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  1. Cheers bud I’ll get my daughter to find it for me. Atb
  2. Can’t find this on Sky Netflix or Amazon? Help needed. Atb
  3. They should’ve smashed his ankles so he couldn’t walk again. Hope they get to him again soon. Atb
  4. I get mine clipped as impossible to keep her coat free from matting up. Atb
  5. Wish they’d kill the fekin birds in tree at back of ours. Noisy buggers waking me uo at dawn!! Atb
  6. We got 3 cats & wife wants a Main coon cat next ! Atb
  7. Watched it over last couple of nights. Not really a boxing man but thoroughly enjoyed it . Atb
  8. I would’ve thought most companies would do you a deal on that sort of order. Good luck. Atb
  9. Just listened to that very interesting Thankyou. Atb
  10. What a pair of cnuts!!! Should’ve been jailed. Atb
  11. What was the actual joke?? Atb
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