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  1. Deker

    Rat Snaring

    Flippen 'ek, looking at the header this thread is 12 years old, even the first post shown is 7years old. That took some finding! Almost as an aside, never tried snaring rats, always had plenty of success with assorted traps and baits!
  2. Deker

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    I'm not sure who will actually be charged with enforcing the New GL. I suspect the Police, but they will no doubt plead poverty and lack of resources, so income tax/community charge will have to go up to fund more boys in blue....Thanks again Mr Packham!
  3. Deker

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    I'm pretty confident when (IF) England ever get them right, Wales and Scotland will follow pretty sharpish!
  4. Deker

    Okay to shoot now ? General Licence ?

    Your opinion about potentially breaking the law should be kept to yourself and not broadcast on a public forum, that does the shooting community no favours!
  5. Deker

    Barrel length

    Any reduction in barrel length will inevitably have an effect on accuracy, and potentially power as well. It you are shooting in the field at normal .22lr distances you will almost certainly struggle to notice any difference in accuracy though (depending quite how short you go). Target rifles have long barrels that maximise energy and stabilise the bullet as much as is sensible. Bullet weights/types and powders all come into this. For most .22lr ammo designed for field use I understand the powder will be burnt by around 14-16inches, and most .22lr twist rates are 1-16, I suspect this is why several manufacturers offer minimum of 16" barrels. In the normal course of events all the powder is burnt and the bullet has had a complete rotation before leaving the barrel. The best barrel length is the one that suits you and the type of shooting you do! Manufacturers generally sell rifles with a barrel length that is a good balance of accuracy, power and usability, but some find they need to tailor things more to their own needs.
  6. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    Your attitude and language stinks, there is no need for either! ..……...and not one of them has allowed you to show the pictures or posted any themselves!!!!!??????? Let me tell you, if I had EVIDENCE I would broadcast it to the world, because EVIDENCE is irrefutable and unquestionable, so if anyone had EVIDENCE why wouldn't they want to talk about it? They would be hailed a hero for proving it (not to mention make a fortune from the media etc), not ridiculed for posting jokes/hoaxes! Is it any wonder there is more than a degree of scepticism? 
  7. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    READ MY POSTS I'm not the one going round insulting people. I have made it very clear that I accept there may be something to this, but NO EVIDENCE has been shown, and I have asked questions and been greeted with a foul mouth tirade. A certain person here is very happy to call people a prick and tell them to f**k off when he can't comprehend posts or answer questions.
  8. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    Yep, that's more than obvious from the stupid articles and joke pictures posted so far!
  9. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    Is this meant to be a joke, 4 of them out and not a camera of any sort between them, thought is was a Hare! If that's the best EVIDENCE you can produce I'd give up now! I've said several times there may be something out there, but this sort of article just makes a mockery of the whole situation.
  10. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    So, NO response to the questions, lets just tell him to f**k off! How about trying to answer the points rather than totally avoiding the questions and hurling disgraceful insults. Is it any wonder there is more than a degree of scepticism?  You're not exactly helping the Big Cat cause with your attitude.
  11. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    You obviously struggle with comprehension, need an attitude adjustment, and are without doubt part of the reason many think Big Cats in the UK are a figment of deluded minds!
  12. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    Here we go again... I know its' for real but it will cost a lot and they will lie with the result so I'll not bother and you will all have to believe me and if you don't you're a prick. What is the conspiracy, what is the secret, why would anyone lie about their existence IF they are out there!?? I have said several times I perfectly accept the likelihood of odd releases/escapees, but show me some current proof, not daft blurry pictures or ridiculous comments like, why would anyone show you proof with your attitude!
  13. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    FFS just what is the big secret? "We have Evidence, we have pictures and DNA and road kill but we can't show you for obvious reasons, no labs in the UK will admit it, so you will just have to believe me, and if you don't you're a prick!" So, its a national conspiracy to keep the truth from the public. WHY? Is it any wonder there is more than a degree of scepticism?
  14. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    Exactly, people post daft pictures like this all the time saying its irrefutable proof of Big Cats, absolute rubbish, it's foxes, corvids etc! Not a single sensible picture, video, body etc have I ever seen. With a breeding population of 250 of one type alone, seems more than odd we can't actually find a single one. Perhaps we need to call in Packham or Attenborough, Attenborough's crew always seem to find their target, seems finding a big cat in the wild in the UK would make an excellent program, so why don't they do it????????!
  15. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    It would take even less effort for you to post the amazing evidence you have here!