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  1. johnrussell84

    Out Today

    Fucksakes shit luck that mate sounded a real handy animal. Hope u have a hassle free season from here out . Good luck mate
  2. johnrussell84

    Over the hundred

    Some pics again mate . Too class
  3. johnrussell84

    Running salmon

    If A say am jealous it's an understatement. Some real nice fish mate
  4. johnrussell84

    Team for likely next next season

    Nice to see Ross . Ave taken on this crazy kit for this year . Got my hands full a think this year but we shall see how wee go.
  5. johnrussell84

    Running salmon

    Good do mate. Cracking watch that
  6. johnrussell84


  7. johnrussell84


    Ye just wasn't sure timing with the lurcher just turning a year for splitting time. Commited now so looks like al be a stranger to the wife again this winter
  8. johnrussell84


    Cheers mate
  9. johnrussell84


    As a few know I lost my old dog back In March and for alittle while there I wasn't to sure about going through it all again. But a friend gave me an offer and after some thought I took him up. Here she is little dora.
  10. johnrussell84

    Just chilling

    No mate. Wish I did that was the pups first time, I usually have them on some flat parks down the road abit from me for a run around. Beach is about 25 mins drive really should make more effort to take them
  11. johnrussell84

    Just chilling

    Waited for the heat to drop and took the dogs down the coast .
  12. johnrussell84

    whippet greyhound x saluki greyhound

    Red bitch I bred saluki whippet grey x collie whippet
  13. johnrussell84

    New blood

    He needed pts in March mate. He went to a wee russell/paterdale bitch she had 7 pups not long before it went on to find him in 2 good digs but even then he hadnt really been right from the december and gradually got worse
  14. johnrussell84

    New blood

    , I said peanut a while ago but the kids wanna call her dora so that's me told
  15. johnrussell84

    Bitch in pup

    Good luck bud. Gonae be a handy litter this is