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  1. RossM

    Happy Sunday folks

    My bairns have 2 pet rabbits and I’m trying to find a way to explain things.....
  2. RossM

    Ex forestry vehicle auctions

    Is it the escapade? I’m a mechanic to trade and work for a Citroen dealership so a bit method before my madness.
  3. RossM

    Happy Sunday folks

    Good mate, my youngest took a heider and broke her collar bone the other week apart from that, aye all good, how’s you and yours? It’s good coz it’s less busy I tend to take the pug coz if we bump into owt, I’ll get away with saying “walking the dogs” she was 10 in July, still runs about like she was 2 or 3 though... still gets called “c**t” at least 10 times a day too...
  4. Anyone know where to find out when and where they hold these in Scotland? Looking to get a berlingo van.
  5. Just a few pictures from my Sunday morning stroll before watching the football, first real chilly one too -2° could do with it though kill they nettles back.
  6. RossM


  7. RossM


    Anyone shed any info on these? Which are edible etc I know the fly agaric one
  8. RossM

    Wee walk with dogs and kids

    I will do, but probably not till next year now, and I’m undecided in what I’m looking for, although it will be either collie/grey x deer/grey or collie/grey x saluki/grey
  9. RossM

    All good then?

    Boots as a pup, only a few days old
  10. RossM

    All good then?

    Alright johnboy
  11. RossM

    Wee walk with dogs and kids

    They love coming oot, only thing is it takes twice as long to get places...