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  1. Hi mate, my dog has just lined a bitch from skipton. Both genuine grafters, look i cant tell you the % but they are both beddy whippet greys or there abouts. Worker x worker. The fawn dog is about 22 n half inch and the bitch is probably about 20. Message me of interested and ill pass you on to the fella
  2. ferret333


    Spot on them mate !!!
  3. ferret333

    Few pics of recent

    Cheers. Yes I've hatched young off these for the past couple of years. I'll sell to hobbyists mainly, the odd keeper takes a couple
  4. ferret333

    Few pics of recent

    Just thought I'd stick up a few pics of my birds and coop from my phone. Snow pics are from today
  5. ferret333

    A good end to the year

    HOPE so mate . Cheers
  6. ferret333

    A good end to the year

    Good end to the year, did some longnetting and netting today alongside bracken the dog who caught a few before they reached the net. Started off with plenty of digs, 3 out of one stop end today and a couple of 2's. Enjoyed the day ferrets worked real well.
  7. ferret333

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    Cheers people for the comments I'm chuffed, the mother
  8. ferret333

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    A pic from today of the bitch I have kept
  9. ferret333

    Few hours on the hedge

    Great stuff that mate. It fills you bag quicker than you think doesn't It. 3 is my max I've had it a stop end so far
  10. ferret333

    Few hours on the hedge

    Woke up this morn to my pal ringing me seeing if I wanted a trip out. I had nothing planned so off we went. As it's close to a main road I decided to leave the beddy x at home and just took the nets. We had a few digs, nothing more than 3 foot. Twice we pulled couples out. Plenty Bolting into the long nets Here's a few pics
  11. ferret333

    Half colly and half bull greyhound

    No point posting here mate. Every one just takes the pee rather than educating
  12. ferret333

    Deer/grey collie/grey

    My collie deer grey 25 inch. Last picture Is from other day, she had pups 10 weeks ago
  13. ferret333

    My bitch and pups at 1 week old

    Couple of updated pics. All pups have gone to there new homes, barring one that's going on the weekend. The rougher bitch is staying
  14. ferret333

    Brick Kennels I've built

    Cracking job mate. Mine are built from concrete blocks, you can't beat a good brick kennel