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  1. lurchers

    greyhound whippet

    The only fault with them is they are to quick everything is 100mph with them,like said be ideal to work the nets with your other dogs.tell ya mate he needs to learn about dogs before saying that kind of crap.
  2. lurchers

    Rabbit decline

    I do every time I go out wether gun,dogs or ferrets,been doing it for years now,I enjoy just been out wondering my days have gone coming back with 60s plus then sitting there gutting and skinning,2 or 3 does me now one of my perms I’ve left for 2 seasons now as I left enough to have a few flights when I had the hawks to and I know it’s safe land as there is only me with perm on it.its good for pheasants during the season as it’s between 2 shoots and the farmer won’t even let them on.theres lads still go out in breeding season which doesn’t help as it’s called that for a reason but they know better till the season starts, then they are twisting cos it’s crap so it’s not just mixi hitting them .i wouldn’t that you for another lurcher now as it wouldn’t do it justice
  3. lurchers

    Puppy wanted

    Why a coursing bred one then mate would a good fast lurcher x lurcher not be better for you then
  4. lurchers

    The value of letting a pup be a pup

    If it didn’t carry it back at that age it would be in a hole
  5. I know that man very well he and his wife have had whippets for must be touching 40yrs now.
  6. lurchers

    What type are these?

    Visiting the lad who had is sister
  7. lurchers

    What type are these?

    He looked like a beddie grey pup when I got him at 8wks old
  8. lurchers

    What type are these?

    This is him I’ve had to screen shot it if that’s the one you have seen on that thread
  9. lurchers

    What type are these?

    I got my son 1 yrs ago and it was a good dog but I didn’t pay nowhere near Jeff’s price for it.there is a pic on here of him as photobucket won’t let me upload any pics the dog did everything that got put in front of him.if I got back into the lurchers and had the chance of another like him I would take it no problem.have a look on the Smithfield thread and you can see him on there he is 16yrs old now and stiff as owt after a walk to the top of the street.i think all the knocks and bangs he has had is taking its toll.
  10. lurchers

    Knives and multi tools.

    Gerber suspension multi tool like the silver one in the pic above,they are just as good as leatherman and lifetime warranty
  11. lurchers


    I’ve got a little Merle whippet you could of used mate if I had seen ya add earlier
  12. lurchers

    Quick question?

    Taking in the fact of selective breeding,stud fees,bringing the pup up and doing the job it’s cones to time as you wouldn’t work for free everyday of your life would you.but like said horses,greyhounds,pigeons,canaries British birds if you want good stock you pay the price.but like you say lads get slated for selling pups £200 plus.all you have to say to the people then is don’t pay it if you can’t afford it and stop waiting your time.
  13. lurchers

    False pregnancy

    The white vinegar helps pull them back up tight to the bell
  14. lurchers

    False pregnancy

    It’s an old greyhound mans trick mate and works
  15. lurchers

    False pregnancy

    1/4 tea spoon of Epsom salts for 10 days to take what milk is there off her and rub white vinagar on her tits twice a day mate should go back flat with in 2wks.do the same to bitches that’s had litters to