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  1. Not good mate ok with the pack she knew but would kill other dogs
  2. This site has not changed still full of fairy tales
  3. No one as mentioned using STUFF with no faults
  4. Better than culls you mean?? Better than Average it says in the English dictionary
  5. inbreeding may develop problems but back breeding can produce excellence , quality , tough offspring when bred from the Superior Base Why not breed a good bitch and a good dog???? What do you think SUPERIOR means ?
  6. If you breed out of 2 Superior dogs the chances are you wont get SHIT
  7. Very surprised that you never heard of back breeding as its used with the dedicated breeders Superior dog and bitch are bred a female pup is kept --- breed this female to her father -- keep a female pup then breed her to her father -- and so on always using the original sire . Takes years to produce the desired goal . why didn't you just say line breeding.it'll be alright then. Because its not called line breeding
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