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  1. Hello mate,think he still has his day job to be honest as a few of his vids are him in a work setting all hi-vis'd up etc
  2. Ill have a watch of it,I dont know loads about armwrestling but I enjoy watching it,and at least Larratt is back doing his own sport instead of some moody boxing match John brzenk has his own youtube channel now and his first few videos gave me a laugh,while he was working it all out
  3. Im very happy for Kambosos Jr, Lopez may be a great boxer but him and his father come off as a proper pair of wallies That Kambosos right hand in rnd1,what a shot! Also nice to see Lopez failed to take his loss like a man,great boxer but really unlikeable chap alongside his old man,nearly as pleased about this win as I was Fitzys win over Fowler On another note,wtf was this s**t
  4. Some good fights the weekend just gone,i enjoyed azeez vs burton,azeez boxed a blinder,all the experience of burton just did not look like it was there at all, hes not been the same man after the buglioni loss Crawford v porter was a good fight,great bodywork from crawford,and i really respect porter he is game as they come,what a resume Yes moore v macklin was a proper tear up!
  5. No worries mate,he is very game indeed and has an attitude that wont see him hang them up anytime soon imo,which is why i really like him, but with a construction firm thats doing alright he certainly should have a think about his approach to the sport, as you say hes very young and has been in battle after battle,some fighters can go years without having fights like hes had back to back! Yeah it was a bit all lost at sea at times wasnt it but i definitely think joshua step aside and let usyk fight fury Thats a very intriguing matchup,and one that i think fury ones,but i rate usyk
  6. Im not too keen on any of the smiths to be honest,callum is by far the best out of the brothers,followed by liam Yeah fowler was beaten convincingly wasnt he,smith wants vargas next Youre not wrong about ted,all those fights are bloody entertaining and keep people interested but he needs to think beyond the ropes a bit,too many like that as you say take from a man things that you cant put back I thought it was a good fight,bit messy at times from both fighters,but plenty there to watch,i think it was a better watch than many thought it would be due to the fact there wasnt much
  7. What a fight Fury once again over coming rough times,to put wilder out of it Tyson will retire unbeaten
  8. Yeah fury-wilder 3 is a bit of a non runner really,hence why promotion for it has been so slow apart from the past few days Enjoy watching the fights matei think cheeseman is quality to watch
  9. Cheeseman is in quality scraps i thinktough chap indeed,yes i remember the fitzy fight Talking of fitzy,i was over the moon when he beat fowler haha,who i am sure smith bests tonight Light work for tyson fury tonight
  10. All comes back in good time mate when you crack on Least you feel fit in ya ol lungs and heart,most important thing out the lot imo
  11. You happy with that weight? Feel fit,strong at the weight? Or would like to make changes?
  12. Tysons stool for the wilder fight is comical My predictions, smith, cheeseman and fury
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