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  1. Funny how some guns have that effect on us .
  2. villaman

    Gave pav a night out

    Both of You are unbelievable and both are top shooters as well , Nice shooting lads
  3. villaman

    pic of my hw100 ,in 20 caliber

    Very nice looking gun mate but I did not have you down as a transvestite with your choice of cal
  4. villaman

    FAC Air rifle

    All depends on your police force , I am lucky and had a open ticket for FAC air straight off
  5. villaman

    Finally found it

    Good luck with it just hope you have a good one
  6. villaman

    Hw100 .22

    You can buy them cheaper from here but you will pay import tax and if anything goes wrong ,then you will need to get it back to them https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/LaserWorks-hunting-accessories-air-Gun-mounted_60490727047.html
  7. villaman

    Hw100 .22

    I will be buying one very soon Phil to go on the impact then I can keep my Pulsar N870 lrf on the ultra , just waiting for hear back from a few who have them
  8. villaman

    Hw100 .22

    I have both .177 and .22 HW100k and both are fabulous These night vision units are far better than most add on and will blow the photons out of the water http://www.customriflescopes.com/shop.html#!/ADDONIGHT-the-night-vision-add-on-for-your-rifle-scope-for-223-or-lower-caliber/p/108133344/category=15737046
  9. villaman

    Small knife

    Opinel NO 9 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Opinel-No-9-Carbon-Blade-Knife/dp/B000VQR4Y8/ref=sr_1_1?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1531838766&sr=1-1&keywords= opine
  10. villaman

    Squirrel feed

    corn , wheat , peanuts in the shell , or lose ones , hazel nuts
  11. villaman

    What do you wear?

    Camo jacket with face vail ,gloves , hat Go out in the rain
  12. villaman

    What do you wear?

    Bigmac is right about you , tosser
  13. villaman

    What they worth

    the whole lot you might get £900- £950 you would be better off selling separate
  14. villaman

    What they worth

    HW100 £480 -500 no scope scope with all the bits ( side wheel , flip up covers ,case ) £130 Ultra if its multi shot than £250- 280 bottle depends on age and how much test left on they only have a life span of 15 years but £100 150
  15. villaman

    .25 AA Field pellets 25.4gr

    Yes they are good Phil ,in fact I might order some more AA .25 although I still have 7 tins of jsb