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  1. villaman

    Rabbit problem

    What a great invitation
  2. villaman

    Best text ever

    you mean two 1/2 pints then
  3. villaman


    Kays catalogue and the pellet always seem to stop at the woman's underwear
  4. villaman

    Primo trigger sticks

    Mark should know ,he only shoot off sticks only because he cant shoot other wise
  5. villaman

    World Cup 2018

    Thank god Southgate listened to me about Sterling
  6. villaman

    World Cup 2018

    Sterling should be taken off useless prick
  7. Selling out our people and country again ,same as for Brexit Off WITH HER HEAD TRAITOR TO THE ENGLISH PEOPLE NO SURRENDER TO ISLAM
  8. villaman

    Out again.

    Same as me Mark ,out for nearly 4 hours and did not see a thing
  9. villaman

    Mark LGV - LGU

    Looks like Mark MIGHT BE LOOKING AT A LGV or LGU . Only saying like
  10. villaman

    hard to tell

    IMO 97 is one of the best spring guns , I can not get on with AA TX200 , I have tried many times , now I have just given up trying
  11. villaman

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    It should be us English who have the vote to see if we want Scotland or not
  12. Keep both and buy a pcp BSA Ultra is short
  13. villaman

    rapid 7 forum

    been like that for about a week now
  14. villaman

    77 or 80 ?

    HW80 are more suited in fac running at 16-18 ft/lbs
  15. villaman

    A new permission

    Looks spot on mate, nice find