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  1. Hah, north then. You wouldn't have had the same results down south, FACT
  2. Truth to be told, ALL northern rabbits, whether scottish or otherwise, ARE easier to catch than southern rabbits, FACT
  3. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    Interesting that mate. My ex mrs had a welsh sheepdog bitch which we picked up from aberystywyth about 15 years ago. Think it was from jonathan davies' farm. He had a superb rangy black and tan dog there about 24" tts. From the little I do know of them, I'd say yes, they are more independant than borders, and generally a bit taller and rangier
  4. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    Mostly Deerhound/collie/grey, whippet/collie/grey, or a combination of all of those. Also whippet/greyhounds
  5. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    You know my stand on collie crosses in general gnipper. And I think there's alot to be said for plain old lurcher to lurcher bred litters, never mind all this 1st cross or 3/4 bred whatever type. And certainly, all the lurchers I saw growing up, were lurcher to lurcher. And as far as I'm aware, and researching as far back as I can go, most lurchers would've been practically plain old mongrels with just a dash of sighthound
  6. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    Well this certainly aint beating about the bush. I will NEVER EVER own another dog, never mind just lurcher, with beardie blood!! Love staffs, pits etc, but not bull cross lurchers. I know they have their place for some, but not for me. Wheaten crosses the same, especially with all that coat. And 90% of the beddy crosses that I've seen have the worst coats of of any working dog I've seen. Not that I've seen loads, as they were never that common a type around me, and I don't do many shows to see that many
  7. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    Foibles = eccentricity etc. Not disagreeing with you blacky, but seen alot of all sorts of foibleistic behaviour in beardie crosses far more often than just border crosses
  8. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    My old dog had an 1/8 in him, and it was far too much. Intersestngly though, none of the border collie crosses I've seen, have displayed the same behaviour as the ones with beardie in. Some have had a few little foibles, but nowhere near the same degree, or as many as the ones with beardie in
  9. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    Honestly mate, the one I owned, sired by taffy out of a mongrelly but very greyhoundy bitch, was my best catch dog. But the f****r did my head in VERY regularly. And the dogs I've seen, and I've seen several with beardie in, have been, like I said earlier, faaar too much headwork, from past up until fairly recently, roughly the last 3-4 years. I will NEVER own another dog with beardie in it
  10. shaaark

    different collie crosses.

    I know some will obviously disagree with this, and I aint gonna get into too much, but I've owned a dog with beardie in, and seen plenty of others. And almost without exception, they were all far too much headwork. And I'm talking from 30 odd years ago upto present day. Not for me, by a loooong way
  11. shaaark

    Non working dogs

    Lol I just reread the whole thread
  12. shaaark

    Non working dogs

    Who are you wanting thrashed bill?
  13. shaaark

    Them dry

    I been moaning about it for weeks. Don't mind a few hot days here and there, but week after week of screaming hot sunshine FAAACKIN SKUUULLS ME!!