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  1. Dinosaurs

    New estate car

    If its the one you want why not put a deposit on it to hold it. Hope all works out. Atb
  2. Dinosaurs

    All the little trips add up

    Next season she’ll account for this seasons tally on her own bud atb
  3. Dinosaurs

    All the little trips add up

    Really enjoyed your posts & vids bud. Such a shame about the little lurcher & other dog but they had good lives. That grew has certainly made an impact. Have a good summer Trev & look forward to more vids nxt season. Atb
  4. Dinosaurs

    Been getting the mate’s pup going

    Nice one bud pup will do well with your grew as “Pilot Dog” 🥴. Some good bags there trev. Atb
  5. Dinosaurs

    Vigelante justice

    Hope police DONT find out who was driving punto. Welldone that man the Dickhead got what he deserved. Atb
  6. Dinosaurs

    Lamp exploded

    Sorry to hear bout this bud but glad you were there to sort it. Doesn’t bare thinking about what could’ve happened if it happened while you were all asleep. Atb
  7. Dinosaurs

    anyone going?

    Naked!! Atb
  8. Dinosaurs

    Funny Joke Thread

    every day that twat draws breath is a Tragedy!!! Atb
  9. Dinosaurs

    I,ve just become a grandad

    Congratulations bud hope your daughter & baby doing well. Atb
  10. Dinosaurs


    Wtf??? Atb
  11. Dinosaurs

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Seen a few & all owners said good workers & all took well to larger stuff. All were 27-28 tts with good jackets. Atb
  12. Dinosaurs

    Fuucking accident prone me lol

    Hope it heals soon bud . Atb
  13. Dinosaurs

    More sh*te from Kwis Packbam

    This is the same twat that likes to get naked lock all the doors pop a few pills then roll around with his pet badger??? The blokes a wrongun & needs culling !!! Atb
  14. Dinosaurs

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Thats some windscreen a couple of shots point blank & its still in tact & no ricochet ffs mine got a crack in it fron a pebble kicked up by a car!! Atb