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  1. I don't know micky whatsoever, but I can assure you, there certainly were some keepers in certain parts of the country that would indeed, with a little help from locals etc, give you a damned good hiding if they caught you. And not that long ago either
  2. And I still say, don't give a f**k what hearn said, joshua was far from ok in that first fight. Ortiz hasn't been a real threat for a few years, which is why wilder fought him, twice
  3. Multiple clean shots? Fury is pretty poor. He was outfought by a 40/1 underdog. Wilder is practically the same. Has NEVER fought anyone that is a real danger. People going on about how good this era of heavyweights are. Get a grip, they're f***ing shite
  4. Do you think I'm casting, or humouring you max? Like I said, it's nice to have you back
  5. It's all very well saying all that mick, but it's a bit pointless trying to be diplomatic with max, he IS CONVINCED tyson fury is indeed the best heavyweight since ali. And, in his own words, 'untouchable', even though he's been knocked down, rocked, and beaten around pretty badly by less than good opposition quite a few times hehehe. Tyson fury, the best heavyweight since ali hehehe
  6. Trust me mick, I aint biting. I'm just humouring him. I actually find it quite theraputic
  7. Lol you really do need therapy. Why do you feel so insecure mate? Come on, let it go, we're like one big family here
  8. Oh dear, tut tut tut. Here we go, perrsonal insults again. Ffs fella, grow the f**k up
  9. Get it right then max, hearns WAS NEVER A LIGHTWEIGHT AND, if you think fury is a 10th the fighter that tommy hearns was, you need therapy, which I'm pretty much convinced of anyway
  10. Lol yeah fury's that good, is that why he kept wallin at bay throughout a fight in which he was losing nearly every round?! You do make me chuckle max lol
  11. Weheeey, nice to see you back mate lol
  12. Maxhardcore, best poacher since ali
  13. You'd be surprised by how many faggots love boxing. Me, I can barely bring myself to watch it anymore
  14. Not the same thing mate, you know what I mean. Walk across that gravel yard, in bare feet,it'd be lovely on your feet. Then walk across just 30 yards of a bit of rocky shoreline, see how good your feet feel. Not looking to argue, just highlighting how much of a difference certain 'rough ground' can make on a still growing pup's feet
  15. what you insinuating ...... COWBOY?!
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