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  1. I have considered making a brew from these bad boys but never have, has anyone tried fly Garrick?
  2. Chaff


    Yeah get some gates up mate, they will think twice going through a gate it becomes clear trespass then. I have to wrestle with my gate to open and close so its quite noisy which I don't mind, the dog sleeps not far from gate and instantly turns to snot and teeth letting us all know there is someone at the gate.
  3. Chaff


    If it were me... I would take a grinder to the top of key pad, get it open and unbolt from wall mate. Remove gum that way they know then that someone is about. Good luck
  4. Chaff

    The Black Assassin

    Kahn jihad was a strange choice of name for a dog
  5. Chaff

    Stumbled across this.....

    I blame easy pull elastic, to easy for kids to pull and aim. I couldn't use my oldmans catty had thick black square elastic that I couldn't pull back.
  6. Chaff

    Good Running dog books?

    Phil Drabble of pedigree unknown. Good read. Darcy's books I have a few signed ones including of dogs and deer. Poachers companion by Walsh another good one I thought. I still enjoy Plummer story's rouges and running dogs, lepus, are a couple of good ones
  7. Chaff

    Good Running dog books?

    Got an old book here that came from the master of hounds from our old hunt.
  8. Chaff

    Good Running dog books?

    I walked by night lilias rider One of my favorite reads
  9. Chaff

    Weed ;)

    Don't know for sure, but think they test for the THC not cbd
  10. Chaff

    Weed ;)

  11. Chaff

    Weed ;)

    I bet the Tories are rubbing their greedy hands together, thinking of the money to be made from legalisation. It don't seem right that the Brit's supply 60% of the worlds medical cannabis, yet won't give it to their own people. Just to add can you stop with the pictures they are making me drool
  12. Chaff

    Roll on the morn 😀

    They keep getting quicker the further south you go lol
  13. Chaff

    Roll on the morn 😀

    Must be fast Bunny's running on that ground Katchum, dog looks well mate.
  14. Chaff

    Weed ;)

    Just done a search on eBay for cbd flowers and its full of bud that is going to create so much confusion they will either ban it in the UK or make the other legal.
  15. Chaff

    Weed ;)

    Surrey borders