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  1. Did he rear it ? Or did he buy it in thinking at 5 months it could run stuff??!! Hope dog gets a Good home. Atb
  2. Dave Slieght got one hes in Wombwell Rotherham. Tel no. in back of EDRD. Atb
  3. Bloody amazing!! Fair play to all involved . Hope you got dog out alive & well. Atb
  4. Even more embarrassing I heard Mushroom did the same to you . Atb
  5. Excellent write up & pics good on Sonic aswell. Look forward to your nxt outing. Atb
  6. Id be very interested to see how this progresses plz keep us informed. Good luck bud. Atb
  7. Looks just like my old lab collie when she got old. She was quite racey as a youngun. Atb
  8. Why not try Dave Platt he’s got dhxgh line bred. Might not be everones cup of tea but at least you know what your getting. Atb
  9. Hope they both get executed but why the blindfolds?? Atb
  10. Nice to see it being used in a positive way . Atb
  11. Skanky pair of twats deserve all they get & more. Atb
  12. Yeah but you would also gain in value of property Atb
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