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  1. stormyboy

    MINSHAW .....

    A lot of whiskey and anger.....
  2. Just looked at it on my comp (Phone previously), the better pic shows the small tears clearly. The liner is fecked I would say. The edge of the hole isn't chewed, it's torn.
  3. Looks like the liner could be perished? A few tiny splits around the hole.
  4. stormyboy

    Patterdale vs hunt terrier

    That depends on the terrier and how Good it's nose is.
  5. stormyboy

    Blue eye

    You can reduce side glare on strikers etc by sticking a circle of old school blue windscreen tint in the centre of the glass. Same effect as the blue eye.
  6. stormyboy

    Dog being aggressive

    You do not. And you can't have a thesaurus, they were extinct millions of years ago FFS.
  7. stormyboy

    New Arrivals.

    I think that video of Dan surprised a few. Pups are looking well John good luck with them, I'm sure they'll do you well.
  8. stormyboy

    alsatian x greyhound

    Buck over a strong grew would breed some belters I reckon.
  9. stormyboy

    alsatian x greyhound

    What's jaz's breeding?
  10. stormyboy

    New Arrivals.

    I've heard you're a very gifted dog man blacky. Or was it dogger....
  11. That's only your opinion. I feel a witty comeback of at least 120 words would have been more appropriate. Come on now you can do better. How did you know I like the taste of glass anyway? You are indeed a sleuth of immeasurable talent FD.
  12. stormyboy

    New Arrivals.

    It's a strange one Neal, same on moochers as you know. Folks can't seem to accept that different people want different things from a dog. But then again, a lot of guys are happy with a dog that comes back when called after slipping and that's it!
  13. You said that on another thread..... Same reply......
  14. You're in trouble now Clive! If you think earth thrower was bad, the seeker of truth is on the case now! I dont believe that hen killed the fox in your avatar FD.