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  1. Wheat as a main feed when flying. Couple days theyll get a condition seed and or a pigeon mix . Winter I usually feed breed and wean. Plenty of protein Dont forget grit and mineral
  2. Nice little collie. She will certainly have good hearing haha
  3. Cheers. Sprocker spaniel x beagle lakey
  4. Just a few pics of the dogs on a walk today. Flushed and chased a few rabbits back into cover .
  5. When I had a litter couple of year back, they were on vet bed for about 3 weeks and then moved them on to a white tissue paper bedding when they started weeing and pooping alot more.
  6. What birds and breeds do we all have to keep us all busy? I've go hens. Silver laced wyandotte, leghorns muscovy ducks and a few roller pigeons
  7. Dont suppose any one has any expiriences with 1st cross beddy patterdale. What were they like to work and what did they work. Pics would be a bonus just to see how they threw. Cheers
  8. Always the case, ive been the same this winter. Oh great mate. Some size for 5 month! She will be a beauty no doubt. Yeh no worries or ill message you my number and sene me them via whatsapp or something? She will be a impressive stamp when she matures
  9. Im spot on mate how are you. Hes good, nah the yellow dog on the end is the sire to the pup. Only be a little thing not like the middle one. Did you get that deer grey you were showing me as a pup?
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