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  1. Even when we had left home and married, my brother and I used to call in at my mother's on a Sunday morning after the whippet racing or a bit of ferreting to get our bread dip in the roast joint fat and a cup of tea before we went to the pub ! Halcyon days ! Cheers.
  2. I never lie, only give a considered opinion I remember when things like butter, eggs, dairy foods were considered great.......then they were the Devils spawn, going to clog our arteries and kill us, salmonella, etc, .......but now they are back in fashion ! Ive allways ate that stuff, I'm 70 and as fit as a rutting buck ! ! Cheers.
  3. Dripping, mate, or lard......bit of salt and pepper, wont make a ha'porth of difference to our health at our age Cheers.
  4. There's only one person in the whole world, in the whole of my life I hold a grudge against, and that is the shithouse that mocked my two children dying in my arms of cancer.......that I can't ever forgive or forget. As I've said, my opinions are only MY opinions, I respect everyone else's opinion, even though I may not agree with them. And yes, you're right, whatever is said on here is not important in the grand scheme of things Cheers.
  5. Then you don't know me whatsoever, but you've allways seemed to have a grudge against me, your comments on my dogs breeding and who bred them, even though you were proven wrong every time seems to support my thoughts. Whenever I post my opinions, which I'm always at pains to explain are only MY opinions, you seem to want to contradict me. I used to get into arguments on here and other sites, but age and circumstances made me change my outlook. I'm 70 years old and have far more important things on my mind than arguing on an internet site, so, I'll not take anything you say to heart !
  6. I know a certain bar which is opposite a Farmfoods. You just give your list to the smackhead in the bar, he goes "shopping" for you, and it's only half price ! Cheers.
  7. Who buys a kilo of butter at a time ? Asda is charging £2.25 for the "normal" size carton we buy, but if you go next door to Lidls their own brand "Danpack" is £1.75, probably comes from the same supplier, and, to me, tastes the same. Yes, of course prices are going up, but it's easy to shop around, we have an Asda, Tesco, B&M, Farmfoods, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl all within easy walking distance. We also have Sainsbury's, M&S, but f**k them ! Of course things are getting harder, but shopping around is easy, and it's all about supply and demand...... if we only shop at the pla
  8. My missus mentioned this article about Lurpack, but on reading into it it was for 3/4 of a kilo ! Yes, as I've said, prices are going up, but this particular item is just MSM sensationalism. Judging by some of the reaction, it's working ! Cheers.
  9. None of this in my local Asda, Lidl, Aldi. Yes things have gone up, but if anyone is daft enough to pay nearly £8 for Lurpack, good luck to them, same as the idiots who pay £8 for a pint ! Just boycott the profiteers, it was a crime during the war......should be now ! Cheers.
  10. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak , and the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, have just resigned........ Boris said he couldn't remember being told about Pincher being a sex pest, before he made him Deputy Chief Whip !! I voted for Boris to get Brexit done and keep Corbyn out, but he's f****d himself to many times, trying to support and defend corrupt MP's and sex pest MP's. Hes lost my confidence, but who will replace him ? The swamp needs draining........but who's going to do it ? Cheers.
  11. I went out with the Barwon Hunt in Australia, they ran a mixed pack of foxhounds and Irish Harriers; Cheers.
  12. Welsh Hound and Foxhound, from the Braes 'o Derwent; Welsh Hound and Foxhound from the Morpeth; Good to still see a few Welsh working. Cheers.
  13. I was talking to my missus this morning about how Boris keeps f***ing it up by giving support to wrong 'uns in the Tory party, latest one is the sex pest Pincher. He was renowned in Westminster as a sex pest, but Boris put him in a position of power even though he was fully aware of this. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but could it be that these nonces and sex pests have "little black books" and " know where the bodies are buried " ? Its well known that Party Whips have information on everyone, and Pinchers job was, guess what, DEPUTY CHIEF WHIP ! It stinks...
  14. It looks like the Russians are getting bogged down in the east. They've taken a city but have been ejected from Snake Island. The Ukrainians are regrouping to try and retake the city, so it could end up a latter day trench warfare.....retreat and advance, with the Russians not making much ground, but hitting cities with their superior missile systems. Just my take on it, but I think the Russians have given up on taking all of Ukraine, and will try to consolidate their hold on the east and claim that's what they wanted all along. Its not the blitzkrieg the Russians expected, now
  15. Proper motor ! I thought it was only me and MB that used a Range Rover for dog work ! Cheers.
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