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  1. I'll be breeding a Jill or two. Smallish sandy Jill and small albino Jill to a med sized hob, not massive thing North east england
  2. If you want any advice I can tell you what exactly we did and how we fed. I'm no expert but it worked for us well
  3. Yes pure. Cool all the best. It was my first year last year, we won 5 club races and won in our federation
  4. I'm north east england, Middlesbrough way, how far from you. A lad on my allotments has 20, I can get you some. He mainly has hens but I'm sure there will be a cock amongst them
  5. Last year I bred just 2 whites. I rung them and raced the pair. Lost the cock, still have the hen. I'll race her this year again. I'm not sure about her lineage, but the other pairs I have are from a racing line so interested to see how they do
  6. Looks great. Ive got 15 pair of stock pigeons on young. 33 pair of racers paired 6 pair of white racers, 3 pair on eggs
  7. A nice cross, i hope they work out well for you
  8. Evening all, after losing my hob to old age im searching for another to have alongside the jills. Pref white, this years or older aslong as it works. Based north east england. I know bit of an ask given the seasons started but worth a try. Cheers
  9. Do you find they get it all over the pens much? the straw
  10. I know its probably been asked multiple times but this forum could do with some life How many folk use heaters in their kennel beds and if so in what form? Tubular ? Bulb? And what bedding do you all use? Mine currently are on blankets, half temped to change them onto something loose for winter for a more of a snug nest. Straw? Shredded paper?
  11. Ey up just wonderig if many folk minced pigeons to there dogs. Ive got stacks of pigeons in the freezer and wondering if many people feed it or is it abit rich ?
  12. Join a group called pigeon chat, may be some local to you
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