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  1. Tricky little buggers them AT nice one mate
  2. Yeah I was a bit twitchy soldering 2 in series together
  3. I had a 9ah drill battery that stopped charging, so took it apart and found 15 x Samsung 18650s inside 2 of the cells wouldn't charge the rest all good. I have soldered some together and use them in my cheap chink lamp and carry a spare now,plus I use them in vaping devices and torches. So if you have a dodgy lithium power tool battery don't launch it
  4. nice set of wheel nuts on that one
  5. BREAKING: CNN Paid Antifa Agitator at Capitol Riots — Now We've Got Receipts to Prove It T.CO CNN & NBC paid John Earle Sullivan *TENS OF THOUSANDS* of dollars...
  6. Trump Played 4-D Chess...ON YOU WWW.BITCHUTE.COM Featuring Larken Rose and Bill Cooper. More On... about right me thinks
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