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  1. Steve Allan does sell them but no discount phill like we get
  2. Well my mate just got two of these scopes 5x30 and 10x 40 . With 5x30 you can fit the pard . What a nice scope, fixed mag , don’t really need to adjust the side focus , large field of view , small & light , nice bit of glass , mil dot and I believe made in uk Immersive Optics 5x30 MDR-M Mildot with MOA Adjustable Mounts PREMIUM-QUALITY-AIR-RIFLE-ACCESSORIES.ECWID.COM The Immersive Optics 5x30 day scope offers high accuracy shooting within a highly compact...
  3. The ultra is one of the best pcp sub12 will match any top price gun that’s for sure and for around £450- 500 but at £1000 plus no reg I am afraid it taking the piss . Specially you can buy snowpeak P35 with a reg for around £500 mark
  4. https://www.pulsar-nv.com/glo/blog-news/3887/pulsar-starts-the-year-with-a-bang-with-new-product-launches-at-the-2022-shot-show:55/
  5. New pard 008s & 008sl lrf coming https://www.pard-tech.com/PARD-NV008S-digital-night-vision-rifle-scope-2K-1200m-rangefinder-red-dot-hunting-optics-sight-en?fbclid=IwAR0fOPTHx3eIGsfo-q6SNJUSCaOGbTM1SphuqfLyjGCGgws9d3VQQmHIQ5Y
  6. https://www.pard-tech.com/PARD-NV008S-digital-night-vision-rifle-scope-2K-1200m-rangefinder-red-dot-hunting-optics-sight-en?fbclid=IwAR0fOPTHx3eIGsfo-q6SNJUSCaOGbTM1SphuqfLyjGCGgws9d3VQQmHIQ5Y
  7. I am lucky I can walk on water apparently
  8. Do you reckon it was only 12 years 6 months ago
  9. Learn to shoot right handed I did after shooting left handed for nearly 40 years you never know you might be able to hit something for a change
  10. Nice groups with a springer
  11. Oh well then they are shit groups
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