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  1. Well deserved win for billam-smith, in a somewhat untidy fight.
  2. Still prefer that pied bitch lol
  3. No probs, good luck with it mate. Lovely bitch.
  4. You sure it's a toe, mate? Had a bitch years ago, with what you describe here, was an infected toenail.
  5. It could be argued, and I'm sure you will, that 8-4 to usyk, is a truer reflection of the fight. Apart from 4, 5 and 6, usyk won the other rounds pretty convincingly, without round 9.
  6. Stop stirring the pot blacky. You know, or have been told, nothing of the sort, you absolute CAD!!
  7. I'd say usyk would beat him 3 out of 3 G. And if this rematch does go ahead, I'll go with usyk for the win again, then I'd love to see him retire for good.
  8. Lol, have a look how high tyson fraudy's belt line was in the fight with usyk!! c**t's got an absolute cheek to even mention waistbands or low blows in the dubois fight!! Lol
  9. are you serious Francie?! Usyk won the first three rounds, fury did better in 4, 5 and 6, then usyk started to pull away again, and battered him from pillar to post in the 9th!! He slowed down because of the constant pressure usyk put him under, that fury couldn't deal with, and the fact the ref should've stopped the fight in the 9th!!
  10. Can't fault it. Late start for me today. Just finished my first meal, overnight oats, mixed berries and yogurt. Will have my second meal when the mrs gets in from shopping then take it from there. Friday is normally my slack, sort of take it easy day too.
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