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  1. There you go again, not a sherd of evidence, "the case is growing", so it is not proven!! Will you STOP evading the situation and STOP calling me a liar, we have been here before, and not once have I ever called you a liar! If you keep calling me a Liar, then I will call you a Liar, because I have never called you a Liar!!!!! Quick precis, not suggesting any are direct quotes, but they are in the Ballpark. I have the DNA (but the lab wants to stay anonymous)!! I know sites that have 100% sightings, but I'm not allowed to tell you where!!! I have pictures that 10
  2. Look, I'm happy for you to indulge in your quest, and genuinely I am interested, but you are more than a bit rich criticising others over a lack of facts, as during the life of this, and the last thread, (what is it, 5-6 years) not a single FACT has been produced showing the existence of Big Cats, or we would not still be discussing it!!
  3. Cheers, but that's the problem I'm having, lots of Carlton Ware Tobacco Jar images online, but none like mine, so is mine junk or worth a fortune, guess I need to find an Auction House?????!!!!!
  4. It's clever...wonder how many still haven't noticed!!!!
  5. As I said upfront, I thought that, but research says no, its a Tobacco jar, not ashtray!
  6. That looks like a good shout, but I can't find the one I've got!!! Cheers!
  7. Bit off the wall for me this one, I've come into this piece, which I've been told is rare and valuable. I can find next to nothing about it, except I think it is made between 1894 and 1926. I don't even know what it is, it has a strange screw type removable top, so I expect it is to keep something secure or airtight, maybe tea or perhaps herbs/spices (I'm guessing). Its about 5inches tall. At first I thought it was an ashtray, but the indents around the lip are simply to locate the metal clamp to release the top! So, can anyone help me with this please, links, value, etc etc
  8. Like I said, each to their own....... Easier to bait, easier to set, more reliable hit! My experience!
  9. Good luck, and each to their own, I know they have a following, but not for me anymore, I've moved on! What is it about them??????
  10. Got my first call for Bees about 10 days ago! I get very few calls for the bees generally!
  11. Taking a camera is a good idea sometimes...a picture paints a thousand words!
  12. We are overrun with them round my way, and to be honest they are my favourite to eat. What we lack is the CWD, none round my way at all!!
  13. Back in the early 1980's I actually spent 3 days working side by side with him, never picked up an inkling. He actually seemed a decent, witty, chatty bloke, seems I got that a bit wrong!!!!
  14. 'Big cat' seen chasing animal in a tree in West Country Story by Emma Grimshaw • Yesterday 13:00 It's not just in Gloucestershire where 'big cats' are spotted© Sarah Cheriton-Jones/Getty Awoman has described th
  15. Dead right, remember that works both ways, there are those that believe 100% yet have NO EVIDENCE!!!! Perhaps proof would stop all the non believers, people only question because there is no tangible evidence, but some keep throwing speculation forward and get upset when others question them!!!
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