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  1. villaman

    17 HMR

    Looks like the CZ452 then but I did think about Sako finnfire
  2. villaman

    Not so windy tonight

    Not only your shooting is getting better Jimmy but your photograph skill are getting there Nice though
  3. villaman

    FX Ranchero

    looks good
  4. villaman

    New X barrel

    What FPS are you running yours at Allan with AA's ?
  5. villaman

    New X barrel

    Cheers Allan ,nice one mate How did you find them ?
  6. villaman

    New X barrel

    Phil , Did some testing with AA 25.4 gr pellets today , in fact just got back and I think so far the groups are a bit tighter. This is at 100 yards and I am sure I should get them a bit tighter , light was not that good plus I have a bad back and cold at the moment . I will be testing a bit more tomorrow with JSB 25.3 gr ,I know most say, including me they are the same as AA fields but if you look inside they are different This week I will be trying H&N and if I can get hold of jsb .25 pellets king heavy MK11 33.95 gr these are meant to be one of the most accurate pellet through the FX .25 guns This is at 100 yards using AA fields 25.4gr with 16 pellet group running at 898 fps about 45 ft/lbs. As you can see apart from one pellet it would be about 3/4" Pleased with that but I don't think the rabbits will be though
  7. villaman

    New X barrel

    Its from CRS but with out the laser on top . I can set it up by a NV unit on another gun . I did think about buying a .22 barrel but I would not bother changing it over ,plus £350 for a barrel kit , not only that I like guns
  8. villaman

    New X barrel

    I will be doing a lot of testing this weekend Phil as it raining all weekend down here in sunny ,sunny Bournemouth pride of the south I am lucky to have a 100 yard old chicken building to use and made it into my shooting range
  9. villaman

    New X barrel

    Jimmy , Had a look through XQ 50 yesterday at the sportingman gun centre just outside Dorchester , my god it is good , blown away with it is a under statement . Its a good job I forgot my wallet ,all else I would of had it . I am going to wait a bit just to see if these Pard ones are any good ,if not I will get in touch with Ian of here and order one . I need some kind of night vision for the impact now as the nights are getting darker , but saying that my .22 FAC FX crown should be with me in a couple of weeks and night vision will go on that . Started to look at .17 HMR as well yesterday and might go for one ,just need to find out which one more homework to do now
  10. villaman

    New X barrel

    Picked up my Free new FX X barrel from my local RFD as promised from Tony at A-S-I Fitted the barrel to the impact and zero was still spot on , then rushed of to one of my permissions to catch the last 10 minutes of daylight . Soon as I got the gun out of the van , I spotted a rabbit at the salad farm about 100 yards away I thought . Zapped the range finder on the rabbit and a read out came out at 117 yards . Went down in prone position with bipod fitted ,looked at the scope cap with a range card on 119 yards 4 1/2 dots hold over , pulled trigger and down it went with no kicking . This is my longest kill so far with this amazing FX impact plus at 117 yards it still has 20 ft/lbs of power left . So just the one with the impact before it got dark but had another 5 with BSA ultra .177 with Pulsar N870LRF NV unit
  11. villaman

    17 HMR

    Thinking about buying a 17 HMR but which ones should I be looking at and what mod ?
  12. villaman

    Not a Bunny

    Snakes send me cold just looking at them on TV or pics
  13. villaman

    New perms

    Just like buses
  14. villaman


    Sportingman gun centre do them https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/weihrauch-hw85
  15. villaman


    Just what you needed mate , good session on your own which helps to clear the head and of course with the best sub 12 gun