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  1. My lads are born with short tails never need to be docked thank god i always thought it a bit barbaric chopping bits of the little fellas
  2. After killing few with terriers for taking foul on lads dirty little b*****ds
  3. Just comoletely sick fucks the lot them they have all the schools targeted ffs them bender gender bent bum coloured flags flying everywhere.
  4. The lines that were solid already on a slippery slope so much of it been bred for names that long gone.
  5. Top one be grandson of her bottom fella different breeding
  6. Ya get the few that just dont stop
  7. Its good enough for Chelsea and Man Utd
  8. All the talent just not the right attitude some waste
  9. The breeding of the roxy on the ped is wrong mother that bitch was Toby/Trixie
  10. Could be someway along those lines there was a lad on here on an old thread few year said bruno was brother bosco put up pics of the dogs aswell whatever way he bred bruno and blind dog in the make up somewhere
  11. I think he was a son of blind dog nuttall bred i think and daughter of the dog bruno i could be wrong
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