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  1. One of my lot had one grow back & she was always catching it so had it removed took good while to fully heal but never had prob since I tried wrapping with vetwrap & tape but hard to get it to stay on as if you tape it too tight cuts off blood & foot swells & if too loose comes off. Hope you get sorted bud Atb
  2. Strong looking dog bud. Never easy when they go. Atb
  3. Dinosaurs

    Had to!

    Good on you bud as already said lots of small meals if good kitten food & a good worming. Hope she thrives bud. Atb
  4. I use tube heaters with thermostats & kennels nice & warm Kennels are well insulated with 4”celatex in roof & walls. Atb
  5. Nice to see you’ve upgraded you set up bud . Atb
  6. Dinosaurs

    Big Cats.

    Bloody powerful beast atb
  7. Very sad news Ken Thoughts are with all his family & friends. Atb
  8. My youngest bitch stopped when she was bout 4 ? Brings the odd one in but usually drops em out in field on way back & is hard mouthed so their usually dead. Shes never run hard as very few rabbits in my area. Atb
  9. Leave mine on charge when not being used think this will be 5th season. Atb
  10. Hope all works out bud. What a great name for a dog “Kevlar”. Atb
  11. Personally i like spiders They eat flies . Atb
  12. Nice one bud but id delete no plate . Atb
  13. Nice looking pup why did previous owner part with him?? Hope he does well for you Atb
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