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  1. And if you win the case they don’t pay your cost I believe
  2. If that’s the case then fight it
  3. I still love shooting sub12 and like I said before on many occasions, is FAC really worth all the hassle for shooting rabbits, squirrels, rats , pigeons and so on when we know sub 12 can do it with ease
  4. He must know he is in the wrong if he is not bothering to fighting it as we all know sub 12 with a decent set up and the right pellet and know what you are capable of , then 60 odds yards is very achievable
  5. But you have the legal right to know why it’s been revoked. They have to be transparent on everything remember or they can end up in court as well
  6. JSB or AA express 7.9 gr are absolutely brilliant even in wind . Then go the other end in weight 10.3 gr JSB heavies, brilliant as well . I have swooped from the heavies to 7.9 gr again with great results in the field
  7. Most of changes will be with shot guns I think bring them in line with section 1
  8. But doesn’t the NRA have a legal team to help fight your case , if you have a case ? Not only that , being a member of HOA club and the NRA shows the fire arms departments you are a bit more serious about the sport as well don’t you think
  9. Very few do get shot by a FAC holder funny how they target guns but not cars , alcohol and alike
  10. Second time this week on breakfast news about making gun laws tougher yes what happened was tragic to the wife and two young girls and also the Plymouth shooting, but let’s have a fair debate and not two anti gun on the biased Broadcasting Corporation .
  11. Most clubs which shoot live will have to be home office approved I believe. It helps for NRA as well because you have done a probation period with HOA club before being a full member
  12. Just sent off membership form myself Phil also I am full member of home office approved club as well which the fire arms department for Dorset has been informed of
  13. Always a reason Phil . pays to join a home office approved gun club and the NRA Uk
  14. Something not right here Phil if your fire arms has been revoked he must of said something to someone threatening talk , doctor informed them , caught speeding more than couple of times , something said on social media sometimes I think is FAC worth the hassle at times , specially when we have been shooting sub 12 for most of our shooting years 50+ years for me
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