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  1. Kin el lol, he's probably seen the psychedelic butterflies chasing the pterosaurs!!
  2. Some people believe they seen a pterosaur up pen y fan mountain, some years ago.
  3. There again see, you think too much. No wonder your head is going!
  4. Trying to send you a pm mate.
  5. It's been an enjoyable journey, watching you progress mate.
  6. Rattled!! THRICE!!! I'll leave you be mate, but, just watch that blood pressure, there really was no need for your namecalling outbursts. . THE END.
  7. Rattled! AGAIN!! lol You wanna watch that blood pressure, stop worrying over what people believe in, or why they believe lol. It's ok, I'm bored with you now. You're not much of a challenge really. You assumed things wrongly about me, a couple of times, and I addressed said assumptions. Then I had to show you where you were being personal towards myself, when you said you weren't being personal towards me. Yeah, very sharp you are! Lol. This friendship is OVER!
  8. Something like the post above, but starting with bellend instead of finishing? Ok, you're not being personal lol. Perhaps you really aren't as clever as you like to think you are? Lol
  9. The above posts were your replies to me, is that not personal?
  10. So, I'm full of anxiety because I don't give a f**k what other people believe in?! Ok lol. I'll not lower myself and resort to calling you names. I'd just suggest it's you that is full of anxiety, losing sleep about what others believe in lol.
  11. See, this is where you are 'assuming' things about me again. But you are wrong. I could sit here all day and decry religion of any sort with you, as I also think it's a load of shite. But the main difference between me and you, on this subject anyway, is the fact that I REALLY couldn't care less, or want to know the reasons why/what anyone else believes in.
  12. Lol mrs does enough hoovering, to cover the whole street!! He's already 'stock broke' to that! Lol
  13. The result of being on the nest is why I was up awake most the night mate lol. Our newest lad ( born march 09, a month early ) was a bit unsettled most of the night.
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