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  1. Anything will do on a squirrel if you put it in the right place. Even though squirrels are tuff, a well placed .22 is a very one sided contest with a squirrel! Cheapest ammo you can find that works well/accurately in your rifle.
  2. Is this going a bit far, I'm struggling to see the need, am I missing something???
  3. That's pretty much along the lines of what I said many, many months ago, and was shouted down by someone who can only see one side. Despite this I still have an open mind, but the joke pictures that have been shown as proving their existance are simply that, a laughable joke. There are a lot of people on THL, and many of us spend a lot of time in the countryside, day and night and in stealth mode. So it does seem more than a little strange, especially in this modern age of phone cameras, trail cams etc that nobody has produced a convincing image (or body). Whilst I retain a
  4. Wildcat P8 Compact on all mine, .223, .243 and .308. Performance wise I'm very happy but these are not small or light, even though they are all the compact version. Times have moved on since I bought these and I'd be interested to know if there are smaller/lighter mods out there now that perform as well! ATB! Cheers
  5. Had my early renewal Christmas time, the medical cost me £50, (I need to change doctors looking at some of the cheaper charges here). It took nearly 4 weeks to get the completed paperwork back to me!
  6. I believe this victory has taken him just inside the top 16 ranking on the one year list. He seems to have a 2 year ranking of 45 now. Whatever, he played very well!
  7. It was a good final and Brown deserved the victory even though it was close! Can't say I've heard about him before this tournament, but he played with the maturity and skill of a top 16 if not top 8 player, way better than his 81 ranking. Well done to him!
  8. I think you are correct, I have noticed they tend to list as Flat top/button, not sure if they would work my lamps but thanks to the links here I habe found some now anyway!
  9. Great. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, hints and links!
  10. Cheers Was that £6.99 EACH??? I'm used to buying 5 or 6 for that price!!!!!!
  11. Thanks guys, I used to get 4 of the cheap ebay batteries for about £4.00, the last I got cost about £5.50 for 4. I know they weren't very good but I was happy to buy at that price a simply throw away afer a few charges. I simply can't find anything like that anymore and all the cheap ones seem to come with a charger which I don't need (I have several chargers)
  12. Help me out guys, I have several lamps that take these batteries and historically found them easily and cheaply on Ebay etc. It now seems they all come with chargers and Im struggling to find a bundle with maybe 4-6-8 or even 10 batteries by themselves. Any idea whats going on or where I can simply buy a few new battieries? Cheers
  13. Just done mine in Thames Valley, £50 for medical form as well!!!! At least mine was coterminus but I still think its a liberty, and we have little choice but to comply or NO FAC/SGC!!
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