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  1. two crows

    View From Your Swim

    wish I knew a place near me with good tench in it best fishing there is imho.
  2. when i was a kid there was a wood behind our house, of about 300 acres and it was just like that and wood anemone's as well
  3. two crows

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    the issue to me is finding a good deerhound these days, and by good I mean good not ok.
  4. two crows

    New Arrivals.

    I don't doubt for one minuet that these would be fine, I don't think even more sight hound would be to much of an issue after all the lurcher is the most versatile of dogs. and its just about training.
  5. two crows

    they come out of the wood work

    last lurcher show I went to I was a judge, and had a right good day tbh, as you say you get all the pro's both showing and racing, but to tell the truth as soon as the dogs are in the ring I have pretty much picked the winner, then you got to go through the motions, I cant believe how serious some folk are about a pound rosette lol.
  6. two crows

    New Arrivals.

    i like other one in the bottom pic, and was wondering what if any impact that little bit of greyhound would have, if one were to be used for sheep.
  7. two crows

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    hidden in a yuka plant, wrens have also used this spot in the past.
  8. two crows

    Stud dog

    not a peep from anywhere mate, little black and tan bitch looked like a pure, and it was on the fen behind my house so somebody had her away no doubt.
  9. two crows

    Stud dog

    it was mate very strange when they go without a trace same thing happened to me about 20 years back.
  10. two crows

    Stud dog

    I saw pearl run a few times good little bitch.
  11. two crows

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    not a dumb question, I am not into these types either, but if you want a dog to do the job, you breed best to best regardless of breeding.
  12. two crows

    Foxhound x greyhound

    some of the coursing dogs from the north west years ago looked like they had hound in, ran like it an all lol.
  13. two crows

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    not rely but I am a skinflint lol. and my swallows rocked up yesterday so all good there.
  14. two crows

    Foxhound x greyhound

    only going on what was said on the tv no idea personally.