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  1. Lots of them in the house of lords.(probably pull strings to get their fellow nonces light sentences).
  2. Because France have nukes and are only 20 something miles away,a pretty obvious electioneering stunt as was the Falklands.
  3. tinytiger


    They think they are one of the lost tribes of Israel (because of a dream/vision that a convicted paedophile had in the 60s).. Why the old testament resonates so strongly with their community (gods chosen people surrounded by "ungodly hostiles "). No physical harm will come to the people who caused this (varadker and foster)
  4. The prices dogs are making now.cuunts could be making 10k a week or more.legal penalties not as stiff as other equally profitable crimes
  5. Saw the toxicology report last year - might have been cough bottle /pseudafed (same metabolites from it as Crystal meth). Hard to know what to believe in this case
  6. And they just dumped him in the sea. You see what yank dogmen are like. If they're patterdale killed a mouse -they'd be taking selfies with it on Facebook.I'd say he was dead for years before it.
  7. His passport miraculously survived though.
  8. Used to read a lot of science type magazines (in the shop) back in the 90s. They were pretty much able to do it back then_ they were also working on something called the voice of god. Bouncing lasers off atmosphere to create a thunderous voice coming from the skies. (I reckon that's why Saddam's elite republican guard quit without a shot being fired)
  9. Silverstein the owner had only just re-insured them. f**k knows what actually happened- pretty much vaporized
  10. I think he was around 95lb. (Average big-not massive).probably would have won the derby most years, just had the bad luck to meet 1 of the fastest ever.
  11. I'd it because the older generation are more devout Muslims ?(and think it's haram for some reason).
  12. Except if they want to turn into a boy,then you're a Nazi if you say no. I feel sorry for kids that age- at least we got to grow up in a somewhat normal world.
  13. That's what America does though. Like trying to train an experienced bull x as a sheepdog.
  14. Maybe they want to eliminate small businesses, leaving only the Tescos, Wal marts,Amazon type gigantic businesses. They had pages and pages of lockdown legislation out within a few days of covid coming around. Lucky to have such hardworking ,forward thinking public servants lol
  15. Using nonces as agents is their favourite technique. Kincora boys home and elm house etc. I half suspect there is some similar intelligence connection to Rotherham grooming gangs ( "keep tabs on you're Al quaeda pals for us and well let you rape kids with impunity"). The central Asia region where all these cnuts are from is important to British geopolitical ambitions.
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