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  1. Total scumbag whatever he was. Needs somebody to give him a very hard slap.
  2. One of the blokes was a rasta. What a f****n hypocrite. All religions are full of hypocrites. Religions are the curse of mankind. OK I'll lighten up before you tell me to.lol
  3. A lot of the Galgos that are hung or abandoned probably had one or two poor courses and were judged solely on one or two performances. Give them a second season to mature at least. I used to love greyhound racing and the wastage rate in that sport is huge. But at last non graders are humanely put to sleep and were well cared for. But a lot of people lack empathy. There's a video doing the rounds today of a cleaner outside a McDonald's deliberately soaking the sleeping bag and belongings of a homeless man who was positioned outside the establishment. What a f****n mentality. Humans ar
  4. The Greeks are as bad. I've seen lots of dogs tied to tin barrels , standing in their own shit and their necks rubbed raw with being restrained by chains or ropes. Their 'kennels' must be incredibly hot in summer and too cold in winter When me and the Mrs talk about Zante, we always call it the island of tortured dogs. They would start to howl with frustration at 4 in the morning. But what about the way we intensively farm chicken here? Not good. Those chinks look like Michelin men. Too many western McDonald's I guess.lol
  5. Premier league results are getting curiouser and curiouser. Good. More interesting.
  6. This is a piss take I wrote re Bill/Katchum in 2020 Members 6,216 5,072 posts Location:Floating like a butterfly. Popular Post Posted January 13, 2020 (edited) I can keep this secret no longer. I was called to act as witness, referee and banker to the showdown between Katchum and wild Bill. The purse was three quid, nei
  7. I think Billy was based somewhere around the Potteries? If you could decipher his writing, he was very knowledgeable. He was obviously dyslexic but in his day dyslexics were just deemed stupid. He had a GSD half cross bitch but didn't breed from her because he thought she hadn't made the grade. Think he had a malinois cross and maybe a deerhound lurcher. He had some fantastic British finches,some of them mutations,which were very valuable. He obviously knew what he was doing in that field. I think there were some handbags and postcodes exchanged with the same member Wilf ha
  8. I am so sorry m'lord. I am guilty as charged. All I can ask for is leniency.
  9. A lot of gear surrounding field sports is the result of peer pressure and advertising. Men like uniforms for their hobbies. Like life,there's a lot of one upmanship. For a long time I was an inverted snob and used to turn up to fishing and stalking in basic ex army gear. Then I realised I was being an embarrassing dick, so now I play the game without going over the top money wise
  10. I've got savings but like a lot of my generation I can't bring myself to spend it. You never know when hard times are going to hit. I wouldn't mind a bigger telly and a better bird room but I just can't justify the cost. 'Make do and mend' was my mother's mantra and I guess that goes for me too.
  11. Wait till you are an old man like me Dido. Your kids will then buy you fishing and hunting gear so you are not a total embarrassment to them. The more like Compo I look,the more they dress me up like a Shooting Times model. Never fails mate. But its a long wait.
  12. These are the dogs bollox. Im modelling this for the front page of the Shooting Times shortly. Google Image Result for https://www.lewisleathers.com/media/catalog/product/cache/a6cb177bf15962b93256d0bdf0742741/l/e/lewis-leathers-donkey-jacketa-front1.png WWW.GOOGLE.COM
  13. I would match you against a collie grey I bought for my son from Hancock. Bite like a crocodile. She delivered rabbits diced and minced.
  14. Mate told me that cross were either hard mouthed crunchers or jackers.
  15. It's a kind of Irish trait that they forgive and celebrate their heroes no matter how low they sink. I'm thinking of Shane and George Best. They both destroyed themselves and yet they were both gifted artists in their particular fields.
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