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  1. jukel123

    White rat

    I saw an albino rat climb out of a broken sewer pipe when I was a kid in the fifties. I was declared delusional, so I'm glad you posted the evidence Wilf. I've seen the corpse of an albino badger, a live albino,grey squirrel and a live albino blackbird. It's not that unusual. I remember reading about a tribe of native American indians which had a very high proportion of albinos amongst them. Geneticists were sent to study the tribe. They found that albino males were spared outdoor work because they found the sun's glare unbearable. They were allowed to stay home with the women. The study
  2. jukel123

    Culling gas

    Shortage of CO2? Simples, declare the meat halal.
  3. I think that Leicester winning the premiership remains one of the greatest, if not THE greatest footballing achievments of all time.
  4. jukel123


    Not exactly bosom buddies of China I meant gents.
  5. jukel123


    I have no opinion on this because i don't know anything about it. I was a alarmed though when some commentators reckoned conflict with China would be more likely as a result of the arrangement. Given Australia and America are not exactly bosom buddies, this does seem a legitimate concern. Although I guess it's our fate to follow the states into any conflict no matter what. How does Aukus affect our membership of NATO?
  6. Not sure the Premier league has been beneficial to football as a whole. Yes it's brought more money into the game but the money has allowed the big clubs to basically become an elite within the premier league. If some device could be brought into the set up so that the cash was shared more equally I think there would be more enjoyment for all fans. The fans of the super clubs kind of know that their success is built on the buying big players which means their successes are a bit hollow. Just a thought.
  7. Check out the number of guys who liked this clip. What big softies we all are. Not so long ago men wouldn't be able to show their emotional/ affectionate side. It's good that we can these days.
  8. West Ham Man U. A Noble effort. Nowhere near good enough.
  9. It's not difficult to differentiate between a ray of sunshine and Nicepix's posts.
  10. Jimmy Johnstone was up there with very best. A born dribbler and natural entertainer. Saw him play a few times against Rangers. What a piss taker he was. He would beat a man and then beat him again just for fun. Loved watching him.
  11. Er_ Celtic won the European Cup in 67. They did it with a team who were all born within a 30 mile radius of Parkhead. That feat is widely believed to be the most impressive in UK football everyday. It was the first UK win in that competition. ManU won it the following year.
  12. There's a fine margin between an electric scoter and his prototype car. If he'd tweaked his car to make it more like a scooter he would have been hailed as a genius and made a few bob in the process.
  13. jukel123


    FRANCIE: Dr, Dr Oi keeps blacking out when Oi bin smoking the old Ganga sure I do. DR: Stop smoking the ganga then ya thick fucka. FRANCIE: Bejasus, I never would have thought of that now. DR: OK well f**k off then. Send the next arsewipe in. FRANCIE: But Oi have another problem doc. DR: Well? FRANCIE: It's the auld constipation doc. DR: OK take your trousers and underpants off. I've seen this problem with you before. FRANCIE exposes his manhood. DR. Thought so ya thick Paddy, stop wiping your f****n arse with paper bags which have had cement in th
  14. That's a fair point about the old leather mud saturated old leather casies. Reminds me of an incident from my childhood. As a kid I lived less than a mile from Old Trafford and of course was an avid ManU supporter and still am. I had gathered all the Man U first and reserve team players autographs except two: Bobby Charlton and Albert Quixall who we had recently signed from Sheffield ? .It was just after the Munich disaster. Anyway as luck would have it both Charlton and Quixall together were emerging fron Old Trafford. I approached them and asked them for their signatures, Quixall obliged
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