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  1. I find two best ways are Salt& pepper them , put in roasting tin with olive oil sprinkled over , cook in high oven for 10 mins then cover with tin foil and cook until tender Or put in saucepan with onion , carrots Pepper corns, and bay leaf , cover with water , bring to boil , once boiling skim of scum , then simmer for 15 mins , then roast in oven for 10-15 mins
  2. Yes , not the easiest to skin , that’s for sure
  3. Definitely, one of the best wild meats to eat , taste between duck & lamb, depending on what they have been feeding on
  4. Yes FAC crown .22 using AA field heavies 18 gr
  5. Put up a new feeder last weekend in my 300 acre permission. Went yesterday to see if many have been feeding , arrived at 45 yard hide and spotted 7 squirrels feeding on the spilled wheat on the ground + one actually on the feeder . Stood watching them fighting with each other over food . Anyhow walked over to see how much of the wheat had gone , in fact most of it , so topped it up ready for today . Arrived about 1pm , saw one on the feeder , so prepared myself in the hide I made , ready for squirrels. Slow going today , five in three hours . Unfortunately left my phone at home , so pic taken
  6. No , I don’t think they do , only 17 gr
  7. I am sure they will be fine at range as well These are my favourite ammo for my .22lr and 17 HMR . Glad you have tried them , as I have been banging on about them , on a few different posts in the past 6 month or so
  8. BSA ultra , Artemis p15 , or second hand HW100K , all pcp . HW99 , Hw 95 , HW 97 spring guns
  9. Hope they work for you , like they work fantastically for me . I have changed over to Norma for my 17 HMR and really are very good
  10. Talking about ripping people off
  11. Great news on the job . Building trade has gone made in the last year , in fact I had two customers phone me on Boxing Day afternoon and asking me , if I can look at there plans and give them a date to start
  12. Totally agree Phil, give them my name , van reg , what time going , what time leaving , where I am shooting, what am I shooting , then they give me a log number just in case I need to contact them in a emergency . Found them to be really polite and always said either happy shooting or have a good night
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