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  1. Probably not, but I think under that rough exterior there's a slightly less rough soul that could be whipped into shape.
  2. Run jukel, run for your life. Feck bill, katch's Mrs sounds awesome.
  3. He came on defending the original ad, saying he gave the dog to his mate, so I would guess so. Wanker.
  4. That's the spirit. I like a man who keeps his nose to the grindstone no matter what. There may be an opening on the estate for a good serf such as yourself. Subject to references obviously.
  5. You are the epitome of all that's wrong in the lurcher world son. Soon bolted from moochers when you were found out.
  6. Yeah, rear a pup to 5 months, then get rid because you want a going dog a few weeks before the end of the season. Yeah shit definitely happens...
  7. Wants a dog up and running, about 6 weeks of the season left. Speaks fecking volumes... As for sentiment- the poor lurcher is one of the most disposable dogs out there. How anyone defends pricks like this is beyond me.
  8. Good post. Ignore old wives tales, ferrets, terriers, mummifying bait ( no such thing). Call a reputable professional in to deal with it and sort access issues.
  9. It's also entering. I've heard of minshaws and others catching big bags before a year old, then the dogs are blamed when they spew. Some dogs may be ok with that, some won't. Same over matching young terriers.
  10. You've got to factor in the handler when looking at how a dog performs, whatever the type...
  11. You know who I meant. Ause hol.
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