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  1. Can’t open it as not on tik tok. Atb
  2. Good old Peter Kay & Phoenix nights atb
  3. Sugar & weedkiller rammed into a piece of copper pipe hammer the ends over . Atb
  4. I’m much too young to remember caps . Atb
  5. My Mrs saw him at Good Food Show a while back & said he was an absolute Creep !! Atb
  6. Just watched the trailer for the guard looks good I’ll definitely give it a go ?. Cheers for heads up. Atb
  7. Really. I’m too old for this shit. Atb
  8. I know hea bit wierd with makeup but was shocked to see him with tits !!! Atb
  9. Just put tv on & Eddie Izard on some program & he’s got tits???? WTF!!! Don’t really know much about the bloke other than he did a load of marathons for charity. How is he on tv ??? Atb
  10. She’d probably turn a few heads walking into a bar But she’s not a looker in my opinion But if I had to choose her or Phil she’d get it. Atb
  11. Where is he now Surely he should be in custody.I’ve not read anywhere that the police have even visited him?? The way that people are distancing themselves from him shows they knew what was happening & should be punished aswell!! Atb
  12. I know exactly what you mean as sometimes the Exuberance of my own Verbosity totally overwhelms me. Atb
  13. They should sell tickets like the lottery to pull lever or press switch etc & all monies go to the victim/victims. Might make the b*****ds think twice!! Atb
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