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  1. big napper

    A good night with my mate

    Nice one, glad you dont need to get shut of th gun mac, youd av been gutted if it went,
  2. big napper

    Ferals take a hit

    Great result
  3. big napper

    A few woodies on a lovely day

    Ye nice one chris, better with airgun than shotty mate (imo) (because im usless with shotty)
  4. big napper

    Spares or repair

    Il have them mate please, where are you
  5. big napper

    A few hours out this morning

    Cheers jon,
  6. big napper


    Good shooting vm
  7. big napper

    A few hours out this morning

    Cheers mate, well spotted, i never noticed the nettles, yes itl soon be thick of them
  8. big napper

    A few hours out this morning

    Yes your right mate and they must have moved up here because theres more than plenty about that iv seen
  9. big napper

    A few hours out this morning

    Cheers si, yes mate a great day for it, Pain in the arse horses, iv got a good few perms with them on and like yours nearly all of them with loads of rabbits on but if the horses are out i wont shoot in the field
  10. big napper

    A few hours out this morning

    Cheers mate, enjoy your holls
  11. big napper

    Finished at last

    Looks nice mate
  12. Went out early this morning to a local perm hoping to get there before they put the horses out, there was a few empty fields so had a walk about and got a rabbit and a woody, plenty of rabbits again on here but cant shoot in fields with horses in, so went to another place and got some ferrals, collards and 2 crows which i couldn't find, farmer came over and he gave me directions to more land about 10 miles away that he said has plenty of rabbits on so all in all a great morning
  13. Anyone have dates for any game fairs or dog shows around Yorkshire, cheers for any replys
  14. big napper

    Changing tastes

    Both look nice guns jon, the hw stock looks great so now hopefully youl get the urge to go out again.
  15. big napper

    Ferretting complete setup

    How many nets, what length is longnet and have you a picture of cage, cheers