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  1. Looks a flying Machine
  2. My neighbour just asked me could I wank her dog off f***ing Welsh girls are straight to the point what she meant was could I Ai her friends bitch with her dog f***ing class
  3. Look at this f***ing lot the mrs going camping for 1 night ffs
  4. My escape from the shit in my life
  5. Universal basic income won’t be long to follow & cashless society
  6. I couldn’t be f****d reading all the comments but at least they are trying to make a statement unlike most
  7. Many small businesses will be going under very soon it started with the white diesel now it’s gas and electric
  8. Did he take your advice Ken ?
  9. Anyone saved someone’s life I’ve saved 2 on pure instinct saved a boy from drowning when I was about 18 gave my daughter mouth to mouth when she was 8 weeks old
  10. Fat fingers posted twice
  11. There’s an old saying you can’t count your true friends on one hand
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