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  1. I know someone with the same cross, crazy thing.
  2. Isn't boris half Jewish,1/4 Turkish with a Russian first name.?
  3. There is a man in England with a line of jagd x Glen.Might be what you're looking for. Seem a handy size-so might cut out a few generations.
  4. It's an award for being a cnut, I think he's earned it.
  5. A friend of mine has a Glen Cross bitch that's not much bigger than a yorkie. Like a tiny Glen.
  6. Since they all turned into pansies
  7. Heard of Glen of imaal x Russell being very good. Mightnt take as many generations as you think for them to come out right. Are you in Britain or Ireland
  8. Because the government want to "give in" to them. I.e carbon tax
  9. I think whoever is 87th in line should waste the 86 in front of him and take it ( could respect someone like that)
  10. could have been anywhere in cork ,I suppose. I've freemount in my brain for some reason - could be getting mixed up with another dog.
  11. Had dogs 30 odd years ago,that's what is say they were. (My cousins got 2 pups from somewhere in North cork(I think freemount)-one was like a Russell coloured glen, the other one looked like a tiny Irish terrier. I used the small 1 over a bitch I had -1 pup came out like a fullbred Glen of imaal- was a good worker too .
  12. A cousin of mine who's a nurse got it back in March 2020,still f****d. A guy I dig with it had it and was grand after a few days (well test at his work said he had it)
  13. A friend of mine has a tosa x bullmastiff , very like that dog.
  14. They're allowed 3 or 4 now(recent change),kunts are breeding an army
  15. Lots of them in the house of lords.(probably pull strings to get their fellow nonces light sentences).
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