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  1. If the cat will come to you buy the spot on flea stuff for dogs and put it on the cat,you will never see it again nor will the owner.
  2. See if you can get in contact with his son Craig mate to see if he is in a home.
  3. didn’t read it properly mate
  4. That has been out a good few years now but still funny when ya see the out come.
  5. Is that why you just sold that one you just got in just asking.But I would only have a pup in anyway as I think you just get other people’s problems with adult dogs.
  6. I might know a lad for them who would give them the best working homes of there life,he has that much permission you couldn’t get to it all in a year.i will get back to you mate as long as he will travel for them.
  7. There’s closer places to you than them max but is a nice place for a walk around,I used to deliver stuff to them.
  8. Yappy feckers mate but funny as anything and lovable but I wouldn’t have another,Ive never had a dog wine and bark as much as one of these but I couldn’t get rid of her.
  9. The blazerlite is the better out the 2 but only the one bulb in it
  10. Wasn’t there a lad on here bred some a few years ago
  11. Look at meateaters it’s his next episode it’s good to mate
  12. I’ve txted him for ya mate
  13. Welcome to the hunting life mate as nothing changes on here atb with ya search mate.
  14. I knew a old boy who had a Kerry blue greyhound 1st cross,he said it was keen for anything and it looked like your pup atb
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