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  1. I'd class her as half hound, 1/4 saluki 1/4 whippet. But full hound, seeing as whippets, salukis and greyhounds are all hounds
  2. shaaark

    Elton john

    If I won tomorrow's 91 million, I'd leave half to some random cat sanctuaries and half to st tiggywinkles, I'm good like that
  3. Excuse me for being a tad thick here, but what exactly are you saying?
  4. shaaark

    What are you watching on youtube?

    Watched loads of stuff the last couple of years, but this lat year especially, I've been watching alot of the tripe that's going on with fury and the heavyweight fiasco. The man is making less sense as time goes on lol
  5. Paid £20 for my first lurcher pup lol. She didn't amount to much, but that was down to me
  6. Yep, it's like they think the more they pay for a dog, the better the dog is
  7. I'm in agreement with your earlier post mate. I think it's an obscene amount of money to pay for a dog, if you could afford it or not. And when I said 'an old mate', we were mates years ago, lived about 50 yards from each other. First started rabbiting with him and his uncle. But then as you get older, you change and you develope different interests etc. He kept staffs, and showed them for about 10 years, then got more into all the showing side of it, and started judging at kc shows, and then got into bulldogs when he saw the money people were charging for, and prepared to pay for those pups. Don't agree with it at all, just baffled why some people are prepared to pay silly sums of money for what really are a way for vets to rub their hands in glee
  8. Yep, an old mate of mine, who passed away two years ago, bred, showed and judged british bulldogs, was charging £3000 a pup, and had no shortage of buyers
  9. Would that be the 5th lord of henry weston's?
  10. shaaark

    The Gull Who Eats Pigeons

    You won't get far with your training scoffing mcdonald's shite, instead of a good clean diet mate lol
  11. shaaark

    My Collie Curs

    Looks a nice bitch
  12. shaaark

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Lol no no mate, I was just messing about, after bill saying there was matiff blood in german shepherds lol
  13. shaaark

    My Collie Curs

    When yoi say 'grew' trev, do you mean a 1st x whip/grey?
  14. shaaark

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    Lol yeah, I'd think some of the earlier types would've been a cracking little vermin dog