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  1. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    Google is your friend, mate! Have a dig through the virtual library! I'm going fishing!
  2. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    Fair one. That's taking trauma up to an 11!
  3. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    Harsh! There must be a childhood trauma in there somewhere...
  4. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    And that's unfortunate because the anomaly will evaporate and chaos will resume. We like to break things as much as build things and that's inherently human. If we don't fix it we get what's coming. Simple as that.
  5. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    If you look at us all having a common ancestor and project it forward that means that in several thousand years we'll be common ancestors to whatever is left of homo-sapiens if we haven't killed ourselves off. It doesn't get more preserved than that. In all honesty I'd rather see the current peacetime anomaly play out a lot longer than it has. That requires everyone to have a nice cup of tea and chat about how to fix sh*t which is where we come in. What do you say THL?
  6. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    Oh I know, mate. Like you I watched that travesty unfold in the real time. But what can you do? They were given liberty and they flushed it down the sh*tt*r. That's entirely on them and I won't shed a single tear. If you look at the politics behind that and the politics that is squeezing the globe that, my friend, is the world's default setting and our peacetime is the anomaly that can end at any time. How does it go? Winter is coming...
  7. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    I don't think it is an accident I simply believe that random mutation exists in society as much as it does in the human body. The agricultural revolution arguably changed the direction of the species for the better and Europe is more agriculturally friendly than sub-saharan Africa is. So what? We all roll the dice by getting up in the morning! If you look at the world as a whole and the people in it we're essentially higher primates with technology. Look at the carnage across the globe that has raged since time began. That is the world's default setting and what peace we have in western Europe is simply an anomaly that can end at any time. I value that brand and agree that it should be preserved. No one wants to live in chaos but it does kinda do a bit of explaining as to why they're fleeing this way.
  8. ChrisJones

    Muslim problem.

    They say everything is bigger in America. You think worms? Think Dune!
  9. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    That's Francie's domain I'm afraid... and I'm sure we'll be schooled on it in due course.
  10. ChrisJones

    Bucket List Trips

    That's one of mine and it'll cost a good chunk from here and I'm a lot closer than you! Looking forward to it!
  11. ChrisJones

    royal baby

    If you draw your family tree you have two parents. Four grandparents. Eight great-grandparents. Sixteen great-great-grandparents, and so on. If you keep doing that for about 40 generations you end up with a number around a trillion which is more than two thousand times the amount of people that have ever existed on earth at that time. Gentlemen, that is a paradox and we can only null it by understanding that our ancestors are not independent of each other. If it were possible to accurately trace their ancestry back, and their ancestors, and so on we'd loop back to a common ancestor and while this sounds confusing we're talking like a 25th cousin as opposed to an extremely close relative. You have to look at the family tree as more of a web than a tree. When the study was done, and I haven't read anything recently to contradict it, the problem was approached more mathematically than genetically and by crunching these numbers you eventually loop back round to a single common ancestor of every living person today. This doesn't mean that a single mythical creature suddenly started the European population it means that as you move further back through the passages of time the lines of genealogy cross at a single person. If you take all of us here on THL we will all have a common ancestor in our family tree going back around 600 years. Francie and I will have one but it might not be the same common ancestor as WILF and I, or Gnash and I, or Tomo and I but there will be one. The further back we go the more names will appear until we reach a single character. The good news to this is that everyone reading this is a descendant of Charlemagne and English aristocracy in general. You are royalty but we're all special so it means no one is. The bad news is that we're all descendants of the prophet Mohammed through the Zaida of Seville. Queen Elizabeth is his 43rd generational grandaughter with his blood being passed through Edward IV in the 15th century. Reading back through some of the comments on here that'll get a lot of resistance but as above it's irrelevant whether you believe it or not it's just how it is. The whole argument of race and bloodline is kinda nulled as there is no pure-blood anything based on the sheer volume of homo-sapiens alive on the planet and race is simply down to the level of melanin in the skin. It's nothing more than an evolved biological defence mechanism against UV rays. Yet we'll argue like children over it. Oh well... If it makes you feel better!
  12. ChrisJones

    Muslim problem.

    It's still better than a McDonalds!
  13. ChrisJones

    Muslim problem.

    You do have a decent imagination. A semi-automatic firearm, or self-loading firearm, is one that not only fires a bullet each time the trigger is pulled, but also performs all steps necessary to prepare it to discharge again—assuming cartridges remain in the firearm's feed device. Unusual on THL, I know... I'll take your word for that...
  14. ChrisJones

    Muslim problem.

    Security guard is all you're getting. It's true and it is vague. We're armed security which is very common in the US. We were driving from A to B when we saw the guy knocked off his bike and the woman didn't stop. Followed her for half a dozen blocks and then blocked her in at the lights until Metro showed up. She was still yapping on the phone. What would you do? I'm not in the police. I'm not in the military. I'm Mancunian. 1. That works although we prefer the term rape alarms and freedom sticks.
  15. ChrisJones

    Muslim problem.

    I am. They do. Especially when the poor b*****d got knocked off his bike. I'm not. 1. Do you not like my rape alarm?