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  1. Deker

    Westminster crash

    It would appear to be intentional but somewhat half hearted, those injured may disagree!
  2. Deker

    View From Your Swim

    Blimey...a Keep Net, don't see them very often these days!
  3. Deker

    Has anyone seen this before

    Who knows from a picture, but it does look like some sort of a blood clot, and the look of the ear would back that up. The eye of the rabbit looks mixxy as well, that could have something to do with it!
  4. Deker


    Anyone who has done this has blank days. Gives you a chance to take in the nature around you, and check phone messages etc...then you look up and see a rabbit tail darting back into the hedgerow!
  5. Deker

    What the heck?

    That's another thread, and maybe true. Big cat sightings are pretty common, and/or unexplained incidents. I suspect there are unreported escapees and/or the occasional deliberate release (and I'm not just talking cats, pretty much any pet). Just the same you need breeding pairs for anything viable and that's where things can come unstuck. Who knows?
  6. Deker

    What the heck?

    Seems to me you are working for the Re-introduction of the Lynx Party! Any re-introduction WILL cause issues of some sort, they will not simply hide in the undergrowth and do nothing, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.
  7. Deker

    What the heck?

    I think any suggestion of re-introducing the Lynx to control deer numbers is stretching things a bit too far. We live in a very different country to when Lynx last walked these shores. There WILL be instances where they take pets/livestock and even children and adults, then some tree hugger will simply blame the people and say the Lynx was provoked! I can already see local groups being formed to go and deal with the rogue (don't know why its turned, they are normally docile) Lynx terrorizing an area! It will only take one incident then the media will start calling for them to be wiped out!
  8. Deker

    What the heck?

    https://www.fwi.co.uk/livestock/sheep/exclusive-sheep-farmer-speaks-out-over-horrific-lynx-attack I just don't see that any benefit of releasing them can possibly outweigh the negative aspects! They certainly do not often attack people, but we all know they will at some point, and what about children and pets, let alone assorted livestock as above!
  9. Deker

    What the heck?

    That was a new one to me as well but a quick search would seem to suggest it does happen to a small extent!
  10. Deker

    Shooting stick (rest)

    For Air rifle (distances) I would very much agree. But as I said earlier, it's down to circumstances and situations, "PERSONALLY", I can't think of a situation where I was ever out with an Air rifle and said, hell, I wish I had a Shooting Stick!
  11. Deker

    What the heck?

  12. Deker

    Shooting stick (rest)

    It down to situation and need, I have very rarely found a need, so the trade off carrying one all the time doesn't work me. I can very commonly find some support if required and I have a bipod attached almost all the time to my rifles anyway! Edit …...Just noticed this is Air Gun section, do you actually mean sticks for Air Rifle?
  13. Deker


    With Max. Detection Human @ 2500m and overall Max around 4500m it may be a little overkill on an air rifle!
  14. Deker

    .17 Wsm Update

    I've actually just found a WSM at a RFD about 14 miles from me. Never seen one for real before so I may just pop in and touch it!
  15. Deker

    Wanted land to shoot rabbit

    Don't make life harder than it needs to be, don't mention you want to bring your dog and children as well. You can ask about that later when you get established!