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  1. These will be the same mate and the dogs about 25/26 and a bit stronger built all made good keen dogs and punched high.The bitch I kept was on her 1st roe at 11mths and held it ok but some come quicker than others.She hoovered rabbits up like no tomorrow.But the 5 that were worked everyone who had them all say they were to fast for there own good but would have another tomorrow .They were all nice pups when I looked at them but the brindle would be my choice before a black one.
  2. He’s worried it won’t make the height but I know it will make a least 23tts like the ones I bred 21yrs ago.
  3. I like the bitch pup he’s kept for himself mate,that’s why I was pleased they were all sold before I went over to have a look at them mate.I’ve got know fancy for another lurcher but if I did it would be this cross mate
  4. Pleased I could help mate now you can enjoy her and remember slow is better
  5. Citeron own Vauxhall now just look at the new vivaro and combo vans,they are belingos and despatch vans.
  6. I couldn’t give a crap who gets in as the way I see it they are only going to shaft us and get what they can out of it,then end up retiring abroad like most of them.Same as the furlough why the f**k should I pay more tax to pay it back when I’ve never had the time off with it.I said years ago this country is f****d and wanted to emigrate to Oz but the wife backed out when she released I meant it.16yrs later she wish we had now
  7. Going off your post you don’t know much about dogs but yes it’s Merle off the collie and you don’t get Merle whippets or greyhounds unless crossed to a Merle collie only,the only other way is if the black and white collie carries the Merle gene and it looks like you enjoy her in its pet form from the working side.
  8. Go to B&M mate and get a soup maker £40 takes 21mins to make fresh veg soup or a smoothie one of the best things we have bought mate and can’t go wrong,just chop all ya veg fill up to the mark select smooth or chunky job done.
  9. That’s because some people get a price they want to pay in there head and think feck him that’s what he wanted and that’s all he’s getting,my mate has just sold all his deerhound greyhound x whippet pups for £450 on the website and his phone never stopped.A lad on here and his pal got 1 each even though a member on here said his mate had a litter of beddy whippet greyhounds what the lad had just lost and wanted to replace.The lad was quoted a £1000 a pup that’s why I say there is lads on here charging the top dollar what they are going for on pets4homes but won’t admit it when a thread like th
  10. £74 for full vacation at Vets4pets at Durham for 2 dogs and I mean both jabs 2 dogs.
  11. It can still work mate but some say it could be the bitch just not ready yet.Try her again as you might get ya tie mate,I’ve just had my border bitch do the same but she did tie on the 3rd day.Good luck
  12. That’s what I was thinking with all the chances on here might just try to say what he needs to know to get the pup off him.
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