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  1. @Ray Topposite Kin el, Greb, give it a rest mate, my sides are hurting!!
  2. Cracker, and I'm not really into terriers.
  3. Part 1 was enough for you, eh?
  4. Ottawa, faaack off, that's Penrhiwceiber forest in the background!!
  5. Greb, britain always had it's own population of big cats. For thousands of years. Many thanks Felis silvestris
  6. Got to say, that Mr Benn clip the other day had me in stitches. Used to watch it all the time when I was a youngster
  7. You do know some of the people that claim 'there are no big cats in britain' are farmers, who are out 'on the land' every day. Then there are others, who are out on the land every day, that will tell you that there DEFINITELY big cats in this country. A thousand 'breeding population?' No way. A small ish breeding population, very feasible.
  8. Lol fair enough, I suppose. You know, or probably not, we have more in common than you think. I'm 90 % on your side when it comes to religion. Maybe not so much, about aliens and big cats in britain lol
  9. Well, there could, and probably, 'easily' even, be more than a couple of species of big cats in britain. Thriving, breeding population of a 'thousand' leopards, maybe not? But there could easily be more than a few breeding pairs, of whatever species of big cat in britain, easily. Britain, away from the cities, has HUGE areas of countryside that someone could get lost in for days at a time, before seeing another person. A wild cat of any size, even feral moggies, WON'T be seen if they can help it.
  10. I was being a tad jocular, whimsical even. Stop talking so f***ing round shouldered!!
  11. Not my type of dog, but actually not a half bad looking dog.
  12. @Greyman Watched quite a few of these big cats in britain videos, the last few days. Yeah, some of the people on some of them seem less than genuine or trustworthy. But many others seem totally genuine with their accounts of what they've see. Even some of the pics, which I've never seen before, seem very plausible/genuine.
  13. Thought you wanted to mount one? Couldn't help myself!!
  14. Should be no more sightings from now on then? As there are definitely none roaming the British countryside.
  15. No, mate. Just getting into the festive mood lol. Watching some of these poncey, celebrity chefs cooking programs with the Mrs, just got carried away!!
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