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  1. I’d definitely be having a pig roast Minimum 5-7 hrs cooking then load of mates round. Atb
  2. Great bit of fun/sport for you & the dogs. Atb
  3. Hopefully he gets away with it Atb
  4. Girl looks a bit too old for him? Atb
  5. Tbf bud I thought it was you . Atb
  6. Oi you can’t park there mate Atb
  7. That & the fact you look like a f****n bloke What is up with these loons? Stb
  8. We used to poke red match heads into board eraser & write swear words on black board so when teacher came into class & went to clean board Whoosh !! Atb
  9. A complete Nobody who desperately wants to be a Somebody!! Atb
  10. Hugh Grants best acting role. Thought he was very good. A great film atb
  11. Stuck in the middle with Ewe. Atb
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