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  1. Biggest killer of everyone, short of breath
  2. I agree alot with you here newkid. Diverse thoughts and opinions on here? Basket cases the majority of em
  3. I'm disappointed by your lacklustre reply there rusty . You're normally a tad more spiteful with your replies to me lol. Was only trying to inject a little humour into this thread, no malice intended lol
  4. Yeah, f****n strange that eh? They look such a jovial, friendly, sensible bunch of lads. Bunch of absolute wankers, with no sense or morals whatsoever
  5. Fever ray, royksopp, just two off the top of my head I can think of at moment, that I really like listening to. Powerful stuff
  6. So I've been told. Bridgend was where alot of it was happening
  7. Watched garcia's last 4 fights. He's a cocky twat, but he is impressive. Be a cracking fight that would G. I think garcia would be just a little too slick and fast for davis, given his height and reach advantage, plus he has very good punch power for a slight lad. Yep, be a cracking fight
  8. Watch almost all the fights I do watch on you tube
  9. Fight will go much the same way I think, with hopefully wilder winning. Not because I like wilder. But can you imagine how volatile max will be if fury wins?!
  10. shaaark

    Storm Ciara

    Well, it won't be michael fish
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