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  1. Nobody will believe this but I promise you on my granfkids lives it is true. I bought my Mrs a Siamese cat that regularly killed brown hares, usually leverets but sometimes full grown adults. She would drag them home between her front paws. Honestly no bullshit! We lived on an estate that used to host hare coursing and there were hares everywhere.
  2. Looks good, do you know him?
  3. Terry O'Connor has come up with some"interesting" decisions over the years.
  4. Very interesting interview. The big lad has been very unlucky. He reckons he beat Fury on their first fight and Danny Williams too. Have to agree. Even Fury's dad has gone up in my estimation because he said Tyson had been beaten by big John McDermott on their first fight.
  5. Socks is on the alert re- Boris
  6. I hear the Mexicans are demanding America build that wall.
  7. Mexicans are demanding Trump builds that wall and they will pay for it. Mexicans a few hundred cases, yanks 85000
  8. Wash your hands after you bring the wheelie bin in. The virus is good at staying alive on plastic surfaces. Alternatively, shove your hand down that girl's trousers (above) nothing will survive down there.lol
  9. I just did it on my own lol.
  10. He'd need to plant a few rain forests and the paedo price 'airmiles Andy' a forest the size of Brazil to offset his nonce hunting habit.
  11. Lots of Scots up in arms that he was tested when he has only got mild symptoms and ordinary health workers have not been tested. Also that he flew in a private plane to Aberdeen with just him and that old trout despite always shouting about his green credentials.
  12. I believe the basic storyline but doubt that was a true photo of him after the attack. Who would takethe photo? Surely they would be applying first aid and calling for help? Would he be standing up? Why so little blood on his clothes? Fake news!
  13. Wilf I know better than to debate the RACE word with you. It leads nowhere. Are there lots of evil black men in the UK? Yes! Are the Pakistani grooming gangs lower than shit on my shoe? Yes! But it's not their skin colour which determines their character, it's their poverty, or their culture or their background which makes them the way they are. I used to have a foreman in the building trade whose idea of a good Saturday night was to drink 15 pints and then abuse a pathetic whore with a bottle. He was white and f****d up by his background. I've worked with Pakistani and black blokes who I despised as well. But some black blokes and muslims/Pakistanis were absolute top human beings. Would a black kid born in Hackney carry a knife and sell drugs if he were adopted by a middle class family from Hamstead? Is prince Harry's son going to be a mugger? I'm out of this debate after this Wilf. In my view you just don't write sense when it cones to race. No doubt you think the same so there's no point. I'm off to sunbathe lol.
  14. The lesson of Corvid for me is that we live in an interconnected world and we had better start learning to cooperate and share our scientific and technological knowledge.
  15. That outcrossing is beneficial and creates hybrid vigour?
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