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  1. I know that feeling,my 2 dogs were mute and only 4 digs a year out the 2 of them as they were to hard.My bitches were nice and steady
  2. I remember the dog £100 a line a few of my mates seen him,and they all said he was the size of a bitch instead of a dog.But some say he produced some workers.
  3. I use the vango banshee pro2 it’s a cracking little tent mate and takes minutes to set up.
  4. yip that’s them borders that most people think don’t work
  5. 51 and sometimes feel 70 but mentally 25.On e ya hit 40 it’s down hill from then.
  6. No worries mate anytime
  7. They have settled in nice mate
  8. The parents are jolly quick sheer khan and jolly quick Devil you know if this helps mate
  9. I’ve just asked him there mate and he says he is sure it’s all running lines,and think it goes back to sooty Sam lines
  10. You think what ya want mate that’s up to you,but I know the lad works them and will tell ya what the dog does and doesn’t do.And as for spennymoor it’s a shit hole of a place now to what it was when I lived there.
  11. Done a decent size 1 yesterday in some pallets,about the size of a football
  12. My mate has just bred a litter of 1stx deerhound greyhound to a whippet dog.He only has a couple of pups left if ya interested.£250 he wants for them
  13. 07887 425114 Ring this lad he makes trebles with the draw in the bottom £95 but I don’t know how much to post to you.You call him Craig just say martyn give you his number
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