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  1. 11 pages of pure shite in fairness, you guys should get plummers ,cocker dogs wasted on ye. I mean that (not slagging/joking)_ most hunting I see Americans doing could be done with an average plummer (bar large coons)
  2. I've heard of it being done to greyhounds that fought on track,they could still run but didn't fight. (Might have been getting stanozol injections on the sky though,)
  3. Was a bit slower than other plummers I had to come on,but I kind of took her slowly anyway,having a bit of fun with her now .Not dug her yet but she's killed with other terriers on top.Any rat around the yard must be a tourist.Plummer I had before gave tongue like a hound -this one gives the off few yips.All in all I'm happy enough with her.
  4. Nice little bitch,is it off a cocker? Have you still the Plummer bitch-i have a niece of her myself.
  5. They like being wankers, fella near me ,a pure mong with a rifle does be commenting on sab pages condemning hound work and saying how great and humane he is.
  6. Think the lad that had them was on here.
  7. There are strands of d.n.a associated with a particular breed- if a dogs sample has that particular strand in it then it has that breed in it (they don't test the entire genome-just search for these "breed marker" strands).pedigree dogs are nearly all inbred to fuk so it's simple enough with them or 1st x,,but because genes can shift between chromosomes crosses can have unique combinations of genes (strands)that they dont have on file. A bit like making a cake - for the first few stirs of the wooden spoon ,you can still see that the ingredients are eggs,flower and margarine (or whatever)_ but after half an hour of stirring you wouldn't have a clue.
  8. Ever see a red setter x greyhound. Would fool any saluki enthusiast
  9. They are descended from the prophet Mohammed anyway ( via Moorish admixture in Spanish royalty). The mountbattens are part black- not Philips branch of the family though... Am I the only one that thinks this is all staged to distract from Andrews antics (at least he didn't do any black kids lol)
  10. Mightnt be there anymore (bred out),same as dogs that should be only a small percentage can be a lot more. ( i.e a 3/4 bred collie greyhound can be anything from half n half to 31/32 greyhound in reality)- ,but 3/4 is an average. The maths in plummers lurcher breeding books was utter bullshit
  11. There was a coursing greyhound litter a few years ago that were dual sired,the ones off the dog that jumped the fence were a lot better than the ones by the number 1 stud dog.
  12. I think embark are reputed to be fairly accurate, others not worth a shite from what I can see. The European Plummer chairman gets his tested with viaguard (the ones that ask for a picture)_ the results are comedy gold.
  13. There's parts of Ireland where 15 year olds still go around the school yard pretending to be tractors .(Just the odd one,most are normal)
  14. He does whatever putin says and don't argue. I've a mate from there ,says he owns the only supermarket chain in whole country - so he's making money of everyone every week. Has a total obsession with tractors apparently.
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