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  1. If you can find out where they put your dog get a friend ( not dressed in camo ) to go & adopt it then after they done home visit & check up again in couple of weeks its yours again . Atb
  2. Wont be for a good while yet then bud. Youd think with everything else going on they’d see common sense & let it go? Any joy re your dog?? Atb
  3. Couple of years ago not far from me 4 lads got chased by farmer & Car got stuck in field So they abandoned car & ran off leaving the car. Farmer went to burn it out & luckily he checked the boot first coz when he opened boot there were two lurchers cowering in in there!!! He took dogs to a local rescue & torched the car. I would rather be nicked than abandon any of my dogs. Atb
  4. Still a giant compared to Mushroom . Atb
  5. Get one the size of Black Neck.... He’s the Biggest Mincer on this site . Atb
  6. Hope bitch takes bud & resulting pups do well for you. Should make for some interesting times . Atb
  7. Look forward to seeing them come on bud. What have you put over your bitch ? Atb
  8. Great stuff once again bud your dogs certainly see some work & it shows. Welldone on some really good vids through out season. Atb
  9. If used properly i think there a god send for certain behaviours but if overdone can be problems. My mate had one for his doberman & when collar was on her obedience was unbelievable but with no collar on dog was a nightmare!!! Atb
  10. Their not dog men....Their just supposed men with dogs!! Retarded fukcwits the lot of them!!! Atb
  11. Top pic looks a cracking dog atb
  12. Dinosaurs

    Tiger King

    Finished watching it last night & they were all awful people Lying Cheating Self Promoting knobheads & when he turned his husbands funeral into a pantomime Ffs !!! Atb
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