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  1. Buy a daystate and you will realise how good the p35 is out of the box
  2. You definitely won’t be disappointed
  3. I had both Weihrauch & CZ in hand and yes Weihrauch is very nice , best trigger out of all .22 lr , but I still chose CZ 457 know regrets at all
  4. Good old saying “ if it’s not broke why fix it “ totally pointless full strip down and renewing all the O rings imo
  5. Love daystates, you can’t beat them probably the best airrifle of all time . Not expensive or overrated crap
  6. Not a chance . Totally English Thank god
  7. Will be doing pickled red cabbage with a few home grown chill’s in each jar
  8. CZ 457 for me shooting partner had a new arnni same time I had my CZ457 , his went back for several problems , still not as smooth like 457 , his and mine thoughts
  9. Shot 5 in the red cabbage’s with HW100K.177 using JSB 10.3 gr pellet
  10. Very true Mark , but we only live once and haven’t got that many years left , may be if we are lucky 20 years
  11. DB you really are ….
  12. Just put the price up in the last couple of weeks . Look in the butchers and all meat has gone up
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