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  1. Natural reaction would be kick him from that position but known clumsy me id miss and end up on my arse ha. I done couple them takedown courses when do security in a hospital for restraining patients but shur when ya dealing with people of tge scales that goes out the window give them no time get them down fsst and hard and if its done right they seem to come back to reality fairly quick
  2. At 12 r 13 seconds cop behind should have blowin his knee out with a kick.
  3. Id love to catch it and throw it in a tree shredder dirty cuntin yokes them
  4. Mate mine got one only recently so still in business anyway
  5. Those type legs wouldnt effect any earrh dog worth his salt or any dog just been used for bit bushing. Thats why working terriers have been on the slide for long time to many want the perfect look show dogs i suppose.
  6. Its similar story all over the country youngfellas going around of there heads floating around not doing a tap. Plenty them that do work just working to pay of few debts sad to look at it. Then there are plenty tgem around that dont get caught up in it.
  7. 84 billion dollars worth of military equipment left behind in Afghanistan why didnt they just blow it up as they were leaving.
  8. Chinks aint going do nothing all bluster them if they were going to they would have blown her out the sky
  9. They look fine the way they are jossa. Il ask false peds put up couple of the ones he used own
  10. Very nice looking bordees them lad on here false peds had levi oaks bred stuff like that few year ahp now.
  11. Thought Julian Dicks might of got a mention as a hard case.
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