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  1. I've not watched the video,nor do I intend too...I've met and know enough wankers who bring shit on top...I try and go about my business with a bit more about me than that...ive kept terriers for 30 yrs...baiting quarry,killing anyones stock/pets is for nobheads with a little cock and kids that know no better
  2. one is someone's stock/livelihood...the other was a legitimate quarry at one time, and now is a major pest...
  3. I'm glad everything worked out for you Keith
  4. In the last 10yrs,I have only given to the charity fishing comp,and to get an old acquaintance back home from Ibiza after a serious accident...I would give the shirt off my back to help anyone I know who is genuine....I'm not swayed by the sight of starving kids... plenty of protein in them flies
  5. -2 here....extra long breakfast is in order
  6. kids are sorted...what you having mate?
  7. tumble drying mine first thing in the morning before putting them on
  8. that's f**k all Mush....gingerbeard once said I looked like a plucked pidgeon sucking on a glass dickand folks have ripped me on a gate I made for someone broke me tbf.....I had considered counselling
  9. no hard feelings....it was genuinely a throw away remark
  10. I've got a pup here....will not accept the ferrets...I'm done trying now,she soon shape up when she meets something that bites back
  11. sorry to hear about your wife and lad Paulus,wouldn't wish anything nasty like that on anyone I was just expressing my opinion at the end of the day....seems to me,that folks are scared to live their lives these days and will believe what they are spoon fed... hence lining up for a yearly jab
  12. that's why a shirt has the one pocket
  13. quoted a post of Chids a few hrs ago...log back on and it's gone mate ...slippery goings on
  14. I actually own a fresh pair every day for a fortnight...and 3 draws of odd socks that come in handy if your caught short on your journeys
  15. 2 pairs of pants on then for the rest of the week
  16. every dock I've ever seen done by a vet on a working terrier has been a short f***ing stump...not been asked yet for proof when I've taken pups I've bred to a vet...you can get the paperwork for anything...if you know the right folks
  17. So now when you quote a post(Chid) And give your opinion... some f***ing weirdo with a Mod badge(who's had its jabs) deletes the post??? because they have taken it to heart(love em) believing you called them weak I will say it again...If you need a jab because your scared of seasonal flu/cold...THEN YOUR A f***ing PUSSY WHIPPED WEAK ASS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING
  18. I honestly can not fathom why any person would be scared from catching a common cold or season flu,so much so....that they would roll up their sleeves....utter f***ing madness plenty of vitamin C,some honey and lemon is all you need
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