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  1. I was thinking that too. I thought that if he knocked up a few business cards and gave them to the restaurants he'd be technically carrying out a valuable service/pest control contract. I've just shown the thread to my lad and he was saying how much he loved going out in the van and checking the traps. Happy days!
  2. No worries, mate. I just see the whole thing as a massive local authority over reach. It's f*ck*ng bonkers when you've got kids causing actual trouble a few streets away and they're diverting the limited resources they're always telling about and focusing on a guy out with his kids having a bit of productive fun. But then I think most of them won't be happy until we're all on 24 hour lockdown anyway. Good luck to him however it plays out.
  3. Possibly but showing kids how a working dog does it job is hardly a breach of the Geneva Convention either. Rats need to be controlled and the only crime I've seen committed here is the intervention of social services. How many lads on here saw a terrier on a rat the first time they went hunting? I'm sure for many of us it was the big introduction into hunting. When I worked for one of the nation PC companies in the UK I'd take my kids with me all the time. They've got a keen eye, passionate interest, and saw things that many seasoned pesties didn't. Plus with child labour rates of a Happy Meal and day/night out with dad it was better than anything CBeebies was teaching them!
  4. Maybe they're employees of his traditional pest control company?
  5. Understandable and it can be a legal quagmire from what I've seen in the news over the years. Not having permission from the landowner or occupier to hunt rats is a violation of the Hunting Act, but hunting rats with dogs is permissible under the act with landowner or occupier permission. However if he was walking his dogs in areas where rats were present and his dog accidentally caught and killed some he wouldn't technically be committing an offense which is also my understanding. They could get him on a technicality but how likely would that be based on the publicity that would bring the councils own pest control system under scrutiny? The article isn't giving the full information though as they've only mentioned it as a safety hazard.
  6. Absolutely. The police and social services have ignored far more vulnerable children over the last several decades and we've all had the mutual disgust of watching that play out in the media. Maybe they should leave the vermin to those who know how to deal with vermin? Besides I'm sure the dad, kids and the russell have all filled out their risk assessments...
  7. Thanks for that! The way the article reads the concern is that his kids are in the city after dark and that it's a safety issue. I couldn't see anything in that one about him breaking any hunting laws. It's kinda funny that he's doing the council's job and they're not doing theirs by keeping the rat numbers down, like they're supposed to do by several laws pertaining to rodent control. The way I see it he's walking his dog in the city, with his kids. All good exercise for the team. His dog happens to catch a few rats which the council don't seem to be doing as part of their legal obligation and the local food establishments choose to give them a bit of grub some nights as they're part of the community. What crime is being committed?
  8. Was it in the news and do you have a link? I'd like to read that one if it's available.
  9. They did, mate. Not in huge numbers but they came and stood in solidarity with the protesters who weren't there to start a race war but to protest unconstitutional erosion of civil rights... That's another bit that was kept quiet to almost like they were trying to goad them into clashing to divert the attention away from what they're doing. I could and I'd be hanging it up in the office at work!
  10. I posted that one in the bucket list thread a while back. A couple of lads living near me are Texans so we have some amateur guides for some decent sized fish. I've got family that have invited us to stay with them just need the time and money now! Just a stones throw from the Trinity River with access to some private waters too!
  11. Prior to the Virginia protest they declared a state of emergency calling them all white supremacists. Said they were going to riot. 22,000 showed up armed to the teeth and there was one arrest. They're now deafeningly quiet! We the people...
  12. I've always thought along those lines too! When the credits rolled I always wondered whether he'd go back! That's the sequel I wanted to see! Let me know when you fancy that one Ted, I might tag a long for a couple of weeks. You'll have to come Gar fishing in Texas though!
  13. Drugs, mental illness... You name it. Their current strategy seems to be increasing the exclusion zone away from the strip. They're literally 30 feet from a $10 all you can eat restaurant and the solution is to clear them out. It's terrible.
  14. I was sent this article this morning. Pretty big backlash! It's currently the second highest signed petition in Canadian history!
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