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  1. Did you get a beer at the top? I done schiehallion the other week, weather was shite and saw hee haw! Weather makes it, views for miles and the minge was tremendous
  2. Tried to add to my Previous post but don’t know what happened? Anyway dugs done their first Munro today, only second one I've done. Beautiful country I live in, it’s so unappreciated
  3. Just a bawhair off 22tts hairum scarum at times 100 miles an hour. Will get a wee bit ferreting tail end of this season, next season though
  4. Spot on mate, that old bitch your talking about was a young bitch when I saw her. time flies mun.
  5. Got a mate who split up with his missus and has got himself a new pad, he is looking for a lurcher to get back into it, anything considered. Anyone know of anything about, wrong time I know but as the saying goes shy bairns don’t get any sweeties!!
  6. What better way to spend a Monday off than walking up a big f***ing hill, get to the top and the clouds are that low you see heehaw!! Fair old trek though, my first Munro
  7. This is her litter sister.
  8. Movement appears ok, trying to keep her from bombing about but it’s not the easiest lol
  9. So far so good but still trying to take it easy
  10. 10 weeks on from her leg break, she’ll be 6 months on the 26th of this month,
  11. Next ye’ll be reverting back tae the bike battery burning holes in the Levi’s just for the authenticity
  12. Think I’m going to give this a try https://nocry.com/products/waterproof-rechargeable-spotlight-flashlight?variant=4712560787483
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