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  1. Sorry to hear that socks sad news rip chicky
  2. Has the fella had any luck in getting any them back
  3. A terrier that goes to ground stays till dug to for sometimes hrs against quarry that alot the time out weighs them are in a league of there own.
  4. But the blm shitbags will say different
  5. Can you imagine the blm movement staging protests in the cities of the middle east and expecting the muslim workd to go down on one knee because a black drug addict was shot by white police in america lol they would chop the heads of every one them or stone them to death
  6. Its a shame about all the bs and lies that comes with most them patterdales.
  7. Is there much stuff about now a days that goes back to the original nuttall/ wheeler lines
  8. Yea there was something on youtube about that the saltycracker showed it but couldnt upload the videos youtube blocks alot of his content lately but he said he have the videos of it up on bitchute however ya get up that chanel
  9. Want to be some sick c**t to say about a child
  10. Apparently he rode his bike onto his lawn some blm members have a facebook page set up defending the c**t.
  11. Its the angle the pics are taken at makes them look bigger
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