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  1. I was offered this the other day by my aunt really tempted nice bit of furniture
  2. Then you go and ruin it all with a carping session of bivvy grub lol
  3. Chaff


    True mate personally 10 yards max for me and 10mm lead it's all over quite quick. I was also a black widow owner and that raised the bar above the alloy milbro .
  4. Well it started of with some leaves across the top then she back from school and I say finish that and put in oven. I had bitumen on the boil for shed roof and ....lol
  5. This is what happens when I do cooking with my 16yr old daughter lots of giggles..lol
  6. Weather is piss poor here too
  7. Had all roadside hedgerows attacked by flail, the amount of rubbish that's now revealed is disgusting and the damage to old trees that will never heal Birds just pairing up too Rabbits clearing out holes of old bedding, so I guess spring has sprung
  8. Chaff

    Art work

    Amazing talent there GM.
  9. They do one I just googled cheers
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