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  1. Yeah lol, to join the other 18 million flying rats in this country, shitting on everything and spreading disease. f***ing barmy!!
  2. Looks a very quick, powerful type, nl. Very nice.
  3. That's about as technical as I can understand, concerning air rifles. Lol
  4. Only getting back into it since last year, Gooey. Used to fish regularly years ago, and now I have more opportunity, and my local river only a short distance away, I'm getting right back into it. Trout season on my stretch of river runs from 3rd march to 31st September.
  5. No sitting down waiting. Spinning for trout wouldn't be very productive, if you sat down. And trout season is through spring and summer.
  6. No, no lamping hares through spring and summer for me. Getting my trout fishing gear ready for march 3rd.
  7. He wants plenty. Gooey loves lamping hares through the spring and summer.
  8. shaaark

    Pet hates.

    Bad, irresponsible school. Potholing ISN'T safe.
  9. Howcome, g l, that none of the pics of whippets you put up, are these bug eyed, snipey nosed, shit footed dogs that Gooey assures us all that whippets are? Strange eh?
  10. shaaark

    Pet hates.

    Absolutely mental. Don't get me wrong, I've been wedged into several tight crevices over the years, but they've all been easily slid out of.
  11. shaaark

    Pet hates.

    Partly my point, Mack.
  12. shaaark

    Pet hates.

    People that go potholing. What the f**k is wrong with those people?!!
  13. shaaark

    Pet hates.

    Female rugby pundits/commentators. Especially those of a lesbicious nature. Just not right.
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