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  1. Squirrel the other day back of head dropped it instantly, so new bands whipped on Doubled up on the theraband gold 14mm wide 140mm long my draw accurate enough though Will try for pigeon later today my old aunt loves pigeon a lot of the old locals like it, most see it as a taste of there childhood lol
  2. Thanks for book Dido really enjoying and at lot of towns and villages mentioned all local to me. Can't chat must get back to book lol Cheers
  3. I'll take your word for that mate, in thick unkept woodland whippet would catch your dinner quicker I reckon
  4. Take off is where I see the whippet being strong lol
  5. Don't the whippet get things done ASAP or not at all, when given 100 yard or so the whippet ain't going to mix it with desert type stuff is that fair to say
  6. Chaff


    Need to get shot of runflat tyres get a full size spare and decent set of boots for a lot less than poxy run flats lol
  7. Chaff


    Worked in rover garage they were quick but torque steer was mental I seem to remember
  8. Chaff


    Skim across the land in one of them so I'm told lol
  9. Chaff


    Got to say I had a passenger ride in a cosworth turbo around 500bhp in a mk1 escort 185 x 13s all round that had no carpets the noise was deafening I thought the car was just going to fold in half needless to say rear tyres were done in a few miles lol. I would pick a nice bimmer every time comfort speed reliability economy they seem to have it sewn up 20 year ago not sure about recent years tbh
  10. Chaff


    A bit on the low side to get in but once your in you can do big distances and not feel cramped, m57 the engine I believe its used in other makes of car aswell
  11. Chaff


    A mate of mine complete petrol head has owned a lot of cars, and has settled on an A3 quattro 3.2 v6 I think basically a golfr with 4x4 cheap enough if you can find one
  12. Chaff


    435d you know it makes sense lol
  13. Chaff


    I have a 530d est manual mapped and a few bits removed egr, swirl flaps, cat it shifts but still gives me 55mpg on a run once had a flat battery otherwise faultless
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