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  1. Sub 12 air rifle.177 from feeders or this time of the year in the trees
  2. In fact I might do variation and buy wildcat 700mm sniper mk3 tried one shoulders lovely
  3. If you are going to buy one then most versatile would be sniper 700mm Barrel . It will do everything you want it to do and a lot more too Dont listen to the old fart , he has dementia
  4. The original pard 007 you want the rest are shit imo you need to spend another £100 + on a decent ir
  5. Phil , I have a strap on my impact
  6. That’s what I love about my .22 FAC fx crown 43 ftlbs down to under 12 in seconds
  7. 20 is a transvestite cal , doesn’t know whether it’s .177 or 22
  8. At FAC level they are , but my bsa ultra and Hw100k sub12 will match and top price gun pellet for pellet . Including fx and daystate. So no not in sub 12 but others will say different
  9. Fx at FAC level imo are the best far to many issues with daystate sub 12 and FAC
  10. My vantage sf works fine with my original pard . I did keep telling Phil they need a decent ir for the newer pards to work
  11. Military robot dogs seen with assault rifles attached to their backs WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Human operators of Ghost Robotics' dog would be able to control it via an Android tablet...
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