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  1. Is he your dog HH? First one I've seen. Cracker.
  2. She is trying to figure out why you bought that pup which keeps taking liberties with her.
  3. Dick McTaggart would be in with a shout too. Amateur I know but hell of a fighter.
  4. Your standards are too low. I would expect it to retrieve them gently to hand for £500.
  5. My guess is that they are so up their own arses that they think £500 is reasonable for a psycho, geriatric dog from their precious household.
  6. Remember the old lurcher ads used to state HJKC....hunt jump kill and carry ? With this fecker H J K C means hunt jump kill children.
  7. Just a heads up lads. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to have him.......... if only I was closer. A snip at £500. https://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/2442963-deerhound-lurcher-salisbury.html
  8. I thought this would be the inevitable result when I read your first post. Whatever the problem was it was something there was no way out of. You acted responsibly, did your best and now all you can do is recover and plan ahead. Shit happens in life. Hope you have more luck in the future.
  9. Folk get into their heads that certain breeds are only capable of certain jobs. It's not the dog's fault if it's only used for certain tasks...... it's the bloke holding the collar and lead. Most dogs are more adaptable and versatile than people think if you give them the opportunity and think outside of the box. As an example I had a GSD which would lamp all night, flush and retrieve to the gun, track anything wounded, guard the house, play gently with the kids and was gifted at seizing small dogs by the scruff and launch them 6 ft into the air.
  10. jukel123


    I was born less than a mile from Old Trafford. I still support Utd obviously but I don't begrudge the resurgent Liverpool. They have done everything the right way , they play proper attacking football and have never lost touch with their fan base. At Utd we have become the cash cow for the f****n Glazers and the haunt of the prawn sandwich brigade. The shit football we played under that dutchman and Mourhino was painful to watch. Liverpool having lost the Champions league final because of a meltdown from one player then won it the next season.You just can't argue with that. .Hats off to them. I hope they win the title this season, it would be great for the game. Scouse b*****ds.
  11. I 'm ancient enough to remember that. Found in a car with a .22 rifle bullet in his mouth in an apparent suicide. It was suspicious then, be interesting to see what they have uncovered now. Sonny Liston's death had all the hallmarks of underworld invovement too.
  12. £325 is about the going rate for lurcher pups on these sites. There are still a few absolute gentleman who give their pups away to mates but those days are long gone for the majority of litters. A lot of people are looking for exactly that cross and who knows they might be from seasoned workers? Maybe it's a case of supply and demand? Out of interest/ nosiness where did you see them Slip em?
  13. Wilf I am getting really worried, I keep agreeing with a self confessed far right racist. I'm going for some corrective counselling. Know of any decent Marxist shrinks?
  14. Healthy diet equals best chance of healthy long life. Diet full of salt, sugar fat and excess calories equals more chance of poor health and reduced life expectancy. Simples.
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