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  1. Always the case, ive been the same this winter. Oh great mate. Some size for 5 month! She will be a beauty no doubt. Yeh no worries or ill message you my number and sene me them via whatsapp or something? She will be a impressive stamp when she matures
  2. Im spot on mate how are you. Hes good, nah the yellow dog on the end is the sire to the pup. Only be a little thing not like the middle one. Did you get that deer grey you were showing me as a pup?
  3. A follow up post from a previous topic i made a few month back. Bryn is out of my own dog bracken, and here is at 5 months. A few weeks ago he had a little taste of ferreting around the longnets for a couple of hours. He picked up that jumping the longnets was better than running into him. All a learning and they don't learn in the kennel! Also a group pic of my pack down the allotment. Cheers andrew.
  4. All my dogs are sound with my chickens, ducks and geese. And even my white pheasants before i sold them.my dogs being 3 lurchers and 2 terriers.. But out of the allotment and into the feild they'd hunt the above mentioned... Yet i couldn't and cannot break my patterdale to the ferrets. Shes a nutcase
  5. Looks a nice place to be! Its just good to be out
  6. Cheers. Hes a beddy whippet grey 22 inch
  7. Cheers. The one on the left is the daughter of the one on the right
  8. Sunday just gone we ferreted a pretty large hedge. We had the dog and a lonh net in places with the odd purse net dotted about. Was a enjoyable day with the team
  9. Did bryn off gavin and Stacey tell you that ?
  10. Tilly. Sprocker x lakeybeagle. Chilling down the allotment
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