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  1. villaman

    Jsb Hades 15,89/jsb jumbos 15,89

    Jimmy, try some falcon accuracy plus when I put my crown down to 12 ft/lbs they were amazing and fly nice and fast I can send some up to if you like
  2. villaman

    Jsb Hades 15,89/jsb jumbos 15,89

    Jimmy , I found them good out to 60-70 yards after that the opened up in FAC , so I expect them to be very good in your sub 12 out to 50-60 yards
  3. villaman

    FX chronograph

    Leave it Phil until it needs a service then think about it
  4. villaman

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    Apparently Dorset have more firearms license holders than any other county in England and more deer as well
  5. villaman

    FAC interview do's & don'ts!!

    Had FAC air .22 , .25 plus 17hmr and .22 lr straight off no restrictions with Fox I’m my license
  6. villaman

    New Rifles

    Why ?
  7. villaman

    FX chronograph

    Still a place for FAC air Phil , there is a lot you can’t do with 22lr and 17 HMR . i am holding back at the moment on my .22 and 17 HMR , couple of reasons , 17 with noise and with the .22 lr with rounds bouncing around plus my impact can do the same as a 22 lr . Also I don’t know what guns to buy yet . Heard good and bad things about tikka also has a plastic stock , ok I can buy after market stock but then you are getting up to Anschutz money . Most say just buy a CZ , HW or Anschutz if you are feeling flush
  8. villaman

    Racism in football

    They can call me anything they want specially earning £50,000+ a game , even £500 a game in fact most of use get called something most weeks or even days , do I give a shit , no I can give it back as well just part of life
  9. villaman

    FX chronograph

    33 fpe with 18 gr as standard and really quiet, but I do have a ratworks shroud/ silencer on it . I had a tune done on the crown last week and maxed out it will reach 45 fpe but found out the best speed for 18 and 16 gr pellets to day and both running at 37 fpe . And both pellets are spot on on the same zero plus same mill dots holdover. Still shooting about 80/90 shots per fill The whole gun is smother , quieter and shoots far better than standard, which I must admit I thought would not be possible, but worth every penny on the tune imo After setting it up to day in my indoor range , I stepped out side and pigeon landed on telegraph pole ,after feeding on the new drilled field . Dropped it at about 123 yards stone dead with 16 gr pellet
  10. villaman

    Long range rabbits with the HW 100 KT .177

    Shot Mark as always how come you are not using the express ?
  11. villaman

    FX chronograph

    I have this week off at the moment so will try different set up with different pellets The 34 original seem to be better than mk2 and at 75 yards pellet on pellet. If the weather is kind to me this week , I will push out the distance If I find the pellets are not good at 100 + yards then I will put it all back to 60 ft/lbs with the 34 gr
  12. villaman

    FX chronograph

    Got the 25 gr running at 1047 found pellet is more stable at distance and still getting 65 shots per fill Each to there own , same with anything in life
  13. villaman

    FX chronograph

    JSB 33.9 gr
  14. villaman

    FX chronograph

    They are great for sub 12 and not high powered facair , but I do remember you had problems with them oh and the impact oh and the discovery all at the same time , not user error was it by any chance