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  1. Chaff


    Hope they get well soon mate
  2. Only thing I could find about zoo life
  3. Thames the same mate, used to see a few bigguns at the lock gates when working boats. Caught a few, mate had a koi around twenty from teddy lock. The Thames gets stocked most years when in flood lol
  4. I found you need to spend a lot of time at the water with a pocket or two of bait, rather than a barrow full of gear. Find em feed em then work out the angle of the dangle. I had good results doing this sometimes an hour's fishing would give me a 60 + year old leney of close to 30 pounds. This was a low stocked public lake of just over 50 acres. I recently went to a commercial fishery while waiting for this year's tickets, and cought nothing lol. I watched the end of my rods getting twanged about at morning bite time,and came to the conclusion that I was being done rig wise. So these commercial fisheries although stocked with stupid amounts of fish (this one had 300 in 10 acres) they can be bloody hard to catch and hard on your pocket.
  5. Donald Leny stocked redmire along with a lot of well known waters back in the 50s. He kept a stocking record book of every transaction he made, including every water. Think he gave to Chris Yates and now I believe Chris Ball has it. Many carp anglers consider this book the holy grail of carp angling.
  6. Chaff


    Haven't seen or noticed any politician's or officials interviewed outside at all these past few weeks, or is that just me
  7. Those about to die by Daniel mannix Probably one of my best reads, it's about the Roman games and the collossiem
  8. Alaskan saw mill time, only takes 2 year to dry
  9. I do like that bitch DC, she page 3 stuff of the lurcher game. In my eyes anyway Hope she works out well for you mate
  10. I did seriously think that a letter to every household was really nessasary. Think of the amount of hands that letter will pass through with the odd cough and sneeze along the way. Most old folk listen to radio for the latest info by the time the letter gets through the letter box everyone will know exactly what's written in the letter, such is the media coverage of this covid.
  11. Chaff


    I hope the rinky dinks get some proper PPE to the NHS asap. Essential that they are fully protected against this covid they are now saying 2 to 4 weeks to peak. Let's hope they get the correct kit to our frontline NHS.
  12. Chaff


    https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ I take a look at this once a day as it's quite depressing really.
  13. Chaff


    Makes sense quite possible I would imagine.
  14. Chaff


    Also if it can survive on surfaces for 48hrs or longer then surely it can survive in the air
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