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  1. Always thought the minshaws were predominantly collie blood originally?
  2. Very few. The rifle boys with thermal can notch up those numbers (especially in summer), but it takes some doing with a dog. I call bullshit on the vast majority of these claims.
  3. Pastoral Cross for out and out obedience, hands down.
  4. What's the link here, regards picking up a cheap knife?
  5. My ferrets wouldn't touch them. Well done on a good start, it's addictive once you start.
  6. 1env sent me a sample of their putange, weak as piss, you can open them with your hands easy. Putange supplies UK do genuine ones, their barrel and talpex are good too.
  7. Bit of a beast, I doubt they'll be getting out of that.
  8. I'm not happy with fenns for squirrels. Kania, or tube traps are my go to. Just bought some procull to try but haven't used them yet. They certainly look a good trap.
  9. Doing well davey. If she get too colliefied and pisses you off, I'll take her off your hands.
  10. They can if you want blind and deaf pups.
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