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  1. Could have a hail line fracture mate it’s still worth getting it check even though it could be a sprain
  2. Just a thought mate as I’ve seen that happen before
  3. Is the bald patch off off how your dog sits on it as some times that can happen,just like a kennel sore mate.
  4. Very nice looking animal that mate and well put together
  5. I know how you feel as the granddaughter has ours sitting for crisps.
  6. What ever comes into your head after this thread find a YouTube channel or something will ya,as it’s getting beyond a joke now lad.Are you just trying to go through every breed in the world to see what they were bred for,if so read up on them instead of putting the shit on here as it’s getting fecking soul destroying now.Just remember this is a hunting forum not what can a lap dog lick apart from fanny lips.
  7. We’re they retrieved to or did you had to walk up to them.
  8. Shooting up now mate,I was talking to David the other day he says the 1 he kept back is coming on mint to mate.
  9. Well didn’t take long for this thread to go tits up only on thl
  10. No worries mate I forgot to tell ya what Tony t has just said to mate.
  11. Yes mate that’s all you will need and the dog will have it for about 4days
  12. So why don’t you buy a bedlington terrier dog as they are better than a poodle then get ya self a whippet bitch,so you can breed your own little rabbit dog bush dog.At least with the beddie your allergy thing is sorted.
  13. They are just lap dogs mate that’s what the breed is but they shouldn’t have brittle bones like that but it’s a breed fault.And at the time they were £800 a pup I thought I would rather save my money.
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