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  1. I’ve used them twice made and thought they were spot on.
  2. Try dogrunpanels.co.uk that’s were all of mine come from,ya 1st panel is £20 delivery then £5 a panel after that so make sure you get them all together mate.I got 3 door panels and 2 dividers and it was £345 delivered
  3. Or if you don’t want something to big go for deerhound greyhound whippet mate.
  4. I wish mate you think I had a wok up the front of my shirt.
  5. I had the minis for years mate and I never cut corners,if you need them you buy them as that’s what you need instead of cheaper shit.but that’s me.I always say to people my mint is different to your mint and my loads is different to your loads.
  6. Just pay the money if that’s what’s needed or look on eBay and find some old mini wheels with tyres mate.Try blackcircle and type the size ya need mate.
  7. Some of them play on it as they find it easier living inside than with some of the idiots outside.But they know how to play the game as most of them are really intelligent people and just throw aside
  8. Keep at it mate she will soon be on it well done with her.
  9. I watch a programme about these and the money they sell for is mental,some have waiting lists for years before it right through the family.
  10. No but why start producing faults in dogs or should that be a trend to.
  11. They still make good pets if ya did keep one back mate but I would be on the same way as you are already think.
  12. 3rd fecking hell I would be peeing like a race horse if I drank that many on a morning.
  13. Needs must mate but the lurcher game is fecked now,so things will change even more in the next 2yrs
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