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  1. Ooh, well done Magoo, you're taking more interest in fury's fights than I am lol. Do you agree then, that he was VERY VERY lucky to get the win against wallin?
  2. Wilder hasen't been 'banned'. I'd be more inclined to put money on wallin, rather than whyte. Especially considering he should've been given the decision against fury, when he won ALL the early rounds in they're fight, and openened up a cut over fury's eye, which WOULD'VE seen that fight stopped, anywhere else in the world.
  3. How do you reckon that's going to work, Magoo?! Whyte is injured, so the fight with wallin is off. And when it's on I really don't think whyte will beat wallin. And where did you get wilder is banned for 6 months?!
  4. Obviously don't know 100%, but I watched something on you tube this morning, saying shelly finkel and deontay wilder really want a fourth fight! Kurt deville was the you tube fella.
  5. Oh well, it looks like wilder vs fury 4 is not too far away, FFS. What a shower of fkcin SHITE, all round, from boxers to promoters! And people wonder why people are going off boxing?! f****n despicable!!
  6. shaaark

    UK Fur

    Same here D C, still give a bit of fur and feather I find on my walks, to a few fly fishing lads I know.
  7. Looks a very nice dog him, mate. All the best with him.
  8. You listened to 'little fluffy clouds' mate?
  9. I said in the beginning, I wouldn't be having the covid jab, and would wait and see how things pan out for a few months before reviewing and rethinking my decision. Well we're nearly 2 years further on, and I still see governnent lies and dodgy mp's, the medical services f***ing things up, and blatant statistical lies and misleading figures being put up on the internet and news channels. There is no way in the world, me or mine will be having any covid jab.
  10. Only 1 dog. Being totally honest, he was a bit more headstrong with regards to using his nose. Apart from that, there was very little difference. But a tiny bit more of a nice dog, to have around the house.
  11. 4 kc reg, 3 purebred non reg. Other whippet owners on here would know more about the better working lines, than me.
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