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  1. Its been circling since last thursday one them poor kids was dead people were saying in the commentscon alot the videos on youtube and instagram that varadkhar and martin are 2 disgusting creatures
  2. He half indian 3rd world slum bùmmer a mongrel he is with a bad outcross leave him go to india and spout the shit he does i wonder how long he last
  3. The politicians in government are there to long there to comfortable they can lose an election and still stay in. Any them thats there 10yr or more should be made stand down and leave others have a go at it they shouldnt even be allowed run the next election should be law there that they have to sit a term break the cycle. Hardliners behind Sinn Fein would really want to reign in the likes of Mary lou Mcdonald
  4. Be fuzzy wuzzies dressed up as super heroes next Wilf
  5. Half bred queer indian gandhi he is the pakis would stone him to death. In dog terms Leo is a mongrel
  6. I think Wilf is turning us innocent irish country lads on thl into a nation of far right thugs and rascists only messing Wilf
  7. Protecting drug dealers north and south of the border
  8. To be honest dont see the point of attacking liked of luas and public transport people do have to use them. Government buildings police stations and politicians places of residence to me are all fair game
  9. They wouldnt report any other way
  10. chesney


    I wish to f**k the israelis would wind in this country going be little palestine if they keep flooding here
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