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  1. Cheers Taff . I reckon she will get by . Jamie's has turned out a right smart animal
  2. You looking forward to the season kicking off ?
  3. I'm particular mate. If I wasn't worrying . I'd worry I wasn't
  4. This is where we have all gone wrong . We coulda saved a fortune
  5. Could be worse I could own a yappy beddy who can be heard before it could be seen
  6. Weight would be decent c**t eats a horse and looks like a rake
  7. Yeh she'll be what she will be . She won't get allowances cause I bred her she will be judged like any other. I have some concerns over her build for what I run but she may have a technique. We will see
  8. Yeh mate , the wee hill am sure grows each year . Some nice wee trout in there
  9. Took a walk onto a small hill, breeze helped along the way. Wee dam at the top helps too cool off
  10. That's what. Happens with a heinze variety
  11. Amber's just turned 13 months. All her sisters had broken down and she was last to come . Broke down yesterday for the 1st time . Just in time for the season starting . She had me starting to sweat alittle with D day looming .
  12. Her mother has a good neck, she's been an easy pup and fairly biddable ...... to date
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