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  1. Getting back handers from a different source,city of London banksters
  2. Seemed to like GD bill a lot- to go by the pedigree.
  3. I watched it there earlier ,the faces on the men on it wouldn't stand out down my local .they've been living in the same place for 20000 years ,long before the first celt existed.Their language isn't related to any other language on the planet.Irish ,English and Scottish people have a good dash of Basque in them (welsh don't for some reason (pure celts maybe).No Greek or Roman writer called the inhabitants of Britain or Ireland celts though, Celtic identity exaggerated by academics in the late 19th century to stir shitt (a bit like Hitler with the Aryan stuff)
  4. Nothing to do with celts ,Galicia you're thinking of.they're in Europe since before the ice age.The original inhabitants of Britain and Ireland would have been from similar stock..in the old Gaelic tales of the fianna there was 2 families of them,clann basca and clann morna-always wondered if there was a connection.
  5. A good few after being brought in in last few years,a litter probably will come up soon.
  6. I don't know,the best of today would be doing well to Beat The best of the 40s and 50s.The average is definitely a lot faster.
  7. I'd say the other side was related too(or related to what r.bs dogs went back to).just a guess,never seen any pedigrees of them (nuttalls penny ended up in North,grandmother of your fella came from there). I'd say there some connection.
  8. They are the cull .(I don't think they'd be very effective at expelling invaders from their country +they are unlikely to have children(thank god)).
  9. There was a dog and bitch around called alf and bess,would they be anything to smithy?
  10. Greyhound data only records major races (pre about 1995).Noticed he was from prairie pegs damline (very rare now_a great studdog producing line)
  11. tinytiger

    royal baby

    I think they left to avoid the Islamic conquest of India (the timeline would fit in roughly with their appearance in Europe)
  12. This guy was/is an M.E.P too lol.
  13. It suspiciously similar to the 6 million jews who were supposedly killed in the pogroms in the Ukraine in 1919.
  14. I wouldn't know the exact numbers,definitely nowhere near 6 million.He gave the gypsies an awful time as well and you hardly ever here about it.Belgians killed 10 million in congo,turks killed 3 million Armenians.The media and Hollywood are owned by the people he was trying to kill.There was people in England planning world wars as far back as the 1890s(Lord Alfred milner,Cecil Rhodes and a few more),they had to wait until queen Victoria died as she would hardly invade her grandson.There s probably people on here know a lot more about it.
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