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  1. two crows

    Good read

    round where I'm from it was perfectly ok to walk up the road with hare or rabbit in the seventy's.
  2. two crows

    Good read

    I went on there twice but it was dark both times so cant remember it much, lol.
  3. I have some in a release pen that grow through the trees 30 foot mabe more butifull smell.
  4. two crows

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    a good few years ago I sold a cocker pup to a police dog handler, a couple of years or so after that I got a call from a vets some ware in Northampton saying they had my dog, and that it had followed someone home and they had handed it in, so when she described it I knew it, rang the copper he said oh I sold it, no probs I said but who to, cos the chip is in my name, he dint even know who he sold it to, I always wish I went and fetched that dog, but hopefully he was local and got sorted.
  5. two crows

    picking up team

    I only run cockers, they are all home bred, and bred from good dogs that put a proper day in, all mixed low ground shooting and some quite big days, I see you run a selection of dogs, and your pictures look like uplands how do the cockers fare up there mate.
  6. two crows


    this is a funny thread, I have been a bit critical of some obscure crosses and been criticised by others with no knowledge either, some have seen them and say they good, someone offering a stud dog wont here a bad word but wont give a constructive evaluation of their worth good and bad, you have one coco but wont for whatever reason tell people what you like or dislike about this dog in a lurcher, if it is only any good for ranging bleak mountains then its a one trick pony and will be found wanting in other areas, now I have no intention of owning one nor have most other people, and I wont be entering into any silly arguments, but some constructive comments from those with a reel knowledge of this LURCHER, might be very interesting, after all every day is a school day, and it may prevent the novice from making a wrong choice, and getting the wrong dog on a whim, or worse still breading some.
  7. two crows

    trying to trace a pup/dog in scotland

    I have gifted plenty of pups and been shit on a bit,,so don't do it now nor expect it, I have given away linings, i always say if any probs bring it back, one has and I gave him his money back, and still work the bitch, not many keep in touch with me nor I with them, I like to think the pups are cared for but nowt you can do if there not, I only bread for me and a mate or two, but wont cull so always spares I try to sell to decent lads but you cant rely tell, just do your best and live with it.
  8. that's me mam messing with some of my dogs, mid 70's peg again on the right,
  9. not hers she never had a season but her mam and sister had several litters and pups went all over the midlands and beyond as far as kent and Scotland so I would say without doubt they are in at the beginning of what we have now. just to add I have a picture of em but blacky wont let me post it anymore.
  10. that little bugger was as fast as fk, I recon whippets have more wind than a grey all day long.
  11. my little bitch peggy as posted befor was half whippet half coursing dog 22" she could strike the whippet pose and had bottomless stamina, good engine room, I often wondered how a litter from her back to a whippet would of turned out.
  12. two crows

    Good read

    was given a signed copy of the great game, as a thank you from dave harcom , enjoyed it.