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  1. That’s cramond, when the tide is out you can get across to the island which is quite interesting.
  2. Bit cooler here today so dugs to the beach and over the island because the tide was out.
  3. I wasn’t going to keep any to start with but the oldest picked a white Hob and called him Ron, he’s got a head like a staffy already and I was keeping the runt back a couple weeks extra and well just decided to keep him, Bairn wanted to call him sammy, compromised and he’s called Sambo
  4. Ended up keeping the runt from my litter of ferrets too, him and Jess get on better than the other ferrets
  5. The yin I’m keep and and the kids and their pal with them
  6. Kits 5 weeks on Saturday, bit of both
  7. Be 5 weeks on Saturday
  8. Price of pups!! Bejesus!!! was having a wee look (as you do)
  9. Beddy/collie/grey x deer/grey
  10. Mine still get excited to see each other
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