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  1. There mate mine has a yard of that type russell easily 30 odd years breeding in them and more they have never sold out 1 pup and very rarely gifted out any and services just a no. The first dogs o ever dug was them and were gamey enough dogs
  2. Do ya use them for cover Hens teeth
  3. Scumbags who ever they are hopefully he gets them returned
  4. Just a bit banter keepdiggin no malice intended
  5. Why all the bitternesd from welsh and Scottish towards this england team you are basically english your counties or states (wales and scotland) are ruled by your government in london currency english sterling cardiff city and swamsea both play in the english leagued celtic and rangers would give there right hands to play in the english premier league. You should just get behind your queen and country and support your fellow country men.
  6. They going to win the world cup in Qatar
  7. They lost that game at halftime because the manager was to cautious. I wouldnt agree with abusing the players for penalty misses. The positive there is that there a good young team with a decade or more in most them they should only get better maybe the manager has learned alot from it the world cup could see them put it together big time.
  8. Stevie Gerard next england manager
  9. Sack southgate now on the field he has basically put into thete heads they not good enough.
  10. What ever the f**k southgate said at halftime they should of been all over them 2nd half and finished it he deserves the sack for that
  11. They have just learned to play the europeans at there own game
  12. To be honest stopend i dont really follow ufc so whether he won or got hammered never made much odds to me i just never liked the man there dirty side in his character and what he hangs out with. There some may say different he does alot of good in other areas.
  13. He stayed away from the level mma to long cant take time away from that level and then expect to jump back in and beat lads that basically flatout competing and when not fighting are doing heavy sparing .
  14. Some pressure on them players tonight be interesting see how they cope. Gowan England
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