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  1. He gifts some to working homes if they any good breeds from them I believe. He got some in the states used for coyote he told me. Not sure what he charges, probably cheaper than your labradoodles and alike.
  2. Gives you neck ache if your stood talking to him lol He just trying to make deerhounds what they once were that's all.
  3. Yep same here Mr Wilkes, it's just something I heard by an old dogman can't remember what the reasoning behind it was now. I'm sure someone will be along to say it's bollox lol. Think I'd rather the lab characteristics than the grey for sure though.
  4. Sounds like a real good cross, lads I just have a question and that is I was told rightly or wrongly that you always put speed over the bitch as in grey stud lab bitch or is that old wife's tales. Just interested that's all. Thanks
  5. Makes me think of the Blackadder sketch when he shoots and eats speckled Jim lol.
  6. Apparently Custer had over 40 hunting dogs with him during the battle of big horn, and Jeff believes that the deerhoundy looking one to be of his line? Or it could be a proper deer hound.
  7. Wonder how many they went through during ww1
  8. Yeah for sure Dan, they been around a while mate Jeff got a picture of one with General Custer.
  9. JBs lurchers were used in ww1 and probably earlier wars
  10. dogs an humane have a funny relationship I think, lots of other animals out there ye can connect with, but a hunting dog, can’t be touched Spot on with that katchum couldn't agree more
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