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  1. I was about to say the same, all of a sudden squirrels everywhere!
  2. Tikka .223 always used to be available in 1-8 or 1-12 twist, mine is 1-8 and does fire a good range of bullet weight well, but I run mine almost exclusively with 55g, either V-Max or SP, most generally the PRVI SP. Works for me, but you will need to try ammo to see what works best in your barrel and on your quarry!
  3. You seem pretty keen, but are also darting about all over the place with threads about this shooting malarky. It would be a mistake to look at a DSC or a paid stalk as a route to your first FAC with an Open ticket!
  4. Flippin 'ek WILF, I think its time to put this to bed!!!
  5. Anyway, back to the topic, nothing to stop him applying for everything on the list as long as he can show why, if/when asked! I wouldn't suggest running out and buying all of them day one if granted just the same. Start with a .22LR and decide where you want to go after that!
  6. I hear what you say, BUT!!!! FAC AIR (a decent one) will cost a lot to buy, at least twice (maybe 3x) the price of a .22lr. Ammo for a .22LR is available from circa 30-200ft lb, which gives it much more versatility that FAC air. FAC Air, particularly higher powers, needs a lot of Air, so you need bottles and refills, and FAC AIR Bullets, and some slugs are not that cheap. I totally agree that FAC Air can be/is more accurate than some of the ammo available and workable in a .22LR, but only in the newer/better/more expensive FAC Air. Hence why I have Air, FAC Air, .22Lr, HMR, WMR et
  7. You certainly have a wider selection than me right now! I've probably got about 10-12 different types of .22LR, and a handful of shotshells and Longs, that it for me!
  8. Ok, so they are still about then...... have you used the .22 shotshells at all? They have their uses, but not many, or very often!!
  9. Insulate Britain has apologised for "causing disruption" to roads around London over the past several weeks A spokesman said the group "profoundly" apologised after Prime Minister Boris Johnson labelled protesters "irresponsible crusties" So..are they going to stop?????
  10. One post and thats it...looks like we will never know!!!
  11. 8 years old thread, no point starting it off again!!!!!
  12. Can't comment on shogun loading. Rifle reloads will (almost) always be better than factory as you can tailor them exactly to your gun/barrel and needs. Materials and setup costs (and practice) will set you back a bit, but if you shoot to any extent, the costs will start to pay dividends in the long run, as long as you don't factor in your labour time!!! Many reloaders are never happy either, its in the nature to keep tinkering, that can lead to loads of ongoing time, successes and failures, and that all costs of course!
  13. It's been quiet round my way, wasps are not my main area (but always useful), numbers certainly down on last year for me though!
  14. Why is it that people always want to keep things a secret, but let someone else spread the word, even when it has apparently eaten all his livestock?? Usual nonsense!
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