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  1. Aye not bad mate . Just working away and walking the dogs in between
  2. Shit news that mate . He turned into a fine animal and seemed to do you proud. I mind you saying the misses got attached to him scunnered for you mate
  3. Mother is saluki whippet grey collie grey . I had her mother aswell. I put my red bitch to a coursing type and that's the pup from them on the right
  4. My 2 mother and daughter. They've started fairly well so far
  5. nice when one happens like that. Good stuff
  6. The pup starting to take some shape almost 14 months
  7. Cheers mate 2 dogs to the right at the back are mother and father to my pup on the left
  8. I'm with that . On a track or real short stone terrain they can give an account for themselfs
  9. Al keep this pup trotting till her season clears and then get her going . She's had a few wee bits and bobs
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