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  1. Cracking pair of pups, is it all terrier and beagle in them(or a bit of spaniel too)..
  2. Fine pups, is there a bit of deerhound in the lurcher.
  3. Jo Cox? I doubt Tommy Mair had anything to do with it(or even knew who she was)
  4. Well worth it for the money,(top class breeding(snooty girl on both sides -going back to pure old school carved up close) imagine one of them over a leggy coursing greyhound bitch in year's to come lol.There should be some hunting drive in them I'd say. Hope you get a good home for him.
  5. Think there was a man martinhalli used to post on here, anything to his,(think his were off a brother of brian). Are they dogs or bitches,best of luck with them anyway
  6. Recent march in Dublin.
  7. Elvis's 'wicked stepmother' who was accused of sullying his reputation with muck racking books after his death has died | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Dead at the age of 88 at her home in Nashville, Tennessee, Davada 'Dee' Stanley Presley was the second wife of Elvis's dad Vernon, but as far as... plenty bad blood there for years. He's obviously going to make the most controversial claims possible in order to sell his book
  8. Are they all off that Brian dog you had?. Is he still about
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ct3UAGioJeu/
  10. I remember that Russian sub, the Kursk - quite a different reaction.- Don't remember if they ever recovered it..
  11. Given where he from ,I'd be wondering if the judge was a member of the same "secret society " as him.. I'm on his group on fb - don't really post on it - he seems a nice enough man just very naive about technology and seems anxious want impress total strangers... I've a friend the same - I keep telling him to send nothing on messenger that you wouldn't show cops/SPCA (no talking to him though)
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