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  1. Yeh can see over the counter now paying for fuel
  2. Got sorted folks. Fella ferretman quoted is a top fella
  3. Nearly 4 foot with a pair off good Wellies
  4. Anyways the dvd was from Ireland. Was a post on here a long time ago. They used old jack Russell's aswell for flushing. The fella was on here for a wee bit
  5. Hello a few years ago their was a foxing dvd with the dog bones in it. Good wee watch. My misses has lost the dvd. Can anyone help ?
  6. Dark red bitch is the mum she's 8 now. Brown bitch is 4 this month and the light fawn is 14 months. Not long to go but I bet we don't get rain like the last few days in September . Nature has a way of making us wait lol
  7. The past 2 seasons I have stopped start off February and in return it doesn't half feel like a long time for September to come round again. Dogs are getting abit frustrated now although the old girl is finished she likes to feel part off the team
  8. Hello all my misses wanted a dog she could call her own. I used to keep Russell's but through work commitments I've stuck with my lurchers thay can work round my pattern. From the misses wanting a fancy x we somehow compromised with a springer. Don't ask how we got there as a spaniel was never even in conversation. Mum and dad are right small types which suit me to a tee. Does anyone work there springer like a normal busher and let it hunt up and work woodlands etc. If on a walk with me that's the way I'd like her to be. Would be left to hunt a variety of game
  9. Thanks mate, she's nice to have about . Apart from bonkers. Opposite to her sister from previous litter
  10. I've always kept smooth types but I kept her back from this litter. 13 months 26 inch and right strong .
  11. She's bred off my own bitch. Saluki whippet grey x collie whippet to a boy of the sites big dog.
  12. Fingers crossed he does him proud. I'm sure you will get to see plenty off him next year
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