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  1. Something distinctly "iffy" about this ! At first it was reported as a British child gone missing in Turkey and sounded very much like another "Maddie". Now it's being reported that it's a mother and child gone missing, and sounds more like a custody battle. Cheers.
  2. £4:60 for a pint of larger, the new owners have just reduced the price, quite ironic as the owners are Saudis ! ! I haven't a clue how much food is. Cheers.
  3. My late daughters alta ego was "Jo-Jo Davioletta Al Faisal" Dont ask....even I don't know why ! ! Cheers.
  4. Annunziatta Rees- Mogg, Jacobs sister. Now THATS some handle ! ! Cheers.
  5. Well, someone had to do it !! Going by the replies on here, the average age is 47.76 ! Cheers.
  6. Don't know much about it other than encouraging people to cancel their gas and electric direct debits. Problem is, there was a bloke on Sky News this morning saying if they do that, they will have their services cut off and then be charged to have them reinstated, and, as they will be classed as bad debtors, they will be put on the highest tariff and maybe even a pre-paid meter. Cheers.
  7. Ray was 70 last week. Still fit and agile, just like Buck ! A good man, still at it Cheers.
  8. Should have went to Close House, five minutes from mine, I would have introduced you Cheers.
  9. Interesting you should ask that ! Newcastle have three "new shirts"; the back and white stripes first shirt; the blue and gold trim away shirt, and the infamous third "Saudi" shirt. But, even though the Premier Leage accepted these three shirts, they have now deemed them unsuitable for the game against Brighton. So Newcastle have come up with a FOURTH shirt ! Yes, it's a very nice shirt, it has images of St. James Park, the Tyne Bridge and the Theatre Royal, but it just means parents will now have to pay another £60- £70 for another shirt for their kid ! Theres no way
  10. I've got a feeling your "vocal" mate may just have been the architect of his own downfall ? Iv'e take many away supporters into the Toon, and taken them into such salubrious venues as the Three Bulls, The Percy, the Black Garter and they have been made most welcome......banter, yes, but no violence. Perhaps it was just because they were with me, but I doubt it. My daughter was once the tour manager for a UAE seven a side team playing at St. James' and I had them in almost every bar in the Toon, and not a hint of bother, even though they were all Arabs. It was mostly craic,
  11. "Once we were heroes, Once we defended our wives and children. Twice when the barbarian was knocking on the door we fought them and defeated them. Now, the barbarian isn't rebuffed, they are picked up mid channel and brought and treated better than our own ! The older generation are angry, their spirt may be strong, but their bodies are weak , will the younger generation rally to the cause as their dads and grandfathers did ? I doubt it, but if they do, it's not the barbarians that we need to defeat.....Its the traitorous politicians that need defeating ! " Cheer
  12. "Mansplaining" at its best ! ! The feminists must love you ! ! Cheers.
  13. Women playing football ? We'll be letting them int Working Men's Clubs next ! Cheers.
  14. All the hi tech gear in the helicopters, aircraft, etc was destroyed, rendering them inoperable. We did the same after the gulf wars, but loads of lo- tech equipment was left operable. I saw lines of land rovers with just delivery mileage, left in parking lots where they had been off loaded. Some of my pals ended up with a few. The reasoning was it was cheaper to leave them there than take them home. Cheers.
  15. I know mate, it's a terrible likeness ! But I'm a "glass half full" type of bloke, so I'm happy the statue is back where it belongs Let me know if you're up here in February for the game, and I'll have a drink with you in Shearers Bar ! Cheers.
  16. 70, and as pert as a rutting buck Cant wait for the season to start and getting some serious work into the young dog Cheers.
  17. I never mentioned getting on the property ladder ? Im talking about living within our means. I agree it's extremely difficult to get onto the property ladder, but I know plenty of 30-40 year olds, including relatives, who have maxed out credit cards, overdrafts, up to their eyes in debt, just to have the latest iPhone and a new leased motor. Their priorities seem to be live for today, "keep up with the Jones's ". My priority would be to live within my means and save up the deposit for a mortgage. But each to their own.....I choose my path, it may not be the path others
  18. 40 years ago we didn't have £50 a month mobile phone contracts. We didn't have Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple, Sky monthly contracts. We didn't have a new car every two years on lease. We cooked our own dinners, we didn't have them delivered by Just Eat. We would get a bus, not an Uber. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above, but if you are going to live above your means, don't blame the government.........blame yourself. Does anyone take personal responsibility anymore ? Cheers.
  19. I'm certainly no supporter of taxes, but I consider them a necessary evil. Forget benefits for a moment, what about the armed forces, the NHS, education, the police, fire services, ambulance services, old age pensions, roads and infrastructure, etc ? All paid out of taxation. The lower the taxation, the less we can spend on all of the above. Of course vast amounts of money is wasted, just take the millions we spend each day on illegal immigrants, then the almost $20 BILLION we give away on overseas aid each year, all taken from the tax pot ! I hate to sound like a politicia
  20. Most food is zero rated for v.a.t. Household gas and electric is rated at 5% v.a.t., and this is because the EU imposed it upon us. Boris said he would remove the 5% v.a.t. on gas and electricity when we left the EU........sadly just another broken promise by a politician Cheers.
  21. I thought it was all part of the "Net Zero" plan ? Keep petrol, diesel, gas, electric prices artificially high so we wean ourselves off them and reduce the carbon emissions. In 2008, Oil was $130 a barrel, petrol was under £1 a litre, now oil is $90 a barrel and petrol is almost £2 a litre. Go figure ! Cheers.
  22. I got him the Newcastle "Saudi" shirt, and the new away shirt has just came out, which just happens to be the exact same colours as SaudiArabian Airlines, but at £62 a go, he may have to wait until I go to Thailand again, where they are only about a fiver . Hes back in Saudi now, but it would be foolhardy for anyone to walk around this area wearing a red and white shirt ! ! Cheers.
  23. That's the Fairs Cup, the precursor to the Europa. Cup, they won that in '69, and nothing since, so no wonder the cupboard is bare ! Its not the trophy room, it's just the reception for the tour Cheers.
  24. So he's blatantly telling Welsh farmers that he puts Bangladesh taxi drivers before them........ Yet Wales voted the f****r into power ? Dear God......... Cheers.
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