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  1. Not terriers but.... https://www.donedeal.ie/dogs-for-sale/wolfadoodles/24503635?campaign=3
  2. Did they go back to nuttalls penny?
  3. I think there was a native kind of fox that went extinct.
  4. Is he a grandson off chad ? Chesney.best of luck with him.
  5. Might be bulldog in him, bitch Plummer used as an outcross went back to skipper,max,curstopper etc.
  6. Would they have been taken over by planters I wonder Liam (Scots- Irish/Ulster Scots/ hillbillies or whatever ).They cleared the Scottish highlands of people a few years before.( Needed them and us for their colonial ambitions)
  7. I'd say you're probably right .one is 3/8 patterdsle5/8 Plummer(I think),the other is the busty bitch
  8. It would be more nuttall type breeding (I think).could a small patch on a chest keep getting bigger and bigger when bred close and then turn into piebald?
  9. Do you think she (Anne busty) had jack Russell somewhere in her? Seems to be quite a few Russell coloured descendants of her.
  10. It's been 10 hours since any of them posted, I think they have settled it o.k corrale style.
  11. I don't think so,fairly sure they all stayed in Ireland.
  12. They were by a dog I bred,the few he kept are going good for him,only young yet.
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