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  1. Join a group called pigeon chat, may be some local to you
  2. Whats your location. Often see them on facebook
  3. Pigeons dont care mate. Many succesful flyers still and have raced to garden shed. If the birds are happy and fit, theyll make it home
  4. Its a great hobby. Just very time consuming and expensive
  5. I keep racers and race them. White racers, coloureds and normal
  6. ferret333

    Full beagle

    Good look mate, least if she works out youll have a base to work off for any furture breedings
  7. Blacks a nuttally type x fell dog I put a red lakey across her , no big names
  8. Warm today so a nice dip in the sea to cool down. Happy to be back out after having his nuts off and a few teeth removed haha
  9. Not much getting posted on these sites so id thought id make a contribution haha, anyway heres my 2, mother is the black and the black and tan is her daughter, pup will be about 8 months old (y)
  10. Done it for years round my area. All the lads on the allotments have me dispatch cock birds and pigeons, i rarely buy food for my ferrets. Its great !
  11. Ive just had these made and posted yesterday for me and our brother. Saw them advertised on a facebook page, listed by a lady called Lynda Jones, on behalf of her husband, her profile picture is a waterfall.
  12. Indian game or a cornish cross cock bird would go well for a meat bird
  13. Heres a few recent pictures from our outings at the waste yard. The young border is coming on a treat
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