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  1. Yes another “issue” I have 2 youngish children, who are old enough and been taught to respect dogs space, I want a young enough lurcher to hone so to speak to my family life
  2. Anyone recommend anyone or anywhere to buy a triple carry box? Cheers
  3. As I also said I could quite easily get a pup, but it will first and foremost be a family pet and would hopefully be able to assist in ferreting trips and general mooching about but it’s not the end of the world if it didn’t, so why not give something a chance in life,
  4. I joined there forum but it isn’t very active and is very dated, not heard anything since I joined
  5. Something about 24-25tts collie/grey/saluki-ish edible game only,
  6. I told them thinking it was very naive, judgemental and unfair that the right home may be overlooked due to individuals opinions on what is right and what is wrong.
  7. So as of last month I found myself without a lurcher for the first time in 15+ years, I had lost not only a loyal companion but a devoted member of the family. So I find myself looking at rescue centres for a young lurcher because everything deserves a second chance in life right? Wrong not if it’s a working home they don’t, no chance. It’s neither wonder some of these rescues are full to the gunnels. anyway if anyone sees of a lurcher good with kids and can Handle a crab it terrier lol, then get in touch cheers
  8. Aye, whilst the two jills were bolting couldn’t put them in together or they just Fanny’d around, he was bolting but sticking at the same time Provided my lunches for a few days
  9. View Advert Lurcher books As above, the hare and the swift hound 2 signed open to offers now that’s what I call lurcherwork signed open to offers Advertiser RossM Date 17/10/19 Price Category Miscellaneous  
  10. RossM

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    As above, the hare and the swift hound 2 signed open to offers now that’s what I call lurcherwork signed open to offers


  11. RossM


    We bolted a couple yesterday too, let them go and lifted ferrets from those particular sets.
  12. So was up and away sharp yesterday for the first trip this season, took my 3 of this years kits along just for a wee bit experience, first couple of hours they were bolting fairly fast and furious and before we knew it we had 20ish all my kits were bolting them along with the experienced ferrets we had, my big hob mick impressed quite a bit shifting bunny’s left right and centre and bolted them well although he did have a couple of kill ins. We lost about a dozen to unetted holes and probably had about 5-6 kill ins, didn’t even cover 1/3 of the land and ended the day with 40 accounted for.
  13. It was mate, she was 14and it had to be done, was at the point where it was a fine line between cruelty and kindness, think about her and miss her every day. Kids do too.
  14. Just the yin lurcher but she’s old and well retired now, had to get yin PTS last year, contemplating a pup next year but I’m very particular
  15. But it’s nice to see some of the old names popping up who frequented the page years ago!! Dogs are old and one has passed so don’t look in as much now,
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