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  1. me neither something missing from this story imo
  2. I see it like this rules are in place for a good reason not to be got round over a pup, leave it ware it is, send man some money if you feel guilty mate.
  3. we used to do some beetroot land at misterton years ago and the rabbits were bright red on the inside.
  4. I don't think any other type of running dog has been developed better for a specific task in the last 100 years, and quite frankly it will never happen again, I don't know but would not be at all surprised if most of the best all round lurchers in the country carry coursing blood.
  5. oh ok then I only had em 50 years what would I know lol.
  6. the confusion here comes from the term coursing dog being used as apposed to saluki x or saluki grey, two very different things, coursing dogs have been refined by breeding best bloodlines together for generations to excel at their task, and named rightly imo by that task, and to me offer far more to any lurcher than a greyhound ever could.
  7. if you look dodgy they will use an appropriate excuse to look at you, don't mater that its bullshit, they stop young men all the time in the city for being black, the knife has justified their actions, why public transport in your hunting gear?
  8. mine have straw in the kennels with shavings on the floor, they come in at night to the boiler house and I am trying this long pile astro turf at the mo seems ok the room is warm as toast though.
  9. nice to hear its over the mange, how is it bred.
  10. I buy biheldon off ebay five pound odd for 30 inc postage one for ten kg, work a treat.
  11. has the old white dog been on here with someone else?
  12. spuds are carbs same as paster but may contain some thing else perhaps that will be of benefit.
  13. why not try what the vet said? you paid for his opinion.
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