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  1. ChrisJones

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I finally got to watch this over the weekend. My sons bought it for me for Father's Day. It's a WW1 documentary and Peter Jackson has taken hundreds of hours of film footage from the Great War. Restored it. Colourised it and added sound. It's one of, if not the best, documentary I've ever seen. I watched the making of it straight afterwards to see how he actually did it and I can't see anyone here that would call it anything other than a masterpiece. Must see.
  2. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    That's exactly my point though, mate. Your government squanders it's resources and your oceanic wall against everyone is f*ck*ng useless because of that. Yet I'm expected to believe that spending billions of $'s on an artificial wall is somehow going to make the problems on the southern border simply vanish because a reality TV star is beyond criticism. Your government's foreign policy has taken government healthcare, government run education, and government run housing and stretched it beyond coping... There's a massive common denominator there. Again Britains immigration should be at zero because of it's maritime invasion barrier yet it isn't... why?? It's not about wrapping it anyway I want it's about finding actual solutions to actual problems. Why is it that when a government agency asks me for more money to fix the problems it created I'm expected to just hand over my wallet? That's just f*ck*ng barking, mate!
  3. ChrisJones

    Plastic everywhere!

    Remove oil subsidies. When the true cost of plastic is passed on to the consumer the market with adapt.
  4. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    That's the problem though, mate. It's not black and white. Never has been, never will be and that's why you can't see the base of an argument. You have the largest border wall in existance. Why is illegal immigration into the UK not zero?
  5. ChrisJones


    Look at his 180 on foreign policy since he hired Bolton...
  6. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    That's a little disingenuous, mate. Sure you can disagree with the reasons but those reasons are valid concerns with those of us that will actually have to cough up the money for this vanity project when it could be spent better elsewhere. I don't trust government and I'll be damned if I'm going to make it bigger because someone thinks throwing billions into concrete is going to fix a multi-facetted issue that's been centuries in the making.
  7. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    How about asking the people that actually live on the border? Work on the border? And regularly legally cross the border for commerce? You'll find that it's not the hell hole you're making it out to be. If you want to bring in gang violence the US has plenty of homegrown problems that aren't being tackled at all and once more the miopic attention given to immigration is massively costly and does not address a massive chunk of the issues at hand. A wall is purely symbolic and takes away resources from the agencies that actually need it to combat the all the problems you've listed both real and imagined.
  8. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    The 2nd Amendment was ratified in 1791 with the rest of the bill of rights. It doesn't grant rights as rights are inalienable it simply guarantees those rights are to be respected in the union. Don is president and is a section of government. He's the head of the executive branch which makes him head of state and commander in chief of the military. Don has championed these changes in the law which directly violate the 2nd, 5th and 14th amendments to the constitution respectively. The 2A is the right to bear arms. The 5A and 14A outline the right to due process of law. Don is not a supreme leader. He cannot wave his magic wand and instill rules and regulations without them first going through the system of checks and balances but he's been able to pass the restrictions I've listed above and is working on the ones I've also listed. This is easily quantified on YouTube if you're inclined to look further into it. I've read less than half a mile but either way what private citizens do on private land with private money is no concern of mine. As simply as I can put it why should I be coerced to paying thousands in extra taxes to fund a government project that will waste that money and demonstratably won't work? Show me a government contract that hasn't squandered tax payers money, gone overbudget, and solved the crisis it was set up for. The UK and Ireland is surrounded by a maritime border that is 22 miles wide at it's shortest point. You have arguabley the biggest natural barrier against immigration outside of Australia. It was installed for free and with tectonic movement is actually getting larger every year as it moves away from continental Europe. How has that barrier stopped/controlled immigration into the United Kingdom? A fraction of the construction costs could be given the Border Patrol to boost their resources and used where they need it and where they want it. Who knows best where to spend the money? Boots on the ground border agents in Texas, Arizona, and California? Or Washington politicians? When you look at central and south America look at the root causes of migration and asylum seeking. It's the same as Europe and it's no coincidence that the nationalities of refugees and asylum seekers correlate with the nations that are being bombed flat. Look at the warmongering going on in the middle east and sabre rattling going on with Iran. Do you think a war with the Iranians will see more or less Iranians fleeing to other countries in response?
  9. ChrisJones

    Gay rights activists can suck it!

    They're being sued again...
  10. ChrisJones

    new pm

    If Boris wins, and it looks likely, when do you reckon the next general election will be and do you think it will improve Corbyn's chances for Labour?
  11. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Depends who you ask. Everyone wants border security. Not everyone wants a wall. Funny how Don has gone from withdrawing troops from the middle east to threatening Iran with reprisals. A complete 180 on the rhetoric that saw the resignation of Jim Mattis. It's almost like he hired a neo-con as a national security advisor... Like the guy that helped goad another president into a conflict that's spanned nearly two decades.
  12. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    We were promised the Hearing Protection Act which removes the $200 tax stamp for supressors and removes them from the NFA. We were also promised concealed carry reciprocity at the federal level which would validate those of us who have concealed carry permits to carry in any state in the union. Since the election we've seen a 180 shift on his stance... Don now supports so called Red Flag laws that allow people suspected of being a threat to have their porperty confiscated by state and federal law enforcement bodies. This is an attack on the 2A and violates the 5A and 14A also. Don has successfully banned bumpstocks. They are now illegal to own or possess. After a recent shooting at a government building Don has now turned his attention towards supressors. Instead of removing them from the NFA he wishes to ban them entirely. European shooters must see the futility in that even if they don't believe in the core of the 2A. Don has expressed a desire to complete the Feinstein proposed action to raise the age of purchase for rifles from 18-21 effectively banning under 21's from owning and possessing such. Violates the 2A. I extend the question to you as well as GL. Despite the Trump love shown on THL do you think it's okay to attack constitutional rights afforded to Americans? Is this the same company that has built less than half a mile of wall on private property and is now under a cease and desist due to them not obtaining planning permission? While I honestly couldn't care what citizens do on their own property this is hardly the security victory that it's being touted as. If we're talking about the same project, that is?
  13. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    It might be good if it was actually happening. One of Don's proudest achievements and one touted much earlier in this thread was how he'd cut border crossings down to record lows in just the first few weeks of his presidency. It was yuuuge! Now they're right back up to a level not seen for a decade and a half and spanning three presidents... However his third attack on the bill of rights, since taking office strikes at the core document from the founding of the nation. He's enacted more gun control than the mighty Barry Obama... Taking away people's rights is tyranny just ask the EU, the place where you can get jail time for Facebook posts. 39 years of making America great again... Why's he asking for a second term to fix the issues he promised he'd fix in his first?
  14. ChrisJones

    'vorsprung durch technik'

    More like the D-Days...
  15. ChrisJones

    Trump Under Fire

    Great thanks, mate! Yourself? Looking at the current state of affairs I don't think there's too much to worry about. Don's pretty much proved that he's that he's business as usual in Washington. It's working out a lot like Brexit. Big upset at the polls but when you get into the meat and potatoes of it you realise that you've been lied to and there's no way they're scuttling the gravy train. Interesting to see that AOC's got her feet firmly under the desk as she's firmly in favour of the House voting itself a $4500 pay raise in order to keep the dark money out of politics. To the taxpayer that translates as 'give us more money or else we can't be trusted to swindle someone else...' What do you think about Don enacting more restrictions on the second ammendment? He's introduced the bumpstock ban. Suspends due process with red flag laws and is now looking into a ban on supressors. That wouldn't have happened if Hillary had been elected as the Republicans would have fought tooth and nail to see that it didn't but because it's one of theirs they rolled over. Tell me how infringing on the inalienable rights guaranteed by the constitution is making America great again?