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  1. stormyboy

    Micro collars

    Does anyone have any Mk1 Micro collars for sale?
  2. stormyboy


    Good all round terriers Charlie. Mine would hunt like hounds, work with ferrets/gun and to ground. Biddable type of dog and versatile. Not a dog to leave in a kennel, they need to be kept busy.
  3. stormyboy

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Think you'll find it was.
  4. stormyboy

    Couple of days to go

    Cracking pup that mate, hope she does well for you. Nice bitch too.
  5. Highly recommend dalyan.
  6. Love turkey, been 3 times now. Markets are great- " cheaper than Asda" best one I heard- "cheaper than shoplifting".
  7. Enjoy your posts on moochers Terry, you and the dog have some good little outings. (Jack frost on there)
  8. Na mate I had the best dog ever lived. 100% true story. Ask anyone that never saw him.
  9. stormyboy

    dopey !@#$🙈

    Same. Told him on the pest control around here, leave the wasps to me. Fecker won't listen!
  10. I found the desire for the kill has diminished, my dogs were primarily lamp dogs and working with the terriers. All about catching as much as possible. I enjoy mooching more these days, watching the whippet hunt up and find. The kill is secondary.
  11. Where else? That's the one mate, hell of a dog 8 nights a week we were out GUARANTEED
  12. Yeah, I had a dog, probably the best ever lived..........honest.
  13. Yes, what's that got to do with 3/3 guaranteed?
  14. No idea what working to the sling means bud, and I've seen terriers nail a hare off the seat. 3/3 on moors I can believe. GUARANTEED 3/3 on open land is a pretty strong statement.
  15. No disrespect, but guaranteed 3/3 ?? that suggests it never missed. The dog hasn't been born that never missed, never will be.