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  1. Not used the 42 at all yet, but got 500+ of new (old stock) 40g from a pal a few weeks back, seem fine! Have they actually stopped making the 40g, I think they have?
  2. My words exactly some years ago when I took all those squirrels out of a site, I can't even remember myself now, I think it was about 170 total. One off job, the place was infested, as it happens it was me that did it, many could have done the same, probably never be repeated. 4.5 days on site, this was after a couple of days!!
  3. but I sort of know what you mean, the farms, etc I regularly look after just keep going with steady 1-2 maybe 3 a session. I seem to get a lot of one off school work and get some of the highest nightly totals from them, 5-6 is quite common in a night. I remember one school over Hayes way I took a total of 15 over 3 nights (biggest number on the last night), and one in sight of City Airport, 7 in one night, but there were plenty more at both. They never want regular visits, they will call me back when the numbers get to high again!
  4. I actually like a clear night and full moon, never seemed to be a problem. I can also remember a fare few full moon nights I have gone all night with just the scope, rather than any lighting or NV used at all!
  5. Whatever, I have a large farm a couple of miles north east of Oxford. All the other usual suspects, but Roe, Fallow, and Muntjac, in that order. A few Hare as well, that is uncommon for me as I next to never see any in Berkshire!
  6. Not used 200gn, 180 heaviest I've used, but the 150 work fine for me anyway!
  7. Never really found a need for anything but CZ for field use, and never found a need to upgrade to newer models, all mine are 452...except the bottom semi, a Magtech! (it was daft cheap, about £125 brand new I remember).
  8. .308 has been around for a long time for good reason! It does a lot of things well and is generally easy to find with a decent selection of weights/types. Just the same it's what works well for any individual in their circumstances. 6.5 Creedmoor is about and works for many as well. I got my .308 primarily for Boar and Target fun, occasional deer, (I have never really found a specific need for it on deer in the UK, my .243 has always been fine) but .308 hits the Boar hard and they fall down. (it needs to hit them hard, they "can" be bulky and tough, much tougher than deer)
  9. I'm with you all, and the time I've spent looking for small rimfire cases in long grass as well.....how is it you see them land, go to pick them up and they have disappeared???
  10. It is strange, I don't shoot as many deer as some of you but steady, I don't have issues with my landowners, the Deer are seen as "pests" on all the sites I deal with them. That almost always means they have a cost negativity to the owners, either tree, grass, fence, animal feed, crop, whatever damage, so there is no love lost! Anyway, the thought of something along the lines of a DSC being mandatory is disheartening to say the least!!
  11. Magpie, squirrel, rabbit, fox, deer on this estate, specifically just here, rabbit!
  12. Sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting, we all have days like it, just after 19.00 through to 20.00, not a sign!!! Actually the whole Estate was quiet from earlier to much later, one of those days!!!
  13. Well, a lot of it makes sense, but there is a strong suggestion that everyone who shoots deer will need to be qualified! Presumably DSC, unless they come up with something different. I have never been a fan of DSC, (if you want to do it fine, but mandatory, NO!) and I know a lot of Gamekeepers on Large High Profile Estates that don't have them, so how will all that work then? Deer management strategy consultation .pdf (defra.gov.uk)
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