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  1. 07887 425114 Ring this lad he makes trebles with the draw in the bottom £95 but I don’t know how much to post to you.You call him Craig just say martyn give you his number
  2. Nice pair of crossbill’s mate a rare thing to see these days,the cock is the red one.
  3. That’s just what the vet said mate so it would be an expensive do if you have a few dogs in
  4. When I asked about milbemax mate they said you have to treat every month for it to clear lung worm.
  5. Does pets at home not sell that.
  6. Get some orange’s cut them in half as the slugs can’t resist them,it works atreat mate as they can’t resist the acid in the oranges,or table salt scattered all over
  7. My mate sent me this yesterday and it’s not far from we’re he lives,I had to screen shot this as I don’t know how to up load the link.
  8. She’s looking good and shaping up nicely.
  9. lurchers

    Tail feathers

    My mate has the same problem with a gos he has just bought.
  10. Still here if anyone is interested lads
  11. I’m not strapped for cash mate but they will take room up in my new shed
  12. Come and get one mate £50 it’s yours
  13. My mother even said yesterday when I went for my dinner,you missing the dogs aren’t you.They have been gone 2wks now I’ve had them for 41yrs and always been my life.But having to move back in with 2 84yr olds that don’t need this stress mate.Things had to change because of a nosey old fecker out the back who will complain if they bark.
  14. I can store them myself mate when I built my new shed at me mothers this week,I think that’s me done with the dogs now mate.
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