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  1. What am I missing, I believe I see what it is, and that's pretty remarkable but where is the Funny Joke?
  2. Each to their own but that is too light for me for field work!
  3. Depends what you are after, but real bargains "can sometimes" be had at the Game Fair!
  4. As said 6-9 very limited use. I've 9-13 and the next size up. Both Harris Swivels, both useful, for field work Swivels a great advantage!
  5. They are very ordinary. X mark pro on mine! There was also a recall on them some years back, I never had any issues, but mine was recalled and fixed, never noticed any difference!
  6. NRA » The Phoenix Meeting - NRA That may help! The show is ok, I'm quite close and go most years, but depending on what you are after 2 hours could be plenty of time to get round! edit Trade Fair: The Phoenix Trade Fair will return for the first time since 2019 on Sit Pet Lawn, featuring a range of different suppliers for all to enjoy. Doors will open on Friday 27th – Sunday 29th from 8am – 6pm daily. Entry is free so come along and support the suppliers!
  7. That's new to me, not usually a problem finding the fox on most of my sites, but if I get a problem I'll give that a try!
  8. Other than grip/hold, are you convinced the Pard is FIRMLY fixed to the gun, very slight movement can cause shotgun patterns in target!
  9. There seem to be more and more cropping up recently...who on earth is digging back that far?????!!!! Rather pointless as so much has changed, for instance, PCP has developed incredibly in that time!!!
  10. something powerful, accurate and as quiet as possible. I'm a bit out of touch with Springers these days but I'm sure someone will come along...... POWERFUL, are you talking FAC?, otherwise many are near to the limit of 12ft lb, or can be adjusted there, but that's your lot!
  11. ....and there was me wondering why on earth you stuck an old cartridge on the gun? Then I read it!
  12. Which ones???? Are you reloading rimfire?????? Or was that cartridge?? Mini Mag can be had for £9.00 per 100 and I just bought 50 Velocitors for £9.95. Doesn't seem that long ago there was a reasonable choice of .22LR ammo at £4 or less per 100, but I guess it was a few years back!
  13. Perhaps worth a try in... Snaring, Trapping & Pest Control Section as well!!!
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