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  1. First time out for ages, was going mad sat at home so went out for a bit of fresh ferret food, normally see a good few rabbits but not today, got 1 rabbit so left it where it dropped and after about 20 mins i got 2 maggies that came to look at it
  2. Nice one jjm,, 1's better than none pal
  3. Great pictures mate, like everyone else it bring back some good memories
  4. Cheers jjm, the lad was well happy with it pal
  5. Id say definitely bait them with what they are used to eating pal.
  6. Nice one skot, I use whatever they normally feed on pal, just get a handfull of the cow feed and put it on the floor infront of the bales where they come out from, instead of running across to the cow sheds theyl sit and eat what youv put down, youl get some doing that pal im sure,
  7. No vm, its still a belting hw100 but with more shots
  8. Cheers, think im sorted now
  9. Iv had neoprene muck boots for 3 years and just got another pair of the same, only had to get new ones because i stood on a nail with the others, £70 they were
  10. Triple bowback ferret box wanted, new or used, leeds
  11. Nice one pal cheers, it was about £230 for bottle and conversion and i done the job myself, only takes half hour
  12. Cheers Db dont know pal iv not realy been counting from full to empty bur i know iv shot more than 150 pellets and its on about 140-150 bar so well happy with that
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