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  1. Gotta love April, same wee walk last night got to the top and saw the snow cloud coming in, snaw and sunshine at the same time!!
  2. Literally a 5 minute drive from my house so is handy
  3. None what so ever, I sometimes think I see her kick it out every so often but it doesn’t affect her turning or pace anyway. wee auld yin was there too, mooching aboot she’s just turned 12 and is the size of a coo but she still does just as many miles as the pup
  4. Wee early morning walk up the hill with the mutts, she’s getting there with the jumping and retrieving, braw Morning, glorious sunshine and not a soul in sight
  5. Few from the last week, just daundering
  6. My auld Bitch was a Bonny beast...
  7. Where’s best to get a cheap catapult? Not had one for a few years and fancy something to have in the pocket during the coming months for the old “just in case” situations thanks
  8. Doesn’t appear to be, I swear it kicks out but folk say my minds playing tricks.
  9. Well she’ll be a year on the 26th, broke her leg at 12 weeks and never looked back, levelled out at 24tt-ish and filling out nicely, happy with that.
  10. Hi folks, not the best but with a wee bit TLC would serve a purpose, roof and floor still solid collection only pm for location
  11. Nets from netrigger, absolutely spot on sorted with a mk1 from Arry and managed to get a collar off eBay.
  12. Was out with dogs earlier and saw geese in the field, this one caught my attention as it is substantially lighter than the rest, however I am fairly certain it isn’t that uncommon and I’ve likely seen before?
  13. 10 month old, confident feet, fantastic nose, good recall, getting there with the jumping, looking forward to next season
  14. She’s quick, got a fantastic nose, put up 3 of the faster bunnies on her own accord 24tts happy with that, might fill out a bit yet,
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