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  1. coyotes Half a step away from a wolf, how would our foxes (and other wildlife...........and sheep farmers etc) react? PS, we don't have a great record in this country when it comes to introducing species, various deer, signal/etc crayfish, grey squirrel, Canada Geese, mink, parakeet, etc etc have all gone on to be a pain in the ****!
  2. Just checking, not really been following the case, very unfortune for both parties just the same!
  3. Is that the same area???????
  4. New to me, have you any links to video??? cheers
  5. Dry stuff works well as fox bait!!! I get one of those huge bags of the cheapest I can find, ALWAYS pulls them in, but I guess I'm not exactly worried how healthy it is!!!!
  6. Time will tell..................
  7. It would seem the Police know/think more than they are letting on!
  8. Most .22lr guns and ammo are capable of surprisingly good results, once you have matched ammo to barrel. High end target tools and glass will always have the edge, but the expense goes up dramatically for quite often a tiny return. Normal/daily setup tools are often a better guide for many shooters. Many in this country would use air guns at 25 yards (although years back our indoor .22lr club was in a 25 yard postal league). I suspect 50-100yard area would be of most interest to shooters in the UK, its sort of assumed 25 yard is easy for .22lr.
  9. Each to their own, I use the .22lr at 200 on the range quite often, and in controlled environments I can get some half decent results, but if its a bit windy its a complete waste of time, groups can easily open up to 30cms or more. In addition retained energy of any .22lr has dropped dramatically at 200 yards making accuracy vital for pest work. I would never take the .22lr if I knew my quarry was 150-200 yards away, personally, that would be on/above the top limits of HMR of WMR for me.
  10. The Pheasant are cocky already, strutting around in a field yesterday, who tells them the season is over??????
  11. Only ever bought 1 box of stingers, fast for sure, but all over the place for me! Velocitors worked pretty well for me, still use them in my pistol!
  12. That looks like a particularly pleasant time. Years since I've had a woodcock, not many round my way, (either that or I've not looked in the right places)! Last one I had was in Marlborough and before that Devon!
  13. New one on me, but it does seem pretty good!
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