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  1. Its getting harder to keep them circles closed
  2. I was always told that god put us here and on 7th day he took thd day of to have few joints and just chilled out under the sun beside the sea he just created few days before
  3. 2 supposedly out of control dogs on leads and tgey shoot them scummy black paki muslim can run around tge streets stabbing all insight and they try talk to them and put them in a cushy cell at the expense of the tax payer something wrong somewhere.
  4. No such thing as a private site never has been its the american lads can get away with the sites cause the variety game they go after still legal. The only purpose for lads this side setting up private FB sites/groups or private whats app/snapchat groups is for 1 r 2 reasons locating on who has working what lines they are and its either to get somebody robbed or caught. Iv been guilty myself of posting pics on here hands up i should of known better.
  5. I was mainly just thinking of it been out in a country where its legal to use thst type dog be interesting to see how they would fair out
  6. Be a good test for wheatens
  7. Good producer but didnt do no where the amount work was giving to other dogs
  8. AC Blitz before he was renamed soldier bottom pic is his littermate Butch
  9. 20month old gifted AC that started just before season finished
  10. The killing thing about all this is been pushed through by coaliton voted out sinn fein won the last electionin ireland these parasites got together with the greens and formed a new coalition
  11. Thanks blackstuff ya bred good lump in him the older lads started very well
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