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  1. sorry for delay mate from what i remember i would say around 26tts and you will have to talk to jeff regarding the stud dog Jeff always used to have an add in the cmw with a phone number atb
  2. well this morning unwrapped dogs foot and just looked red and swollen no sign of any thorns or seeds, so took him to vet who said he must have slipped on rough surface and scraped it and has an infection so got some antibiotics for it. also said his pads were really dry and recommended some cream called mushers secrete something used on sled dog feet. so he know getting a twice daily bloody pedicure thanks all for the replys.
  3. just done as you suggested mate thanks for that
  4. yeah mate he off to vets tomorrow, he not licking and chewing seems less bothered by it but just had a lead walk and was soon treading light on it. he be at my side all day and night so wont allow him to make it any worse.
  5. yeah cheers blacky, i got him sleeping on bedroom floor at the moment proper lording it up and all will take him to see the money extracter mate see what he has to say cheers
  6. thanks for reply saltmoon, he not kenneled any more since he gave the mrs and kids the big brown eyes trick if you know i mean but yeah i reckon a thorne as well but its hard to see as its raw from chewing, normalley he does that first aid for himself no problem.
  7. hi all anyone help us out with some advise , i think it may be a thorn cant see for sure. he is lame and has chewed it raw like. thanks
  8. Tricky little buggers them AT nice one mate
  9. Yeah I was a bit twitchy soldering 2 in series together
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