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  1. Speed about 935-940 they seem to fragment on impact on most materials including rabbits head , cut open rabbits head and found bits of lead and not much of a pellet left
  2. I thought only women crash cars
  3. Been testing the new ZAN slugs in the past few weeks . Tried 21&23 gr 218 which ZAN kindly made for me . But unfortunately the groups weren’t that good . Messaged ZAN and told him the problem, he said , no problem I will make some 217 21 & 23 gr slugs for you , which ZAN did , so tested over the weekend and this time they have worked this was shot at 75 yards and they fragment lovely , so should not pass through . what a brilliant company & a fantastic person to deal with Zan Projectiles WWW.ZANPROJECTILES.COM
  4. Can’t t see the point of 177 slugs in sub 12 imo
  5. Yep wildman & pro hunter take the piss on price
  6. Didn’t ratworks have the tuning rights for them at some stage ?
  7. Tried pro hunter .25 slugs one of the worst slugs I have tried in my impact, along with wildman slugs , both completely awful in my gun . the only way to find out is to try them . AA fields 18 gr are probably far better .
  8. I keep saying it on different forums , well the ones I haven’t been banned from the ultra will match any top price airgun pellet for pellet , even top tuned airguns
  9. Ammo get jammed in mag , apparently common problem with tikka mags
  10. Wild cats are great as well , mate has one
  11. Where can I buy better spring for tikka t1x 17 HMR magazine?
  12. Fx crown .22 will take you from sub 12 upto 33 ftlbs with a turn of a wheel and with a bit of tuning will take you upto 44 ftlbs . .25 is about 58 ftlbs at the highest but with a tune you are looking at 82 ish ftlbs . FX all the way
  13. I have one for your price of £123,456 , I will even give you half tin of pellets and allow for delivery
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