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  1. Couple crackers there scarface not much of that type around anymore
  2. Sorry to hear to hear that ryaldinhio got the same news about a mate about 7 weeks back stunned when i heard it. The nicest fella ya could ever meet always in good form couldnt do enough for people words coundnt do this man justice but unfortunately we just never know what somebody is thinking mental health is a big thing talking helps if only they would reach out and ask for themeslves cause he was always there for everyone else.
  3. Ole is doing just fine he just needs more time they already sacked a football genius in David Moyes they dont need to do the same with Ole he doing just fine.
  4. Another manager might not much out of the squad players they all ready have Bruce is still good enough manager to keep that team up
  5. Nice dog looks to have putva shift in fairplay
  6. Only see something about that online the other day alana McLaughlin the shims name is google search will give of the shim when in army complete joke
  7. Be interesting to see who would get the England when southgate leaves
  8. Just put them in as dont anseer
  9. Something has to happen i dont see the point of these countries having all these nukes pointing at each other drop them bad boys and done with it
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