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  1. My two get on dandy too..
  2. It’s called peak visor mate.
  3. Wee wander up Ben A’an this morning
  4. Easter Sunday on the hills looking over Loch Lomond, couldn’t see nowt likes, 11km and the wee auld terrier handled it no bother for being 14ish, the lurcher probably covered twice that.
  5. Is there any on this year?
  6. f****d if I know how it happens or how to fix it… seems to be only the photos with a horizon/sky
  7. So she turned 2 the other week there levelled off about 24 and a bawhair.. the broken leg has never hindered her, she’s lightening quick and switched on, she has an excellent nose and good feet and so far no terrain has given her any issues. few photos from the last 6 months or so, f**k knows how some are upside down
  8. Gifted 2 hobs from last years litter to someone who had all his ferrets stolen, one was from a Jill I got off him so he was delighted to get the bloodline back. Anyway I only have big mick and he is the brother and uncle to 2 of my hills so needed some different blood as my mates hob I used last year sadly passed at the grand old Age of 8…. anyway 70 mile round trip to pick up the new addition and Bairns named him Barrie
  9. Doing Ben Nevis for charity in May so a wee hill to get me going, took the lurcher, she’ll be 2 on Saturday coming
  10. Been called worse….. Today
  11. On a better day with a bit perseverance we could’ve got to maybe 10-12 today but giving the conditions we settled for the 6 and got off the hil as I was at the stage where my hands were blue
  12. Had a wee day out earlier on the hills it was blizzard like conditions so can’t blame the rabbits for not wanting to join us daft b*****ds on the outside of the burrows, 3 bolted, 3 dug and retrieved think we never located 2 and 2 bolted and got away.. ended with 6 hard fought for rabbits does anyone know why the photos with sky end up upside down? Does my tits in
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