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  1. They let you keep your knife?
  2. You obviously have low standards.
  3. If that's directed at me, you've read it wrong. BIG difference between a dog not making the grade, and some fool chopping and changing dogs every 5 minutes. Because they have high standards! One of them was ripped on another site and fecked off but still dreaming the dream.
  4. Ooh you fibber! You showed a bitch you bought on moochers AFTER your crash. Same bitch was for sale 2 weeks later on a selling site. You may well have ended up giving it to your mate, fact is you had it up for sale 2 weeks after buying. AFTER YOUR CRASH. Now stop being silly. Dogs are dogs not machines, you're in for a world of disappointment until you grow up and realise that.
  5. yeah ok. Run them till they break. Proper dog man. Sold the last one after 2 weeks wasn't it? IF you're out 5 nights a week , you'd have the dogs to do it and alternate,not run them till they're fecked. Hopefully you'll learn one day mate.
  6. Maybe if you reared, conditioned and trained a dog right and made a dog of it you would be taken seriously. You buy and sell in the hope of getting something decent, when they come up short or break, you get rid and try someone else's shite again. That's not having standards, that's a poor dog man. Catch all you like between dogs, that's what you are. Ask yourself why some consistently have a good dog about them ( and don't underestimate the whippet ), and why some get through shedloads. It ain't about standards, it's about effort. As for busher, there's got to be more to this story, charged with a knife offence is no reason to take the dog away, and leaving it there to avoid kennel fees- no one I know would even consider it. And the police and RSPCA are on him anyway, so that blows that one away. All bullshit- " my weaton would do your pet bull" FFS.
  7. I'll decline thanks, plenty dickheads on my doorstep if I wanted one for company.
  8. Get rid and get another- pretty much sums you up I would say. If you were any sort of man, you'd fight tooth and nail to get the dog back. Little wonder that Jake guy chirped up, he's cut from the same cloth. Still, you've got 6 more to get through eh? Poor c**ts.
  9. Best rat trap on the market by far...
  10. RSPCA are f***ing loaded mate. This all sounds pretty trumped up to me.if you're being done just for the knife, there is no reasonable grounds to hold the dog and definitely not your phone FFS If it were me, a hard nosed brief would have made mincemeat out of them by now.
  11. No no no, you forget the bit about no. 1 or whatever he's called being a cop and sending coded messages to animal welfare groups . Or something. Anyway, well and truly found our by the coon man, who starts incessantly calling him a cop. ( A nice change from homo tbh). Coon man then reports no. 1 to said animal welfare groups, or the actual police. Whatever, gender changes, beavers etc happen, and it shows our American cousins in a real good light!
  12. Snares are working while you're asleep Daniel, I know several who had those sort of numbers when pelts were saleable here. I used to get some but not in that league.
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