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  1. Very handy cross id say.how is the mother (staff bred)
  2. tinytiger

    Out Ratting

    Is it a jagd terrier in the first photo?
  3. tinytiger

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    Id say that's what happens when Fox terriers, borders etc turn out good.whatever "working genes" were left in manage to find they're way into 1 dog.
  4. https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/06/tommy-robinson-working-class-hero-zionist-shill-free-speech-martyr-cultivated-distraction/
  5. tinytiger

    We dont want them back

    I used live in maynooth years ago -they were nearly all the same way bar 1 or 2.
  6. tinytiger


    He could throw bad pups to a better bitch and good ones to an average bitch.
  7. Trying to pm you lad. Is your inbox full?

  8. tinytiger

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Maybe them kanninchen Deschutes from Germany
  9. tinytiger

    Jeremy Corbyn aka Adolf Hitler.

    It was started by a jew
  10. tinytiger

    Let's Go Full Tinfoil

    Nice one -I close enough that time left in work.
  11. No idea,he hasn't got her long.
  12. Heard of sisters of very famous greyhounds being used.more common than top class pit blood.I know someone putting a second cross 3/4 bred to a full bull bitch (she looks like mayday/Hollingsworth breeding),be interesting to see how they turn out.
  13. tinytiger

    Summer time

    More permissions often come with ratting-
  14. tinytiger

    F2 Beagle x Spaniel crosses

    Bred a few years ago HGN- pure shite-1st x was very good.it was a beagle spaniel over his daughter off a terrier (she wasn't great either though)-the guy who had ruas sister had a nice few ;bred on a few generations -think there might have been kerry blue in them too. M.S that has archie has one off that dog I think.
  15. tinytiger


    Father of her was of booth breeding, mother of her was a half sister to the bitch I brought to your friend Harry's jagd the time (by a bull terrier )