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  1. Looks a good solid animal him id say you had some sport with him
  2. You 2 just dont get on he probably went a bit far calling ya thief that was ridiculous just block him ya wont have to read what he says.
  3. Them pics didnt look good 1of1 to be honest and i told you that already as you said thats your job to train these dogs. What the lot of ye are posting isnt good look it makes no odds to me what ye lot do over there il just watch whats going around me this side. Best of luck with your dogs and your buddies this side il do my own thing as iv always anyone wants me knows where to find me.
  4. I not going to knock abc the man has done me no wrong like us all gets caught up in the moment the issue with him and jambalaya is on going neither of them angels but abc just dont want to see anybody done wrong.
  5. Read the post what ever you want its not directed at you personally but the fact is nearly anyone that has got the road of using that in line seem to go the profit and fame route why that is i dont know and dont care. Theres after been multiple threads pulled of this site alone over them dogs same agruments seem to crop up on deadgame and the now defunct site terrier lounge. I think you were just unlucky to buy up them dogs and was not told about the drama that came with them they should actually come with a health warning.
  6. Chris gave abc alot that stuff i dont think abc would need anything of what you have when he already has it. Nattionwide houndsman gone very quiet but to be honest everything thats been said and pics and screenshots its hard to believe any of ye one time anyone into terrier work would keep as low a profile as possible. Jealousy coin and fame and chasing peds is what the problem is here and lads puting a mans life work on to there matings. It seems to me anyone with that line wants to know exactly who have it who using it thats scary thing and it dont look good for anyone that does they either going to get there yards robbed or knockknock on the door.
  7. Different dogs for different jobs the both do the job in different manner
  8. The yanks keep bringing it up for some reason there buddies keep informing them yet the same fellas wouldnt have tge culprits near there own yards ya see there all in it some way through services pups matings they all need each other. Only conclusion i can come to theres a shortage of dogs now they have nowhere to go the matings havnt worked out sold of stock over bred they need dogs i have plenty that iv spent the last 5year rebuilding i have them apread out and well worked these lads want ti stir it up get the dogs robbed and try cover it up. One yard of ours twice some tried to rob last april. Its no coincidence dc there was 14birds taken aswell on one the nights a camera pulled of tge wall a 2nd night but they were disturbed and took flight we didnt go on saying anything just secured the area best we can.
  9. My countrymen is right 1of1 but you and the men your listening to your treating them like heroes. Them very same lads your listening to are the very same that have covered up this for years so what does that make them you should give up there names here and know you seem to be well able to bring up mine and where i live
  10. 1of1 im not the one ever sold any you fellas out terriers im not the one walked onto lads yards and took there dogs im not the one ped hanging and peddling pups and puting names to them the amount of that stuff iv put to sleep is nobodies business. If i see wrong and someone been wronged il say it straight out end of but honesty has gotten me where i am would i do it again no id just go about and mind my own.
  11. Ye dc your right there they condone dog robbers and they condone those buy them and keep them iv never given up the names cause iv been asked mulitple times leave it of dont cause a scene but il give them up soon enough if you clowns want to keep stiring by all means do send on who ye like im here im waiting not going anywhere but that will be brought to everyones elses door this time.
  12. Get your stories i told you that before nobody pulled a slap on me buddy but the dog robber that ye fellas are bigging up and listening to is filling ye with shit with months them boys your speaking of now are the very ones called him what he was first there the ones selling you jackers with fake peds 1of1 nowan else iv given an honest opinion on all this you havnt taken heed thats your problem as for dogs taken out i f****d them back cause we didnt want any neighbours getting robbed or any mates yards robbed yes 1of1 you do diging behind your shit informers this side ask them about soldier that was sold then the man told dog was dead only to turn up in the north ask them about all tge dogs and bitchs they were screwed out matings they were told never happened ask them the dogs they bought that were taken out of other yards that they bought up and used. Your the one after getting caught dealing with antis. Look further into men filling you with shit you wont like what you find.
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