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  1. Not great long term, but if you're desperate for a good kip, diazepam. Sorry G, got mixed up with diazepam and nitrazepam!!
  2. Bet that went in a jalfrezi!!
  3. Swerving fck all, Magoo. You're becoming as predictable as the alphabet.
  4. Unless you're Magoo, he has paranormal powers. Lol
  5. You did, months ago, Magoo.
  6. I know you like your bull crosses, jeemes. Have you any plans or ideas to lock in better feet, through breeding? I know not all bull crosses have bad feet, but it seems the majority do, and still get bred from, therefore perpetuating lines of otherwise good dogs with shite feet!! If that makes sense.
  7. FOG, was the topic of discussion, Magoo. THE FOG
  8. Magoo, Magoo, Magoo, You WON'T see fck all at 500 yards in the fog, proper fog, not just a bit of mist, with ANY lamp. Stop being so fking silly. You're probably like most of these other hare courses, mistaking yards for feet. Yeah 500 feet, about 165ish yards. Sounds about right to me.
  9. Don't care what it was, Magoo, you WOULDN'T see 500 yards with one, whatever it was, or how clear it was/wasn't!!
  10. Do you actually mean vertical type cat foot, or vertical pasterns, I know that's sort of nit picking, but there's a fair bit of difference. 'Upright psterns' not so good. I've done the same. When you look at a pup's feet and have no real confidence in them, it doesn't bode well.
  11. Great album. Melt, is my personal favourite off that album.
  12. Nah, not him. He's got his own line of beddy/grey x lurcher types.
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