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    Squirrel, Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Game Birds, Fishing. Air Rifle, Rimfire, Centrefire, Shotgun. Paper punching, clays and Hunting

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  1. Deker

    stock bleaching hw100

    Look forward to seeing the finished product!
  2. Deker

    Couple of bandits

    Seldom easy but always good to see the demise of magpies.
  3. Deker


    Sorry, but every time I see that X-Trail it brings back memories of mine, mine was even the same colour. Had it for 8.5 years from new, the longest I have had any car by years. I'm, on my second Land Rover since, and soon to be my third as mine has gone back for Warranty repairs 14 times in the last 14 months, the latest time for a new engine (balancer shafts Fubared). To cut a 14 Month long story short, I have at last convinced the Dealer and JLR my car is a heap of S*** and they are supplying me a new one. Oh, How I miss my X-Trail!
  4. Deker

    Another early morning start

    Nothing wrong with Air rifle and Hare as long as you do it right! Very few Hare in Berkshire so I don't see to many, but I would personally use a bit more than 12ft lb if I was out after Hare, apart from anything else it gives me a bit more range.
  5. Deker

    Big Cat Sighting

    Possibly! I'm no expert but fox mange can transfer to dogs and isn't easy to treat...or is that just a rumor spread by Vets trying to make a living!?
  6. Deker

    View From Your Swim

    I did...
  7. Deker

    S&B .22 short

    Can't remember when I last used a short, must be 10 years+ since I let go a long. Anyway, cycling from a magazine can have issues with these. will be interesting to hear a bit more when you have had some time with them! Cheers. Edit...Is Airgun the right section?
  8. Deker

    View From Your Swim

    So, I picked up 4 Tench Friday evening, the biggest just 2 lb. Can't believe how cold it got Friday night..and not a fish in sight. Early afternoon Sat my lad picked up a Mirror at 16.5 lb, I lost a decent Carp on a snag and that was it, water was down another 5mm from Wed when I last looked. Loads more weed removed as can be seen by the piles next to us and all round the lake! Where we are sitting and the rods sighted, is normally about 4 feet underwater!!!! The owner thinks the surface water area is around 25% reduced and water volume 50% down...I think someone has pulled the plug out!
  9. Deker

    6x24 scope on 17HMR?

    Its up to you, as always scopes/reticles get very personal. As it happens I have an old Hawke 6.5-26 on my HMR, slightly bigger than any of my centrefires. Sort of got used to it, but I can't remember ever using it past 6.5!
  10. Deker

    Tikka T1x

    Are you still waiting for the rest of the barrel? ……...and don't expect too much if you ever do get a DPT Mod, you will hardly notice the difference over the SAK.
  11. Deker

    Tikka T1x

    Mine to!
  12. Deker

    Aretha Franklin

    Still one of my favourite films, a lot of the stars are no longer with us though!
  13. Deker

    Aretha Franklin

    What a career, you have to be good to last that long Respect!
  14. Deker

    Beware fake Leopold

    I don't know how they get away with it, saw a couple BRAND NEW on Ebay recently (From China ). Think they were about £79.99p delivered.
  15. Deker

    Loving the HV ammo.

    Unfortunately I am old enough to remember when solid lead was the norm for .22lr and field work (and no moderators...then along came the Parker Hale...and what a problem it was to get one on ticket). HP was around in small doses, and then seemed to sort of just turn up over a few years. Solid does/did/will certainly work on all the same quarry the HP work on but a bit less effectively if you are not quite so spot on with the delivery point. Just the same, I can't actually remember the last time I used solid .22lr in the field, never goes through my mind these days to use it!