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  1. jukel123

    Jeremy Kyle show

    I would like to have seen the royal family on the show. Now there's a dysfunctional family. I can see it now. The lie detector shows "grandad WAS the brains behind the killing of your mam Wills. The DNA test shows Harry IS the son of half the cavalry regiment. There would be enough shows to keep Kyle going for years.
  2. jukel123

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    A daughter of a friend arrived home and announced that she was pregnant. She wanted an abortion. He said if she did that he never wanted to see her again. That it was his grandchild she would be murdering. She changed her mind, the 'baby' is walking around in her twenties now with children of her own. I really respected my mate for taking that stance.
  3. jukel123

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    Wilf, given your views on race. What would your position be if one of your children was to be the parent of a mixed race child? If the child wss born would you accept it a mini Wilf or reject it? Don't dodge the question by saying it would never happen.
  4. jukel123

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    I always struggle with this one. I take Wilf's position then my Mrs says it has fuvk all to do with men, it's their decision. But if my child is in a woman's womb, have I got no rights as the father of that child? Personally I would never play God and always opt to keep the child. However if a doctor told me the child was going to be in pain all its days,I would say put it out of its misery. So I would be playing God and therefore being hypocritical.???? Should there be a retrospective law so that all those involved with abortion,including mothers are charged with murder.?
  5. jukel123

    Jeremy Kyle show

    It has been closed down after the death of a 'guest'. About time. Horrible man,horrible format for a programme. Time X factor stopped taking the piss out of vulnerable talentless people too. Simon Cowell is another abusive, cynical shitehawk.
  6. jukel123

    RIP Tigger

    Doh!. You are right mate. My geeky memory ain't so good as I thought.
  7. jukel123

    RIP Tigger

    I've got a geeky memory about dogs. I remember you had your three quarter deer/grey ( Sally?) Mated to Darcy's saluki hybrid Scooby? All the pups proved to be cracking workers but Tigger was the pick of the litter. A massive dog. He had a horrendous injury and you had little hope of him working again. But he pulled through and got back to near his best.Well done for keeping him going for so long Mik. Hope his offspring turn out to be gooduns.
  8. jukel123

    Muslim problem.

    Something revolting about comparatively rich western men getting off on watching poor little brown women firing ping pong balls. Abusive shit. Might as well get off on concentration camps. Human depravity at its worst.
  9. jukel123

    iterative evolution

  10. jukel123

    Walk of 2 halfs

    Taking a fourteen year old up a mountain with no access to wi fi is criminal. You should reported.
  11. jukel123

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    Hope the kid ain't ginger. Ginger kids have a hard time growing up.
  12. jukel123

    Sunderland lamper jailed.

    You get these feckers in all walks of life. They have some sort of macho problem.. They believe a scarred up bullcross somehow confers masculinity on themelves. They are mistaken. Some are just sadists. A far cry from a genuine countryman for whom the kill is a by product of the sport.These guys would be more at home on the Jeremy Kyle show than on a hill side. I don't think specialist fox coursers have done the lurcher hobby any good. A hell of a lot of decent dogs which are not interested in fox have been put down because they are not "tough" enough. Bloody shame.
  13. jukel123

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Bookies have Joyce favourite at 10/11. Dubois 11/10. Gonna be a really interesting fight.
  14. jukel123

    Big baby miller fails drug test

    Dubois v Joyce I can't quite believe it. A genuine match between two boxers that we can't predict the outcome of? I am so used to seeing a fall guy being sacrificially knocked out by the unbeaten rising star that I am amazed. Brilliant, looking forward to it. It really is hard to call, neither have suffered a genuine punch on the nail delivered by a seasoned pro. It will be really interesting to see who can handle class punches. Dubois to win for me.
  15. jukel123

    alsatian x greyhound

    If you do proceed to produce lurcher pups from her, what breeding of stud dog would you have in mind?