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  1. He's getting there Mark, he got a good few ferals last year and 2 rabbits, we'll be going out on woodies and ferals a good bit in the next few months, i got some good permissions for ferals a few months ago so looking forward to that pal
  2. Is Ethan still shooting with mac
  3. Cheers Phil, he loves going out mate I'm well happy about it, shooting, ferreting and been mole trapping a few times with me, the conversation is simple but you need to cut down the stock, I made a bit of a mess of mine but not bothered about that, if you took your time you'd make a better job or get it done by somebody that could do it like a joiner maybe, it took me about 20 minutes pal, cheers
  4. Cheers Aled, pity there's not many round your way pal, There's loads on these perms and been loads of young all through winter so unless mixy pops up there should be loads about for next season. Cheers pal
  5. he was Jon, nice one pal, cheers
  6. But saying that all hw100's and hw anything is great I think
  7. It is mac he loves it pal, ye iv had it a while now, I put the buddy bottle conversion on it so great for him plinking never seems to run out of air when we're out, it's one of the best iv had pal, cheers
  8. Cheers Adam we have pal and iv noticed youv had a few good days aswell, nice one mate
  9. Cheers Tomo, yes pal we had some great days out
  10. Ye it's been sound pal, we've had some good amounts, Ye Alfie loves it pal, if the places can keep mixy free this year there be even better amount next season, if there wasn't so many young about we would have had double the amount that we got.
  11. It is pal, we will, cheers
  12. Cheers Flacko, he always is pal
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