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  1. Had both 100k & 110 but sold 110 kept 100k
  2. Wife had to wake me up after reading that , sent me to sleep halfway through
  3. Jimmy , your better of throwing it at the rabbits when your out shooting
  4. I went looking for it us lot down on the south coast aren’t scared of anything
  5. I was in one of my squirrel permission, not shooting, but taking the lab for a walk . She was chasing squirrels, deer and pheasant like she normally did suddenly both of us spotted this black animal about 40 yards away ,definitely not a dog or she would’ve gone to it , but she stayed by my side with her coat up on her back and whining like I never heard her before .
  6. Well done grandad looks like the young one enjoyed
  7. Why the hell would they come out with niteshite copy , specially when pard is still the best add on
  8. Good night in more ways than one
  9. Christ Jimmy , if your teaching him to shoot at the range , he will be there for the rest of his life . Lol a lot
  10. Have a look here Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks STAFFS-SYNTHETIC-STOCKS.COM Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks
  11. Definitely wouldn’t get permission with a daystate
  12. Been after this fox for a few months . Its killed 5 or so chickens on Friday night , 10 ducks shot at 85 yards with HMR
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