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  1. It would have been perfect for him if it was full power but pointless paying that price for one, may as well just get full size and get it cut down
  2. They do pal, i was going to get him one but the gunsmith told me they only do 6 to 8ftlb and cant be adjusted so i might aswell get him the ultra se and get the stock done and work done on it for a lefty then when he gets bigger put a full size stock back on.
  3. View Advert Ratcatcher as new As new .22 ratcatcher for sale, been used twice since bought, cost £130 looking for £80. Pickup prefered leeds Advertiser big napper Date 20/07/23 Price £80.00 Category Airguns  

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    As new .22 ratcatcher for sale, been used twice since bought, cost £130 looking for £80. Pickup prefered leeds


  5. Great amount there, great to have a good squirrel perm, nice one pal
  6. Haha it was an astra van mac and youv got a good memory that was years ago, it was a mess pal but good runer, this crv drives like a roller but as said to vm the colour is crap i cant stand it,
  7. Haha, yes vm, great car to drive but totaly shit colour,
  8. Cheers mac, he does like the hw but way to heavy for him pal, im getting him a bsa ultra se, arron wheeler gunsmith said he could cut down the stock to fit him and change everything around for him as he is left handed so im getting that done for him, when he gets a gun that sits right on him he will get plenty more cos he is a goot shot, Cheers pal.
  9. Cheers phil, yes mate he loves coming out shooting and ferreting, thats a good idea with the paint on decoys to attract more ferals, il try that, cheers pal
  10. 2 adult hobs wanted, (not youngsters), small to medium size, must be 100% tame, will travel to collect and pay, thanks.
  11. Got a few rabbits and woodys this morning with hw100, shooting perfect since i got it cleaned and resealed a few weeks ago
  12. Took my grandson to some old mills earlier and he shot 8 ferals out of these, we went last year and cleaned the place of them but plenty back now so be a few more good days/night there in the next few weeks
  13. Bsa ultra SE wanted View Advert Looking for a Bsa ultea se .177 cheers for any replies Advertiser big napper Date 08/06/23 Price £12,345.00 Category Airguns  
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