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  1. 100%. Theyll still be there when the rain stops!
  2. He's no world beater mate but does amazingly considering.
  3. He'd make some tidy pups with her Davey...
  4. Or its a bunch of c**ts being c**ts
  5. Cracker charts, I'm sure she'll do you proud mate.
  6. Sorry to hear this Ray, always liked the old dog, a real good example of the type. Rip old boy.
  7. Hunted cover, worked with ferrets and to ground with mine. Break them early and they're fine with ferrets, like any dog. Mine went beating too. If there's something in there they'd find it.
  8. Nice mate. What lines she from?
  9. Best Post you've made. Calm down man, it's just the 'net.
  10. Food for thought, an old sage once said-"a wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something". (and doesn't over use punctuation )
  11. True, never thought someone could talk as much shite as whin, but there you are smashing it!
  12. Get on, we've done at least 2000, maybe even 3000. Honest.
  13. On that note, it's a strange one why dogs jack on one quarry but still mad for others. I had a bitch, the only dog I've had that jacked on rabbits at 6, never over run on big numbers. Yet more "testing" quarry she would give it all.
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