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  1. Clergy Abuse Has Cost The Catholic Church $3BN In The US. And religions are tax exempt...
  2. ChrisJones

    Plod talking nonsense again

    Meanwhile a similar customer request in a less policed nation...
  3. ChrisJones

    4 youths stabbed in london

    How many generations on the dole now? My auntie hasn't worked a day in her life yet she 'retired' two years ago. Her three kids are on the dole and one is at her majesty's pleasure when he's not loafing in his state provided flat. Whatever Maggie tried, failed.
  4. ChrisJones

    4 youths stabbed in london

    Couldn't agree more but anyone that puts that in an election manifesto is ultimately unelectable in modern Britain. You have more luck nuking the site from orbit. At least regarding Tory voters aged from the 50 -80 bracket.
  5. There's a lot of familiarity in all of this. Predation of vulnerable kids. People in positions of power. Authorities either refusing to investigate or actively covering it up. It's been on NPR since the story broke and there was an interesting interview with the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro. They've been meticulous in their investigation and they've genuinely broken the mould when it comes to investigating these despicable crimes. The attorney general's office is pushing for reformation of their state's statute of limitations laws that have allowed all of these priests to walk away from this and not have to answer for their crimes. Other states have been in contact with their team to swap notes it appears as it's been a groundbreaking investigation. Shapiro was the one that successfully prosecuted the former president of Penn State Uni over the Sandusky abuse case showing that those who are complicit, ignore, or cover up, complaints of abuse should see the inside of a prison cell which is something that should be demanded in the likes of Rochdale, Rotherham, etc... For the first time in ages it's been refreshing hearing from a person like Shapiro as he concluded the interview with the comment " If you commit sexual abuse in Pennsylvania, if you cover it up to protect your institution, we'll investigate and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law without fear or favor. "
  6. ChrisJones

    4 youths stabbed in london

    Everyone's ignoring the problem here... London. Take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  7. ChrisJones

    Meat eater

    Well worth the time, IMHO. Have a look through his website too, MeatEater. It's got articles and links to podcasts on there and he's released a couple of books on hunting and butchering game that are very good reads. Happy People: A Year In The Taiga Into The Inferno Jiro: Dreams Of Sushi Cartel Land Winter On Fire Fire Chasers
  8. ChrisJones

    What would you do

    Fair one GM but the earlier question wasn't asking how would you invest a lottery win to make more money the question was how much would you have to win before you checked out entirely all things being equal? I know a jackpot isn't directly taxed in Britain but I know that any more than sixteen grand in an interest gathering bank account is subject to the revenue as is the 40% capital gains on properties over £325,000. Not to say that isn't a way to work but work it'll have to do and if you have to hire someone to manage your assets then you've got to pay them also. It can be done but we're a long long way from luxurious motorhomes and globetrotting without a care at this point. I can save on what I have now, and I'm extremely happy with my financial situation without a lottery win so I'm hardly claiming a million ain't enough.
  9. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

  10. ChrisJones

    mobile contract help

    Good to know! I don't know what a PAC is but it doesn't matter because I don't have a moby anymore!
  11. ChrisJones

    mobile contract help

    By the time it escalated the bloke I was speaking to was very English. I was on the phone for a good 20-30 minutes while they checked recordings to make sure I'd done what I said I'd done and I could even prove that someone had signed for the cancellation notice as I'd sent it registered but because they'd lost it between the signee and billing they were still billing me. I told them I wasn't coming back to the UK as I'd emigrated and told him to trace my call to Utah. He confirmed that was where I was phoning from too! I might still be getting billed for all I know but I told him in no uncertain terms that they wouldn't be getting another penny out of me ever. I was calm and polite the whole time and I could just tell he was getting more and more wound up. I even wished him and his team all the best in the future and hoped they could sort out all the problems with their administrative staff as it must be a huge hassle getting all the mail from the front desk...
  12. ChrisJones

    What would you do

    I reckon in the UK with the cost of everything you'd need closer to ten. I'd need $4mUSD on today's rates to match my salary for the rest of my life and that doesn't count for inflation.
  13. ChrisJones

    mobile contract help

    Take this anyway you feel as I've been out of the country for over a decade now, but I cancelled mine before I left and my mam was still getting bills through after I'd gone stateside. Phone them and tell them you're cancelling. They will record it. Cancel in writing. Send it recorded/registered post. This will prove they signed for it. Stop using the phone when your contract expires. I had to phone them from the US to stop the billing. They checked that I'd called and confirmed it but they couldn't find the written notice even though I had sent it registered and knew they'd received it. I even explained that I hadn't used the phone the month I moved despite being paid up until the end of that month as I'd cancelled in good faith. They kept billing me. Only when they traced my call to see that I was out of the UK did they stop but I had to explain to them that they wouldn't be receiving any more money did they cancel it. They were quite prepared to bill me indefinitely and only stopped when I said I was never coming back to the UK. If they are still billing me I'm unaware of it.
  14. ChrisJones

    Knives and multi tools.

    A lot would depend on your tool requirements. Leatherman makes an excellent product, IMHO and these are very handy. The plain old Victorinox Swiss Army Knife can't be overlooked either. EDIT: This one if you're feeling flush... Mora. Hold a decent edge and cheap enough that you won't cry when you lose it.
  15. ChrisJones

    What would you do

    That's a fair one WR and I understand that the monetary figure will be different for everyone that thinks about it long enough. I just think the days of winning a million quid and cashing out for a life of luxury are a historical fantasy based on the current cost of living. The real figure would be much higher and despite the presence of the lottery one would be much better off figuring out a better investment strategy!