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  1. Chaff

    Metal detecting section

    Find loads of this Milton metal along the south coast beaches, I'm told it goes back to ww2 when the RAF returning home from an unsuccessful bombing trip would let go their incendiary bombs in the channel as they we're not permitted to land carrying them.
  2. Chaff

    Metal detecting section

    Few bits and bobs
  3. I seem to have stumbled across section of woodland that has lots of different species all living close together for some reason. I'm keen to get back there before the tree's fill with leaves and make thing even more difficult.
  4. Chaff

    Funny Joke Thread

  5. Not the best photo but its not a silhouette Cheers Andy
  6. Chaff

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    https://saluki.breedarchive.com/animal/index Not sure if this helps fellas
  7. Chaff

    Metal detecting section

    Will dig my finds box, mostly worthless but interesting. Have posted a few finds on here before under the title dirt fishing. Picture of an old lead stamp with a running dog on it.
  8. Chaff

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    This is JBs brothers dog mate is taking his bitch to be lined soon as she ready.
  9. Chaff

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Can't get the pictures off this link but some old Ivor Lee dogs, same blood as the dog above. So seems both Jeff and Mick were using Ivor's dogs https://m.(!64.56:886/LurcherAndTumblerCompanions/photos/pcb.1295778767254165/1295778680587507/?type=3&source=49&__tn__=EH-R
  10. Chaff

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    This was the sire to mine, Jeff called it his Norfolk type
  11. Chaff

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    I have one and a few mates the ones I have seen are all honest working dogs, I only use mine for rabbits but his siblings are doing more, but unlike me these boys are real keen to put quarry in front of their dogs 5+ days a week. Think as with all working lurchers if you want a good one then you have to work just as hard as they do, to put gear in front of them. Tough dogs as well
  12. Have just read that changing the exposure levels also changes shutter speed, so another setting to add to the mix lol
  13. Chaff

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Try this link Daisy https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/forum/2-lurchers-running-dogs/