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  1. Now you know why you don’t hit FA
  2. Don’t forget the slity eyed gave us a virus for free
  3. Pard NV007S 850nm Night Vision Rear Add On WWW.SPORTSMANGUNCENTRE.CO.UK PARD NV007A Night Vision Scope Attachment
  4. Yep that why I said it you were that inclined
  5. You can walk out the shop then go back hour later and buy another 500 if you are that way inclined
  6. Both vector and discovery are excellent for the money and ffp are excellent as well . I have two discovery scopes for the past 3 years , both been no trouble at all same with my mates. Just got a ffp vector and once again nice clear glass
  7. Vector Optics Hugo 4-16x44 SFP Rifle Scope (SCOL-29) PREMIUM-QUALITY-AIR-RIFLE-ACCESSORIES.ECWID.COM A decent quality air rifle scope with superb quality glass and an uncomplicated reticle that allows...
  8. VT-2 1″ Tube Range – Discovery Optics DISCOVERYOPTICS.CO.UK The VT-2 range of Side Focus scopes Single piece aircraft grade aluminium alloy construction 1″/...
  9. I put in for 600 of .22 and 17 and got it
  10. Had a email from JSB and they are sending me samples of the new .177 slugs 10.3 gr
  11. Had a email from JSB and they are sending me samples of the new .177 slugs 10.3 gr
  12. Best of the shelf pcp ever made is it full length or K version , what scope , how old , all this will determine the price
  13. SGC and brilliant in my CZ and my mates Anschutz
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