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  1. Depending on size of the tent, 1.2m x 2 m start from £80/£100..put it on gumtree for £350 all in.....
  2. Is the nutrient /pH pen made by blue labs?
  3. Raw I buy is 60%beef,duck,chicken, salmon etc, 30% green tripe, 10%bone.... Weaned pups on it no problem
  4. All good, thanks for asking, off to their new homes this weekend
  5. Norris knows f***ing everything that goes down dog
  6. f***ing Norris Cole the cnut
  7. Bottles of water....or Chain out a bull x
  8. People bang on like they are the devil and can't be trusted..... Early socialising and being able to read their body language helps, all the ones I've been around that were worked have been nothing but gentlemen around other dogs... Don't get me wrong... If another dog starts it, then it's game over
  9. You have to give them enough work, my mate has 2,i trust them impeccably around my dogs
  10. You could always give him the old 5 knuckle shuffle
  11. Give him a bunk up, and put him over your wheaton x bitch
  12. Sooner eat some dog shit Len... Horrible f***ing things like radishes
  13. Proper plate of food that... If you f****d off the sprouts
  14. Just sourced my lad a Honda Xr same one as John Connor rides in the filmNice little investment for the future
  15. They seemed all the rage a few seasons ago... But all gone quiet... Loads all over Instagram
  16. Buzzing for you both mate.... Your a lucky man.. I wish you all the happiness in the world
  17. Recall reading a series of books on the sas/sbs early 90's in Portland YOI the Aegean campaign of Greece was a good read
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