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  1. On that note, it's a strange one why dogs jack on one quarry but still mad for others. I had a bitch, the only dog I've had that jacked on rabbits at 6, never over run on big numbers. Yet more "testing" quarry she would give it all.
  2. You made the right life choice there. You obviously know him then!
  3. I'm glad I'm in a secret clique who do actually have the best working dogs in the universe so I don't have to get involved with this shit. My son has a bitch in pup and he's giving the whole litter, the bitch and stud dog to a little old lady down the road. Beat that.
  4. I have, compulsive liar and desperate fame seeker. The first clip is mild compared to some of the shit he's spouted.
  5. A good dog is a godsend. 2 squirrels got in a bedroom.
  6. Fancied one of them for a laugh, then found out they're over 40 quid!
  7. Don't forget she's mine when she starts thinking Davy.
  8. Good to see you charts, hope you're well.
  9. I doubt your average Joe is in a position to do that...
  10. You're only going to get that balance once established, starting any business takes hard graft and dedication. Don't make the mistake many make coming ' off the books' ie your comment about making eighty quid for 20 mins work. There's a whole load of overheads to come out of that. If you're willing to put the work in its a good move, go for it, but do it with your eyes open.
  11. Always thought the minshaws were predominantly collie blood originally?
  12. Very few. The rifle boys with thermal can notch up those numbers (especially in summer), but it takes some doing with a dog. I call bullshit on the vast majority of these claims.
  13. Pastoral Cross for out and out obedience, hands down.
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