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  1. ChrisJones


    Sad news indeed. Sleep well mate.
  2. Leighton McMillan Richard Price has been jailed for 17 years. Has TR recanted his statement that he and McMillan Price were mates?
  3. ChrisJones

    NHS Co-Pays

    Fair one Scot but there's plenty of negative sh*te posted on here regardless. I've paid more than enough in to have an opinion and I'm equally if not more critical of my local establishment. No one wants to read my rants on the LDS church though...
  4. ChrisJones

    Own Up

  5. ChrisJones

    Best part of uk to live

  6. ChrisJones

    World Cup 2018

    That's the epitaph of every England manager since Euro 92.
  7. ChrisJones

    Own Up

    My favourite bit about the poster in that shop window is that it says there is no evidence of gravity yet it's held in the window with sellotape.
  8. ChrisJones

    Own Up

    Does this shop belong to one of our residents?
  9. ChrisJones

    NHS Co-Pays

  10. ChrisJones

    Knife and gun crime

    'Young Man Knifed Himself To Death After Mistakenly Believing His Vest Was Stab Proof' Extra irony points go to Teeside's DSI Butcher...
  11. ChrisJones

    Funny Joke Thread

  12. ChrisJones

    Florida laws a bit strict.

    Maybe we're approaching this the wrong way? Should we be feeding molesters to the alligators?
  13. ChrisJones


    Agreed. To suggest that these lads were institutional racist in their approach to dealing with the tragedy is, frankly, a smack in the face to all frontline emergency workers. F*ck that solicitor.
  14. ChrisJones

    Florida laws a bit strict.

    Do Not Feed The Pigeons: Level Expert.
  15. ChrisJones


    Independent Link: I Was A Firefighter At Grenfell Tower.