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  1. You know celebrities grandly announce they are taking a break from social media for the sake of their mental health? Well I'm taking a break for YOUR mental health. Lol Things have got a bit intense on here so I'm taking a break. Last time I took a break, throughout Covid, I got lots of stuff done so I'm going to try and do the same this winter. As the saying goes...when the fun stops. Stop. I only mention it because few guys messaged me and asked if I was still alive last time. Hasta la vista.
  2. I think he was only so fighting mad when he came on recently because of past comments about his family. He never used to be like that.
  3. The author wrote the book to show the reality of war, in the hope there would be no more wars. Didn't quite go according to plan.
  4. The opening drums on The Seven Samurai. The zulu drums/ war chants in the film Zulu. Any kind of military drum music brings out the armchair warrior in me.
  5. Your dogs are fat potlickers. Those mushrooms are too big to be fresh.Those rabbits have got mixie. I hate you and everything about you. Southern puff. f**k off. There, balance restored.
  6. I don't know if, or why he is banned,but the member who had a go at his wife and kiddie, whoever it is, needs to look at himself in the mirror. Unacceptable,shameful, out of order.
  7. I have had prostate problems since my thirties. Trust me I have a mental map of every toilet, lay by and quiet back street in Scotland. Those French holes in the ground which make you squat like a sumo wrestler are barbaric.
  8. My mother always uses to say to me" leave the toilet as you found it". Since our shared outside toilet (violin job) was often blocked with foot long logs and shit paper in the shape of torn scraps of The News of the World, I had difficulty in coming to terms with that instruction. However I got the gist. Yesterday I was in a garden centre cafe spending my grey pounds, along with all the other grey haired punters, when I felt the call of nature. Ablutions finished, I looked down into the toilet to reveal a very smeared bog. Heeding my ma's advice I reached for the bog brush. What greete
  9. Dog harnesses must have been invented by some twisted hater of dog owners. Every dog seems to wear a 'Julius'' harness these days. As a result many owners are pulled along as though they are water skiing. In strong men competitions it is easier for a competitor to wear a harness to pull a truck than a neck collar. The same principle applies to dogs. I am going to make it my mission to stop every dog wearing a harness and substitute a collar. I am then going to yank a pulling dog's head very briskly so that it immediately walks to heel. I will then return the dog with a " my work here is
  10. What's the legal position when buying a pup from Ireland? I think there will be two sets of laws from North and South. I guess it could be complicated following brexit. Are couriers able to deal with all the paperwork?
  11. Yes, judging a dog too early is a fuckwits mistake. Bigger breeds often tale longer to mature and as you say "find their feet"
  12. greb meaning - greb definition - greb stands for ENG.ICHACHA.NET greb meaning and definition: [British slang]Noun. 1. A dirt…. click for more detailed meaning in English, definition, pronunciation and example sentences for greb
  13. I reckon there's fifteen. That's a lot to shift. Especially at that age. Ad says they are 6 months, could be older. If they are not socialised soon, I think a lot may not make old bones.
  14. I love the look of huge, skulky, stoical,slightly sad longdogs like these. Think it's worth asking for a discount if I take the whole litter?
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