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  1. For about 10 seconds the lurcher was bewildered, didn’t know if it was New York or new look
  2. Terrier is 13 and thinks she’s a runner, found and put up a hare the other morning and slung me deafy when I tried to shout her off it.
  3. I put that photo in just for you pal!!
  4. Aye he’s devastated, it was him who gifted me my pup too
  5. Aye it’s shite pal, never good
  6. Wee wander round the woods with the girls seeing as it’s the last day of the school holidays. Was meant to be ferreting yesterday with my cousin and my pups litter sister but she was hit by a car and killed the other night, so understandably he wasn’t in the right mindset for it
  7. There was a couple of big rocks to the right phil, that was the original plan
  8. I held her back with jumping due to the leg break but been slowly introducing at least a fence or a wall on every walk, today was her first gate. Just 2 over and backs but it was no bother.
  9. She’s a terrier, never happy unless they’re scrapping
  10. Was meant to be ferreting tomorrow but it’s nigh on 20° tomorrow, a few from earlier when it was cooler.
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