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  1. villaman

    what no camo

    I like the picture of the scarecrow holding the impact , Did he shoot the rabbits or you ?
  2. villaman

    Wh100 177 problems

    Or try a different pellet Have a look own the barrel
  3. He will mate but like Phil said ASI are very good as well
  4. The bloke is a prick anyhow and his side kick tony b
  5. So what is happening with it ?
  6. villaman


    BN spot on
  7. villaman

    Pellet help

    .177 try AA Express .22 try falcon accuracy plus but the barrel needs a good clean first that is a must with most make of guns
  8. Sounds like you are in a state of jealousy Mark , never mind perhaps one day you might have one when you are older , just keep scribbling those so called pigeon heads ,so you can shoot them with your shot gun ,well the groups you show us looks like a shot gun was used
  9. villaman

    Just simple targets

    Glad you like it mate they are one hell of a gun in sub12 or fac in any cal and probably one of the most accurate guns I every shot Airfective or ratworks do a nice shroud /silencer or even our own Si. you now the one your gay mate
  10. villaman

    HW110k short term review

  11. villaman

    HW110k short term review

    I think you might be right mate , just got back in from shooting with the ultra ,9 rabbits in 2 hours = £22.50 . I think this gun has paid for its self by now
  12. villaman

    HW110k short term review

    I did have both but still have HW100k sold HW110 a few weeks ago only because my 100k is perfect with CS500 stock light weight cylinder and has been with me for some time plus shoots spot o , in fact i cant fault it in anyway or form . I am thinking about selling my ultra and buying 110 or 110k
  13. villaman

    HW110k short term review

    The only thing which may and i say may be better is the loading other wise its on par if not better IMO
  14. villaman

    few things

    Same Jimmy ,a lot of money at £1500 but one hell of a gun .enjoy mate
  15. villaman

    HW110k short term review

    Nice write up Phil . Like i said before the mag will become second nature . I wish i never sold my 110 now my next gun will be HW110 k and i will sell the ultra