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  1. ferret333

    new double ferret hutch

    Tidy hutch. I built these two 4 x 2 hutches in my 6 x 4shed.
  2. ferret333

    Beddy x

    5/8 3/8 I think not too sure mate just years of beddy whippet to beddy whippet breeding
  3. ferret333

    Beddy x

    My beddy x
  4. ferret333

    Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    Here you go dinosaurs
  5. Well with the constant wet weather we have been having, the ground just isnt drying so i spread a mix of chippings and gravel to get them off the wet ground. Also the eggs will be a hell of lot cleaner now and wont be caked in mud!
  6. ferret333

    Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    Just some more snaps of my bitch that i posted above.. deer grey collie grey think shes 25 inch tall
  7. ferret333

    Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    deer grey collie grey, dont know the % Catches rabbits well enough and isnt shy..
  8. ferret333

    Marking bedlintons

    I saw a lads half beddy whippet, it marked but used to dig and bite at the holes, it was marking but i couldnt stand that if it was my dog, quiet is a must
  9. ferret333

    Ducks and Mud

    looking good mate
  10. ferret333

    Wee mooch in the sun

    Nice dogs mate, Whats in the black dog besides spaniel?
  11. ferret333

    New ferret today

    I feel sorry for the bloke who posted this topic, I bet he didnt think it would turn into a slagging match for two f***ing babies...
  12. ferret333

    Indian runner ducks

    Shame mate, what incubator are you using
  13. ferret333

    Ducks and Mud

    you will get there mate!