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  1. Aye up pal. Things take funny turns. Not sure when. Hope next couple of week. Jok.

    1. johnrussell84


      Spot on mate,  if you could keep me posted . I will asl Sean to get in touch 

    2. jok


      Eh up John. Right. They have promised to turn up on Saturday, these the guys who have said that for 9 weeks ffs. Still can’t make any plans because of them. Jok.

    3. johnrussell84


      Spot on mate I'm around anyways keep me posted. I've got fingers  crossed for ya 

  2. I am mate yeh still speak from time to time
  3. All good mate. Still ducking and diving, yourself?
  4. 106 that night buddy. Might just have been someone passing and seen a few off the side of the road and chanced there arm. Hope the pup recovers soon for you.
  5. Excellent pics, you had some good weather for it. Hopefully the midges didn't spoil your stay to much
  6. Cheers buddy we will give it a good effort. Hope all is well at your end. Do you still spend a few days camping up here ?
  7. Abit of sisterly bonding awaiting the ground to ease up. Mia is 4 and Judy is coming 18 months. Fingers crossed you all have a safe season ahead
  8. Yeh can see over the counter now paying for fuel
  9. Got sorted folks. Fella ferretman quoted is a top fella
  10. Nearly 4 foot with a pair off good Wellies
  11. Anyways the dvd was from Ireland. Was a post on here a long time ago. They used old jack Russell's aswell for flushing. The fella was on here for a wee bit
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