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  1. Like I said in a topic the other week. I got given a pair of micro albino, hob and jill. Cracking little things, but I wont bother trying to work them. They are tiny and the kicking that rabbits give out , theyd get sick very very easily I think.
  2. Nice clips, looks like that pack could provide some fun days
  3. Very nice bunch, like the russell
  4. Yeh they love it. They go nuts when we pull up.
  5. he had one kill, he was slipped on his ar*e more times than enough
  6. Had a hour out sunday morning at 7.30 am. All rats caught were from the big shredder used to shred carpet and wood. They were bolting all over the place. Dogs worked well and had a great little hours ratting. Kes was 100mph and clipped her nut on the machine, luckily just a graze and never broke the skin. Its amazing where rats will hide.
  7. I've just been given a pair. Tiny they are. I do a fair bit of ferreting, and I dont fancy taking them. Looking at them theyd just get a good kicking. I'll stick to my average sized ferrets for working and i suppose I'll keep these for pleasure haha! Jill left Hob right
  8. If hes worth breeding off it's well worth a try. A mate of mine had a collie x and it sired a litter at about 11 or 12
  9. Thanks, they've put hundreds away from this spot
  10. Few pictures from our past couple of trips to the small waste yard. We let the dogs work round the heaps before getting the tele handler in to disturb the pile. Dogs always have fun
  11. My bitch in middle and my brothers pup and bitch either side
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