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  1. Right strong looking him. I don't have any photos off her now , she looked more spaniel but very similar would smash through any cover. What size is he ?
  2. A good mate sent 1 off these up to me for 6 months to work alongside my russell as I flushed alot off roe etc. She came right into her own flushing and marking fox to ground. Would travel any cover. I was wondering does anyone keep or breed this type ?
  3. 10 months old the other day . My own bitch at the top is just over 24 tts. Red bitch is 24. Give each other some stick play fighting. Jumping gates etc no hassles , stock breaking going well . See how they go September
  4. That's what I use . Good bit off kit
  5. Be next season mate once they have the lungs. Going to give them 1 more wee outing . Hairy bitch will have another couple and then it's time to pick a rod up again
  6. No mate, the small red bitch is with a good mate 2miles away. She's with me every outing tho. She runs very like her grandmother where u close your eyes at times
  7. Another 3 last night. They can have 1 more outing in a couple off weeks and enjoy the summer. Really happy with them early doors look up an at them for pups
  8. Yeh mate , she's doing right well. She's very committed for a puppy
  9. He's already blocked me. Expecting hate mail tomorrow
  10. Cheers buddy. Forna while o was thinking plan B And C but it all worked out OK
  11. I got one off my pups back last Friday from a mate, I placed her with my other mate closer to home. Wind was blowing last night although very bright. We took off anyways. (Innit to win it) . The 1st half hour we seen a few in the thermal but all on the move. We eventually landed on a nice 1 for his pup and she scoobed up no issues . Mines has had a couple more runs than her sister so she had a little more complex run which she done very well. Another for her. On the way back they managed another 1 each. Chuffed watching the 2 sisters and amazing to see them 1 after
  12. She's doing well mate. Well with the basics she is . The rest all I can do is show her
  13. Aye Steve get her back out in a fortnight
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