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  1. ChrisJones

    People's march

    If the Dems take control of the house in November there's talk of impeachment. Don's legacy might only just be starting!
  2. ChrisJones

    People's march

    Hard to say at the minute but they'll have a better idea when the November election results come in. Just found out that a 2nd Brexit referendum is 3/1 at the MGM.
  3. ChrisJones

    People's march

    You can bet on anything in Vegas. Donnie is 13/8 to be relected in 2020.
  4. ChrisJones

    People's march

    I do! I fancy a flutter!
  5. ChrisJones

    People's march

    What are the odds on a second referendum like now?
  6. ChrisJones

    Snow White sexually assaulted !

    Ronnie Barker: Prophet. Visionary.
  7. ChrisJones

    Clear racism

    This is how that reads out loud to me. The Equality Act was a good intentioned piece of legislation designed to show positive steps to end discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. The irony of this legislation is that by outlining what a person of protected characteristic is it discriminates against a person with a non protected characteristic and completely undermines the purpose of it's own existence. The fact that the sender of that email can type that up with a straight face and actually argue for it with the examples is up there with some of the daftest sh*t I've ever read on THL.
  8. ChrisJones

    Change of career

    Worked the equivalent of two full time jobs in Britain. Struggled to pay bills. Never at home with kids, etc. Cashed out. Moved to the US. Career change. 3 days on 4 days off. House in the mountains. House full of dogs. Bills paid. Money in savings. Enough time to watch my boys grow into men... My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.
  9. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Don's first full fiscal year has posted the largest budget shortfall in six years and has added $113bn to the deficit taking it up to $779bn. Despite the fed collecting a record level in income taxes (as discussed in the Property Levy thread lower taxes demonstrate that more people are likely to pay them) the lack of will from the Republicans to respond by not cutting government spending has seen the deficit sky rocket. #ArtOfTheDeal #BusinessGuru
  10. ChrisJones

    Property Levy

    Born's already mentioned this so without repeating myself, or him, I'm not suggesting dicking over anyone. I'm simply trying to explain how corporation tax harms the economy along with every other tax that is levied against the people of Britain. Rich get richer because they use legal strategies to minimize their outgoings. Same as you do. The poor get poorer because the standard of government in the UK insists on raising taxation to make up for their mismanagement across the board. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record 100% of taxes on everything are paid for by people. You're saying this property levy is fairer than council tax. I agree with you. However I'm also saying that neither tax is a fair at all and should be abolished completely so you don't have to pay either. Corporation tax is levied and all it does is suck money away from wages, pensions, expansion, and research and development. This cost regardless of how you view it is 100% passed on to people either through low wages or the price you pay at the check out. An argument for higher corporation tax (or any tax on business for that matter) is an argument for lower wages, less pension benefits, sh*tty low skilled jobs and higher prices for goods and services provided by any of the business' that choose to trade in any country where they're taxed. With regard to your point regarding the quality of jobs coming to the UK I agree with you. The start of this is to lower the costs at which businesses have to bear to trade. The vast bulk of this is taxation. Lower business running costs leads to better jobs and benefits, lower prices etc because this cost isn't passed on to the consumer at the point of sale. VAT is 20% a business pays that rate and then passes it on to the consumer through increased pricing. That is just one example of how business costs are levied on people. Max argues that we should have a level playing field. I fully agree with him although I believe that the level playing field should be set at zero for everyone. I'm simply not arguing in favour of rich versus poor but I understand that if that if a business pays low overheards the customer and employee benefit through lower costs of running and higher wages and greater job safisfaction respectively. Business will fight to work here because their operating costs are conducive to running a successful and profitable business. That's the whole reason they exist. They and the people they employ generate wealth by providing jobs and goods and services. Quality improves all around. People should also pay lower taxes so that that the cost of living is conducive to running a successful and profitable life. That's the whole reason we exist. When you have more money in your pocket you have the options to spend money on that life or choose to save if you wish to. Wealth insulates us from bad times and makes them bearable along with the good times where you can actually enjoy them. Quality improves all around. Again Max I agree with you. They should be taxed at the same rate as the working people in Britain. That rate should be zero. I agree that this property levy is fairer than the currently council tax system. Where I disagree is the neither tax is fundamentally fair or moral and should be abolished entirely. The amount should be zero. The fairest tax there is.
  11. ChrisJones

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    Markle's Marmalade?
  12. ChrisJones

    Property Levy

    Agreed only that level should be zero. Start by abolishing corporation tax!
  13. ChrisJones

    Property Levy

    Max? Do you mean the same Labour Party that used the British legal tax minimisation strategies loopholes and paid zero in corporation tax despite having a £1.4 million surplus in the bank?! The same Labour Party that want to raise corporation tax to 26% by 2020?! Is that dressed up enough for you?!
  14. ChrisJones

    Property Levy

    Dressed up? Max those are the facts. The short comings of exchequer to leave holes in the law to steer a corporation through it are the fault of the people you pay your tax money too to ensure your interests are served. Hardly value for money is it? Morally?! The government takes money from you and redistributes it for all kinds of programs that you disgaree with with. It's legal but it isn't moral. It's essentially theft. You don't voluntarily donate that money yet you went to work to earn it. What's moral about that? Why? You've elected people to write those rules. What obligation do they have to pay for anything? If folk are getting p*ss*d off at the rich not paying enough tax they need to understand why this is the case that it is and do something about it. Not that it will make a sh*t of difference. As explained above if you attempt to coerce enough money from anyone they'll remove it so you can't. I'm not even close to being rich but I'll be f*ck*d if someone thinks that they're going to make me cough up more because they think I don't contribute enough through some arbitrary financial or moral obligation! That's my f*ck*ng money. I'll decide where, how and when I spend it. I don't know about that one but if the system was unable to extract it's penalty from him who's fault is that? People paid from tax contributions who can't do their job properly. What moral or financial justification do you have to subsidise that?! If they worked for your company and they weren't doing their job you'd sack them. Oh hang on a minute... They do!!