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  1. Surely the vet would’ve noticed when it went for its jabs, microchip etc ??? Atb
  2. Why was he banned? Was thinking not heard of him lately. Atb
  3. That’ll keep you busy polishing that bud . Atb
  4. Also if you have tenants in you can’t put house on sale to open market it can only be marketed to people looking to purchase a buy to let. Good luck with it bud . Atb
  5. I read it was £800 k ? Atb
  6. Mines called Ad Guard hope that helps. Atb
  7. Got my daughter to install the app for me Atb
  8. Now sorted had to refresh ad blocker. Atb
  9. Suddenly got adverts appearing when i log on to view posts etc Can I get rid of them?? There really starting to piss me off!! Atb
  10. Fair play to you Sheepchaser hope it survives . Atb
  11. Or Emma Royd …. She’s a pain in the arse. Atb
  12. Would the Roo of done any damage to the dog or would it of got bored & let it go? Atb
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