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  1. jukel123

    Winter Coat

    I didn't buy it I nicked it or rather did not hand it back when I left my employment. I figured nobody would want a second hand donkey jacket. I don't think quarry look at what you are wearing. No need to be shirty, pun intended.
  2. jukel123

    rap videos

    Did you mean 'manners?' or 'manors?
  3. jukel123

    Winter Coat

    I've got an NCB donkey jacket I've had for 40 years. Shot hundreds of roe and it doubles as a wading jacket if I tuck it into my waders. Caught hundreds of salmon too.Every weight from 38 pounds down to 8 pounds. Kept me warm and dry. Field sports have become a fashion parade. Daft.
  4. jukel123

    In the interests of balance....

    I am no fan of Abbot. I happen to think she is a disgrace and a liability. But this opinion is held because of her obvious lack of talent, not because of her blackness or fatness or her sex. She did remark that 'West Indian women will go to the wall for their kids" If you want to construe that as racist fair enough. But you are proving my point,Johnson has made many CALCULATED racist statements because he knows these statements will resonate with sections of the electorate. But nobody throws them back at him. And there's a difference, Johnson is, God forbid, favourite to be the next prime minister. The gutter press lampoon Abbot's black skin and present her as the comic negress in exactly the same way as the South African press did during apartheid and sections of the American press did during the civil war. It's dangerous stuff. We should be bigger than that. Nobody has addressed my question: why does Johnson get off Scot free with his poor judgement, his confusing abortion with contraception, lack of ability, lying, incompetence, laziness, his narcissistic fluffing of his hair, his buffoonery his lack of decorum, lack of gravitas, his lack of f***ing everything. Does he get a free pass because he is white and comes from the ruling class? Answers on a postcard or a stamp in your case Greyman. https://www.the-round.co.uk/all-the-times-boris-johnson-said-something-racist/
  5. jukel123

    In the interests of balance....

    Doh, sorry mods please transfer to the General section. Apologies for the bother.
  6. I thought the posts about Diane Abbot were shameful..viciously racist. I think to a certain extent she was set up. To be introduced as a former lover of Corbyn was disrespectful. Amber Rudd has had a black MP boyfriend. (There was a racial angle in the remark by Bruce) Why was that not commented on when she's been a guest on the programme? Fiona Bruce is married to a business man who has given the Tory party huge donations. Is she a suitably impartial chair? Why did Bruce not insist that the bloke who said he was fearful of Abbot being given a government job actually ask a question! The clue is in the programme title! It's her job to assure fair play not allow an audience a free hit at a panelist. Granted, Abbot is a flawed human being like the rest of us, but because her skin is black, she is fat and past her best, she is bullied unmercifully. Yes her grasp of numbers on the police interview was embarrassing, yes she did send her son to a private school and yes she over claimed on her expenses. But let's compare her record with fat privileged white man Boris Johnson. Johnson is an embarrassing tribute act to Churchill. He's been sacked twice for lying.He's fathered a child to another woman whilst married. Another woman he was involved with had two abortions. People who have worked with him have described him as unbelievably lazy. When he was a journalist (a proven Lying one) he would write his articles at the last minute and make others stay late as a result of his laziness. He would be abusive and foul mouthed to those he had made stay late. He described Liverpudlians as wallowing in victimhood after the Hillsborough disaster. He was sent by the then prime minister to Liverpool to apologise to the people of Liverpool. Subsequent events have shown the lies the police told on that day. He brags like a schoolboy about the amount of coke and cannabis he's taken.He upset Obama by lying because he was part Kenyan he must have bad memories of the British. No proof- just waffle. It does not do for foreign secretaries to upset American presidents. The idiot also wrote a ditty about the president of Turkey being a 'wanker' then had to go and meet him as foreign secretary. Clever stuff Johnson. When the London riots were on, he was on holiday and did nor appear on the streets of London until all was quiet. He was booed by residents fed up of his amateurish stewardship of London when he finally appeared. He described his salary from the Telegraph (£250000) as 'chicken feed' . He has been criticised for RIDICULOUS expense claims on several occasions. He has had to apologise for not declaring his earnings to the house of commons on NINE occasions. He lied about the EU legislating about pink sausages and straight bananas..complete and utter lies. He lied about the £350000000 which would be spent on the NHS. Lied about Turkey being given EU membership....no foundation whatsoever. Michael Heseltine said Johnson has created 'the greatest constitutional crisis of modern times and wiped billions off the nation's savings'. When it was pointed out to him that a no deal brexit would result in major job losses and a severe recession Johnson replied 'f**k business'. That's your jobs he's talking about folks. The man is a one man disaster. A British woman is imprisoned in Iran for allegedly spying. Johnson as foreign secretary was supposed to get her released, instead the Iranians doubled her length of imprisonment because Johnson said she had been there teaching journalism whereas the woman had always maintained she was on holiday. F***ing idiot. Whilst all the crap in the commons is going on he's holed up with a bird in Greece. Letting others take the bullets. The man is a fat, dangerous incompetent, greedy lazy b*****d. Why is he given a free pass? Is it because he is white, a former Eton boy and everybody doffs their caps to him? Imagine if Diane Abbot had f****d around like he has whilst married.Or if she had been guilty of as many incredibly stupid gaffes as Johnson has been guilty of. Yet he gets away as 'just a naughty boy', everybody's favourite buffoon, whilst Abbot is metaphorically lynched. It tells us a lot about Britain. I rest my case.
  7. If you are lucky enough to own a very good dog that you really rate,you don't mind when it shits in its run,stands in the crap and then jumps up to greet you and covers you in shit. You don't mind when it pukes in the car ,gets itself wrapped up in barbed wire and costs you a packet at the vets. You laugh it off when it whines in frustration for two hours on the way to a lamping session. When it misses an easy strike you make excuses for it. When it pops its clogs it's like a family bereavement. A very good dog is not just about ability, it's indefinable. Why do you marry one woman,give her all your money and think the world of your kids when you never fancied marriage in the first place? You can't explain it rationally.it's probably as much about how you gel with a dog as well as its ability.
  8. All you jukel haters can f**k off right now.
  9. jukel123

    Deer dogs

    Thats easy for you to say Ronnie Pickering.
  10. jukel123

    Bull x called Shane

    He's a cowboy.
  11. jukel123

    alsatian x greyhound

    Just watching them gives me a nervous tick. Too hyper a dog for me.
  12. jukel123

    alsatian x greyhound

    I am surprised nobody has used Bird's 'Buck' ( a first cross). works everything and a big softie with other dogs. Great temperament.
  13. jukel123

    Deer/grey collie/grey

    That's a lovely looking dog. Just a pity nobody is breeding them now. Pups from tested parents would be snapped up.
  14. jukel123

    Deer/grey collie/grey

    I think they are a myth.