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  1. If he has there isn't a peep about it in Stateside news besides the usual sh*t about sanctions. Link?
  2. I don't put too much stock into what the left thinks. Or the right for that matter. I stick with the people that are friendly but respect my privacy. Basically 99% of America. It's a lot different here than what is portrayed on social media. If you don't believe me look what Donnie and Joey have done for gun sales in the last 4 months!
  3. Why does it have to be one or the other?
  4. Agreed but I vote based on evidence and my conscience. Basically what I see is right, and not on who I feel the need to 'own' this meme cycle... Politics in the developed world is about winning and losing, which I disagree with. It should be about electing officials to govern our affairs not to rule us as they see fit. Neither the Republican or Democratic party are onboard with that chain of thought which is why I cannot, in good faith, give either of them my vote. I don't fully agree with everything the Libertarian party stands for but I feel it's the closest to my world view. In an imperfect world that's as good as I can currently get. The more people that break away from this two party choice the better but it's not my place to tell anyone who to vote for. That's between you and the ballot box.
  5. If you're only giving me the choice of two to vote for then I'd abstain. I cannot vote for either in good conscience. If you want to know who I'm voting for it's Jo Jorgensen. Luckily we don't live in a system where we're limited to just the two choices. If I did I wouldn't vote or I'd write my dogs name in on the ballot. She at least wouldn't cause any harm.
  6. You asked me if I was okay with the situation? Trump or Biden? I think I answered but to clarify I'm not okay with either of them! America will only start to benefit from politics when it's no longer treated like your local footy team and they've had enough of their power removed that they no longer matter and you won't even know who the president is.
  7. You better than most know my thoughts on Trump and I haven't actually seen anything unexpected from him. The most notable aspect I've seen this year is how he's consistently lost the support of the independent voters that helped elect him in 2016. We all knew he was divisive but it just seems he's squandered the last 3½ years with his petty social media tantrums. Most people have seen me a some kind of liberal, or Democrat, judging by some of the post responses I've had but that's how the nature of these forums work. It couldn't be further from the truth. Just because I think Trump is useless doesn't mean I support Bernie, Creepy Uncle Joe, or Hillary. I've never supported any of them and I don't see a benefit in either party. I have shown interest in some policies that both parties have put forward but it's by no means an endorsement of either. Each wants to protect certain rights while quashing others. I want a candidate that supports all of them. Both of these parties want to expand the reach of the federal government. Both of these parties want to see further intrusions on the lives of everyday Americans and for them to contribute a steadily increasing amount of their hard earned money to further the social programs of whichever party has the reigns. Trump promised to change that, and subsequently didn't. Biden promises to change it, and if he's elected, ultimately won't. The only difference between the two is the span of their careers. In short I can't stand either of them. Trump squandered his opportunity and the best the democrats can come up with is a half a century career politican who's been instrumental in some of the most damaging legislation to effect everyday America. Look at his record on perpetual war. Look at his record that has imprisoned record levels of Americans on b*llsh*t drug possession charges, and that's before we start on his attack on the Constitution's 1st and 2nd Amendments. Anyone who thinks the democrats gave a flying f*ck about BLM should have seen how little they did since the 60's and they're only all over it now because it's an election season and the tangerine dream flaps his mouth every time someone sticks a microphone underneath it. Whoever wins in November, I won't be cheering. Whoever wins we all lose. Just a shame the game-changing result in 2016 turned out to be a fresh coat of paint on a festering turd. I'm only hoping enough of the independents who voted for Donnie in 2016 come out and vote for a quality libertarian candidate so we move forward once and for all.
  8. I still wouldn't bet against him at this stage but we're no better off with Biden. Both parties support the erosion of civil rights and the increased power of their governments. Trump didn't drain the swamp as promised he just made a bigger one to fill for his successor. The good we're seeing from all of this is that more and more are now aware that the two party system is the problem and both of them are equally useless promising change and delivering nothing.
  9. Fair. If you look at the Britain's naval supremacy at the time it's understandable they'd be large players in what was a global trade.
  10. What will the headlines read like a few weeks after they open up again? Only takes one and off they go again!
  11. Even now they've rebadged it as human trafficking it touches even the smallest of towns in the quietest of places. It certainly isn't going away.
  12. If prostitution is the world's oldest occupation then slave trader has to be a close second.
  13. I've not seen anything either. Any social media posts, I've seen, don't have any traceable story attached to it.
  14. Masks work. Two articles from Reason... One and Two.
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