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  1. Edgar Bros were (are) a funny lot but I generally found them helpful. I have had mixed dealings with SGC from terrible to excellent! My real concern here is CZ, I am a big fan and have several of their rimfires, I hope they don't start going downhill quality wise!
  2. I really am behind the times, what happened to Edgar Bros??
  3. I've need really busy recently and not been on the site much, did I miss something, I thought you had a HMR a while back?
  4. How can you even mount the scope like that???????????????
  5. Thanks everyone, much appreciated!
  6. Further to my previous thread Rapid 7 Mk11 FAC .22 a week or two back! I now have the gun, my region excelled themselves with a Variation in under 2 weeks so I collected it today. I have the gun as a result of a family tragedy , it is totally legit but the person who transferred it to me knows nothing about it. Few questions if you can help, what pressure are you meant to pump up the bottle up to please, its 400cc, does it just unscrew and self seal??? The mod appears to be held on by a grub screw but on taking it out the mod still seems firmly fixed, is this just rust or are the glued on as well? I think the gun started life as FAC as it has the longer barrel fitted. It's a long time since I played with a Theoben, it is allegedly about 26 ft lb, I think these will go up to about 40ft lb. Anyway, not even fired it yet, oh, and it only has 12 shot mags with it not 7. Any hints and tips on cleaning/servicing much appreciated! Cheers
  7. Most of mine are Canada geese for pest control, most commonly with the WMR (on the ground). Despite popular opinion, selecting the right one does make a very pleasant meal!
  8. As per the title. I have a chance on laying my hands on the above, I've not seen it but know the owner and it has had limited use and been looked after. What are the issues that develop with these, it could be circa 20 years old, other than the obvious visible things I need to check what could be lurking underneath? Thanks for your help. Cheers
  9. Thanks everyone, a few areas to try then!
  10. Can you help please? I need a new brass hammer spring guide, any idea where I can get one? Many thanks Deker
  11. Am I being racist if I say I think that's very clever?
  12. I got an email from them mentioning that, have they not advised everyone then? I have to say I have been a member for many, many years, I also have my own business insurance so I'm pretty well covered in that area. I have found their advice/backup has been variable/flaky over the years and I have never been desperately impressed, but I have had free entry to the Game Fair with them many times, so they sort of pay for themselves, especially now, when you can go all 3 days. (or next year of course now)
  13. I rather expected that, and I'm not lecturing anyone, someone got out of bed the wrong side today, you need to read my posts for what I said, not what you think I said! I didn't assume anything, I made a qualified statement "I suspect I have probably used far more calibres than you". You really need to calm down, it was you who said "I tend to favour one of my 204s over any grimfire"
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