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  1. johnrussell84

    New blood

    He needed pts in March mate. He went to a wee russell/paterdale bitch she had 7 pups not long before it went on to find him in 2 good digs but even then he hadnt really been right from the december and gradually got worse
  2. johnrussell84

    New blood

    , I said peanut a while ago but the kids wanna call her dora so that's me told
  3. johnrussell84

    Bitch in pup

    Good luck bud. Gonae be a handy litter this is
  4. johnrussell84

    New blood

    Cheers mate
  5. johnrussell84

    New blood

    It's a bitch mate both are . I like the smaller types for around me. She's related to my old dog, I just don't have a terrier around me at the minute
  6. johnrussell84

    New blood

    Hopefully she will be used in the same way as my last mate. Not everyone's cup off tea but works for me. Bushing to the big dogs some digging and ye some general mooching
  7. johnrussell84

    New blood

    This little lady with the 2 patches will hopefully be coming home in a few weeks time. The house is quiet with no terrier and the lurchers are no hassle at all. I still feel like a parts missing and mooching just hasn't been the same without a little dog
  8. johnrussell84

    Few hours knitting nets

    Took u long enough to get round to eventually trying
  9. johnrussell84

    Long summer

  10. johnrussell84

    Long summer

    She picked up 2 today whilst the wee man was fishing. Let the 2nd one run for another day an kept one for the ferrets
  11. johnrussell84

    Few Perch

    Same place as above love taking the wee ones up for them
  12. johnrussell84

    Long summer

    Mines live indoors mate. Pain in the arse showering in winter all the time but all in all they ain't bad
  13. johnrussell84

    Long summer

    I'd imagine. We have the salmon in just now but the waters a tad brown the now
  14. johnrussell84

    Long summer

    Cheers mate
  15. johnrussell84

    Long summer

    Probs but I just want to see them lol