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  1. I think there are quite a few AJ fans on here mate, they just don't like to admit it lol. Have a good weekend fella, sounds good
  2. Read that before. But why do people keep referring to big cats AND UFO sightings?! The two subjects are totally unrelated. Big cats occur all over our world, naturally, and have been kept in britain for years. Can't remember ever reading about anyone having kept a U F O. So to put the sightings in the same 'subject category' is a bit misleading, and more than a little silly. Just read that whole report. It's not the one I read before, and is actually pretty sensible, as you say, with no real bullshit. Good report. What I wrote about ufo's, I still stand
  3. Yep, more than likely lol
  4. Why not? Is it that you 'might' have had SEVERAL ethnically dark players in the 'england' side over the years?!!
  5. Charvis was a wrong decision!! But, I see enguland have had MANY ethnically 'diverse' players over the years!! Care to elaborate?!
  6. Now, I'm not racist in any way shape or form. But that c**t needs shooting, by a WHITE person!! And, just to qualify it, if he's so unhappy about WHITE people running things in a WHITE Country, where he's still a minority, for the time being, why doesn't he just FAAACK OFF?!!!
  7. Been a few years since I seen anyone catch an eel, on the stretch of river where I live, quite a few years actually. Used to catch about a dozen an hour, when we were kids.
  8. I'm going benavidez. I like plant, but benavidez is a bit special, I personally think.
  9. Lol, watched that a few hours ago, G.
  10. Good god alive, Gooey, you really are the most deluded, loved up, DRAKE FAIRY fan in the country!! . What a disgusting disgrace to boxing fury has proved himself to be!! And you still think he can do no wrong?!!! Lying, ducking, hypocritical, fraudulent, disgusting BELLEND is exactly what he is, nothing more.
  11. Agree with you, and being English, Welsh, Ukranian or Swahili doesn't bother me, a great boxer is a great boxer, usyk I mean, not fury. Just hope the fight gets made, but I ain't holding my breath!! Lol.
  12. Don't forget, Bartley gorman's father was welsh!! Lol. Anyway, yep, fury certainly isn't proper English lol.
  13. Ah, right. I am now at ease.
  14. Certainly ain't tyson DRAKE fairy!!
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