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  1. Deker

    Carpet beetles

    It's Slough! I'll take Maidenhead, just up the road, anytime!
  2. Deker

    Clear racism

    I'm with you there, the country seems full of people going out of their way to be shocked/distressed/offended/insulted/etc!
  3. Deker

    Carpet beetles

    I'm guessing you have never heard of Slough (or it's reputation) The place is alive with the German (not sure I've actually found any other type), primarily town centre Food shops, of which there are loads, and a nightmare to clear, sort one out and they turn up again in 5 minutes from next door, and so it goes. Proofing is virtually impossible as the rats do the same!
  4. Deker

    Squirrel bit my nuts !!

    Always good to see a few less Grey!
  5. Deker

    Carpet beetles

    You may change your opinion after a day in Slough!
  6. I've been doing this a long time and probably seen thousands of snails and slugs in bait boxes, but I'm struggling to remember the last time I found a snail had activated a break back! Looks like it gave the mouse a free shot at the bait!
  7. Deker

    Carpet beetles

    Good luck, to be honest I hate dealing with them. How on earth could anyone spray them as Carpet Beetles?!
  8. Deker

    gallery rifle scope

    Great guns, several of my club members have this type of underlever, various makes. One actually has an Original Winchester 1892 44-40 with hexagon barrel, it is as sweet as they come to shoot. Anyway, NONE of them has a scope so not much I can say, except my eyes have got to the stage of needing a scope as well.
  9. Deker

    Meghan Markle tubbed.

    To be honest that went through my mind when I first heard about the impending marriage! Only time will tell if we get that one right!
  10. Deker

    The slam dunk!

    Always good when the plan comes together!
  11. Deker


    Well, a bit of a novelty of a first post, and the answer to an undetailed and vague question has to be NO, to avoid any speculation!
  12. Deker

    Clear racism

    I still don't get it, if the advert read White English only it would be branded racist
  13. Deker

    Clear racism

    So, why isn't that racist?
  14. Deker


    That means nothing, plenty of FAC .22PCP and some VERY powerful. Just the same, I get enough flack from many saying a .22LR isn't up to the job and you need a centrefire (they don't have a clue though).