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  1. Yards is British and most who uses yards are normally a certain age I work with both , imperial and metric at work and even have plans still in imperial
  2. Yep Phil , I found maize not that good either but wheat and peanuts are the ones they favour , over anything else
  3. Is there many squirrels in the woods ?
  4. Don’t really need the aniseed oil Mark , just peanuts. I think it was Matt manning vid who had one feeder with peanuts and another by its side with corn with aniseed oil and all squirrels went to the peanuts straight of I mix mine with wheat and peanuts and so far since October, I have shot 102 squirrels Not all off feeders though , shot fair few up in the trees and coming out of the dreys
  5. Wrong number plate on there , should be on a Porsche 911
  6. I which I could afford one jimmy mate has one and every time a new continental comes out , he has is name down for one . He has the new GT continental conning some time this year
  7. Put my name is as well please just might be lucky again , Oh by the way what did you spend the £20 on from last time
  8. Give the heavies ago Mark , you never know it might make you into a better shooter only joking so don’t jump down my throat
  9. Nice going , looks like your mate needs a bit of guidance from oneself. must admit I find those promo sticks a bit wobbly myself
  10. So David Evens you are the winner please send you details and don’t forget to re raffle this book please cheers , Mitch
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