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  1. RossM


    So many new faces......
  2. RossM

    Happy Sunday folks

    My bairns have 2 pet rabbits and I’m trying to find a way to explain things.....
  3. RossM

    Ex forestry vehicle auctions

    Is it the escapade? I’m a mechanic to trade and work for a Citroen dealership so a bit method before my madness.
  4. RossM

    Happy Sunday folks

    Good mate, my youngest took a heider and broke her collar bone the other week apart from that, aye all good, how’s you and yours? It’s good coz it’s less busy I tend to take the pug coz if we bump into owt, I’ll get away with saying “walking the dogs” she was 10 in July, still runs about like she was 2 or 3 though... still gets called “c**t” at least 10 times a day too...
  5. Anyone know where to find out when and where they hold these in Scotland? Looking to get a berlingo van.
  6. Just a few pictures from my Sunday morning stroll before watching the football, first real chilly one too -2° could do with it though kill they nettles back.
  7. RossM


    Anyone shed any info on these? Which are edible etc I know the fly agaric one
  8. RossM

    Wee walk with dogs and kids

    I will do, but probably not till next year now, and I’m undecided in what I’m looking for, although it will be either collie/grey x deer/grey or collie/grey x saluki/grey
  9. RossM

    All good then?

    Boots as a pup, only a few days old
  10. RossM

    All good then?

    Alright johnboy