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  1. Chaff

    4 youths stabbed in london

    Wasn't it Thatcher that introduced the YTS scheme I seem to remember at the time if you refused it you had your dole money stopped.
  2. Chaff

    4 youths stabbed in london

    Stop the benefit money make everyone work for money ,not hand to them on a plate. Those that don't want to send to prison.
  3. Chaff

    old age pensioners

    Sad when folk abandon family in these places what ever happened to family looking after their own.
  4. Chaff

    Old glass/pot bottles

    What metal was the axe head made from ?
  5. Chaff

    Guess the vets price

    They should all be set prices, and if they get it wrong they should have to refund. Mates bitch skinned herself on boxing day one year it was a bad one across her back. The vet we normally use was out the country so had to take her to a franchised place up the road, some young girl who looked shocked at sight stitched her up. She ended up with a bad infection so went to regular vet told him what had happened he then sent an email to pet doctor place because wound was full of crap. He treated her for free and there were quite a few visits and my mate didn't pay a thing. I think he must have counter charged the other vet practice.
  6. Chaff

    Guess the vets price

    At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask, slightest sign of infection I would want a refund. Good luck
  7. Chaff

    What type are these?

    He getting bitch lined again this year as he wants a pup, first litter was to make things easier for bitch second time round. Bitch is a good all round worker, with an exceptional nose on her she was marking at 5 months and always right.
  8. Chaff

    What type are these?

    Ffs lads run your dogs be happy, I honestly couldn't give a shit what the make up is. If it gets your heart racing, then its good to be alive.
  9. Chaff

    What type are these?

    I know think his Grandad told him that one he does know his dogs though.
  10. Chaff

    What type are these?

    Well that's what the man believes.
  11. Chaff

    What type are these?

    I thought some Smithfield blood still in Norfolk ?
  12. Chaff

    What type are these?

    I have one works alright quite a tough steady dog.
  13. Chaff

    Funny Joke Thread

    Bet she gotta nice clean tabbert