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  1. Fine looking animal, a friend of a friend just had a malinois x lurcher litter - half tempted after seeing that one.Always liked the lurcher theyre by though.
  2. Fine altogether,call down any evening (I do be working at 5 on Saturday and Sunday evenings though)
  3. I think it's recessive - so only 1 in 4 chances of having it if both parents are carriers. Carriers can't get malaria (so it probably increases population in the long run)
  4. A few more recent pictures.
  5. Give a shout down some evening if you want.Are ye back doing a bit yet?
  6. Same idea, Bitcoin etc. was probably some scheme to lure people in to it/normalize it. Central bank digital currency seems the obvious next step, cash is only king as long as the bank/government day it is-otherwise it's paper with c**ts faces on it. (They seem to be fairly obviously running every currency into the ground)
  7. Nah European countries importing blacks and racing them against each other is stunning and brave.
  8. Can't seem to post them. Megamoocher probably had a few of the dog.
  9. 2 off trigger megamoocher.(both dogs)
  10. tinytiger


    I suppose a lot of the crowd she associates with are into 10 year old boys(what she looks like)- so you'd never know.
  11. It's been designed that way.Not their first rodeo (the elite)_might be their 22nd one.They study the cycles of history,the rise and fall of empires and are trying to manipulate the factors that ensure their own continued power and survival.One of those factors is moving large tribes of people to countries they don't have any traditional association to. Same idea as the guy in the bible who moved all the Israelites to Babylon - enslave people in their own country -only a matter of time until they rebel.
  12. They definitely can, guy I used know -that's his job(and you and you're phone don't even have to be in the same country as them).(Maybe it's different in Ireland -phone/tech companies pay fuk all tax here -so maybe it's some kind of deal between them and the government.
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