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  1. big napper

    Squirrel Stalking

    Good going mate
  2. big napper

    Easy on sunday morning.

    Nice one mate
  3. big napper

    7 more varmints

    Nice going mate, i wish i had decent places for squirrels, hardly any at all on my perms, great result.
  4. big napper

    Kitts doing well

    If one had been a jill i might have kept one
  5. big napper

    Kitts doing well

    No, iv give 2 away but if anyone is wanting one they can have the last one in a few weeks, parents great workers and very tame
  6. big napper

    Kitts doing well

    Cheers fred, im opposite mate il prefer polecats, iv give these 3 to lads on here when theyr old enough to go
  7. big napper

    Kitts doing well

    The 3 kitts are doing well now, out of the box and eating plenty of rabbit, still cant get over 2 dark polecats having white pink eyed kitts
  8. big napper

    Up and out

    Cheers mac hope yous get plenty when you go
  9. big napper

    Up and out

    Cheers mate, theres plenty rabbits here just most fields got horses in so limited to where i shoot
  10. big napper

    Up and out

    Cheers pal
  11. big napper

    Up and out

    Cheers phil, hopefully soon for you then mate
  12. big napper

    Up and out

    Cheers si, yes mate all the shite weather but the fields look great now, Great news about the shooting license pal
  13. big napper

    Up and out

    Woke up early this morning and weather was sound so went out and got to a perm about 5.30, went for longtails but decided to walk the fields instead as it was really calm and sunny, got the first rabbit about 30mtrs under the hedge then got another through the fence and a small one in the nettles so happy with them, (fresh and warm for the ferrets, and kits that have started eating
  14. big napper

    Another 2

    Nice one eddy, good shooting pal
  15. big napper

    A couple of hours Sunday evening

    Nice one lee, good shooting mate