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  1. Looks a nice place to be! Its just good to be out
  2. Cheers. Hes a beddy whippet grey 22 inch
  3. Cheers. The one on the left is the daughter of the one on the right
  4. Sunday just gone we ferreted a pretty large hedge. We had the dog and a lonh net in places with the odd purse net dotted about. Was a enjoyable day with the team
  5. Did bryn off gavin and Stacey tell you that ?
  6. Tilly. Sprocker x lakeybeagle. Chilling down the allotment
  7. Just a few pics of my team
  8. And the dam being abit smaller
  9. Id of thought about 21 or 22 inch. The sire is about 22 inch
  10. The sire is beddy whippet abit of greyhound and the dam is the same again or there abouts. Pure worker to worker
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