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  1. Dinosaurs

    A little look at the new bitch

    Nice one bud got big boots to fill. tb
  2. Looks like a direwolf of game of thrones. Atb
  3. Dinosaurs

    thats the fekin job

    Good for the farmer what makes these twats think they can just go trespass with no regard. All that land nxt time he just might bury a few . Atb
  4. Dinosaurs

    It’s all ways the good uns

    Omg Absolutely gutted for you Trev. That little rough lurcher was always on the money. Very sad news bud. Atb
  5. Dinosaurs

    Whippet x greyhound

    Have a look at a couple of vids of them ferreting/lamping on YouTube bud. I had on in mid 80’s fast as fcuk caught loads but she did suffer from injuries. Atb
  6. Dinosaurs

    Basil has been caught

    No idea who teacher is??? Atb
  7. Dinosaurs

    isis bint

    The journalist who tracked her down said she has been fully radicalised She admits doesnt regret the move??? Ffs couldn’t make it up!! The mongrel of a kid will be brought up to hate the west & will prob grow up to be a future Isis leader Over Here. I firmly believe if you leave to join the scummy murdering shit bags then you die with them end off!! Atb
  8. Dinosaurs

    Spaying lurcher bitches

    All ways had all my bitches spayed never noticed any decline in hunting drive or ability. If no intention of breeding makes sense to get them spayed. As for stories of weight gain i think thats down to owner. Ive never had a problem. Atb
  9. Dinosaurs

    Dropping rabbits

    Have you ever manged to pick up any of the rbts she drops? If yes have they been healthy. I had a lurcher years ago who had a fantastic rerieve then one nite after she caught one she-shook it & dropped it out in the field & refused to pick it up again so i went to pick it up & it had myxi. She carried on for years with great retrieves live to hand except for ones with myxi. Atb
  10. Dinosaurs

    advice needed

    Beddy x whippet . Atb
  11. Dinosaurs

    Funny Joke Thread

    One of the funniest jokes on here bud . Atb
  12. Dinosaurs

    Funny Joke Thread

    Do you have the water cold then . Atb
  13. Dinosaurs

    Teaching kids

    Couldnt watch it all as boiled my piss. Fcuking lunatics!! Atb
  14. Dinosaurs

    Old man's clothes

    Good to see he’s starting to get some meat on his bones . Only joking D C . Atb
  15. Dinosaurs

    New estate

    Fcuk me bud your certainly puuting rbts away the grew doin you proud. Nice one bud. Atb