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  1. Cheers Kev, better than nowt eh?
  2. Last minute text from joe last night saw us set off for a local bit this morning, ended the day on 5 with 3 at least accounted for underground, was more a day for the pup and ferrets as they are last years and this years kits.
  3. Yesterday morning
  4. Nothing on top no, although I think there was something down below.
  5. It was a foot in places on the hill this morning, wind was drifting the snow across, terrier wasn’t impressed, mind she’s 12 this month
  6. With lockdown in place and the weather, walked a couple of decent sized hills the past week, cold one this morning with windchill of -9.5°c keeps the dogs fit, pup will be 10 months on the 26th and is 24tts
  7. Nah mate, nose down though
  8. Well my intention was to get to the top of the hill but foot deep ice cold muddy water put a stop to that, a nice wee 5.5km walk out with the dogs none the less.
  9. Wee wander with the dogs, this morning, done this walk a fortnight or so ago but the haar meant we could see absolutely nowt, different story this morning
  10. We done a bit last year and took 40 off the land and only done about 1/5 of it, hopefully get back there before the seasons finished
  11. Still gets telt from the auld terrier though
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