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  1. We had arranged a riot on the last day. Several teachers were supposed to get hammered. Unfortunately a lot of the lads didn't turn up so we were short on numbers and we chickened out. We did manage a roar and a few expletives at the final bell. and one lad set No fond memories of the crack of leather upon willow I'm afraid. We were all glad to see the backs of each other. I can only think of one teacher I rated, my English teacher. The rest were orrible, charisma free sadists.
  2. When my generation left school we were reminded that returning to the school grounds was trespassing and the police would be informed. Seriously! No pretend love in those days.
  3. Couple of years back I saw a newly married couple on the other side of the motorway. Their vintage car had broken down. It was winter. She was absolutely drenched, still in her wedding dress. Hope she saw the funny side.
  4. Anything that is a big thing in America, we tend to get ten years later.
  5. I had an estate morris minor in the 70s. Used to use the battery for lamping and if it was flat on my return there was always the hand start..very useful.
  6. She must have been badly behaved to get your own back by taking her in a morris minor. Bit severe and over the top that mate.
  7. As Newkid says. Shitshow from the school. Leaves a bad taste they have to spoil it for the lads. Arseholes.
  8. Trust a scotsman to lower the tone.
  9. Still waiting for the punch line.
  10. Teddy boy suits back in fashion?
  11. Good looking lad. Must take after his mum.
  12. I think a lot of individuals look better before surgery/ enhancements. These plastic surgeons should be made to prove an op is necessary and not just a fad or a fashion.
  13. You should definitely be worried if Wilf finds out you're black mate.
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