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  1. Daniel cain

    Fell terrier cross

    they are the most common and consistent of all the working terrier breeds....so must have a good nose to find their quarry below ground
  2. Daniel cain

    Fell terrier cross

    I got a little black fell bitch here that I would give away if anyone wants to use a whippet/grey over her.....
  3. Daniel cain

    UK first!!!

    that is some accomplishment....fair doos
  4. Daniel cain

    Facial recognition cameras.

    they must of watched gareth playing the victim on BBC 1.....
  5. Daniel cain

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    some nice bonsai
  6. Daniel cain

    Honesty box

    if I saw that left around my way.....then I would expect it to be wired up like that f***ing bait car shit
  7. Daniel cain

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    gingerbeard got it as his screensaver ask him nicely and I'm sure he will share child mate
  8. Daniel cain

    Just to bring a bit more attention...

    if they are there,they can be caughtI'm up for a jaunt
  9. Daniel cain

    Night vision

    just another thing to be confiscated by the law.....
  10. Daniel cain

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    she didn't mind that ,after you called her a fat munter Chris don't think she be to fond of me if I came home and gave her the clap mindwe got plenty of trust and are rock solid.. bragging about mounting hoodrats on the internet..that you meet behind your Mrs back ...just reaks of some desperate mug who's pussy whipped to f**k and on rations at homeor some Walter mitty type dreamer who pays for it
  11. Daniel cain

    Conjunctivitis treatment?

    is the dog old Darren? I've got an old patt bitch that suffered with it....tried every sort of eye drops and antibiotics.....kept coming back....turns out the bitch has inverted eyelids....can only be sorted by an operation
  12. Daniel cain

    Pre Season

    we were so poor my oldman would suck on an extra strong mint.....and we would huddle around for the warmth ......
  13. Daniel cain

    The Places Ye Get To See

    then it his own fault
  14. Daniel cain

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    drop of the right wheaton blood goes along way ....I find them very laid back around the yard and house,when they get on a scent they hunt like a foxhound....but don't f**k off into the next valleyseriously thinking about getting myself a little busher to put more stuff out for her as ive only kept terriers for digging.....they work rabbits and they was in the ground permanent... most lines of working Wheaton have a drop of bull in their make-up, just like the black dogs....but lots of folk will denie itseen a few I'd be more than happy feeding tbf.....most ain't no hare dogs but will keep you in good meat and put in a good account on anything with teeth
  15. Daniel cain

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    if I ever take a litter from my Wheaton x bitch then it will be to a good coursing bred dog.......
  16. Daniel cain

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    everyone's entitled to their own opinions and beliefs mush I can accept that what I can't fathom is how people can live such a lie.....the hurt,anger and down right disrespectfulness towards the innocent partners,children and the obvious shame they feel afterwards and probable lack of self esteem must be incredableand in Thomas's case the cheeky cnut is milking being a victimout bumming rentboys around Cardiff for yrs......gets caught out just like that other cnut Ron Davies the mp and every f****r should give em sympathy give em a public shoeing live on the 10 o'clock news......everyone in bio-hazard suits☠so as not to get infected
  17. Daniel cain

    Groovy Stan

  18. Daniel cain

    Gareth Thomas ex Wales

    mush,I'm not being nasty but you know yourself....if you dont wrap it up.....then you got no one to blame when your cocks leaking cottage cheese,or worse some folks just don't have respect for themselves or others....I say f**k em.......was their choice.....take it on the chinand wind that neck in.......