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  1. Disappointing this year in size, contents and deals. For anyone new to the show they may well think it is huge and offers a great variety, compared to most previous years it is MUCH smaller.
  2. I have been going to the Game Fair for many years, and whilst this one had a selection of the usual subjects, it was the smallest show I have been to by some way. If you are new to the Game Fair you will probably think this is a BIG event, but this years is not a patch on historical shows. Overall, disappointing!
  3. If that was freestanding and 200 shots it's well good, I hate free standing shots, I'd be all over the place after a few!
  4. It always has been expensive, and refreshments are expensive as well. There is no question that historically it has been the top Countryside show in the UK, and as someone else mentioned, you ideally need more than a day if you are to explore it all thoroughly. I hope Covid has not reduced its size/contents!
  5. England have surprised me getting this far, especially after the appalling way they played in the early games. They did actually play quite well yesterday and overall they just about deserved to win, despite the terrible penalty Kane took, close call actually getting the penalty as well I think, but.........
  6. The Game Fair 2021 - Festival of the Countryside
  7. It's never the cheapest, but its usually the best...FREE if you are a BASC member! I hope its ok this year, some exhibitors may be nervous, so who knows!
  8. ????? Seems you've done all the working out you're interested in!
  9. 11.5ft lb or 28ft lb (or more), you are talking limits, and when you get to the limits you will not be accurate all the time. 28ft lb of .22 air certainly has the terminal performance to stop a rabbit at 100yards, but the pellet is subject to so many forces reacting on it out to those distances, setting aside the guns repeatability and the operators experience, it is seldom a shot to take. My 25ft lb Falcon and 30ft lb Theoben both in .22 have a 40 yard zero. Both of my .22LR have 60 yard zeros and my HMR and WMR have a 100 yard zero, all my centrefires have a 200 yard zero.
  10. That looks like a bit of work, but the result looks good to me!
  11. I assume a centrefire at those distances, so you will need some reasonable glass and reasonable engineering. I'm not sure what your definition of budget is if you intend to spend more than a Sidewinder. They are ok budget scopes, but can get a bit milky at high magnification. Magnification is very personal, 8x does me fine out to about 300-400 yards, but I know people who use 32x at 100 yards!
  12. I use the Wildcat P8 Compact on all my centrefires, but I have a feeling times have moved on a bit. The Compact is smaller and lighter than the normal P8 and it does give decent sound moderation (and its easy to strip/clean) but there may be equally good smaller and lighter moderators these days.
  13. I know I'm a bit late to this but, many of the torches these days are pretty small and light, certainly MUCH smaller than some lamping kits of old. I think someone else mentioned it, but I always use another torch for scanning around, much quicker and easier and more convenient, also maintains the battery power on the rifle torch!
  14. I have lots of different grounds so not to bad for me, but is is a frustration the height of some crops.
  15. I can but hope that is simply a batch issue, not seen that before!
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