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  1. Quality painting bud . Atb
  2. Just watched Body of lies thanks for recommending. Atb
  3. Nice looking pup hope all goes well. Atb
  4. You should’ve patted her on the arse & said have a nice day huney . Atb
  5. Nice looking pup hope all goes well. Atb
  6. Great pics can relate to them. Atb
  7. Sad day bud but good you didn’t let her suffer. Arb
  8. Nice one bud & welldone your wife hope shes ok. Me & my bro inlaw did it a few yrs back two old men in there 60’s & 7 dogs between us got to top was packed & virtually no visibility. Atb
  9. My bitch was mated on 15th day & had 8 pups. Hope you got away with it bud. Atb
  10. Another good day at the office bud . Atb
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