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  1. i blame tony blair the cnut should be locked up
  2. make a small loop about half way up a piece of rope put the single end through and tighten up on dogs neck and let go to slip i used this method when running hedgy land as a boy, i now use webbing with a hand loop at either end when not slipping put both over your hand good positive hold.
  3. did that hit a nerve son, look when i was a young man and was lamping several nights a week and coursing week ends you need several dogs end of story, or your sitting at home, now in answer to the mans question i would put a good beddy lurcher to the bitch i have here just cos thats what i started with and would like to try another.
  4. i put whippet in my coursing dogs in the seventys they was fast aggresiv little killers and could settle in when needs be.
  5. why would he do that lol.
  6. what is going to be produced exactly, have i missed something?.
  7. you never get through a season of proper work with one dog,going half arsed odd night / day maybe, my current runner goes more than once a week but that might only be one or two runs daytime, ore 3/4 rabbits night time on average so not hammered, my spaniels on the other hand do 2/3 full days a week and towards the end of the season i start nursing them along by leaving some off here and there, as they are a bit full on and never stop, so i dont want them burnt out.
  8. i have seen plenty of hares killed by what i would consider average dogs that were handled very well, and most never see a real top class animal as they are still a rare thing.
  9. i dont match mc never have, its all about sport for me, if she pulls she goes if its a safe place, if i ran like some so called good dog men i have seen my bitch wunt miss one lol
  10. i can remember men in the seventys and later, thinking that here first time they see one run lol
  11. our old saluki blood from micks flash is traceable back to 1890 in iraq same blood comes forwards to modern coursing dogs via your dads dogs as well, flash went to mostly lurchers as you say, used over what lads already had, but also threw some handy first crosses and pures as well, atb tc
  12. bet bill had some good doby crosses back in the day, he had every thing else you could mention lol.
  13. i only make simple functional everyday type sticks nowt fancy
  14. if its true hope he dont skin no fkn rabbits lol
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