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  1. Nice one jjm, nice clean rabbits pal, never heard of p15 who makes them mate, it looks good
  2. Really bad news that at any age, even worse when young
  3. One of my favourite boxers back then aswell, thats a pitty hope he gets better soon,
  4. GUTTED Great picture that pal
  5. Nice one mate, pitty about mixi on your perm
  6. Theyr spot on mac get it if you get the chance, sure you wont regret it, I remember the picture you put up mark with plenty of rabbits you got with it, what do you mean drove it pal
  7. He is off to look at one on saturday mate,
  8. Nice one mate bet the kids enjoyed it, good amount there
  9. Sent one back mate il just have to wait till my mate says what he is doing and if he can go next week
  10. Nice one Richard, good few rabbits there mate, nice pup
  11. Cheers mate illook when iget home
  12. View Advert Knocker box & collar knocker box & collar, box marks to 8ft with original deben collars but to 6 1/2ft with this collar which isnt a deben one, £80 posted Advertiser big napper Date 13/09/20 Price £80.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
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