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  1. Dinosaurs

    till we meet again

    Hope tomorrow goes well for you bud Be thinking of you. Atb
  2. Dinosaurs

    Petlog (scam ??)

    Should’ve told them its been nicked & claimed the £1500+ quid that you paid for it . Atb
  3. Dinosaurs

    Lucky elk

    Good vid like watching wolves hunt atb
  4. Dinosaurs

    Easy morning

    Done a few reed beds in Northumberland Fantastic sport & lad i was out with his dog really knew its stuff I enjoyed working reed beds more than ferreting. We not got any reed beds down where i am. Your dogs looking in top condition NL credit to you . Atb
  5. Dinosaurs

    Question .........

    Trev 70 & Northerlite doing very well so far. Some good vids & pics on there posts. Atb
  6. Dinosaurs

    Too much lies around now.

    As said good to hear she’s in decent permanent home. Well done to you. Hope she turns out a little goodun. Atb
  7. Dinosaurs


    Its incredible how they make such manoeuvres/decisions while running at speed & focusing on quarry. Atb
  8. Dinosaurs

    All most 12 month old now

    Not many at that age that hav’nt bud Im sure you’ll sort them look forward to seeing her progress through season atb
  9. Dinosaurs


    Fantastic photo bud atb
  10. Dinosaurs

    All most 12 month old now

    Quality little bitch bud Atb
  11. Dinosaurs


    What ever happed to Dymented thread? Did he ever get his day/days in court?? Atb
  12. Dinosaurs

    Little fu**ers are growing quick.

    Nice pups all the best with one your keeping it’ll certainly get some serious work when old enough. Hope all goes well . Atb
  13. Dinosaurs

    Puppy not well

    Hope your pup improves. Ive used Kaolin from pharmacistThe child one in past. Atb
  14. Dinosaurs

    Funny Joke Thread

    Bloody hell thats grim . Atb
  15. Dinosaurs


    Hi bud its £44 for a 15kg bag. Atb