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  1. It’s shocking ray I’ve never been on facebook but from the stories some of the lads tell me the pics they see is embarrassing.44yrs of doing it and had some really good bags but I’m like you now I’m out of it.Just the air rifle to get bits for the pot does me now
  2. That’s the young ones for ya mate,most of them follow there mates and ruin the spot and people wonder why the game is fecked now
  3. She’s late at coming up but mated her 3 times now so hopefully a nice litter in August
  4. Had that before from 1st season hens but some say it could be lack of calcium to.But only had it once
  5. When cruise hit fame everyone wanted to use him,but were latchy lives they are all saluki madnot my cup of tea.Deerhoundxs all the way for me in a lurcher.
  6. It’s been years since I seen him but know he was doing a lot with the terrier’s.The saluki blood would of probably had cruise in there as joey Anderson was on his door step.
  7. Is that latchy from bishop Auckland way you are on about.
  8. I would be putting both chicks in 1 nest and let the pair go again so they aren’t feeding 1 each.
  9. That’s the thing with sibo bullies to native ones,the sibos are more relaxed
  10. Mix it up in a bit of egg food mate as they have probably never had it before.But once you get them on it they will go mad for it
  11. That’s terriers for ya they are cnuts when they start or take a disliking to another dog.
  12. Ya won’t get a terrier to stop when it’s on a scent they go into f**k you moad.
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