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  1. You be better buying fags dope drink way your spare money jig just look what youd be saving imagine a night out way this lot
  2. Mudman ebay jig waterproof rubber all weather everday watch youl get one fr around 200 new light time date fck the rest
  3. Northern lights mincer could take a few way the jackets still on I heard.
  4. Chalky and the bawbags that's was a good vidio white guys talking like p diddy eye very classy .
  5. It's like when a Englishman asked you what fly your fishing way fck right off
  6. These guys are specialist I'd say they have terriers that are trained not to go to ground to it takes a speical type of dog to jump out at jeep at 30mph you no and not get run over it is what it is that's not hunting in my book we all have different standards that's pure chavisum .
  7. Iam moving for no c**t they cant take the midge
  8. My deerhound x killed thousands more gear than the wee Bob dog bitch rabbits in the 30s on lamp 3s regular the occasional 5 at the also seen her take rhf front of the other bitch beginning of the season the wee bob bitch was better hare dog single prob but all in all a weak product if you ask me my bitch was way more up for anything she came from innerlethan a cross country runner ang game keeper she was a very aggressive bitch even to humans she rag a german shepard in two fckn minutes alote those saluki x are cowards not them all but a good majority
  9. Looking forward to gladiator two they had a bond night up here over 5o aston Martin's
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