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  1. I have that as well, I did it twice both bred by others, one had a dominance thing and a mate who only keeps one dog had her, and the other was not a hare dog to the standard I keep, but did the rest so a mate had her best he ever had .
  2. listen by the time you lasses stop bitching, the man will of tested it to the max, he has his kit on ready to rock.
  3. shame that, what did it not do, has she gone to a rabbit man, I gave a mate one that never made it, and made him a great dog just not a hare dog.
  4. was not doubting you hull, as for producing hare killing quality seen nothing better than my old stuff, from any line, seen some goodens though to be fair, mine came direct off the sals in the ancestry of the modern stuff, and I don't doubt some of those old dogs of mine are in the modern dogs, I bet if truth be told some those early dogs would not be mentioned today quality wise. .
  5. I agree with that, by the time I was a teenager I was line breeding hare killers, before merlin and eve existed, so age no guarantee of wisdom, but youth is no excuse for a lack of respect.
  6. i like cornwall but every one wants your pants down robin twats, and I don't get why people cant wait for a holiday till this is over.
  7. border collies can get a condition where they collapse after heavy work, and are prone to hyperventilation, don't know if either affect crosses.
  8. I don't think you can breed good dogs consistently without generalising I had a collie that retrieved geese with ease on the coast but you would not use him to breed gundogs, the op asked about working a greyhound,,,,, course some will be decent, but most will fail, at lurcher work to any sort of standard thats a fact.
  9. very few if a grey was good enough when tested there be no need to breed lurchers, and if a lurcher was only as good as a grey you would not breed from it, then again some would breed off owt.
  10. what are you on about, I never said don't test the greyhound I said they are not as good as lurchers and their not,
  11. the show ref was for the man who said they were not tampered with mate, the greyhound is an essential ingredient in lurcher breeding nothing more imho, a lurcher is a far superior animal in all respects other than speed.
  12. show greyhounds exist and are awful, a greyhound is an essential ingredient in lurcher breeding but for me that's it, they are not capable of doing what I wanted from a running dog, physically or mentally.
  13. two crows


    was picking some up one day outside the mental hospital, one of the patients asked what I waned it for, I said to put on my rhubarb, he said you must be mad we get custard on our,s.
  14. I still have mine round the back its a leaf sprung one, never lifted it and never got stuck, great truck make a good project for someone (east to drive too) must stick it on ebay replaced it with a defender.
  15. did the 2 year old black terrier at stud belong to gould, and how good did it become when mature, and I wonder what terrier lads think of such a young dog being at stud.
  16. I always shot instinctive but since taking a new interest I have found I used to shoot left handed without knowing, but now because my eyesight has changed I cant hit a thing, so I am going to make a new one, or buy one for the other hand, I bet I cant play snooker left handed either and I could change at will when I played lol.
  17. I don't understand the jargon I was decent as a boy and hold mine at 10 to 12.
  18. always interesting where the colours and coat types come from in lurcheers, from way back in their ancestors development.
  19. always need to se them work mate lazzy not to.
  20. lol yea but you don't trust no one.
  21. you will have a small gene pool doing that for very long, but they will get tipey, so may not get cloddy, however that mans beddy crosses could be a good outcross for you as straight bred, as long as they good enough would help no end.
  22. what do you intend to do long term to ensure you dogs continue to meet your standards ?.
  23. it makes a massive difference in mho, depth of breeding eliminates variation, { the bitsa factor lol } and as long as good workers are used only it will improve your chances of getting a good pup no end.
  24. and after not a great success cant hit jack lol
  25. thats a little clonker that mate, nice feet and nice wide chest on him, all the very best.
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