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  1. 7.62 x 51 NATO L2A2 I have 400 rounds in usual green plastic trays of 50 each, still sealed (full plastic covered) in Ammo box (to be included), I actually have a few more but its the 400 box I'm interested in. This is the last full box my club has after a purchase of 6400 a while back, they are surprisingly good as anyone who knows these will testify. I understand RG no longer offer 7.62 and I can't find any sort of price for them. Can anyone suggest a sensible price I should offer these for please? Reason for sale is simple, our Club 7.62 has been replaced with a .223 so no longer required. Cheers PS …….as a side issue and for debate another time I also have a Slightly used 7.62 target rifle for sale.
  2. She certainly had issues but I didn't see that coming!
  3. Quite so, I don't even see it as a replacement, it is just another calibre to do a different job! 140g at 3000 ft sec isn't a replacement for 55g at 3300 ft sec, its another animal altogether!
  4. Must be worth a look, these are new to me, but be careful of Marketing Language Spot animals out to 500yards with clear useable beam identification out to 400yards. Just the same, those figures MAY mean you can shoot out to 200!
  5. Some people will hail the HMR with much further distance, I actually agree on 130 yards and I'm easy up to that sort of distance with the HMR or WMR. If I know I'll be shooting further I take something bigger! Wind is an issue with every calibre, some more than others, but the HMR has a wind drift issue that I personally think is a bit overdone! Just the same, if you are in a particularly windy location and looking at medium,/long shots regularly, then perhaps a step up from HMR is a good idea!
  6. The HMR has somehow developed a reputation for wind issues, the .22lr is WORSE, so I don't get it! Check out the Federal site you can compare the ammo!
  7. I'm coming to this late and admit I've read none of the replies, but why a 22-250 if you already have a .243? Plenty of light loads for the .243, in particular the 55/58g V-max which are a pussycat tp shoot and brilliant for fox etc!
  8. Check the usual places, guntrader etc, but be careful if it really is cheap, there will usually be a reason!
  9. I thought this would be easy but I can't find an answer. Best I have is Midnight Central European time which I am told is 23.00 UK. Can someone please confirm the UK time we actually leave. I'm planning a party and fireworks and it would be more than embarrassing if I got the time wrong! MANY THANKS!
  10. Its about bullet weight and powder load, generally you will find 22-250 will recoil more than others in the group, but as SD said not a lot. You are not chucking a 150g++++ bullet downrange with a 22-250.
  11. Deker

    Chrome plating

    ???? Its got to be chrome/silver, not the gold type colour!
  12. Seems the mild weather is making them wake up, I've seen both wasp and bee already, and just seen the referee stung at the Masters Snooker. Funny old world, if we get a cold spell now which kills them all off it could be quiet season!
  13. Deker

    Chrome plating

    Thanks all, making enquiries of Powder coaters...estimate to chrome plate the stuff in my picture is £300...wasn't expecting quite that much, still a lot cheaper than buying/fitting new fire!
  14. Deker

    Chrome plating

    Thanks, emailed them pics asking for advice/costs! Found someone else in Wembley and in Alton, they all seem a fair way off, such is life! Edit...…. thought about Powder Coat, but concerned about temperatures, top centre of fire surround gets VERY hot (too hot to touch), the rest seems ok, need to find out more about Powdercoat, is there very high temperature stuff about?
  15. Decorating time and I was going to get a new gas fire for the living room in Chrome, the gold is going, Then I thought about getting it chrome plated, the fire works fine, just the wrong colour. I need all this plated, the grate front can all get done, not jut the gold bits. Anyone know anything about chrome plating, any idea of costs or where I can get it done, as close to Reading as possible. Cheers
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