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  1. lurchers

    BBC 1 now,poachers in Hexam.

    That sheep has been ragged off a dog and this is our next generation of hunters,that f***ing dog wouldn’t of made it back to the car if it was mine.as for driving the fields the lazy little fuckers what to Jack there so called sport in now and get a PlayStation or Xbox as they have ruined it for us old timers as sport or a hobby.i couldn’t give a shit who jumps onto the reply as it’s fact and most of you say it’s lads just with the wrong crowd.why get into hunting now with the young muppets who haven’t got a clue what to do beats me.so say what you’d want as I don’t hardly come on this shit anyway enjoy lads.
  2. lurchers

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Did you ever here off the lads from Scotland Barry about that bitch
  3. lurchers

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    If you look on this subject on the post you will see the deerhound greyhoundxwhippet I bred about 18yrs ago every bitch mate 23tts and the dogs 25tts there was only one smooth coated which a lad on here got.everyone done the job and some said they would have another tomorrow.the pup I kept back pulled it’s 1st big stuff at 11mths old with another dog but it didn’t hesitate at all.i used a whippet dog over a 26inch 1stx deerhound greyhound I just made a step for the whippet to sire her with no problem.
  4. lurchers

    Stud dog

    He is here if you want to use him mate he’s 8yrs old now but his back has gave he grief off his hunting accident.some dickhead left a teathring spike in the middle of a field and he ran into it after a rabbit,knocked 3 joints out in his back,trapped a nerve,knocked his hip out and stretched the tendon in his back left leg hence why he is retired now.20 tts and was a cracking dog until this.he is buddy whippetxmerle collie greyhound on both side.this is his sire and dam the bottom 2 pics
  5. lurchers

    New Arrivals.

    That’s the type my mate loves if you remember when I pmd you when he wanted another dog.his old dog did everything he wanted and would of shocked a lot of people on this site John.what you are doing is a credit to you and you know what you want.but it says something when a man takes a dog like yours on a shoot day and it embarrasses most of the top gundogs and the keeper says you can bring that dog any day atb with them mate
  6. lurchers

    Working border types

    They think oxcroft is the dog danglies but I think we both no different.
  7. lurchers

    Working border types

    I had a oxcroft bitch off Jeff fenoroli years ago and that was the biggest piece of crap I’ve had so I won’t have owt with oxcroft in it from now.
  8. lurchers

    Working border types

    I’ve said that for years to mate a lot of people who’ve never had one listen to idiots about them not working until they are 3yrs old,what a load of bollocks.like you have said treat them like you would any other breed and they will come on just the same as any other.mine have good noses and are from a decent lines and the dog I’m going to put over my bitch is a good digging dog to.
  9. lurchers

    Working border types

    And they say kc borders don’t graft,the conumdrum side has never grafted in there lives as she only shows them.the owner is Jane Parker.but like I’ve said for years the kc ones still graft like the non kc ones if you get the right dog.
  10. lurchers

    Working border types

    I did reply to your post but it’s been removed so that won’t happen again.enjoy your dogs and good luck with them
  11. lurchers

    Working border types

    Why would somebody go out and pay a grand plus for a coursing pup that might not make the grade,but twist at the price for a well bred border terrier pup.if the breeding is right and you like and want a good pup pay the money and be happy with it.let everybody else twist about the price you payed simple as I’ve had borders for 30yrs and I used to do a lot of digging with them but my back is knackered now but I still choose the right dog to go over the right bitch,as I like to keep the type and not one of them little head snippy nosed things people call borders.
  12. lurchers

    greyhound whippet

    The only fault with them is they are to quick everything is 100mph with them,like said be ideal to work the nets with your other dogs.tell ya mate he needs to learn about dogs before saying that kind of crap.
  13. lurchers

    Rabbit decline

    I do every time I go out wether gun,dogs or ferrets,been doing it for years now,I enjoy just been out wondering my days have gone coming back with 60s plus then sitting there gutting and skinning,2 or 3 does me now one of my perms I’ve left for 2 seasons now as I left enough to have a few flights when I had the hawks to and I know it’s safe land as there is only me with perm on it.its good for pheasants during the season as it’s between 2 shoots and the farmer won’t even let them on.theres lads still go out in breeding season which doesn’t help as it’s called that for a reason but they know better till the season starts, then they are twisting cos it’s crap so it’s not just mixi hitting them .i wouldn’t that you for another lurcher now as it wouldn’t do it justice
  14. lurchers

    Puppy wanted

    Why a coursing bred one then mate would a good fast lurcher x lurcher not be better for you then
  15. lurchers

    The value of letting a pup be a pup

    If it didn’t carry it back at that age it would be in a hole