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  1. if its planted early its ok but later stuff gets attacked, was talking to a farmer where I go he said all coursers left now are crims, and it must be true coss wildlife officer said so.
  2. ime in lincs the public will swallow all the propaganda straight down the crops being ploughed in is rape because of flea beetle attack, because the pesticide is banned.
  3. I bred a litter of three quarter grey quarter saluki mine dint jack but if it went more than a minuet you could see em running out of steam like yours they looked impressive at times both mine killed themselves.
  4. agree with that, when I bred first crosses they were fast as fook and some three quarters I bred off fred were the same, the old saluki lurchers we bred in the seventys were faster straight off the pure.
  5. the amount of work a dog dose or dose not do will not make it produce a jacker, as hull said he produced his from good dogs, some have it some don't.
  6. perhaps never heard the term that's all, i never bred a jacker but I have owned one, he could do two jack then kill the next three, I put up with it because it was rare he did it, and I liked him, got hit by a car in the end nice dog, but never breed from it. just to add dogs will jack for a million reasons, but I believe some lines have a jack gene built in.
  7. whats doing the arc never heard that term mc
  8. even if they did the land was so different, coursing as we know it would be for rich only, and romany would be interested in pot filling, that they would soon die out, and when the official first saluki import took place they were only interested in the pure breed, so to me no impact until, the working man got his hands on it.
  9. shadow was the pp one bred from that lucky rubbish ?
  10. whats the father to you pup mate, your old dog was bred by a good mate of mine saw several of that litter run.
  11. sandymere will know all about them, he be along soon.
  12. whats in the greyhound then
  13. I never said I was a soldier just a roman lol, and we know there would not be many, the question was when did they reach the uk, its all speculation, would dna still show up 2000 years on
  14. nice, was that pauls beast, what were the Caithness dogs
  15. so if I was a roman and saw a saluki and liked it I would not have got one and brought it to another country then.
  16. different altogether, what I am on about is coursing dog cross traditional lurcher, I see the outcome being more like how we began and more suited to my needs now, possibly a bit less full on.
  17. my thoughts are that saluki blooded dogs as the working class sportsman has come to know them would be the 1960s and from then the development of coursing lurchers.
  18. romans were in the middle east so likely had them, Britain in those days may not have suited the sal style, ,i would of thought all our ancient visitors would of brought some kind of dog, all early people used them.
  19. when people add greyhound to speed things up or lighten things up, stamina drops, at least coursing blood wont do that.
  20. when I first started most saluki crosses were with knock about lurhers as that was what lads were running, adding saluki pepped them up, seemed to take them to another level, and of course line breeding created the coursing dog, it would be nice to take a step back my originals were a mix of bedlington greyhound whippet and saluki so I will prob us a decent beddy gray, two seventys bitches line bred from my original bitch fly both small but mighty the lighter coloured bitch killed several foxs in fine style just had a knack..
  21. nice pup how is it bred mr wilks
  22. nice thing whats father like and how it bred
  23. is anyone using this type as a general dog for a bit of alsorts, I started with something like this and in the present climate might bread something like that again.
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