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  1. £275 a day is not a lot of money , if you take we go out price work up at weekends or evening’s , 6 weeks holiday and bank holidays pay , sickness pay , although hardly have anytime off for that , buying or replacing tools , public liability insurance, no pay when weather is bad , the list goes on and on , so £275 is not a lot in my eyes
  2. What fucks me off as a self employed we pay our tax before we have earned it and we are going to be the last to be paid out as well
  3. Transvestite cal doesn’t know if it’s a .177 or .22 like Mark said , use a heavy pellet in .177 and lighter pellet in .22
  4. This is just the beginning of a police state
  5. 177 , .20 , 22 .25 will do the same job out to 40 yards , just Need to know your set up , gun , scope , pellet and most important, what your capable of for any further distance .177 would be may choice in sub 12 with AA express 7.9 gr pellet
  6. BSA ultra will match and top price gun pellet for pellet . I had a reg , tune 325mm cylinder and shroud / with built in silencer , all done by Carl at airtech £180 , ok about 4 years ago but still spot on today
  7. Yep had problems with mountmasters in the past
  8. Very true all this staying in is not good need to get out before I go totally mad
  9. You don’t have to come on the airgun section and give abuse
  10. You still haven’t answered my question why is it safe to drive to work or supermarkets but not to one of your permission on your own ? getting caught , they didn’t even come out when I had a brake in with firearms in the house . If they do stop me then I am going to work on site , simple
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