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  1. trappa


    Not done one wasps nest yet. Last year my first was June 13th (tomorrow) and was kinda hoping to beat that but so far its just bees, bees and more bees, which half the time i talk them out of treating. As above, lots of insects on the windscreen so im hoping for a good year.
  2. trappa

    First Swallow

    I just saw my first swallow this afternoon. Happy days
  3. Anyone on here fancy sending me a photo of a filled in ERA for rodent control on a farm. Ive done 2 this afternoon and i cant decide if Im bang on or just writing complete and utter bollocks. A peek at someone elses sheet would really be appreciated!
  4. I don't particularly like the gibbet either, its very victorian, but it keeps the farmer happy and it gets me a lot more work.
  5. Ive about gave up on reading mole trapping articles, it all seems so easy half the time. If you can go to four or five houses a day, have a cup of tea and a natter while you set half a dozen traps before going to your next garden and make £500 a week without breaking a sweat good luck to you but i cant do it. A few gardens a week but vast majority is grafting like fooook on farmland where its freezing cold and your as sick as foook walking miles a day. As for going back to check traps the day after its impossible half the time, just now I started a farm before the snow came and had to leave 200 traps under snow for a full week, couldnt do anything else. Too many can catch but dont want to cos its bloody hard graft so thy paint a rosy picture and try selling themselves as mole trapping legends and try making money the easy way bigging themselves up.
  6. Ive still got 200 sat under the snow in a farm i just started prior to the snow coming. Cant see me pulling them out this week. Been a pish poor trapping season so far, nowhere near last years numbers. Heres a couple of photos of last couple of weeks though.
  7. Foooked here in north yorks. Everywhere got a foot of snow and its several feet deep at the drifts. Van hasnt moved for three days. I started a new spot and have 200 traps out sat under this snow ffs. Plus ive got my other pesty jobs backing up. Its going to be all hell and no notion when this lot thaws.
  8. trappa

    Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

    No mention on Halal but a huge photo of a fox hunt. Wonder what the ratio of foxes getting killed by fox hunts are to beast getting their throats slit unstunned are per day.
  9. Nice video and even nicer shooting. well done
  10. trappa

    talk about win win situation

    Lads, anyone know of a hard case that will fit the rifle with a photon on?? its wider than average
  11. trappa

    How strongly do you feel about Brexit

    I voted for brexit. If it had gone the other way it would have been forgotten but the public voted "wrong" according to the politicians
  12. trappa

    Fake metal detecting find

    HAHA oh id be absolutely devastated if that was me
  13. trappa

    Giving old traps new life

    Nice write up and great pics. Thanks