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  1. chesney


    I reckon behind it all them auld ra and uda boys all pals there all only crims now goin under the banner political cause.
  2. chesney


    Provos were a product of the toxic enviroment the british army created up there.
  3. I seen some good results with ac stuff over that older stuff
  4. Cracker him scarface is there any of your old stuff in him
  5. Just some of whats in his breeding
  6. they pulled my hair out she says
  7. Aren't they 2 stupid c**ts to do that
  8. Ye produced workers both times she was bred
  9. Ye she stayed till dug to mixing type knew how to work without taken to much punishment
  10. I dont know to be honest fenman told she was dogs called rocky my dear and banjo.
  11. Brindle bitch is mother of this choc bitch. Brindle bitch was bred by TL mate of mine used my patterdale dog over he father of the choc bitch
  12. I heard that said about him before fireman
  13. Seems to be a common trend lads peddling pups with fake pedigree. In fairness to booth he supposedly bred some decent stuff one time and there plenty lads dealt with him to get that line of dog he bred.
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