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  1. DIY is my weakness. I f****n hate it. The idea of renovating a building leaves me in a panic. You need to have the right temperament and wad of money to attempt a renovation like that. I've watched Grand Designs from the start and I ve seen a few marriages buckle under the strain of renovation or new build. Not for me.
  2. And you can include Keir Starter in that assessment too if you want. Although Johnstone shades it.
  3. Nice little rent boy. Plays the pink oboe to perfection. https://www.google.com/search?q=michael+fabricant+image&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=iv7TRuwNyyJ_lM%2CndOZZgP7uhG8XM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQOjblpDy5JSkpNgejXmFxneEttYA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-n5qV1PbtAhXRRhUIHQKRAogQ9QF6BAgMEAE&biw=1462&bih=786#imgrc=iv7TRuwNyyJ_lM
  4. And? How do / did you find this cross?
  5. You still got your 3/4 grey1/4 deer? No sure if that's him in the photo or not
  6. Er, might I ask what the f**k you are doing browsing mums net? Hold the press, we've got our first transgender THL member! Tits out for the lads Kingy lad
  7. Well I'm only going on what your Mrs told me.
  8. 40 notes? A bit of bargaining and you could get it for 30. Cheer yourself up Keith. Tell you what, well have a whip round and you can tell us all about it. Wilf has plenty of viagra if that's a problem , he can spare you some.
  9. I'm in exile too. Wilf and I have the same background but different world views. I think the way we are boils down to the way the sweets are shared out. Wilf thinks its down to race. Everybody says to me you can't change the way of the world. But you can. Just look at the nordic countries. Fantastic way of life for everybody! We are stuck with slums, poverty, tent cities, beggars. The working destitute. Wilf, you are from gypsy stock and your good lady is Irish ( I' m guilty on both fronts but born in England). Travellers and the Irish were considered lower than pigs for a long t
  10. That's 2 replies. I only gave you permission for one!
  11. Wilf its governments which cause poverty,filth and street crime. Not black skin but I think we have had this argument before many times. I will, give you the last word if you want it.
  12. It doesn't take much to get Wilf going. Seriously I don't think any kid getting a hot meal courtesy of Rashford will be calling him "black b*****d". Shame on the tory shite for holding out so long against the idea. If it wasn't for the colour blind millions who supported Rashford, the roll out of the free meal programme would never have happened. Somebody said to me the other day as a lad who grew up within a stones throw of Old Trafford that I must be proud of Rashford. And I genuinely am. I don't give a f**k if he's sky blue tartan in colour, he's a decent lad.
  13. Thought you might bite. How much does it cost you annually in replacing blown gaskets for that noggin of yours? Stiff, I don't believe you are a sergeant. Wilf is the sergeant. You are a mere corporal.
  14. Don't think we should lose any sleep over their problems. You only need to exercise a lurcher to come under police scrutiny. They don't fight our battles for us.
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