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  1. OK Charlie almost as hard to believe... As sending a stranger random pics of your dog chewing some roe eh???
  2. Years ago a few wrong uns were robbing vans by us..... One lad payed someone to sit in the back of his transit with a pair of mastiffs and a crossbow..... The silly cnut who broke in took a bolt through the cheek and out the other side, then the dogs gave him a good shake Couldn't of happened to a nicer lad
  3. Maybe start following your local pack, get your face known with the terrier lads, they may show you the ropes palread up on the laws regarding legal terrierwork here in the UK, you don't want to come a cropperatb
  4. Had my van windows smashed 3 times in 6 weeks and damage to the back doors.... Started parking it a few miles down the road in a secure yard with cameras..... Ball ache getting in my truck and driving too it every day.
  5. I get where your coming from T....but its only words at the end of the day They find anything out about you and that silly bint will be outside your front door along with a few buses of window lickerswouldn't wish them fools on an enemy... They don't need any incouragment to make folks everyday lives a misery... She needs more than throwing in a hedge,
  6. I wouldn't waste my breath on them.... Stay under their radarnot worth the shit in the long run imo....
  7. The right bull x, will pep them right up ...... Make handy animals for everything....
  8. Find it works best when used straight after a dig. Clean and flush out any dirt with saline solution and apply to wounds soon as you can, before putting back in the box .... Normally by the time i drive home, swelling etc is minimal... Never needed to apply it twice, heat lamp some common sense and good husbandry takes care of the rest
  9. I'm not a fan of them tracing paper ginger students type skins myself Ted.... Rizla licorice for me
  10. There's Folks planning terror attacks, trafficking across county lines, grooming gangs etc.... Or the man who's growing some personal? My doors always open....
  11. Nail on the head that for me also..... Out of likes
  12. They won't be happy until society is full of self harming, sex change, vegan f***ing attention seeking cnutsthat just roll over and take it
  13. I watch curse of oak lsland, peaky blinders when it's on, re runs on dave and gold of only fools etc.... And my favourite.... Emmerdale farm..... Even the discovery channels are shite these days....
  14. Yes mate budmaster ...less heat, less power consumption, improved yields.... Well worth the money if you want prime chronic I use an led unit between every 2 600w son ts
  15. Boils my piss.... Half the countries under water.... You got genuine honest hero's like the old boy Harry, hardly a mention .... And it's nonstop f***ing love island attention seeker all over the media outletsf**k the fools book and Instagram generation.... Folks need to wake the f**k up and stop swallowing this shit they feeding us
  16. One less f***ing ejit that the young impressionable girls like my own daughter don't try to imilate...... Bunny boiling, grooming, attention seeking hoodrat no time for these celebrities personally.... We all got f***ing problems.... Some alot more than others... Our health service is the pits, kids staving, poor cnuts lost everything in these storms and they give time on every media outlet to this f***ing idiot??? Let's change the laws? Follow them at your own peril.... And be a f***ing sheep
  17. Even the mrs is up for it....... Looked into staying on that homestead with that otto guy and his family off discovery Channel.... Flights to Dutch harbour.... Kids be fledged in next 10 yrs..... Might have a go as a 50 Yr old greenhorn then
  18. Ted give that gorilla glue a go... Well impressed with how it grows/tastes and produces tbf... The clones I got of it look like the ready to come down at 4 weeks, buds knit together lovely, produces some good oil and hash
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