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  1. I'll pop back in another year and your progress will be Zero, Proof will be Zero, and your attitude will probably stink even more!!! You are so naïve and gullible, you have convinced yourself they exist to the exclusion of all sensible reason, and when someone questions your FACTS, you simply get rude and aggressive. DNA/fur is easy to come by, there are plenty of opportunities to get some in other countries, or even zoos/wildlife parks in the UK. A viable photograph/film, and/or, detailed body in the wild, and in the UK, will do just fine! Strange, simply nothing viable ha
  2. Usual garbage from you. You know it all, you have all the evidence and pictures and DNA, but find ridiculous, spurious reasons for not showing them, and refuse to get into anything close to a sensible discussion. You carry on looking to your hearts content, who suggested you should give up the search, but why do you have to get so rude, wild, illogical????? Your quote...".....I know they don’t get skinned and stripped to the bone in a matter of hours ever " ..is rubbish! If that's what you have experienced, you simply haven't left them in the right place, at the right time and the
  3. Your quote... ".....I know they don’t get skinned and stripped to the bone in a matter of hours ever " You don't have a clue, I KNOW dead deer/etc can disappear in hours, I've been there and seen it, that's because I spend a lot of time in the countryside!!! You need to open your eyes, you have tunnel vision, "remains of a carcase, it must be a Big Cat" !!!
  4. Pictures like that prove nothing, anyone who spends any time in the countryside will see assorted carcasses like that. General UK Wildlife takes care of dead animals quickly, without any help from Big Cats!!!.
  5. We all know the stories about pellets, and it is the same with bullets, even in the same type of gun, it seems tiny fractions here and there can make such a difference, that why I was reluctant to chance from AA to JSB!! A few years back a pal bought a Remington 700 in .308 and was trying different ammo to find what suited it. My exact same gun shot PPU 150g SP to 1inch easily, so he tried some, best he could get was about a 5inch group, simply didn't like them at all.
  6. I'm getting the impression here, there is a generally good feeling about JSB!!!!
  7. Private every time, but you need to find the right one and have deep pockets!!!
  8. Still no luck finding any.
  9. Yep!!! 5 shots tearing a single hole is good in my book, but very early days. Lots of testing yet to do.
  10. Well, nothing in life is simple...I ordered the JSB from Wolfman and they quickly arrived, but in a right state..... Virtually all 500 were in the box and not the tin, damage was immense, many were like the picture, and loads had superficial damage to them. I have to say Wolfman were brilliant, and the replacement arrived within 24 hours, with a return label for the damaged ones. Well done and thank you to Wolfman. Anyway, I had to try them. This was a very quick and not really scientific check. I haven't put them over a Chrono yet, it was gusty, and it was only 25 yard
  11. I've ordered some of the JSB. I'll let you know my findings in due course!!
  12. I lost about 0.5ft lb and a level of accuracy with 5.52 AA Field compared to 5.51!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for responses. I've used the AA Field for 20+ years and always been happy, if it aint broke don't fix it, but maybe it's time to try some JSB!!!
  14. I need some more and need your help please. After extensive testing many years ago I found my FAC (around 28ft lb) Falcon loves the AA Field in 5.51 which used to be 15.89grains but now seems to be 16.003grains. I also hear AA quality is not what it was. I don't use vast quantities, but I've just started on my last tin, which I bought many years ago, the price on the tin is £8.60p. Anyway, I'm told JSB Exact 5.51 is exactly the same, I also note they list as 15.89grain, which is the same as the AA Field used to be. The AA Field I have are great, I was knocking down pigeon
  15. ....because we don't have any!!!!!
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