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  1. big napper

    Burnt some black stuff today.

    Nice onr mate, that squirrel looks massive
  2. big napper

    The best excuse

    I had one in my right eye and got it took out last summer, you wont belive the diference in brightness and clarity mate when you get it removed
  3. big napper

    New perm for ferrals

    Nice one rfb, cheers pal
  4. big napper

    New perm for ferrals

    Cheers phil, i thought the same mate and out of all the ones i seen the majority were dark and blue, and most were checkers aswell, not many white or red ones at all in them. There was s lot of proper scraggy little ones aswell so more than likley been inbreeding for ages
  5. big napper

    Ferrting Season so far

    Great stuff mate, nice one
  6. big napper

    New perm for ferrals

    Got a new ferral permission in some buildings not too far from home last week so set off this morning at 7 before the place opend at 9am, there must have been nearly 100 ferrals outside flying around and on the roofs, i can only shoot in the building and managed to get a dozen before i left at 8.45, il just plod on with them twice a week, plenty of ferret food here.
  7. big napper

    The 99 strikes again.

    Good shooting mate
  8. big napper

    Stunning views

    Nice one sam
  9. big napper

    This weeks mission

    Decent looking place, good luck on getting permission pal
  10. big napper

    Mk1 box’s

    Thats the man
  11. big napper

    Mk1 box’s

    Iv just sent 3 off to a lad in lancashire mate il pm you his number
  12. big napper

    Calibrating Mk1 Ferret Finder

    Cheers for that arry, i got in touch with a lad called paul in lancashire and i sent the 3 boxes off to him last week, hopefully all will get sorted. Thanks again pal
  13. big napper

    Ferret box

    View Advert Ferret box Double bowback ferret box, 1 compartment is bigger than the other, i have a few and this one is hardley used so selling for £25. Advertiser big napper Date 28/11/18 Price £25.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  14. big napper

    Ferret box

    Time Left: 16 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Double bowback ferret box, 1 compartment is bigger than the other, i have a few and this one is hardley used so selling for £25.


  15. big napper

    8ft Mk1 collar needed

    Id never dig anywhere near that but like arry said their perfect just to get an idea where the ferret is and for the long hedgerows