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  1. I don't know, mate. Someone earlier posted of thirty grand from a litter of pups. If supply could meet that demand it's a very lucrative industry. It's easy to see why some are tempted with that kind of return.
  2. ChrisJones


    As you posted above... Isn't this what we're both saying?! EU make laws. Member states enforce them based on their own legal systems?! We both understand that the EU make the rules. We both understand that EU offer guidance for compliance We both understand the EU will intervene if it thinks that these laws aren't being applied correctly. Those that disagree with a verdict have the right to an EU appeal to clarify whether that law is being applied correctly. Where we seem to disagree is on the legal cases over several years that have changed that interpretation. Once more I agree with you but there rulings on religious sensitivities have left that to the autonomy of individual member states. The EU has very publically punted that interpretation of it's own ECHR! Seriously! Look it up! They're either abiding by their own legal prescidence in these cases or they're negligent in enforcing their own charter as these legal issues are contradictory! I agree!!!! It is pure speculation and as I've also said I loathe to invoke the slippery slope but with historical hindsight that has played out over two millennia in Europe! The EU has gone from a trade deals in the 50's. Consolidated government and single currency in the 90's to hinting at sanctions against member states for wishing to leave the collective in 2019! This is how authoritarianism works!! I have never disputed with you that they are the old USSR. I simply stated that despite it's extremely public crimes against humanity there are people that still voluntarily fly the hammer and sickle and think that it's a good idea! I haven't disputed with you that they hold member states by military force or anything like it. They don't even have a standing army to my knowledge and in an earlier post I asked for clarification on what that status is. I simply stated that a government which is threatened by enemies both real and perceived becomes increasingly authoritarian in nature and you have agreed with this in several posts up to this point! The daftest point of all of this is that neither of us live in Britain!
  3. Can't argue with that Gnash but unfortunately all of those markets exist. Maybe Kings Cross' resident sausage wallets should be investing their hard earned in puppy farms.
  4. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Trumpers. You might learn something from this one. Republican Senator Rand Paul calls out one of the plethora of issues surrounding the current spending problem facing the US government.
  5. ChrisJones


    Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. Which is what I've been saying from the start when I said that these issues are pushed back to the respective member states. The uniformity of the EU ends with natural justice in member countries. In the religious sensitivity cases the EU contradicts it's own human rights legislation by pushing the cases back to the autonomy of the respective member states. They explicitly gave the individual member states the right to choose how to enforce these laws through their own contradictory prescident. These landmark decisions have ensured that the member state is bestowed with the authoritative power of arbitrarily selecting which sentiments are worthy of protection which contradicts the link which you posted above, with regard to freedoms of expression. In this area the commission has broken it's end of the deal as it either isn't monitoring the application of the law or it's negligent in it's duties. I think this is wrong and I can also see how this has, and can be further abused by current and future governments. I can see this as one of the building blocks of the current wave of populism sweeping Europe.
  6. ChrisJones


    Except when they don't. It's been well documented with their handling of the cases surrounding "religious sentiment." One of the reasons people in Britain are now seeing fines and suspended prison sentences for "hate speech" involving religious groups. I accept that there are policies that the EU instruct member states to follow and how to do so, but there are also issues that are pushed back to the respective states and dealt with under their own autonomy. I wasn't infering that they did enforce punishment over member states I was infering that given enough time and reasoning their brand of authoritarianism would increase proportionately. I also hadn't referenced individuals within countries either. Project Europe started as trade deals in the 50's, moved to linked governments and single currency in the 90's and is now discussing punitive measures for member states that want to withdraw from collective agreement. I simply believe that we're heading in that direction and the evidence supports that. Can't argue with that at all, mate. That document, among others, should be on the school curriculum! I don't disagree with anything you've posted so far. I accept that their coerscion has been mainly financial to this point but I think where you and I differ is that I do believe that force is on the cards in the future if the EU dream starts to crack. Again I loathe to use the slippery slope fallacy but two thousand years of European history shows that playing out quite frequently.
  7. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Bang on, mate! We know that politics is dirty. Most of agree with that even if we disagree with which dirty b*st*rd should have the job but the alarming thing that has come out of the last 4 years is that some of these charlatans have been able to convince the commoners that it's possible to pick up sh*t with your fingers if you go for the clean end.
  8. ChrisJones


    The EU make policy and the individual member states choose how to enforce that policy and even though the beginnings of the EU (the old EEC) were all about making trade easier the formation of the EU from 93 to present has moved towards authoritarianism. It started as simple trade agreements in the 50's and is now threatening Britain with sanctions for leaving. If you think the EU is guilty of a great deal of oppression then you're infact agreeing that they're authoritarian in nature! I agree that we're not seeing Stalinist methods but the increasing restrictions from the bureaucracy is hardly encouraging for personal liberty. I usually avoid going for the slippery slope argument but looking at the crimes commited on European soil in the last century I believe that the last thing we should be doing is giving the EU the power it craves. That's the main reason I support Brexit and I still have a hard time believing that roughly half of the British population has such a short memory that they believe a large European bureaucracy is a good thing.
  9. ChrisJones


    What's the actual status on this? Do you know of, or anyone else know of? A few of the THL lads met up in London a few years ago for bit of a protest in London. I personally watched police officers removing their insignia and masking up just before a few of the beatings started, as did a few of this forums members. I even told the BBC camera crew that were there where to find the bloke that had been beaten unconscious. That didn't make the news either. Who knows why?
  10. ChrisJones

    Cracking year for butterflies.

    Las Vegas are getting grasshoppers in swarms that are showing up on weather radar! We're getting grasshoppers and other insects showing up in swarms also. They're reckoning it's do with rainfall and mild spring couple with a sudden heatwave accelerating the breeding cycle.
  11. ChrisJones


    While I tend to agree with you on most of that it only covers half of the story. Don't forget that just under half of those that voted in the referendum want to stay in the EU. We've all seen the sh*tposting and propaganda that's come from that and I sincerely doubt that with that machine in place other countries will just suddenly want to take their balls home. Like with every other socialist utopia they'll just jack up the taxes and redistribute the money to those they see fit. Like they always have done and if roughly half can't see that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes then nothing will change. The soviet union lasted 70 years. They killed millions and people still think it's a good idea. It's only because they ran out of money that they collapsed. You think these Eurocrats won't resort to authoritarianism to keep that gravy train rolling?
  12. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Neither, mate but you'd know that if you'd read much of what I've posted over the years. We can do all of this all over again when we end up with a democrat in the white house, but it'll be a much smaller thread because the only place where you and I differ is that you take sides. I know they're all equally worthless! I kinda figured that but thanks for confirming that you won't read anything that doesn't agree with your pre-conceived biases. Please remain woke!
  13. ChrisJones

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    No worries Gnash. I had a brief hiatus from the forum while the EU elections took place and I noticed that UKIP and TR suffered heavily at the elections as they've run on more of a single issue than most. The causes of both revolutions are huge topics in themselves but being taxed without fair representation and overthowing monarchial rule would be a fair starting point in both cases. I think nationalism would've been a tough one to call for the Americas as it wasn't even it's own country at that point. With India I honestly don't know. It's something I've never really followed up. Nationalism in Britain is stigmatised to a degree. I understand that but you've rightly listed other issues under the umbrella term that are rarely discussed in public. As per the OP I genuinely don't know of a successful nationalist government either currently or historically but it's a discussion as a direction to take. I agree with you on Brexit but while I do believe immigration is an issue it wasn't as much of an issue that basically ended UKIP and saw TR lose his political deposit. I still believe that national sovereignty was, and still is, the common denominator. The Trump train is similar but while immigration is an issue the Trump vote was to shake up the system from those that had made themselves millionaires whilst in office. If you look at the Trump base they're all places that have had industry decimated by progress and automation, and new technologies have erased entire cities and counties. US politicans have traditionally followed the money and have left these places to suffer. The Trump vote was to upset that apple cart but despite it's nationalist overtones it currently isn't a successful example of whatever brand of nationalism that is.
  14. ChrisJones

    Grand Theft Auto Newcastle.

    I loved the placement of The Sun logo on the shop in the background. It could of been a paid advert.
  15. ChrisJones


    A new prime minister wouldn't change the EU's stance no matter who took it on. Sanctions would be far more severe. I agree their states would be impacted but not to the degree Britain's would. They'd do what they've always done and enforce rules that subsidize members countries trading with each other to offset Britain no longer being in the market. This is how socialism has worked from the beginning. It will eventually bankrupt the EU but without a serious change of direction Britain will suffer with it to a degree. I hope Don and Boris sort out a trade deal quickly but with Britains business rates, taxes, and overall cost of existing the US isn't just going to suddenly throw money at the problem. Don't get me wrong I want to see the EU f*ck*d off for good but Britain's entire political system is built up around decades of EU meddling and incompetence. To truly shake all of that off Britain needs to radically change how it runs things. No one has the stomach for that and it could make or break November onwards.