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  1. I would mate, but I'm not after another yet, the whippet is still learning the ropes. His training and entering was delayed a fair bit because of the injury. Just thinking ahead really. Looking forward to seeing Thier progress, reckon your all on a winner there.
  2. Keep me posted please mate, looking good for a fair bit of new acreage down here and may need some backup for the busted whippet.
  3. Do you know if there will be anything similar bred on the ground anytime Phil?
  4. Prefer a nice chateau pape de neuf
  5. Drink as much gay tea as you like, take it from one who knows, one who describes one's self as ' mesen' is no esquire, I can tell you.
  6. Wouldn't be much a dog like that couldn't handle I would imagine.
  7. Name calling on the net....gold. Where's ace boon gone? One tough mo fo.
  8. Like that strap set up btw arry.
  9. I found them too fiddly katch. Got mine from Les, well made but I found it took longer to pick up the nets. I've gone back to the older baskets with the wider channels for the poles, just drop them in and keep in place with short bungees to stop them coming out if you drop it. Thinking about flogging the baskets.
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