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  1. Sorry if this is a bit of a Hijack!!!!! What sort of Night distance can you see with these to confidently shoot please? They seem fair but I have always had reservations about distance. Cheers!
  2. Deker

    17 hmr ammo recall.

    Well spotted and worth checking if you have some of the ammo for sure!
  3. Deker

    Testing times!

    That's interesting! 50g is still on the heavy side for WMR (IMHO) but that variation is a bit off. Federal have their days, I wonder if this is normal or just a batch!? As I've said before, my last WMR liked the CCI 40g HP, but my latest just loves the 30g Hornady V-Max, very different ammo but good results from both!
  4. Just be normal, don't get cocky, don't crawl and don't be worried. Know some technical stuff, know safety and have answers as to why you need the kit, and if he asks something you don't know be straight about it! PS If you think you have a case for an Open (unrestricted) FAC ask, worst he can say is no. Mine and many others was Open day one and I understand Open is common day one in Scotland, so give it a try!
  5. Deker

    goldfinch mule song

  6. Metalwork is something I know little about and have next to no skills in, always impresses me when I see this sort of work!
  7. Deker

    Hello all

    Your Country and prey list are much bigger than the UK, I suspect you can teach us a thing or two!
  8. Deker

    .38 special reloader

    There are very few people who use/are conditioned to use, .38 Special for hunting applications in the UK, although there are certainly some, 9mm must be virtually zero! There are still some LBP that use these calibres though. I am not sure what you are saying about .22, if it is .22 Rimfire it is very difficult, time consuming and not really cost effective to reload what will almost always be inconsistent cartridges!
  9. Deker

    New user

    Change whos ideas?
  10. Deker


    The politicians and many in Government have liberally screwed us, words fail me but disgrace doesn't begin to describe what has happened!
  11. Deker

    The New Defender

    As said by many here already, reliability will be the issue, and JLR are simply NOT reliable, actually they are terrible!
  12. Deker

    A few of these on this perm

    I have one site where I see white ones, but this is fairly recent, black in a few places, but not shot/seen one that looks like that before!
  13. Deker

    Last cut

    As others have said, the 2 look in good condition, also young, particularly the first!
  14. Always encouraging to see the youngsters taking an interest...and enjoying it!
  15. Deker

    Which Calibre

    The Air Gun boys may say something about that!