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  1. Got through 500 rounds .22 and 200 rounds of 17 HMR the other night plinking like you said , catapult looking a good idea
  2. Moral of the story Phil , never help no c*** out , always back fires on you
  3. Have you tried Norma , cci sub and cci segmented, all these work fantastically out of mine , could not get Winchester’s to group in mine
  4. Had a few run ins with them in the past few months as well Phil . Ordered 500 Norma.22&.17 ammo and told it will be 3 weeks , here we are 7 weeks on and they have said , we can’t give you definite date , although they are in at Ruag
  5. Shit forum , with obnoxious tosser’s who run it that goes for a lot w*****s on there too
  6. No holes for your thumb , not good
  7. Love my CZ 457 and shoots Norma absolutely brilliant and only £3.50 per 50 and this ammo is quite
  8. Phil , tikka 17 HMR is unbelievable not really fussy but mine shoots federal premium the best , but just ordered 17 Norma , apparently these are very good in tikka’s , plus I use Norma in my cz457 and absolutely brilliant on accuracy and very quite , £3.50 per box , £35 per 500 . Nice accurate gun with a nice trigger for £470 , win , win situation
  9. Have you looked at pulsar xm30 , they have just come out with New firmware for the 30 . Loads are raveing about them . pulsar are coming out with new spotters very soon with built in laser range finders , just over £2000 or one with out lrf £1850
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