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  1. Get it in now , then when get it you will realise no need for .22 rimfire using slugs
  2. Shot one rabbit last night 167 yards , mate could not believe what he just witnessed I just turned around and said “ that’s the fx crown FAC and H&N slugs for you “
  3. Just remember before voting
  4. Big old feeder Phil , must cost a fortune to fill that one
  5. Good going crown FAC, can’t beat it imo
  6. Sorry this should be just over one mill dot@ 100 yards and 3/4 @ 75 yards
  7. My crown will run at 45 fpe with H&N 21gr slugs but tuned to 40 fpe and @ 100 yards just under one milldot , In fact 3/4 mill dot tried the 23 gr tonight and same hold over with more fpe . These slugs hold way more energy down range with .09 BC
  8. Remember it’s only the Americans which are testing American slug / pellet , they don’t seem to have H&N slugs yet or is it because H&N are European
  9. It’s not farting about but save your self £2 tin + what you pay for car parking ,petrol and time , sit in your own home press a few keys job done
  10. With H&N slugs Phil they work the same in either liner , but the smaller size are better in the standard liner including x liner and bigger in slug liners . H&N slugs seem to work in most barrels and guns Phil . I think it will be the same with .25 slugs
  11. If that ammo buggers up your barrel, can you make a claim against the manufacturer of the ammo where there is blame there is a claim
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