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  1. Get used to feeding hime some raw tripe a couple of times a week regularly mate. Watch his coat and skin improve, and him gain some nice weight pretty quickly. You'll get over the smell pretty quickly.
  2. I'll second that. I found my dogs kept great condition on a mix of good quality complete and raw, including a couple of pounds of green tripe
  3. How are you the centre of a witch hunt? People are saying they've seen big cats in britain, some have said they believe they are, and some said they believe they coulld be. But you've called all of them liars and insulted them in your normal bullying manner. Seems like you enjoy being the centre of attention
  4. I think you need to stop with the insults fd. It's getting ridiculously tedious now. As arry and a couple of others have already said, you categorically do NOT believe big cats exist in britain, fine.
  5. I watched that jaguar and the turtles about a year ago I think. Your last few sentences G, re authorities, hysteria, spot on
  6. I'd say the chances of any non native species breeding and thriving, extremely easily, in the uk is very high. There are umpteen different species of all sorts that are doing it. Britain has a very favourible climate etc, for any type of cat to survive and thrive in. Plus, let's not forget, that before the english channel was formed, britain had a thriving population of cave lions, bears, lynx, hyena, cave bear brown bear, sabre toothed cat, besides other megaherbivores such as bison, woolly mammoth and woolly rhino, even giant sloths.
  7. 6 years ago d c. My step son was in that area at the time, and we weren't allowed to visit him at the time because a large cat was in the area and had attacked local livestock, including a couple of horses. Think I mentioned it to you a year or two back
  8. Was thinking about doing that a while back. Thought it'd probably make the whole setup a bit too front heavy and unbalanced though, so shelved the idea. Be interesting to hear if you do it though, and see if it does make it front heavy etc
  9. You not got your bull cross anymore king?
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