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  1. Anyone selling a cheap lamp? 

    1. jok


      I have a lamp I'm prepared to let go. It's a lightforce with connections and a battery canvass case with belt. Also a red filter. If that's any good make me a bid. Jok.

  2. RossM

    I miss the old days

    Still can’t beli tb asked for that thread to be removed..... fly with the crows and all that lol
  3. RossM

    Wee moose

    I’ve trapped 3 none for a few days now
  4. RossM

    A light dusting......

    If not this year, definitely next mate and only if right breeding pops up.
  5. RossM

    A light dusting......

    Reckon she’s about 10 now mate
  6. Out this morning with Dogs, not much else you can do with this weather..... good for a photo opportunity though...
  7. RossM

    Marking !

  8. RossM

    Christmas Day 2

    This is my 3rd Christmas dinner since Christmas......
  9. Anyone want a small chest freezer for dog food? Hums of fish but works fine!! Edinburgh area

  10. How do you advertise in the miscellaneous section in classifieds? 

  11. Superb Kev mate.
  12. Went to feed the bairns pet rabbits and caught this cheeky wee shite in the food bucket...
  13. RossM


    Have you not saw they yins?
  14. RossM

    Sunday stroll....

    Mine are 14 and 10 this year, probably look for something this year if not definitely next year