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  1. Ryder has been on the end of some disgusting decisions, particularly the smith fight And theres more Game and quality fighter
  2. John ryders gutsy performance against canelo was a highlight of an otherwise boring weekend for boxing. Best fight other than that was the denny vs McGowan fight Nobody deserved a good payday more than ryder,a no nonsense fighter who just goes to work Yes buatsi is a very strange one,I can't bear to watch him to be honest,all the talent is there but he would put a glass eye to sleep
  3. Yes I did, I like Azeez, oldschool style and in look,man of few words, doing everything right
  4. Yes that's exactly it mate, it was a spectacle that got people who are nowhere near interested in boxing watching and talking and when you consider last night there was some great boxing on, tsyzu vs Harrison, and there's some great fights coming up, like inoue-fulton, you realise it's a sign of the times and utter madness While jake paul fetch new interest in the sport from youngsters? As in wanting to take it up? Remains to be seen.. But I agree with you,not my cup of tea
  5. What ever was that last night And the interest that fight generated compared to proper boxing matches, just shows ya don't it, sign of the times Terrible bout
  6. Yarde doing better than I thought in a cracking fight Beterbiev will get him in the end
  7. Shark having trouble quoting posts for some reason Yes beterbiev either way a very decorated amateur with a record of 295-5 It only takes one shot, but I just can't see how yarde can beat beterbiev tonight
  8. Yarde is going to get annihilated
  9. Some of them shots Joyce was taking from Parker, he held them and just looked straight through the man Where does eubank jnr go from here? If he's to continue boxing I'd get rid of jones Jr,great fighter but he's doing jnr no favours, and I'd also stop relying on reflexes when I'm in a corner with a man tee'ing off on me I thought he was having his moments, but did look noticeably like the weight had played a bit of a part, but nevertheless Liam Smith tucked up,had a look at Eubank, saw his openings and went for it, Smiths been in the game a long time, and that was all it took, a l
  10. I bet Smith is getting his ear chewed off by his missus right now whether it's true or not he cheated, she'll be doing his nut in right before fight night haha
  11. This mob is the closest lot to trying to keep it real as possible these days I think
  12. Lopez deserved that, didn't think he would be given the decision though in Leeds Can't stand Josh Warrington, horrible fighter to watch, and i don't rate him at all Teofimo Lopez vs Sandor Martin tonight aswell, feel Martin could get it, good fighter
  13. Crawford Avanesyan tonight aswell Think Lopez is gonna beat Warrington tonight
  14. Great performance from Joyce, who takes full blooded shots without a care in the world, or marking up. He is a tough nights work for anybody at heavy
  15. He would struggle to get a fight anywhere if he wasn't a Heavyweight
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