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  1. Depends on the situation/location. I use all the usual, tethered rabbit etc in the countryside, cheap runny tinned dogfood and in a bowl, the good/expensive meaty stuff is no good as they can virtually pick it up and run off in one mouthful, or mixer type/small dog biscuits, scattered around to lead them into a pile. They all work, as no doubt does lots of other things!
  2. It was the GRS Beserk stock I used on a T1x, should be able to get the whole package under £1k. PS. Coincidentally I had to make the trek to Livens to get the club gun shown earlier in this thread!
  3. ?????????????? Its a target rifle, take a look at Modern target rifles, most look like something out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, the stock is solid and rigid and aluminium, (as well as adjustable) it has a proper F Class type bipod now as well and the whole setup is heavy. Anyway, we were talking about Pistol grip!
  4. I'm more than happy with my collection of 452!
  5. Aesthetically I'm definitely not a fan of the Royal, but its a CZ and I'm sure it will work well which the main thing!
  6. I'm getting a bit confused here, rats/mice have no taste bubs but do have a great nose. I have no experience of Peppermint oil and if it works I have no idea why, perhaps its something to do with oil itself rather than the peppermint, I don't know why a peppermint odour would put them off, but hey, who knows?????
  7. I have used the T1x with a GRS stock, and whilst the stock offers a lot (and easy) adjustment I didn't find the pistol grip particularly comfortable, just too bulky for me, and my hands are not small. Also looked at a GRS stock for our new Club .223 Howa, but same, issues, frankly I'm not knocked out with the build quality either. The kit looks a good option! Now this is what you call a pistol grip, Oryx stock we ended up with on the new club .223. (no Idea if its available for T1x)
  8. I hear what you say but I have a lot of different calibres because they each do a job, of course there are elements of overlap, but a Hornet is way more than a HMR (too much more in some situations) and not everyone has a desire to reload.
  9. For a workhorse of a rifle then I'd stick with the CZ, trigger kit or not! You will pay more for most others, and in some cases a lot more for no improvement in the things that count, accuracy, repeatability and reliability. If you really are moving away from CZ most others seem to work ok, but if you are determined I hear good things about the new Tikka T1x.
  10. If your scales are correct that is a decent size, I always look at 20lb (about 9kg) or over as big, so 10kg sure beats that!
  11. Nothing is impossible but the GLUE is a weird and wonderful creation and VERY sticky without setting, they stay sticky for years.
  12. The studs were all bolt/nut types. The Sticks like... was there to fill and totally lock everything into position so knocks/vibrations wouldn't cause the nuts to come undone. The work shown was several years ago (about 7 I think) and everything is still holding well so I guess it works ok!
  13. Deker


    Unfortunately is does look like Parliament is (and has been) going out of its way to make sure we don't. Regardless of the deal Boris has, 31 October will tell the real tale!
  14. Very complicated area. Energy, calibre, distance, bullet type, quarry etc etc etc V-Max types are destructive for quick kills, they work well and passthrough (if any) tends to be a mass of shrapnel which doesn't usually travel far. I am watching with interest!
  15. They have their uses but I tend to treat them as last resort. The EU has been looking at banning them for years, but if checked REGULARLY, they can be useful!
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