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  1. Tragically I agree...... and she will then cost us even more, she will need housing and financing and be given a new identity and security!!!
  2. Hornady 30g VMax is my go to for my 22Mag. Fortunately I have good stock. My last liked the 40G CCI Maxi mag, but this one didn't!!
  3. so, any ideas how we can actually keep him quiet???
  4. Hydrogen needs to be explored far more than it is. Japan is doing well with Hydrogen cars in Japan, and Jim Radcliffe has one in the making. There are other examples of Hydrogen vehicles but they appear to get very little publicity. Electric seems a conspiracy promoted by Governments and lapped up by the gullible. Electric is NOT the saviour of all transport, it has a long way to go in terms of its Green credentials, practicality and of course cost!!! On the face of it Hydrogen has a lot going for it. So why don't we hear more about it???
  5. Self Indexing Nylon Magazine for Multi Shot Falcon and RWS Air Rifles – SMWEngineering These are 9 shot in .177 and not original, they do away with the Falcon indexing system. I have some in .22 (8 shot) and they work fine for me!
  6. That looks a decent bit of work, the cowboys down this way are terrible!!!
  7. Hope you get a bite, what with Photoxin and Talunex being so hard to use these days I gave up on them about the time of the British Olympics in 2012. I know 2 guys who still use the stuff so I just call them if a job turns up with no other alternatives!!
  8. Perhaps I wasn't very clear.... I meant what in rifle cartridges if not hunting? There seems little point in just target as that is controlled and commonly the lead/whatever is filtered from the backstops eventually anyway! Are you suggesting lead free will be thrown out altogether for rifle/pistol cartridges???
  9. I'm lost here, so what will they introduce lead free for???
  10. All done...the obvious bend you can see is meant to be there to facilitate access past the cabin. Nightmare job of course!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I have to say I've been trying a few calls from the internet (on my phone) in the field, and had a half decent level of success. The limited sound volume on the phone does seem to travel a good distant on a nice night!!
  12. Always a good night if you take 6!!!
  13. Home - Lee Enfield Rifle Association (lee-enfield.org) Who knows, maybe worth a try!!!
  14. I hope you are right, I have a decent allowance and good stock of ammo at the moment, I'll try and keep it that way!!
  15. I know, and energy has shown itself to be a problem, also weight and twist. The .243 is very unlikely to be the all singing go to Deer round in the future, there will potentially be limitations on its energy performance, and accuracy, making it much less attractive for deer!!!
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