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  1. Here's a clip you may enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yevi8GlNgy4
  2. Fury is gobby but a decent bloke. His dad is very, very gobby and an oxygen thief of the highest order.
  3. The gutter press wouldn't know how to cover a story about heroism, selflessness or decency. They would rather concentrate on the likes of young footballers making x rated videos of themselves shagging birds. Shame. There's lots of people who never get the recognition they deserve.
  4. My boyhood hero Harry Gregg has died aged 87. He was a survivor of the 1958 Man U Munich air crash and, risking his own life, went back into the remains of the flaming wreckage twice to help rescue players Bobby Charlton and Denis Viollet and then a pregnant passenger along with her toddler daughter. He also tried to revive manager Matt Busby. He played 13 days later in a victory over one of the Sheffield clubs. He would always stop and chat to us kids and always gave an autograph if asked. A proper bloke, a real man. It's sad kids don't have heroes of his calibre these days. Well done Harry, you were a top drawer keeper and a genuine role model. Thanks for the memories.
  5. I thought AIDS was going to be man's myxi but mankind survived that. A huge, pandemic would be just what the doctor ordered for the planet. It will take something completely left field to wipe out a lot of us. But there again it could be something simple like antibiotics becoming ineffective. Or perhaps a stray nuclear bomb which sets off a mighty inferno.. China and The USA will eventually clash but whether they exchange nuclear bombs is another matter. The optimist in me says both countries have too much to lose in terms of infrastructure and wealth, but the pessimist says look at the quality of our leaders, they really are defectives.
  6. How did you know he was Irish?lol
  7. jukel123


    Can somebody tell me the inside story of why Man U got rid of Lukaku? He is a goal every second game dependable old -fashioned number 9. I remember G Neville saying he was way over weight, but he was a great player for Man U in my book. If he was fat it 's not stopped him scoring in Italy.
  8. jukel123


    Aye Henderson's stats suggest De Gea's position is not automatic.
  9. jukel123


    I never rated Henderson, especially for England but he's improved a lot over the last two years or so.
  10. I had a foreman once who liked a drink. One night he was walking past Burton's window and fancied a new suit. He managed to smash a hole in the glass, crawled through, oozing blood, put a new jacket on and fell asleep. The cops had to wake him up. A weekend in jail and he was back at work Monday morning. I remember him breaking the ice on a barrel of water and ducking his head right in. Best way to sober up he reckoned on a Monday morning.
  11. You might be right, could be a con. Personally I would rather do bird than be put into a strait jacket or have to take a chemical cosh courtesy of a Miss Ratchet think alike.
  12. You are probably right their coats are in magnificent condition.
  13. I've been rescuing them from Irish hunters and keeping them in my wildlife sanctuary .
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