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  1. I had the thought that maybe we could throw in a Whatsapp call... We have a 7 hour time difference so if I can get on the lake before you're all shitfaced it could be pretty good!
  2. Could we make this an international event? Maybe myself and Ted could attend virtually and live stream from our respective live streams?
  3. Naah... I'll wait until Fellman visits again and send him scouting for digging spots!
  4. Once the initial adrenaline dump was done I'd have loved to have chatted with him. He'd been out there a long time without doubt but my mind is filling in the blanks with the history. It does raise the spectre of whether he was alone or whether he was a scouting party regarding a potential bumming...
  5. This 40 hour a week lark is great! I'm practically a part timer! I'm sure when the novelty wears off the wife will be sick of me being in all the time!
  6. Breitbart: Protestors Erected Gallows Outside Capitol Building On January 6th. Chanted "Hang Mike Pence" when Donnie turned on his own VP.
  7. I love going out to watch those when they arrive here for the summer. Good for locating kills in the forest! 3 years ago I was out walking the dogs in the forest while I was out twitching for Turkey Vultures. I was about 2 hours out, in the middle of no where, following the forestry tracks when a bloke stepped out of the woods ahead of me. He was dressed in buckskins, had a massive beard and looked like he hadn't washed in a decade. Had an old lever action rifle slung over his shoulder. I stopped in my tracks and the ACD I have growled. I waved at him. He waved back. As I took a step tow
  8. With the new forum update I can't upload pictures for some reason but we get a few rattlers in the summer. My neighbours have chickens. Chickens attract mice and mice attract snakes. I've had fewer incidents since I removed a lot of the harbourage but it's still a concern as I have four dogs and a rattler bite could be fatal to them. Thousands in vets bills at best. We get massive swings in temperature here in the mountains. Today we're expecting well below freezing temperatures and another winter storm is expected to roll through today and tomorrow. Summer it hits triple digits and snake
  9. Personal opinion. From what I see in America there's a pretty big split on firearms incidents and overall safety. I'm lucky enough to live in a state where the 2A is pretty much untouchable (we've just voted to overturn the rule that requires a permit for concealed carry.) I've been able to have my lads shooting at a really young age. In my previous job I had a minor role as a firearms instructor and I've taught my lads the safety and respect aspect from day one. I certainly wouldn't have any issues with any of them handling firearms from what I've seen. In other states, where the rules a
  10. Bit of good news from the States. Czech giant CZ has just bought out Colt Holding Company for $220m. Changes are expected to go in effect during the second quarter of 2021. With the quality of CZ over here, and the new expanded capacity and access to the US market, we're expecting good things! Hope I'm right!
  11. Yep. He's sent them to bolster the troops that Trump sent in in 2017. Trump sent those soldiers in to bolster the soldiers that Obama sent in in 2014. You've never mentioned Trump's involvement. When he said the US was going to withdraw completely he didn't actually follow it all the way through. America has been active in Syria for over 6 years. Obama started it. Trump escalated it and attempted to scale it back and now Biden is upping the number.
  12. Sad news indeed. A very inspirational man at a time when many are hurting. It would be a shame to derail the thread over what was probably a misunderstanding?
  13. I always assumed that a politician was bent by default. I'm learning all the time!
  14. I believe a lot of his current actions are posturing. I also believe he'll be a one term president on health grounds. The way I see it is that he believes he's righting the ship and then he'll step aside cementing his career with democrats.
  15. I've been reading THL since 2004. Politicians siphoning money off for the their own personal usage has been a mainstay of criticism across the globe. You don't need to go back too far on this thread to read the criticism thrown at the Clinton's and the Obama's for the exact same thing. It's right to criticize it because it happens all too frequently but are we really that naive to think that Donnie is above such behaviour?! He even said he was doing it in the fine print of his GoFundMe!
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