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  1. Deker


    Why does any of that follow? We are more likely heading back to the EU to tell them their deal stinks and the British will have non of it! Either get real and talk sensibly or were off without a deal and YOU, (the EU) will be in a worse position than us!
  2. Deker

    applying for fac

    In answer to the OP, it will be until his region are satisfied. 5 years is not a magic number that simply happens, it could be more or less, if the Region has any medical grounds for refusal they don't necessarily just go away at 5 years!
  3. Deker

    Cominge to an end

    There is a basic problem with this type of app, in simple terms, it will tend to be a guide unless a myriad of parameters are taken into account. As soon as you want it individual and accurate, a LOT of complex software needs to be implemented and updated virtually non stop, that's expensive! Hence the end!
  4. Deker


    Her Brexit deal is, I think she may just hold on, tomorrow will tell!
  5. Deker


    Loss by 230.
  6. Deker

    I’m going to have it

    Look forward to seeing the pics/vid!
  7. Kanias work particularly well but are very unforgiving. Other than that, live traps along the lines of above post and below, there are numerous variants. Peanut butter almost guaranteed in many areas!
  8. Deker

    Rabbit thief!!

    Happens regularly. Couple of occasions stands out for me. Must be about 6-7 years ago I had virtually wiped out a family of fox, had 4 or 5 of them in a pile, I also had an exceptional rabbit in the pile that was coming home with me for supper. Another fox stepped over the dead bodies of the other foxes and stole my rabbit! Another time I was waiting on a fox, been there a while in cover but Id taken a rabbit and that was next to me. Started to get dark so went back to the car and put on lamping kit, gone all of 10 minutes, came back and rabbit was gone, never did get the fox that night.
  9. You can't have it all ways, the BEST equipment is several guns/calibres, otherwise you are talking the BEST COMPROMISE. Why do you think everyone else you talk to says......All the riffle hunters I know all own multiple rifles. Ranging from 243 up to 9.3x63... And one who has a 458Win.mag for big game hunting in Africa. When I have talked to them, they pretty much say, buy multiple cheap rifles.
  10. The RIGHT equipment is NOT a 1 gun solution!
  11. As above, what with the Laws and the quarry it seems a more local chat would be productive, what does everyone else use in your country?
  12. Deker

    .410 hushpower thoughts

    Very few shotguns of any sort are! Am I missing something, are we talking red dots or the likes on a shotgun? Any scope/laser/sighting device on a shotgun has very limited use as the distance/spread and arc of any shotgun ammo is terrible!
  13. Deker

    Cheap bike, secret pre baiting!

    It looks fair but don't expect it to stand up to much rough use....just the same, it seems some parts have a lifetime guarantee, or did I misunderstand that?
  14. Deker

    .410 hushpower thoughts

    I wouldn't have thought there would be much call for it , that would be my guess as to why it isn't drilled and tapped!
  15. I haven't had a virgin for more years than I can remember!