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  1. Husband makes vaccine plea after wife dies without seeing their newborn daughter WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK The husband of a woman who died of Covid-19 after refusing the vaccine has begged people not to wait to get jabbed. Cheers Arry
  2. Been used probably died. Anyway it's probably a generic picture used by the media. Cheers Arry
  3. Covid-19: Hospitals at capacity with mainly unvaccinated patients WWW.BBC.CO.UK Doctors are pleading for people in Gloucestershire to have the jab to help alleviate the pressure. Cheers Arry
  4. Bombed mate bloody great jack crabs about 3 inches across every cast stripping me in two minutes only had harbour rag that I dug. On the Dart opposite Duncannon nice place but it's a crab fest spur of the moment job. Was blowing a bit wanted the wind in my back and clear water. Cheers Arry
  5. COVID-19: Unvaccinated mother, 27, dies with coronavirus as her father calls for fines for people who refuse jab NEWS.SKY.COM Steve Baird tells Sky News he believes his daughter Rashelle would still be alive if she had received the coronavirus vaccine and wants it to be made mandatory. Cheers Arry
  6. The life and tragic death of John Eyers – a fitness fanatic who refused the vaccine | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM He did triathlons, bodybuilding and mountain climbing and became sceptical of the Covid jab. Then, at 42, he contracted the virus Cheers Arry
  7. Down on the rive Dart today. Supposed to be a Salmond made of Granite about 7 foot long. Cheers Arry
  8. Cracking that mate. Be worth making some Christmas cards to send to the family. Cheers Arry.
  9. Drowning some worm and feeding crabs. Cheers Arry
  10. Parasol. Surprised to see it after the frosts. Cheers Arry
  11. Good on Fin takes after his Dads entrepreneur skills. Cheers Arry
  12. No mate bit of lead in one ear mate. Cheers Arry
  13. I would start them on small burrows just keep putting them in mate. Fresh burrows so they have scent and better still in you know theres rabbits in there. Just keep trying them they will switch on mate. if you catch one or have a nice warm one from your mate wriggle it around see if you can get them to bit it just behind the ears. Atb. Cheers Arry
  14. That looks wonderful Kanny the best bit of Beef imo. Thinking of Rib of Beef for Christmas nice dry aged bit of Angus if I can. Cheers Arry
  15. Number 17 from my garden. Bloody things trash the feeders. Hung the bird feeders on foot long wires thats f****d them up. Watch one for ages few days ago it could not figure how to get to them. Started to feed under the feeders on the waste so set cage traps again. Thought was just an odd one but this is two in three days. Can't understand where they are all coming from unless they are moving in from fields about half a mile away. Hardly any acorns this year and not that many Hazel nuts so maybe hunger is forcing them in, they seem fat enough though. Iv'e never known so many as this year
  16. Never cooked one of these before. Bubble and Squeak Frittata or Spanish Omelette. Cheers Arry
  17. Thats what I was trying to get across we all used to fit in mainly. The farmers I'm talking about were hunting people who I've known all my life and the father who have past on. Would let me ferret walk around with the gun if I wanted knock over a pheasant or two a ducks or a goose. The people that own the big shoot are my friends too but I see it getting strained these days by no give and take no you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. The hunting farmers are getting fed up there sport has been taken away and the birds are becoming a problem. I can see them now starting to let the farm hands
  18. Wouldn't say shooting men are against the hunt but I wound say they don't care a less about it. The places I follow the hunt are where I Ferret and Forage and the farmers give me the nod when they are going to meet. In the last few years the keepers of the shoots have taken all the Foxes out. You don't even smell one now. The farmers are right pissed not just because they're hunting is totally f**k but they are over run with over stocked Pheasants hammering their kale and swede crops. Some have started having days shooting them where as they would have never touched them before. Iv'e mooched o
  19. The fishermen are not sailing boats to block the channel tunnel and the French government do nothing. They are using the migrant as a political tool. It's time to stop this piss take. Cheers Arry
  20. If the French government is not policing their Fisherman keeping ports open the channel tunnel etc then they are condoning it. Which of course they are doing. Cheers Arry
  21. I did say French fishing boats not EU fishing boats. It's okay for them to block ports the channel tunnel and stop our fishing boats landing their catch in France. If they can do that then I see no reason we can't kick then out till they stop the trafficking of migrants. Imo we too bloody soft with France on this matter and the fishing licences matter.
  22. I'm convinced the way to stop them is to stop French boats fishing if they cant stop the migrants. We know the French care about the fishing there blocking the channel tunnel and ports and stopping our boat landing their fish. So just order all French Fishing boats out of uk waters from midnight tonight till the migrant boats stop. Cheers Arry
  23. I guess you have heard of peeler crabs Wilf a very big bait for sea anglers. When I was keen I had 500 crab pots for peeling shore crab just bits of gutter ridge tiles stuck in the mud a 45%. What if they then ban all live baits no worm, no maggots, no sand eels. They keep chipping at the edges till it's all gone same as hunting with dogs no packs then no dogs taking any game. Cheers Arry
  24. Spare Ribs. Cheers Arry
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