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  1. Remember that nurse that "killed herself "after getting tricked by some Australian radio show ,while Kate was pregnant in Hospital. (Sus as f**k)
  2. It's foreign pomp and ceremony that's been imposed on Britain at the British people's expense.
  3. Think you might be right. Got on a little too good with Jimmy.
  4. What's the best outdoor strain for Ireland
  5. Heard it was a Neanderthal trait. (Think it was a theory of some guy called Stan Gooch). I've the same thing going on myself (very,very slight bit of Devon ancestry in me). Apparently there is a sharp genetic divide between Devon and Cornwall reflecting ancient tribal differences. (They only test people whos all 4 grandparents were from close by to each other for these studies)
  6. I don't think modern Irish people are related to the builders of newgrange,and if they are it's been only a damline for several thousand years. Bronze age skeletons(before supposed Celtic invasion) that have been tested are more or less identical to modern Irish people. How does Shakespeare get blame for this?, first mention in history I've come across of us all being Celts was a Welsh guy called William Llys around 1700 (pre act of union propaganda?).
  7. Was there a bit of wolf in it. Think I remember articles by him years ago about ferreting with a wolf/alsation(show white if I remember rightly)
  8. Any pictures of how they turned out,SC?
  9. f***ing tranny ryegrass they're growing. Treated with a chemical to make it mutate, then they grow out tens of thousands of seeds to see which "line" is most "efficient" .
  10. tinytiger


    Behaves more like a Siamese twin than a nephew though,and has done since lusitania went down in WW1.
  11. Liz because shes a woman? All the rest were.
  12. Think every British monarch since George iii was a member
  13. tinytiger


    The Jewish refugees started out in the 40s hanging British servicemen and boobytrapping the bodies. Profiteering off Britain (or at country foolish enough to allow them in) for last 4 centuries. British empire freed its slaves in 1833. Grandchildren of their owners(rothschilds,montfiores,sassoons etc were still being paid for them until 2015.
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