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  1. Billy b

    Band life

    Get that green square lastic off eBay tough old stuff it is
  2. Billy b

    25yrd head shot.

    Some shot mate
  3. Billy b

    Burnt out caravan scrap value??

    They'll be no good to you now mate
  4. Billy b

    My nephews fowl

    Some birds your nephews got Pens look well too
  5. Billy b

    Fury bottling bellew

    I like bellew, but he'd be no good to fury anyone half sensible knows that
  6. Billy b

    Most underrated British fighter

    Only a div would underrate Honeyghan - some fighter Them American commentators didn't know what they was looking at
  7. Billy b

    Ronnie pickering knocked out

    Pickerings not worth so much as a tuppence ha'penny on the cobbles I should imagine but he's knocking on a bit , saucy old c*nt or not it's not a big notch on your belt to sucker punch him whilst he's not looking that's f*cking sly and cowards capers
  8. Billy b

    Rabbit Stew

    Lovely bit of chuck
  9. Billy b

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    lost interest in a Khan-Brook fight tell you the truth talks gone on too long Brook ain't the fighter he was mentally or physically but he still beats Khan , Khan only needs a little tap to go out like a light
  10. Billy b

    Recommendations for bands

    The green lastic you get off eBay do's the job for me
  11. Billy b

    few picture of 2011 mules

    Some painting
  12. Billy b

    Fresh chippings in the pheasant pen

    Don't blame you mate, aggravating going through all the mess they make when it's all drowned
  13. Billy b

    Melting pot

    Lovely bit of kit mate
  14. Billy b

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Good performance from Johnson this week end, he needed that, buglioni classy in defeat as usual ritson too good for cardle, nuva good performance And Whyte made a statement after looking off in he's last few fights cracking ko
  15. Billy b

    Hennie stag

    Like them birds mate