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  1. two crows

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  2. two crows

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    used to have cinamons lutinos silvers pieds and combinations of all messed about trying different combos.
  3. two crows

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    what greenfinches do you keep mate I used to breed them 30 odd years ago. correct but its their excuse to make, I don't even like my farmers doing stuff and its their shoots I look after, lol
  4. two crows

    Shooting estates

    it is a shame when people start getting riled with a dog for being les than perfect, I don't take my lurcher shooting but run a gang of cockers and all I do is get them bang on the whistle, and they learn the rest on the job in the pack so to speak I encourage them to jump up with the retrieve to save my back, but that's about it just let them work and they don't miss much as been said life is far to short.
  5. two crows

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    when you look what disturbance there is on a drive compared to a dog, even during a drive a fox can come out and the drive is still stuffed full.
  6. two crows

    Kelpies as a stud,

    when you get to the last one every body thinks there something wrong lol good luck jigsaw.
  7. two crows

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    I used to put 10,000 pluss partridges a year down and run 22 days shooting and often I would feed after the day, before going for a drink, and most birds were back in the strips, you could often see them flying back while picker ups were working, before I was on there I had permission to course it and was on at first light one Saturday and later on saw them having a shoot lol never matered and I never told the boss he is dead now god rest him.
  8. two crows

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    a mate of mine skidded into a coursing man one day raceing to catch em, broke the chaps leg and he was charged at first with attempted murder, got off in the end though.
  9. two crows

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    no one will they worth fk all come beating they can have em ffs
  10. two crows

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    lol we were working on a site at warington doing house footings and we had a long weekend on Tuesday morning our spotboards were gone, a new gang on the houses nicked em, when I went and got em back my mates thought I was mad, but I got em back, lol.
  11. two crows

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    ttats like meeting to sell them a pup, they never come on there own, lol always a car load.
  12. two crows

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    never said at night jack, but daytime, done that more than once some traveling lads one day spoke to the lads on the road and they phoned the lads on the field told them I asked nicely and they walked off and left, no bother, I was never bothered about any one, talk proper and with respect and a proper chap will give you respect, I don't call no one I just want em gone hares is mine. I have been both sides on this one so don't blame no one after a run.
  13. two crows

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    the law has coursed the driving problem to me, but don't make it right, I used to keeper a very popular spot, and used to go on my own, if lads was on, sometimes to 2/3 car loads, tell them nicely to leave and never had a cross word, or anything, but I could back myself up if needed, and still could I think, lol.
  14. two crows

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    cant imagine how that would feel having your pens done I did some stuff but never that to much heart and soul involved.