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  1. Blaise

    New Season In France

    If anyone speak about one more time of locator on this thread, just one time, this will be the end. I'm convinced that diversity is interesting, different ways of hunting is wonderful, that we have a lot of pleasure to discover who is hunting an other way. I'm very involved in hunting in France and this my life. I'm haven't any time to spend to somebodies who never hunted with me, who speak about my art by ignorance. One more time, the end.
  2. Blaise

    New Season In France

    I'm going to hunt badger for three days with Best friends , with Brit dogs and without e-collar. Bye.
  3. Speak about the advantages of locator, happiness and great values of e-hunting. (And leave this b*****d of french who is definitely unable to understand what hunting badger mean)
  4. Blaise

    New Season In France

    Absolutely, some are speaking about my hunt but they weren't with us. The number of holes never depend on ability to locate the dog.
  5. Blaise

    New Season In France

    Rat Face, It depends of earth. Beyond 6 or 7 ft, it's very difficult.
  6. Blaise

    New Season In France

    The channel is so large, I'm very impressed.
  7. Blaise

    New Season In France

    No I never dug to an otter. Very rare in France and highly protected. I thought otter was hunted with hounds more than dug ?
  8. Blaise

    New Season In France

    Two meters for a coypu
  9. Blaise

    New Season In France

    Keep doing what you do the way you want. Badger was turning for a long time. First dig in order to cut the way. Then badgers has been push in the stop end. Thus second hole 3 meters. Two badgers. We don't need your collar, we do the job without.
  10. Blaise

    New Season In France

    According to french hunting rules, shoot inside the hole is a bad manner. You have to catch the animal without hurt, before to dispatch it or let it go. If you have to dispatch it, do it outside the set. So we have special tongs in order to catch the badger in a safe way, this's the law.
  11. Blaise

    New Season In France

    The first time
  12. Blaise

    New Season In France

    The disastrous vegan movement take an increasing place in France. Some hunt sab appears. Butchers are attacked, circus with animals too.
  13. Blaise

    New Season In France

    This wasn't a good dig. We have still young foxes in the sets this season. So dogs are hunting for themselves.