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  1. me and his dads best day was 155 up katchum's end, he is a good rabbit catcher.
  2. hi are you babs's lad hows he going, we had some good days out me an him .
  3. brian plummer wunt know where to start.
  4. is blacky 13s dog not worth a chat about on page 3?
  5. pulling out the stuck bailer in summer lol the dog is George a nice old bull type.
  6. been bad with rain round here you came quite close to me there mate.
  7. some of the land we ran looked ready for tarmac lol .
  8. no chance, l ran some of the fllntlest land ln the llnc's wold's for years, hardly a scratch.
  9. l worked on councll house repares round there years ago 80s lsh.
  10. l have seen a few dogs run off hlm and they all do the job mate.
  11. lol l know but folk do.and they make qulte versatlle dogs, however as you say don't see the need lf foxes are your thlng.
  12. there are allot of anty courslng dog statements spoken, but it seems to be where every one turns for lmprovements.
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