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  1. Pied d'honneur Foot of honor, a tradition of venery in France. When the hunt has been good, to pay tribute to a participant, the Master can give him a foot of the animal. The foot is braided.
  2. They hunted for a quater past one. Obviously they sometimes lost the scent during few minutes, they fell in default.
  3. Vènerie du lièvre en France Hare hunting with hounds
  4. He's drunked ? He's sleeping ? No he's hunting.
  5. Equipage Taisson de la Blaise (green) et Nez de Cuir (gray), that's the end of the badger season here.
  6. During the meeting, no problem with anti. But they are more and more dangerous in media and parliament. Nowadays, we have a lot of urban people who want to ban badger and fox hunting.
  7. On this occasion, we met an old equipage, the Chassignol equipage was founded in 1937. Later They hunted badgers that were intended for medical research (endoctrination phenomena). The badgers were transported alive in crates from Roanne to Bordeaux by train to the laboratory of Professor René Canivenc. Seasonal variations in plasma luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels in the European badger Meles meles L - ScienceDirect WWW.SCIENCEDIRECT.COM Although active spermatogenesis occurs throughout the year in the male European badger Meles meles L.
  8. This was before the Covid-19 crisis. Badger hunter crew meeting in France (near Roanne). We have seen wire-haired fox terrier, wire-haired dachshund, smooth-haired fox terrier, jagd terrier, patterdale terrier, welsh terrier working. Beautiful countryside and good friends.
  9. It's White but it reminds me of a black wire-haired terrier.
  10. October 2020, discovery day of badger hunting. This was organized for the students of the Agricultural High School. None of the students know about hunting. The two badgers caught were released. The young people appreciated the work of the dogs.
  11. I have always had patterdales. I have never owned a fox terrier. Friends have it. Sadly, all of my Jack Russells have died in the past two years. Little Betty was definitely the best. Betty 2012 Badger 2009
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