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  1. Wife woke me this morning at half five to say just heard a cuckoo, would be good to find that one and photograph.
  2. Plenty about here at the moment, but said to say I suspect once the numbers are up the dreaded myxi or vhd or both will knock the numbers down. Just in time for winter as usual, i hope not but going on previous years it appears to be the norm.
  3. Jay with a ring ?
  4. Chaff

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    JB lurcher full chat.
  5. Bullfinch Dunnock
  6. What's the bird crazyhorse ?
  7. Yeah I'm trying to get the info off from other photos and find out where its come from
  8. Chaff

    Bad day for hunting

  9. Went to Kelmarsh show yesterday kept dog on short lead tried to walk him opposite sides when walking past other dogs, when up ahead a lot of terriers were scrapping ( lot of noise) with some others so I paused till under control. While I was stood waiting some women with an extendable lead thought it would be a good idea to introduce her labradoodle type to mine with me un aware well mines gone for it didn't make contact but this women going bloody hell to me as if it were my fault.
  10. Took this today first time catching one in flight
  11. Some from today's local walk, looking good for rabbits this season practically tripping over them. Time will tell though Roe seem to be in every field at the moment,yet to see any fawns.