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  1. We are slaves to big tech and big pharma hospitals built like hotels decked out with all fancy equipment to disguise what it really is just one big science lab.
  2. We be just like the dogs get the parvo injection and get a booster our 3 weeks later
  3. Seen lads pay that money for stuff over here and got dogs that worked and produced for them. It doesnt workout for everyone plenty before aftrr been in the same position as yourself snelly 1all ya can do is try find trustworthy lads thats not in it for money finding them is the thing they are there.
  4. Whats needed now is a virus to take out the tech giants
  5. Amazon have taken down the site parler
  6. Shame on those breeding them for pet homes
  7. This fella had to move his channel to bitchute cause youtube keep baning him. Loads of similar channels been taken of youtube.
  8. Amazing how all thats ignored calling them the trump supporters domestic terroists for breaking a few windows some joke that.
  9. What blm and antifa got away with and not a word said against them by either the democrats or mainstream media say it all trump the only one called them on it just like he did the chinese thats what some people look at.
  10. One the news channels had pics of a protester sitting in nancy Pelosi chair with his feet up lol
  11. Dirty old joe they should just bring him out front of white house and put him to sleep with that dirty old slag hilary and tie a rope around that bitch harris head and hang her from the balcony. f***ing democrats pushing there bullshit agenda the world over even the monkeys here are starting over some dosey c**t runing around with a knife attacking people gets shot then they cry irish gardai are racist and main stream media giving them the platform to do it.
  12. What matters is the democrats stood back and applauded and funded blm and antifa while they burned down and looted peoples bussiness's they supported world while every dosey c**t the world over takes a knee for crim junky monkey nigger who the main stream media made look like a saint. Those people in Washington yesterday day are just fed of all the democrats bullshit trump isvthe only one called them out on it and every other dirty dealing there up to.
  13. Biden will have a heart attack after getting all excited looking all the little girls. The black c**t Harris will take over and turn the usa into backward 3rd world country just like what all the nigs do with there countrys
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