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    Mountain Bike

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    New Arrivals.

    There was a very good colliex called patch the robber years ago if youse are talking daytime haredogs my mate owned him he was killing a good 15/20 hares a week daytime iam saying collie x as we only guessed He could have been something else I ran him way the lad for a few years he was passed about fr money as most coursing dogs do it seems the traveller bitch was just as good if not better even she had a price on her head did they have there faults off course they did none would tackle teeth my little bitch was only capable of 2 good winter hares maybe 3 but she take anything to me a better prospect to breed of there is a video of my mates old collie x killing 11 hares daytime a bitch called Shelia she broke her leg one day I was out way her she was pinned up put on the back burner for a year maybe more same as my old dog first day out after rest she killed the first hare that rose the robber dog was matched against a few good dogs back then that was the mans game i was offered pups off them both iam talking 80s early 80s they did not suit my needs I wanted a dog way more fire something that could kill foxes on the lamp in numbers the travellers Wheaton x suited my needs buy fck he was a ugly dog he lived till he was 16 he never once showed me up daytime nighttime was he the best Not a chance but he kept me happy most lads were going through dogs like hot dinners I had what I needed a triyer a wee dog allrounder who gave his all his mother was the same she draw no probs although not a a patch on him Work to your dogs strengths not there weaknesses no dog is perfect it doesn’t exist it’s all about enjoyment not beating the next man for me anyway same as fishing iam out for the enjoyment the whole exsperiance I’ve seen plenty real good hare dogs but they were all limited on other quarry they aren’t for me I prefer a worker a thinker a killer one that try’s nothing else a tradional lurcher not a coursing dog just enjoy what’s left lads our country is sadly fcked we had the best stick together man even on the internet it’s a sad day to see men bickering about certain x there is good and bad in every x fck Ive owned plenty bed deerhound saluki its the good dogs I remember not the bad Enjoy your summer the dogs I have right now try that’s all I want youse can keep your champions I’ve got my memory’s that’s all I need will these modern dogs kill the amount of hares of these dogs of the past i very much doubt it due to legality and the amount of hares .
  3. Bearfoot

    New Arrivals.

    My best friend is 40 years older than me I'd give up my own life for him my other is my father in law both are real onarable men true friends are hard to.come buy Atb stay lucky pups looked well looked after good luck john
  4. Bearfoot

    New Arrivals.

    So true i grue up way lads that wanted the best I always settled for the runners up but I was always happy like the fishing I was never wanting we had the best that will never change
  5. Bearfoot

    Old lurcher photo

    Image of blue roryxbeth derxgreyxcolxgrey
  6. Bearfoot

    Stud dog

    Thers plenty good bitches ruined buy infearior studs and luck payes on the bigest part will to two nit together a game bitch is worth more than any dog
  7. Bearfoot

    trt treatment..

    Stephen white rusty his brother another
  8. Bearfoot

    trt treatment..

    Ronny white udingston another good fighter rusty all great guys pure gents new them all my life
  9. Bearfoot

    trt treatment..

    Used to train way my mate jan cree Hamilton he won world championships in Hamilton great fighter in the ring still mates right hes now a DJ my other mate Scott McDonald was the body for Brad Pitt in snatch another Hamilton lad two great fighters in the ring
  10. Bearfoot

    Minshaw dogs

    Iam chilled reading the Auguste escofficer
  11. Bearfoot

    Minshaw dogs

  12. Bearfoot

    Minshaw dogs

  13. Bearfoot

    Minshaw dogs

    Eye the old dogs eye patterdale s Wheaton’s bedlingtons all have brought me mizery at some point I would never get any young ones into this game we are not the nicest creatures on earth I often wonder what’ was up way me
  14. Bearfoot

    Minshaw dogs

    Hopefully I see the light one day and kill those b*****ds be done way them
  15. Bearfoot

    Minshaw dogs

    Your right joe was out walk fcken terriers jaw to jaw right up paths it’s like a insulim out there they just get worse I was a dick some days I just feel like shooting the b*****ds the more you give them lurchers included the more evenly they become no game for the young ones this we are all sick in the head