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  1. What about the actual Isis fighters who were "rescued" back to the U.K , saved from Hezbollah by the Israelis and in London 24 hours later.Like a magician- direct you're attention this way/ not over there.
  2. People whose kids have the shot probably won't ever have any grandchildren.. The bit I don't get is the "pronoia" (opposite of paranoia)- thinking that there are billionaires or politicians out there with you're best interests at heart. 1/4 Muslim Boris will save the day undoubtedly- Ireland is no better- 3 leaders with foreign surnames in space of a century.... Boris kemal is his real name.
  3. Would you let one of her family members mind your kids? Strange that a country that voted for brexit has half German half Italian royalty.
  4. Type O negative babies that's for isn't it.? My aunt nearly died from it - I think her first 2 were o positive and her youngest was negative (shes 6 foot 2 the youngest girl now - taller than all but 1 of my 27(mostly male) cousins on that side). Supposedly o negative comes from original European hunter gatherers who were around before the ice age.
  5. I think Anne Boleyns mother was Blount (1 of Henry's wives anyway)
  6. All or nothing? My French is very rusty.
  7. And the ceide fields in county Mayo ,Ireland. Farmyards, walls etc. discovered under ten foot of peat bog.
  8. Rockey lee wasn't it.? Some cracking looking patterdales bred down from same dog.
  9. I think the jack Russell club ( or whatever it was called)- de- registered his dogs. So he went and called them after himself.
  10. Bitch I had was 1/8 bull - just the one cross of bull in her. (Apart from the legendary/ fictitious one back in 60s or 70s).I think Legion kennels bred away from it too quickly. That bitch I had was born on Christmas day 2003 -already a granddaughter of a dog born in 99 - flying through the generations rather than testing each one and breeding best to best.
  11. I'd say 2 or 3. I'd a granddaughter of the last bull cross Plummer did in late 90s. To look at her you'd think there was no bull in her - her dam (3/4 plummer, 1/4 bull) looked an obvious bull cross.
  12. People who wouldn't dream of injecting a litter of terriers or lurchers with a totally experimental vaccine. Makes the head spin.
  13. One of the main promoters of bitcoin is a lady called Bettina Warburg (same name as the sister of the guy who thought up the U.S Federal Reserve)_ for that reason alone I wouldn't trust it one bit. I think the Euro will fail sooner rather than later - and these cryptos will be the only option left ( accidentally on purpose). All a further move towards a cashless society/nanny state.
  14. Its a good cross. Did it myself a few years ago. Same story as with you're one - Plummer owners more likely to use a red n white dog than a different colour one with a good few busy seasons behind it. (Best of that litter has still never covered a bitch at 7)
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