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  1. yes but loads had different opinions, I needed it from the horse’s mouth so to speak
  2. Same with these allotments DB privately owned by a estate
  3. Best if the shit forum got taken down for good most on there are 🤌specially the mods
  4. Have thought of .177 FAC but looked into it and thought no . imo you can’t beat .22 FAC shooting pellets or slugs out to 120+ yards
  5. David , I have permission to do pest control on the allotments from the allotment committee and land owner . They also own all the fields around the allotments and the cricket fields , which I shoot on as well
  6. Probably not . As you know FAC crown is my used FAC gun & my favourite
  7. Wild cat mk3 sniper is what I would go for in fact I am putting in for a variation
  8. Don’t need to put down anything for ammo for FAC air
  9. What’s is the law shooting pigeons on allotments. They have done every method possible to scare them off
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