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  1. That sounds like our next generation of hunters,I’ve been saying for years they are fecking the sport up but yous kept saying we should help them.And that’s probably what happens even when ya try to help them.The game is over now lads enjoy ya last bit while ya can.
  2. Sorry mate I’ve just seen this,Saxon looked the part and could run a good hare or bigger stuff but wouldn’t pick up.John gave him 1000s of chances on stuff to.
  3. I think that’s the best bet mate saves dealing with fecking muppets.People aren’t happy with bargains and we’ll bred things they are just happy wanting things for feck all with no hard work to do.
  4. Here’s a pice of his young bitch he kept back off a previous little
  5. Them deerhound/greyhound x whippets I bred I kept 1 sold 1 £10,1 £30,1 £40 gave 1 for the stud then the other 5 put them up for £50 a pup.At the time they were going for £150 in the countryman’s weekly and I still had idiots ring up hand haggling on the price.So now if I sold a pup they either pay the asking price as they are all selective bred or they can feck off.I’ve gifted pups and never asked for anything back either but when ya dealing with people ya don’t know they either want it or not.
  6. What is it apart from a ?
  7. Can ya not take it to a bone man who might slip it back in mate
  8. We use Vulcan but it does block the duster up regularly
  9. That’s the lad I couldn’t remember his name.
  10. I watch axel run a hare it it was giving aleast 200yrds head start,he picked up before it got 300yrds like a rabbit.
  11. That’s 1 out of his last litter mate but he is going to send a pic of his bitch for ya
  12. I’ve got no more lurchers in mate but I know a lad who does,last time I put the litter he bred on here the keyboard warriors were slagging him off for been a peddler.He rings me all the time and swears by the cross now because of me.I had the chance of a pup off him but I’m back at my parents now because of a stupid bitch mate but shit happens.
  13. I did mate and 1 of the best things I had done,just for that reason you want.Gameness was still there and had her 1st roe at 11 mths old.Just brought her up and let her do her own thing with it’s mother when out mooching.Real stunning looking thing to the pic I have put up on here was her sister who done good to at her work.She was a stunning looking bitch to and same chilled out attitude as they all have.
  14. Go for a deerhound/ greyhound x whippet then mate,23-25 inch and speed with it
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