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  1. To be fair it was one thing after the other today, I was 200 yards up the road before I remembered I hadn’t packed the ferrets, the lid popped of my greggs tea and burnt my mit, and I got lock jaw when I grabbed an electric fence…
  2. To be fair speaking to the boy he’s probably gonna keep him, the dog was in a Kennel for 2 years and he took him away from that life and has showed him a bit work and the dog is showing potential, he was fair chuffed with him today… apart from when he shat in the back of his pick up
  3. Nah not yet, that’s him there
  4. 3 hours this morning with The ferrets, Jess and her litter brother, six accounted for, done this bit twice in the last month, it’s a clearance job, still holding a few but that’s close to 40 from it so far. few photos
  5. He’s not long had the dog and can’t bond with it,
  6. Boy I know is selling her litter brother
  7. Dam - Beardiegreyxbeddygrey sire - 3/4grey1/4deer
  8. I don’t mind travelling
  9. Moved house back in July, decided this is my new daily walk from the house
  10. She’s been ferreting since she was was a pup, with regards to lamping I fell out of love with it when I lost my old dog a wee bit to be honest,
  11. Only 2 rabbits but it’s better than I expected if I’m honest
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