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  1. That's it Mate It's all subjective,each man sees things different & has his own opinions & reasons gatti & ward,some fighters they were
  2. thats just the nature of the beast From the bare knuckle era,and no doubt many moons before that,there has been technicians & there's been rough housers - all sorts of emotions are running through someone during a fight,and not all the time professional ones...like Duran,who is a rough tough streetwise fighter,but,he was a great boxer,a really great boxer, perhaps you don't take to his style,and you like a clean fighter who doesn't put a foot wrong which is absolutely fine,but boxing due to its nature will attract some nasty c***s & at times Duran was one of them but when he wanted to boy could he box,he knew about distance & timing & could put a man in a muddle just by the trickery he'd use with his hands,pawing & parrying,neat little uppercuts through spaces you couldlnt get a matchstick through fair enough you might not of said he couldlnt box,but I get the impression you think he's mainly just a rough fighter who can box a bit,and I disagree,he was very technical many many times
  3. Duran is arguably one of the greatest lightweights ever everyone has their own opinion,which they are entitled to,and people see things different but to dismiss Duran as just a "great fighter" who wasn't up there with the other 3 is proper off the mark imo like I say,Duran had plenty of boxing savvy,you've only got to look at his inside work to see that,and not just how he fought on the inside but many other things no doubt he was a roughhousing merchant,but to say he couldlnt box is not an opinion I've ever seen anywhere but here tbh
  4. While Duran certainly loved a tear up,I disagree with you saying he wasn't a great boxer his inside work was phenomenal,his deft little movements on the inside,and his manipulation of positioning,he really was brilliant to watch on the inside
  5. not the sharpest knives in the drawer.. each to their own though
  6. Cold taters ain't hot
  7. Billy b

    the fight

    I agree with you
  8. Billy b

    the fight

    Should never underestimate anybody Joshua massively overlooked Ruiz,which was very foolish considering how he can box when he needs too anyone else think Joshua almost looks happy that he's took a loss?to me he comes across like the weight of the world has been removed from his shoulders,he's welcoming a break from the pressure...could be wrong who knows he really struggles with hard shots & KDs doesn't he,& was too textbook at times,Ruiz was answering jabs with left hooks,Joshua wasn't imposing his will at all,and did not seem to arsed about trying to adjust & adapt to keep hold of all his titles Strange do lads
  9. Billy b

    the fight

    AJ didn't seem to be paying a blind bit of notice to mccracken? And again he didn't seem to have a boxing brain or any real ideas,he's got one gear has Anthony Joshua usyk is another fella who would beat him comfortably
  10. Billy b

    the fight

    Fair play to Ruiz jr,fought very well,made it very hard for AJ in there,AJ just couldlve get set in the fight,looked flat footed the lot i see folk saying "I can't believe AJs been beat" Whys that?ruiz can box,and box well,I admit I had Ruiz winning a few early rds but getting stopped 6-7th but you knew last night that it was ruizs night very early on still don't know what people were basing Joshua beating fury & wilder off of Perhaps Joshua had an off night,but I think he gets outboxed by fury all night long & KOd by wilder....
  11. Billy b

    the fight

    Out of his 105 amateur bouts Andy Ruiz won 100 of them Ruiz is a harder fight for Joshua than Miller wouldlve been i can see Ruiz looking good in the early going,stealing a few early rounds,then getting stopped in the 6-7th round
  12. Billy b


    Yes that's a good chippy in cromer Theres another good one just up the road in east Runton too theres a cracking chip shop in Wisbech but I forget its name
  13. Ortiz & his team never expected their bluff to get called did they
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