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  1. chesney

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    It's done now they were caught the BBC got what they wanted just move on learn the lesson do your homework on strangers before an invite or just keep to a very closed circle. The genuine lads just have ta be that bit more careful as if it wasn't hard enough.
  2. chesney

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    It didn't portray terrier work in a good light makes the standard of terriers look very poor all it's done is help a few cowboys look what they are. I think as a whole it will make lads wise up and bring a bit of common sense back around no phones no cameras nothing ta see or talk about here.
  3. chesney

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Standard of terriers was very poor should of been used as backfill. It might be an eye opener for some don't be so quick ta give strangers the invitation of a day out.
  4. chesney

    the famous toby dog

    Wr owned the dog in his later years who bred him I honestly don't know wr got of another man but he was pushing on when wr got him he produced a few litters while when he got him the dog is dead 3 year.
  5. chesney

    the famous toby dog

    He's a black dog
  6. chesney

    the famous toby dog

    Like Lazarus he rose from the dead lol
  7. chesney

    the famous toby dog

    a couple of Toby if that's the one your on about.
  8. chesney

    the famous toby dog

    Dog was very good dog theres pics on some of the threads of him.
  9. chesney


    Looks a good solid bitch her mole I'd say ya have a certain job for her lol.
  10. chesney


  11. chesney


    It's getting to a stage when it comes ta given out a service or gifting pups the solicitors want ta be brought in and contracts drawn. The AC Nuttall and Gould stuff and whatever been the brand names jaysus I can just see lads going all the way to the European hight courts cause they feel entitled to geting the full pedigree history of there brand name pup lol.
  12. chesney

    Moate show

    It's been one the best shows going the last few year proper working dog show how it should be paddy 31 fair play to yourself and Kevin and hopefully it's back up and running for next year.
  13. chesney


    That's a cracker of bitch ya have there ceaser very similar in looks to a bitch I had here a few year back a very good working bitch probably the best that was ever in this yard lost her in ground sadly no pics very like that bitch you have there. Best of luck with her anyways.