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  1. I'd love to see a day every year where we could have a paki fest and for that one day we could burn as many them possible on a bonfire
  2. History all ways repeats itself eventually the white Europeans will get over the guilt trip there been fed woke far left or whatever they are then will repeat the cycle of burning them in the ovens only this time it won't be Jews
  3. Bit luck she might get one in the head
  4. Ya should told the 2 boys ya take them both outside let them walk out ahead of ya then just lock the door behind them. Go back into bar tell girls back in behind bar do there job and everybody else shut the f**k up Gnasher talking
  5. f**k all landed I'm waiting half the night for this to kick off they may aswell have sent paper aeroplanes as for there so called ballistic missiles they got lost ffs
  6. Israel should nuke the shit out them Muhammad fuckers now
  7. Sky News have it Iranian drones on way to Israel Biden headed back to white house and Israeli version of Air force 1 is in the sky
  8. Thats a bitch sionnach its just red clay the ground we were digging
  9. West Ham really are massive
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