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  1. villaman

    Took the lad out

    Nice one lads Chris you have made a friend with Jimmy ,that’s for certain . He is still a twat though
  2. villaman

    hw95 tuning

    Looks like you haven’t much choice or do any of your local gun shops do tuning?
  3. villaman

    Free to any tuner

    Why do people harp on saying TX does not need running so why do they tune them ?
  4. villaman

    hw95 tuning

    Had mine tuned by Dave Price (wonky donkey) Sandwell field sports is another one but waiting can be months Welch willy is very good woodfields A few months ago had one of my 99 tuned by blackmax on the airgun forum , he is a bit of a expert on Hw guns and quick turnaround. I have his contact details if you would like them
  5. villaman

    Shot fox

    how do you dispose of your shot foxes
  6. villaman

    people putting in for fac

    Every police force is different and everybody told me know way I would be allowed a open ticket until after five years, but got a open for fac air straight away and applied for a variation for 17 HMR and . 22lr and that is open as well dont always believe what you read on forums or shitbook
  7. villaman

    Theoben rapid 7

    Looks like very few rapid lovers here
  8. villaman

    Just for villaman

    I have always said on your hunting post , its not the gun but you who pulls the trigger , your one of the best shooters on here , of course I am better that goes without saying though joking apart I mean what I said , fantastic shooting mate
  9. villaman

    Where to buy a air cylinder?

    I have a 12 l 232 bar for sale this week £100 with new 5 year test and whip
  10. villaman

    Theoben rapid 7

    Christ I did go mad for a month or two then saw the light thank god
  11. villaman

    Theoben rapid 7

    I don’t think so only the old timers are coming out saying they don’t make them like they use to Looks like the only thing which makes them get a hard on is old rapids
  12. villaman

    Theoben rapid 7

    We all know calbsberg is shit as well only saying like
  13. villaman

    Theoben rapid 7

    Rabid boys are like daystate boy , that’s all Ian saying
  14. villaman

    Theoben rapid 7

    And that can be done to most guns as well and not just rapids