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  1. villaman

    zbroia kozak .177

    I shall keep I eye on this thread looking at buying one my self
  2. villaman

    New slugs

    Soon as these mags are out I will be having one , that’s for sure
  3. villaman

    Loads of young about

    Loads on one permission , will have a look on my others this week
  4. villaman

    New Land

    Looks very good indeed
  5. villaman

    night vision

    I do envy you going to the show . We don’t have shows like that do here or any decent gun ranges . Luckily I have a 100 yard chicken shed to shoot in
  6. villaman

    Last light

    The 99 is doing the biss for you , also you are making the 99 look good as well . Fantastic shooting Matt
  7. villaman

    What a prick

    What a prick https://www.fwi.co.uk/news/environment/environmental-issues-wildlife/chris-packham-group-seeks-ban-on-shooting-pigeons-and-crows?fbclid=IwAR372xRKsvv9dMwIeFIsg3fhAmAs2QlVZm4Dq0yQMTnhWmqOXcFICQpIrP4
  8. villaman

    night vision

    Trouble is Phil the northern shooting show is full of northerners
  9. villaman

    100 today

    Just the two , well pleased . This is the most squirrels I have shot in one of my seasons ,in fact ever . I doubt I will match this 101 again the two from to day . Giving up now , going out on the piss in a hour
  10. villaman

    100 today

    Make this 101 just shot another
  11. villaman

    100 today

    Just shot my 100th squirrel This is from late September to now
  12. villaman

    HW100KS 177 what can i say

    What are the odds on you keeping this one you had more guns than may had brexit deals
  13. villaman

    night vision

    Totally agree with pav
  14. villaman

    New slugs

    Simon, the new slugs are designed for fac pcp guns , JSB are coming out with a new slug as well , you also have neilson slugs and vk slugs from USA . They have a very high bc and a .22 slug will give you about 46 ft/ lbs 930 fps , very accurate at 100+ yards , even in wind they drift very little . On the airgun nation forum a lot are using slugs now with great results in the slug liner barrels from FX .IMO these will not be novlty pellets but a serious hunting slug for FAC pcp guns , time will tell either way