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  1. Respect to you for sticking with your pal,been in the same boat myself. All the more rewarding for man and dog when they recover from serious injury and can be by your side.
  2. Our rat calls are well up for the time of year. I think it's a combination of the above, less food on the streets, folks at home more. And of course the rats resilience and survival instinct. In saying that, last winter was one of our busiest ever for rat calls.
  3. Who's doing folding cages bud?
  4. I'm sure I heard the only colony is at Hull docks.
  5. I heard he was running big numbers of rabbits before the dog was 12 months old. As for 100 rabbits, one dog on foot down here....
  6. Keep the trigger bait small to ensure the rats head is under the kill bar. I've had them caught by the nose. Still dead.
  7. I mostly use oats loose in the tray and make a marble sized bag of oats with boillie arma mesh on the trigger. Spray of aniseed, job done.
  8. £7.50 from traditionalpestcontrol. Very well built trap that should last, best rat trap on the market imo. Very little neophobia displayed with them.
  9. I had a copper I know leave a note on my windscreen asking for a couple of rabbits lol.
  10. Where do you find it? Asking for a friend.
  11. You can modify to fit under units, sideways.
  12. Best rat trap on the market, I've caught within an hour or so. You're probably right about young squirrels too.
  13. That's assuming you can re use bricks, or if it's stone that's a whole new ball game. Would it need rendering? All I'm saying is dismantling a chimney isn't always a straightforward job, neither is rebuilding. Lead trays and flashing, pots,linings, cowls etc. The prices may be excessive if they've just got to break and replace a pot or two, but I wouldn't be too quick to judge unless you know exactly what the job will entail. A 2 day job can turn into a nightmare, particularly on old buildings. I wouldn't take them on either btw.
  14. I'd put a price in if I were you. Don't forget to add materials and bee removal.
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