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  1. Mate sent me this in the week Clever how they dub it . Atb
  2. Hope it calms down before it gets to that stage bud. Atb
  3. Hope whatever your in for goes well bud & we get nxt instalment soon. Atb
  4. Is that vid for real or are they taking the piss? Atb
  5. My in-laws do that at their house & yet when they come to ours they boil the kettle all day long!!! Atb
  6. Fair play to you bud hope it all works out for you . Atb
  7. Just watched night hunter decent film thought Ben Kingsley played a good part. Cheers for heads up . Atb
  8. Where the hell do you find these vids . Atb
  9. I’ve always fancied doing jury service but never been asked. Atb
  10. Made me wretch just reading that . Atb
  11. I’d forgotten how cringingly bad it was!! Atb
  12. Is he the one who did the Brittany Spears song for his audition? How old was he? Atb
  13. Put the whole clip up I’ve not seen it before . Atb
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