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  1. Never happy lol
  2. That sounds interesting mate I might pop up and have a look it’s not far from me if you come across a Merthyr brick keep hold of it very rare to find
  3. Collect useless items when out and about
  4. I never thought I would
  5. Yes mate very well spent many a mad night there
  6. Looking down on the notorious Gurnos Estate
  7. Old terrier started choking mrs takes him to the vet as soon as he walked in examination room spews up the object no treatment whatsoever £78 please ffs
  8. My neighbour just asked me could I wank her dog off f***ing Welsh girls are straight to the point what she meant was could I Ai her friends bitch with her dog f***ing class
  9. Look at this f***ing lot the mrs going camping for 1 night ffs
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