in so a winter job perhaps.
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