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  1. Why don't you find someone that has a fast lurcher x lurcher of around 24" tts, and try to organise the breeding? You could be searching for a long time, looking for an 'exact' type/cross.
  2. Get it to the dentist every 6 months, for a check up
  3. And what about the above two sets of data, they are not england or wales, are they falsified figures?
  4. shaaark


    Yeah, the girl on the phone explained that to me
  5. shaaark


    Got in touch with em friday. Expecting the info pack etc in the post anyday now
  6. shaaark


    Can definitely see 13 goldies, maybe 1 sparrow and 1 wren?
  7. Sort of like the first wave of myxi in the 50's? Hadn't thought of that until now really.
  8. , just saying what I see around my area, lads. Obviously I don't know EVERY rifleman, same as I don't know EVERY lurcherman. But I know SEVERAL guys with lurchers, that I won't even speak to. They are NOT dogmen, in any way, shape or form.
  9. I totally get you mate. But those older rabbiting/mooching types are out there. They're just harder to find.
  10. To be honest though mate, I live in an area where there are thousands of sheep. Every farmer within about a 15 mile radius of my home, farm maybe 90% sheep, and 10% cattle. And they suffer a lot with fox trouble. And the rifle lads really do a far better job of controlling the foxes than the lurcher guys. And I have to say, a lot of the rifle fellas attitude towards hunting fox, or just hunting in general, is, as far as I've seen/heard, far better than a lot of the lurcher lads.
  11. Yep, and partly that. But for about the last 15ish years, I see more people getting into lurchers to specifically lamp foxes. At least, around my area. Never hear someone that's recently got into lurchers even mentioning rabbits. Fox, fox, fox, that's it.
  12. F@ck that mate, I'm bad enough after 3 guinness'
  13. It would seem that collie crosses have indeed dwindled, almost to the point of rarity. But there are still plenty of em about. It's just that the majority of people that own them, don't frequent sites such as this, as often as before. And the fact that lurcherwork, and lurchers, have changed a fair bit, from the old rabbiting, mooching types, to dogs capable of being ran at 'teeth' three or four nights a week on the lamp. And if your dog aint catching 20/30 rabbits per lamping session, it's crap. Strange times mate.
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