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  1. mine have straw in the kennels with shavings on the floor, they come in at night to the boiler house and I am trying this long pile astro turf at the mo seems ok the room is warm as toast though.
  2. nice to hear its over the mange, how is it bred.
  3. I buy biheldon off ebay five pound odd for 30 inc postage one for ten kg, work a treat.
  4. has the old white dog been on here with someone else?
  5. spuds are carbs same as paster but may contain some thing else perhaps that will be of benefit.
  6. why not try what the vet said? you paid for his opinion.
  7. we have quite a few round here but right place for a shot a different matter, they come in my little grass field in summer.
  8. couple of quick snaps from the land rover
  9. most who think their good enough to write a book are not, but anyone with a literary talent can research a subject and put a book together,, which is what most do, that's why it always seems like a rehash something else.
  10. when I was a kid a lot of the racing dogs worked as well, I bred whippet into the coursing stuff to pep them up for the tighter land, then line bred for a gen or two all 22/23 ish and sharp fk.
  11. I would think some racing ones must fail to make the grade, and can be got hold of cheep for working.
  12. if you said they were not yours in the op, perhaps might of got a better opinion.
  13. not being funny, but those and many other questions should have been asked and answered before the mating was considered, let alone carried out.
  14. toby the hoover lol
  15. that is spot on and exactly how I work my cockers, get them on the whistle and walking to heal when needed, and then let them work.
  16. doing all they should mate, ours has been for a look hunts and finds nice, I have had several solid asks about pups from the old dog so going to try him on my 7 year old choc bitch, I fancy one too.
  17. dont know breeding lurcher/ coursing dog ? I think clive bred her but might be wrong.
  18. did clive breed splodge? if so could be off chance lurcher bred bitch that went to smokey.
  19. could be blacky. granting foxing rifles to people who are not keepers or farmers to me is wrong, police want fuking, shooting fox is not a sport its a job to me. and I have to be ruthless.
  20. if that's on 1 spot there is a serious problem.
  21. me and his dads best day was 155 up katchum's end, he is a good rabbit catcher.
  22. hi are you babs's lad hows he going, we had some good days out me an him .
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