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  1. I've heard good things about the Discovery scopes, but have no personal experience!
  2. Deker


    What is your issue insulting others, check out yourself what a Spitfire looks like and compare it with the image you posted, which you insist is a Spitfire. You are mistaken by a large amount, your image is not a Spitfire and looks nothing like one! The alleged obnoxious uninformed know far more than you!
  3. Deker


    You are either on something, blind, or this whole thing is a windup!
  4. Deker


    Trainer or possibly reconnaissance, would be interesting if somone could say what it actually is!
  5. Deker


    ??????????????????????????????? The Internet is a wonderful thing, I don't know what plane is in your picture but it definately isn't a Spitfire, look it up yourself on the web!
  6. Deker


    This is a Spitfre!
  7. Deker


    What??????????????????? That isn't a Spitfire and Never was. Is this a wind up or what?
  8. Deker


    I know the Hurricane had more than a bit to do with the Battle of Britain, but if that was the Spitfire we used we would have lost!
  9. Deker

    The Gamefair

    I try for the Friday usually, but I have 4 weeks solid work at a school starting 22 July so needs to be Sat this time...bugger!
  10. Deker


    Ok, lets be a little more direct...THAT ISN'T A SPITFIRE!
  11. Deker


    I don't pretend to be an expert but I built a few Airfix Spitfires as a boy and they didn't look like anything in your pics!
  12. Deker

    World Cup cricket

    If you wrote the script nobody would belive it!
  13. Deker

    The Gamefair

    There is only one! Changed ownersip a couple of years back and this will be my first of the new era, there is no doubt it was always the show of the year, hope this delivers!
  14. Deker

    The Gamefair

    I'm scheduled for Sat, need a complete new .223 setup..everything ...for my club! Fancy a meet/drink?
  15. Deker

    New Scope Suggestions

    Hell, mag and reticle get so personal I NEVER tell people what to get. I use 6x on almost all my scopes (guns) and have no issue with that out to 3-4-500 yards. I may crank it up to 8-10-12 when I go 600yards +++++, whatever you want. I like simple Mill dot scopes as well, but thats me, many think I'm bonkers, but I tend to hit what I aim at consistantly!