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  1. This was my english that i had nearly 40 years ago, had him for 10 years
  2. Nice one pal, bet they must be awkward to get with a catapult
  3. Great pics, your uncles dog looks really smart
  4. Nice one vm, sounds a great place
  5. No problem mate its not your fault i just thought id let you know
  6. Hi pal, yes i put the tracking number in but all it tells you is that it got put in at your end and will say when its been delivered and signed for but nothing in between
  7. Yes itl definitely come im just eager to get it as iv no scope on my gun and am itching to get out. 10 days thats taking the piss
  8. Check all the eves, make sure theres no split slates, check from in the attic to make sure if its back pointed that theres none fallen out, or felt thats rotted if its felted, get some air bricks put in the rooms if there is none, can put covers on inside to open and close them if you want,
  9. If you want i can have a look for you gaz,
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