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  1. Dinosaurs

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    like them or loath them still an end of an era!! Atb
  2. Dinosaurs

    carol is looking spiffy dont ye think

    Mutton dressed as pork. But if she feels good ? Its her money!! Atb
  3. The bloke is an absolute cnut hope he has an accident & bleeds out Slowly!!!atb
  4. Dinosaurs


    Blacky you are Truly The Font Of All Knowledge!! Fact . Atb
  5. Dinosaurs


    What ever size she makes She looks a cracking bitch atb
  6. Dinosaurs

    Dodgy pop ups - auto forward sites

    Ive been getting them for last week driving me fukcing mad My daughter just downloaded add blocker. Only happens when i go on thl??!!! Atb
  7. Dinosaurs

    Shooting Log

    You know me so well !! Atb
  8. Dinosaurs


    I heard that they have released RHD 5 in oz?? Also read it was developed in Korea? Maybe Aussie Whipp can confirm. Atb
  9. Dinosaurs

    Spanish fly....

    Tbf ive seen Spanish police get out of there car & give some lads a real hiding then just get back in car & f**k off. No concerns about getting into trouble for it So who knows???atb
  10. Dinosaurs

    Scottish deerhound.

    Pm sent bud. Atb
  11. Dinosaurs

    Scottish deerhound.

    Id love another one tbh but git 3 lurchers at present 1 retired old age 1 retired through injuries & lost toes (dh gh x gh whpt) & her daughter 5 years old similar breeding with tad of collie & beddy in her. So wont be getting nxt dog for long while yet & im not getting any younger!! Atb
  12. Dinosaurs

    Scottish deerhound.

    I got my first from a breeder in Evesham turned out to be very good bitch ( compared to other deerhounds) when coursing was legal. I’ll see if i can get hold of Watties no for you. If hes still breeding. He always had good working dogs. Atb
  13. Dinosaurs

    Spanish fly....

    Wish our spineless authorities would follow suit. Atb
  14. Dinosaurs

    Scottish deerhound.

    My last deerhound came from a breeder near Edinburgh bloke called Watty. If you contact deehound club theyll know him. Hope you find a goodun atb
  15. Dinosaurs


    There was a kennels mentioned on another post cant recall which thread or kennels name but if you google beddy x whippets it should come up Hopefully. Hope you find the right pup & all goes well. Atb