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  1. big napper

    Another few hours today

    Cheers pal, Its my mates sons dog, 9 month old full bedlington, first time its been out today and did ok.
  2. big napper

    Another few hours today

    Went out today with a mate and his son, weather forcast dry but got soaked with drizzel, anyway we tryed about 6 warrens and 2 empty but 4 holding, ferrets worked great again and ended up with 8 good rabbits and 2 mixi ones, plenty of fields to go at next time.
  3. big napper

    First day out

    Same here on some places its still thick but others not too bad but hopefully itl be a decent cold winter and itl all go
  4. big napper

    First day out

    Cheers lads, hope theyr sound for you vfr, hopefully il be out at least once a week from now.
  5. big napper

    Charger wanted

    Got one now from philpot on here, thanks phil.
  6. big napper

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Got the charger this morning phil, thanks alot pal.
  7. big napper

    Bushing rabbits

    Ye nice one mate
  8. big napper

    Text book

    Great shot vm
  9. big napper

    First day out

    Me and a mate had a few hours out today ferreting, we tryd a few small warrens that looked well run and ended up with 8 good size rabbits, the ferrets worked great, i thought they might be in and out with it being their first outing in about 6 months but they were bang on, well happy with them and it was great to do a bit of ferreting again.
  10. big napper

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Thats great phil thanks pal, hopefully i can return the favour sometime.
  11. big napper

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Ye cheers phil
  12. big napper

    Ferret theft

    Thieving fukcing rats, hope you get sorted pal
  13. big napper

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Id rather pay mate but if your sure thats realy good of you, Are you needing anything to do with shooting or ferreting, and if iv got it il send you it mate,
  14. big napper

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Hello phil, no mate i havent got one yet, if your sure you wont need it in the future il buy it mate and pay for postage, so il pm my details if youl pm yours for payment, and thanks again mate thats realy good of you.
  15. big napper

    Couple of hours

    Iv been the opposit, plenty of outings with air rifle but will be ferreting regularly starting from sunday, cant wait to get the ferrets out.