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  1. johnrussell84

    Few of mine

    Nice wee team mate, big dog looks like a wise fella
  2. johnrussell84

    Greyhound mag box

    One in for sale section
  3. johnrussell84

    Pups debut

    nice pup go do mate atb with him for the season
  4. johnrussell84


    Quality videos them mate awesome to see them under water like that.
  5. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Defo mate she puts up with me going awol all winter and takes her share of walks in the summer
  6. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Mate my choice is the grizzle but the wife and kids has picked otherwise and they’re my puppy sitters when am at work so a Dinae mind what stays really
  7. johnrussell84

    New Pup Out Of Tigger

    Big strong dog him mate atb with it
  8. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Cheers mate
  9. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Cheers mate think the big grizzle bitch will be looking for a home
  10. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Cheers Jordan i only need an honest pot filler that will try on abit of everything
  11. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Mind that’s the same one the pups been at a few times tough customer it is
  12. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    These crazy things sound like it’s a full war when u go into them they’re swinging off ears or tails snarling and growling there heads off lol
  13. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Squeaky getting now when it’s feeding time, a think they fancy there chances with the old russell lol
  14. johnrussell84

    A Week on

    Meet the great outdoors
  15. johnrussell84

    New pup

    Nice pup fella atb with it