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  1. Bacon,egg, cheese an hp fruity
  2. Once your in... you can never get out Sid
  3. Speaking about nicknames...we used to have a few who would give you a real good chase as kids ...last all night ...playing knock knock ginger. The best was 'Conker man' he would be perched on top of his shed and shoot us with a black widow sling remember my one brother was further up the lane holding our dogs onetime...and got hit in the side of his head with a conker knocked him clean out there was 'Yellow vanman' we used to run over the top of his yellow marina van. Then there was the 2 old benders..Spaceman and Fatman ...my mate Holzhey got caught onetime and they took him inside th
  4. ..she a Thursday night f**k buddy for a few of the villagers by any chance??? Used to be one by us called Sugarpuff teeth would always be some dirty cnut leaving in the morning ,praying no f****r saw them
  5. Fair play if you dusted that off to yourself....braver man than me I be rough in bed till Wednesday
  6. Then stick around and look after her ..I would happily go to prison if some cnut thinks they can make my kids lives hell...I f***ing hate Bullies with a passion..you always protect your own
  7. That's ruff pal...I know enough lads who are institutionalised and can't hack more than a few weeks on the outside as if they can't help offending again because inside they don't have the worries of finding food keeping a roof over their heads etc...that's no life ,I spent time in yoi's as a young teenager after escaping from a secure unit at 14 ....can honestly say I wouldn't want to ever go back to living like that...too much going on outside,your soon forgotten when your inside,you find out sharpish who you your real friends are
  8. There's loads of posters etc on the building sites these days...with helplines etc and people to talk too...had a call a few weeks back from lads I used to work with...one of the boys who drove machines in our old gang had finished work on a Friday 3:30 pm...by 6 o'clock the same evening...his partner found him hanging in the barnnow on the surface he had everything..couple of his own machines, beautiful wife and kids,nice house,nice motors...god only knows what was going on in his head...quests we will never know what tipped him over th edge.Rip Gareth pal...
  9. Yrs ago we would just tip up and take our chances....I started taking notice of air pressure/moon phases,tides....does give you the upper hand ...but not always
  10. Pressure from social media to look ,act a certain way??? Got to have this,got to have that?we have become very shallow as a species imo..
  11. These days it seems like everyone's to wrapped up in their own lives to give any consideration to others around them ... sometimes a friendly word,a good morning,how are you?can make a massive difference to how some folks are feeling
  12. Everyone I know in Wales has a nickname of sorts...some you say to their faces ,others you don't...the names get passed down to their kids,grandkids like welshred said...I've had a few myself over the yrs,Sean the Prawn in school(always finger blasting) Heinrich( because of my interest in Germans and when I started wearing glasses as a teenager),Blackheart(because I used to bite off the tails of my terriers,and keep them in a tabacco tin,did it once Infront of my mate and his Mrs,name stuck for yrs)Bob the Dogg(because I'm always about with a hound or 4,and don't chop and change types),Dr G
  13. I'm always grateful that me old boy smells a pussy in the morning
  14. I've seen a few go in over the yrs.....couple of hundred notes gone just like that my mate lost one few seasons ago...river was right up,had a run,not quick enough,burnt his balls with his tea..tipped up,set up next to the miserable looking cnut and dropped it in the margins... Had a fish almost instantly...when we netted it ,there was another line tangled...started hand lining it in and it was my mate Kev's rod ..with a fat chub still on it
  15. Them sky pods are what you see them using on the Ebro...for monster pussies...
  16. You can put bait alarms on a tripod,set of tall snag bars,sit back then fish into the dark... little tip , make sure your rod butts are clipped in .. they will hit you in the chops when you get a run otherwise good luck ,get out and get amongst them,show us some pictures
  17. Korum do 2,1 is the smaller travel tripod,the other mk 2 river tripod,both a lot smaller than those sky pods Don..I use one like this if you can find one,had it 10 yrs ,lighter than anything about today
  18. I went f***ing fishing and blanked again......
  19. I've had the greys prodigy's,wynchwood rougues,all do the job...fox duo lites up until 3 seasons ago....superb rods in all fairness,caught all manner of different species with em...Im using korum twintips now, with the 1.75 lb and 2.2 lb tips so cover most things,can't fault them,on par with the duo lites...for reels I've always fished off the clutch,used abu ultracast 6000 for yrs..sold a pair and matching duo lite rods to my mate for £120...I'm currently using Shimano ultgra 5500 xtc's and to be honest I preferred my old reels...I'm still in tune to the Abu's lol,there's loads of entry leve
  20. Lewis stick at it mate ..no one's born with a 50 yr old head on em
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