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  1. Dinosaurs

    How long without food

    6weeks without solid food was on Lighter life diet lost 4 1/2 stone had 3shakes per day. Made me weak as a kitten. Never again!!! Atb
  2. Dinosaurs

    Had to let go

    Sad day bud. But 16years out of a working dog is a great innings & doing the right thing when its time is best way to honour the dog. All the best to you & your family. Atb
  3. Dinosaurs

    Big numbers in one night

    30 with a Norfolk type x whpt grey 23”tts. Most rabbits id ever seen in one nite. Would be lucky to see 30 in a full season now!! Atb
  4. Dinosaurs

    Kwiss Packam, crook

    How Bill Oddtitty hasnt been done for peado stuff is a mystery he’s a horrid cnut just like Packam!!! Atb
  5. Dinosaurs

    Anyone good at quirky naming

    Orchard Breeze. Atb
  6. Dinosaurs

    Let’s see your Pups

    Very nice pup D C atb
  7. Dinosaurs

    Who is America

    Watched it tonite the mans a genius Absolutely no boundaries . Atb
  8. Dinosaurs

    New Manchester united kit

    Fcking outrageous well beyond reason. How do they expect normal housholds to afford that ?? Atb
  9. Dinosaurs

    Who is America

    Cant believe he got yank bloke to actually sing it? Fire !! . Atb
  10. Dinosaurs

    Who is America

    Bloody brilliant as said he’s a very clever guy & the bit about the liver producing the “ Rita Ora effect “ was pure class. Thanks for sharing Ted. Will have to try & see more. Very funny . Atb
  11. Dinosaurs

    Hopefully get a pup back

    Beautiful looking pup bud atb
  12. Dinosaurs

    Anyone fancy a dip in the sea?

    When it comes to sharks im with the Chinese. Atb
  13. Dinosaurs

    Holidays dog boarding

    Decent kennels not too far from me & last time i enquired 3/5 years ago was £25 per dog per day even if two were in same kennel & extra £3 per dog perday if you wanted to supply your own food as its extra work!! So would cost roughly £1680 for 15days for all 4!!!Luckily when me & mrs Dinosaurs go away on bike my inlaws & my eldest girl look after them & when Mrs & girls go on hols i stay at home as cant handle all hassle in airports!! Atb
  14. Dinosaurs

    Anyone fancy a dip in the sea?

    Fcuk that !! Most scary beasts on the planet!! Atb
  15. Dinosaurs

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Bonny looking pup bud hope she does well for you . Atb