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  1. It's mine. Answers to the name: Cuddles. Buggered off when lamping last week, coursed a bullock into the next county. Three out of three on strong winter sheep, howls in kennel. Not kid or dog friendly, hunts up when lamping, chronic diarrhoea, crunches its catch and does not jump or retrieve. Bad points ...it does not like to be handled, is violently car sick and will snap at strangers . It also munches kennels like a beaver, humps anything that moves and has a season ticket at the vet's. He's a Capricorn, so a teensy bit stubborn,but he is really nice dog, just needs a little traini
  2. The Ukraine war has become a proxy war between the US and Russia. Personally I don't care if Putin was provoked or not. He is a dangerous dictator who has perfected the dark arts of cyber terrorism and vindictive assassinations on both Russian and foreign soil. He ruthlessly imprisons any opposition factions and has meddled in the election process in the UK, America and God knows where else. He needs to be brought to heel.Bullies are always best dealt with by overwhelming retaliatory measures. The reality is that, if America farts, we say what a delightful aroma they have exuded. We h
  3. People who flaunt their wealth by conspicuously showing off their rolexes and eggs often end up getting mugged. You deserve everything that happens to you.
  4. Supermarkets drive down prices, farmers respond by driving down on animal,welfare. Its a vicious circle.
  5. I was reading that lateral flow tests are being developed in case of widespread human transmission.
  6. I am sure you can buy eggs a decent price from smallholders. But that's arguing from the specific to the general. The slaughter of 43 million birds is bound to affect supermarket supply.Anyway what about Connor Benn? Poor lad will fade away without his eggs.
  7. 43 million laying hens have been killed because of bird flu. Hence the shortage. There is a worry that bird flu will transfer to a mammal species ( ferrets and mink are the most likely) and then on to man. Intensive farming is becoming more and more extreme. Livestock is being pushed beyond its limits. The overuse of antibiotics amongst animals is an increasing problem. Time to reflect on the sustainability of cheap food. Of course cheap food is desirable, but not at the cost of another pandemic and farm animals kept in overcrowded, inhumane housing. Increasing resistance to antibiotics
  8. jukel123


    On the one hand I feel sorry for him. Part of his madness and violence has been caused by the system, but nobody can guarantee he is safe to release. So best if he is kept where he is. Damned sure I wouldn't want him next door to me.
  9. I am writing this from HMP Middlesex, a female prison. I knew I was going to go down for a considerable stretch due to my nocturnal activities. I therefore concocted a cunning plan. I approached my GP and told him I desperately need a sex change. I told him I had been living a lie and, even at my advanced age, my dearest wish was to become a woman. It worked a treat. He immediately sent me to a private clinic where I undertook lots of counselling. They sent me away to think carefully about the consequences of lopping off my cock and balls and having them replaced with a designer vagina.
  10. I overheard a conversation on Saturday night which literally made me spit my beer out. It was in a really lowlife pub in which I feel strangely relaxed. Unintended cabaret is brilliant if you have a particular sense of humour Two Glasgow Rangers supporters were being gently baited by a Glasgow Celtic fan. They were all in their late sixties so not much chance of aggro kicking off. Celtic fan: Call yourself true blues? Rangers fans: All ma f****n life.I'll die a Rangers fan. Celtic fan: Are you f**k! Rangers fans: Aye we f****n are: Celtic fan. All right then. Wo
  11. I agree. Nothing to do with him. Can't understand why he is there at all. I just hope they give him a stinking pen which leaks.
  12. Had to laugh. Farage is saying it's a disgrace Van De Lyden, who is unelected, should be meeting King Charles. Oh the irony.
  13. Why did they need a nightwatchman on a golf course mate?
  14. The SNP won an unprecedented landslide victory under her leadership mate. From my point of view she f****d up on gender and kowtowed to the greens on hunting but she was a very skilled politician generally. She has pretty much wiped out the other parties in Scotland.
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