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  1. All the top dogs looking for new homes
  2. I’ve had my fair share of the beer dog talk over the years but f**k me lads there’s a pub near me they kill some stuff in there lol
  3. Yep iv said same for years to many years
  4. Good luck iv been thinking the same just need to do the maths I’ve got 5 years before retirement age I don’t think I can do this shite for much longer
  5. You get about a bit mate
  6. I think they are all the same they will f**k anything with a pulse
  7. Are you a Royalist ? I personally Despise everyone of them glorified beggars
  8. View Advert Old Gin Traps 42 old gin traps for display purposes only £5 each or £150 for all Advertiser dai dogs Date 10/03/24 Price £150 Category Miscellaneous  
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