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  1. Shoes how a charismatic manager like Klopp can make a huge difference. He' ll be missed.
  2. Ten Haag is as good as anyone I guess. Whether his man management is suspect I don't know. He fell out with Sancho and Rashford. But that could be because they are spoilt brat multi_ millionaires. Antony was a gross waste of money so that's a monkey on his back.Whatever the truth, I think the new management structure at Utd will demand a new face at the helm. The problem for Pochetino at Chelsea was he wanted to be head chef but the management structure and owners also wanted to be head chefs. Modern management needs a man who has a big enough personality to handle overpaid, poorl
  3. I put a tenner on Pochetino to Man Utd at 50/ 1. The odds are dropping dramatically. No begging PMs if it happens please.
  4. Fury has very few brain cells. How could he have a genetically normal IQ with a mentally deficient old man? Lol. If there is a rematch ,Usyk will no doubt destroy more of Furys brain cells. If he carries on boxing and fights AJ after Usyk he will end up slurring his words gbefore forty. A J can bang. Best get out now Fury lad.
  5. If we ever get another foot and mouth outbreak we will never be rid of it. Almighty cull needed.
  6. It depends whether Fury surrenders to his demons and starts sticking white powder up his nose or Guiness down his gullet. His mental frailty might come to haunt him. On the other hand if he gets a grip and decides to give it one last hurrah, shit or bust, it might be another great fight.
  7. Agree with that. The ref undoubtedly 'saved' Fury when he was staggered across 3 sets of ropes. Had Usyk been lurching like that,with his head obviously scrambled, the ref would have jumped in. The count was very dodgy too. I think existing champions are usually always given favourable treatment by refs. It's often an unconscious thing as well as deliberate. I thought Usyk might have to stop Fury to get the decision. As it turned out justice was delivered, which sometimes isn't the case in boxing.
  8. We've all been conditioned to feel guilty just exploring a piece of land. I got my Mrs to drop me off about 8 miles from home so I could walk home through fields and woods. On two different pieces of land I was asked what I was doing. On each occasion I refused to answer and just kept walking. I had no gun, no dog. One farmer followed close behind me on a noisy quad bike. Ridiculous.
  9. jukel123


    I had a brother like Jud. We,don't keep in touch.
  10. Sorry, Mack. I have never fished with a centre pin, so I can't help you mate.
  11. I just this second said to me wife " look at this breaking news on BBC." Must be a slow day newswise.lol
  12. Exactly that. Hes got to go for it from the off. It's bizarre that a man with all the physical attributes goes on the back foot. In the last 2 fights against Wilder he used his weight and height to dominate and it turned out Wilder didn't like it up him. Surely Fury has to go for shit or bust in the rematch? It depends on his psychology. Is he going to wqnt avenge the defeat or is he going to say f**k it and feel sorry for himself. One thing for sure. He's got to keep JF out of the picture. He's a dead weight on his Tysons back. I thought Usyk clearly won but I think he was really badl
  13. Very good. Sad. Thanks for putting it up. It's our story.
  14. Good old fashioned smelling salts? No idea what drug McHull is on about giving to bitches in heat. But a lot of weird stuff goes on in Hull.
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