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  1. couldn't fill the fingers on one hand myself
  2. that with Jamie foxx? just couldn't get into it myself
  3. last little rip then on to the rubber..
  4. Ive learnt over the yrs not to get to friendly with folks I work with...I tell everyone the same thing..."I'm here to earn money ,not make friends" I'm lucky now,I work for 2 lads who look after me, supply a vehicle and fuel,pay my tax and stamp,90% of the time,I work on my own,just the way I like it...I worked for this same groundworks/construction firm for 12yrs...used to see so many lads coming and going...lots would be found out and gone by first breakstopped asking them their names,there's plenty out there who are willing to muff some arse,drop other lads in it, because they think it ke
  5. UK polecat numbers may be rising due to interbreeding with ferrets | New Scientist WWW.NEWSCIENTIST.COM The population of polecats in Britain has recovered over the past century and it may be in part due to interbreeding...
  6. something wholesome before a liquid diet this weekend
  7. Rugby fan carries out threat to cut off testicles after Wales win | The Scotsman WWW.SCOTSMAN.COM A WELSH rugby fan cut off his own testicles to celebrate his team’s defeat of old enemy England in Cardiff on...
  8. sowed them back on as far as I know Mack
  9. some proper head bangers from my wayI've got no need to tell Porky's pal
  10. lol...next village from me,here you go stiff Fan who amputated testicles recovering - Wales Online WWW.WALESONLINE.CO.UK A WALES fan who hacked off his own testicles after his team beat England on the rugby field is recovering from his...
  11. I would of thought the bull terrier in question has a purpose(not some fat pet).....just a cnut with the Op's other dogs..It's never nice needing eyes in your arse
  12. and there lies the problem...knob heads sending folks dodgy pics,look at me types,are gonna finish this game for good..we have seen the best days,won't be long before it's just distant memories and the history books...
  13. lad by us was sat in my mates old man's pub watching a Wales game...said if they win,he cut his own balls off and put them in a pint glass Wales won,he slipped off,cut them off walked back into the pub , put them on the bar..carried on drinking and bleeding out....some strange people out there
  14. I'm sure wales123 had one yrs ago
  15. do you shit 10 ft off the ground in the forks of trees and not use wet wipes??? if so....you a sick puppy
  16. a member on here caught a raccoon dog somewhere in Norfolk (I think) few seasons ago ...and got ripped right into there's alsorts roaming the countryside... surprising what see when your not sat on here
  17. cut off the eye end and push it through
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