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  1. sealskins....£5.75 a pair here.... https://www.outdoorgb.com/p/Sealskinz_Solo_QuickDry_Mid_Length_Socks/?utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=directory&utm_content=GBR&currency=GBP&country=GBR&SelectedBundle=193172&SelectedItem=787572
  2. My whippet dog is nearly 12......never been bothered up until about 1-2 years ago now....as soon as he hears it he's a nervous wreck.
  3. I live in a semi rural location, when my whippet dog hears any type of shot gun noise he starts to pace up and down and starts to pant heavily.Has anyone else had this type of behaviour with theres and any ideas of how to sooth them and calm them down and its very distressing for both him and us seeing him like this. Thanks in advance for any reply and help. Adam
  4. Nice healthy looking pups pal.....:)
  5. I had the same thing years ago with my whippet dog......toe all swelled and dog limping, i asked on here for advise, one told me the pressure needs to be released, he said get some nails clippers and the nail on the toe which is swelled needs to be cut.......but shorter than normal so it bleeds hence releasing the pressure, i didn't like the thought of that as the initial cut would hurt the dog. I did as the guy had said and as soon as i cut the nail short.......it bled a little and the toe went down a little it had released the pressure build up, im not saying this is a instant fix as rest is

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    Ghurkha Knife in Sheath, embossed with inscriptions £25 can post or collection


  7. View Advert Ghurkha Knife in Sheave Ghurkha Knife in Sheave, embossed with inscriptions £25 can post or collection Advertiser ADAM C Date 22/03/21 Price £25.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  8. What your lads thoughts on best trousers for this time of year for going out with dogs for comfort/warmth? Thanks.
  9. I have a dog he's 11 now straight out of "strikewhiletheironshot"........absolute warrior never knows whens he's beat,ive had quite a few whippets and never had one with the stamina this lad has had in his life. He's had all quary and i mean all......he is as hard as nails, he's a proper mans dog and loves to be around people , so yes i can defiantly vouch for Mike Brown's strain of whippet.....
  10. Ratface please pm me details I'd like to make a donation to a well worthy cause.....
  11. View Advert Seeland Woodcock Men's Waterproof Jacket Jacket in traditional English shooting style. With its stylish look and spacious cartridge pockets it is well suited for game shooting and bird shooting. Underneath its traditional outer, the jacket features the SEETEX® membrane which protects you from water and wind. 100% WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE collection or will send Advertiser ADAM C Date 20/12/20 Price
  12. View Advert Large very heavy Hobart mincer for sale This is a very heavy industrial mincer made by Hobart , as you know Hobart make the best mincers that will mince just about anything, bought it 2nd hand but never actually used it, this is a good strong piece of kit. Please note, the pic is not mine i will upload pics later, its like that but has no hopper.(my Pics to follow) Pick up only from Sheffield. Advertiser ADAM C Date 17/12/20
  13. let dogs mark...then dig em out??
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