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  1. chesney


    Leo wont be sending his kids the bent bumder queer Gandhi only thing he be sending is his migrant f**k boys
  2. chesney


    Hopefully it is Francis be able to hunt and dig away in peace and we can send all those Johnny foreigners that have illegally come to our wonderfull island to the front lines along with all government TDs and officials
  3. She is not a him him is a shim
  4. chesney


    Moscow be the new ukraine capitol by Easter
  5. Sinn Fein to far removed from what they originally stood for men starved themselves for a cause only to be sold down the river by the current crop. Fine Gael with that queer half bred mongrel Gandhi varadkar preaching about multiculturalism and lgbtq bullshit and that other bender o Gorman pushing the transgender agenda. That's the real truth of this government and opposition TDs.
  6. A good slap in the mouth is what alot them politicians need bring them back to reality nowan is against genuine women and kids seeking refuge from war but they are again at these African middle eastern third world undocumented scum all males of military age. Then ya have all these Albanians and georgians into the mix
  7. Derek Blighe and Philip Dwyer here in Ireland are on YouTube talking about the same going on over here few protests been had in ballymun and eastwall in recent weeks worth a look on YouTube. The political elite and main stream media trying to label them and the protesters as far right.
  8. Yet your government will find home and house the scum invading from there third shitholes
  9. Could be just bit keen aswell find few shallow spots not holding let her run them get her used to running earths not occupied they can get into habit of been dug out. Some dogs when layed up for spell can be overly excited some just need constant work as for the rabbit thats happens everyone at some point
  10. Big Teddy bear just wanted a big hug
  11. All over papers bou that child in wexford been attacked poor child disfigured
  12. It's about time to start launching these nukes instead of talking launch everyone the fuckers lets just see what happens 8billion people in the world its just way to many
  13. Make handy slatmill out them id reckon
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