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  1. Good stuff. Hope you have a good season
  2. Mark bell makes a decent box. I've got a triple off of him
  3. I'd imagine they will darken up abit and come darker silvers.
  4. I'd of called them silvers... In the pic you have polecats and silvers
  5. not the best pic but my two. Son on the left and father on the right
  6. I bet they would rattle through cover
  7. Beddy whippet grey mate, hes about 22 inch
  8. Cheers the one on the far left is mother to the one on the other end.
  9. Quick run around at the skip yard, dogs got 7 between them, great fun for them!
  10. Wheat as a main feed when flying. Couple days theyll get a condition seed and or a pigeon mix . Winter I usually feed breed and wean. Plenty of protein Dont forget grit and mineral
  11. Nice little collie. She will certainly have good hearing haha
  12. Cheers. Sprocker spaniel x beagle lakey
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