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  1. He'll be back VERY soon, if he has deleted his account. Relentless, by name and by FACKKIN NATURE!! Probably be back with letters after his 'new mame', after seeing a 'specialist!!' Lol Oooh, I see he's already back!! Lol
  2. Could be worse, he could be walking around the house in a gym slip and fury slippers, just like Magoo does.
  3. Nice one, you taught it how to stalk, like a thick collie cross!! You might be on to something with your way of training pure salukis. DON'T buy a collie cross, buy a pure saluki, and train it to act like a collie cross, genius!!
  4. Your first two post don't really marry up with the 3rd post. The lurcher you owned 'was the best dog you've ever owned, full stop.' So you keep pure salukis because?!
  5. Don't know if it's the right decision deleting your account, but taking into account what you've posted the last few weeks about work situation, the akita etc etc, I think putting off getting another pup in, is a wise decision at this point in time, definitely until you can change your situation.
  6. Kin el katch, I'm in f****n bits here ffs!!
  7. Am already doing a few miles through the week, walking my eldest lad's whippet for him, whilst he's in work. It is nice, rugging him up, then giving him a couple of 'brisk' miles. Takes me back a few years.
  8. Kin el, greb, I can just about paste wallpaper, never mind f***ing around with computerised technology!! This site is as far down the 'technology road' I've wandered!!
  9. Don't think I could cope with the hassle of it all now, katch. Was sort of getting back into it a couple of years ago, but realised the 'fire wasn't burning as bright', the ban/laws getting tighter and tighter, plus with a new baby and a couple of other priorities, have put those ideas to the back of my mind. BUT, as to what flavour, my mental attitude has certainly changed over the last 10 years, and whereas a sulkiki cross would've skulled me years ago, I 'think' I could probably do quite well with one these days. Who knows, in a couple of years?
  10. Only my sanity, francie, hmmm so not a lot really!!
  11. Sounds 'almost' good enough to make me come out of 'retirement' and have one last throw of the dice!!
  12. Top pic is a fine looking hound, Magoo.
  13. Was another member on here years ago, 'undisputed', used to post pics of his collie/grey's, 1/2 X, 3/4 breds and generation breds, catches. Took all sorts from small to large and 'teeth' etc, in numbers. Some brilliant pics.
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