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  1. In what respect does Paul O'Grady deserve the title "best dog man" ? Cheers.
  2. Map co-ordinates are measurements of the lines of latitude and longitude, measured in degrees and minutes. Where the two lines intersect is your meeting point point. I think post codes and “my three words”. are a lot easier. Cheers.
  3. Just seen this one for sale on an Aussie hunting site ! Silverado, possibly a bit of overkill for here.......but nice ! Cheers.
  4. The rarity of wild boar and the draconian hunting laws in the U.K. are the obvious answers to that question. Interesting, if misleading map. Surely it was the British who introduced "bull" type dogs to a lot of countries, when they conquered a quarter of the world ? The British were using "bull" types when the USA was still owned by its native peoples, long before colonisation. Just my opinion . Cheers.
  5. The way I read it, it’s two different things; a photo ID to vote, for people who don’t have any other form of photo ID,and a digital biometric ID that they would like EVERYONE to have. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it . Cheers.
  6. Isn’t the “voting card” ID just a photo ID to show when voting ? If you have any other photo ID, such as a driving licence, passport or bus pass, you won’t need a “voter ID”.. I don’t think it is anything like the digital, biometric ID that Blair was pushing for. Cheers.
  7. It appears you haven’t learned any lesson though ! The lesson you should have learned was that this is the internet….not the real world. You will never meet 99.9% of the members on here, but you seem to take their replies seriously. Mind you, I was the same, well not quite as bad, but it took some cataclysmic events in my life, and a seven year break from the site, to change my outlook completely. Now it’s a bit of fun, an opportunity to meet some good lads and do a bit of hunting, have a craic, and maybe make a lifelong friend or two ! If you’ve only done 10% of what you s
  8. Ashley sold of Strawberry Terrace, a street outside the ground, just before he sold up completely. The new owners have bought it back, with a view to extending the capacity to 62000. Im in two minds about it, yes the extra capacity is needed, but will it mean the end of the Strawberry pub ? Being a city centre ground brings huge problems fo expansion. One side of the ground is parallel to Leazes Terrace, a grade two listed street and they have allways resisted being overshadowed by the ground, that's why it's so " lopsided". Cheers.
  9. You would have been up here, Gnash, highest point in the stadium; I remember watching Newcastle play Coventry in a cup game years ago. The only seat I could get was third row from the very top, I could make out the black and white shirts from the blue, but not the individual players ! LOL ! My mate asked what the green light he could see in the distance was, ( light on top of the Civic Centre), I told him we were that high up, it was probably London ! Cheers.
  10. We’ve certainly got plenty of home grown wrong ‘uns, so why the hell would we want to import more ? Cheers.
  11. No, got no interest in that type of horse racing. And certainly wouldn’t pay the prices ! LOL ! Cheers.
  12. Would a grandfather/granddaughter mating be considered linebreeding or inbreeding ? Cheers.
  13. I know extremely little about inbreeding/linebreeding, so I’m not sure if I should comment, but here goes! I thought linebreeding was just a slightly less intense version of inbreeding, sort of half brother/sister, rather than full brother sister ? More than one breeder has told me, only half joking, that it’s linebreeding when it works…… inbreeding when it doesn’t ! Cheers.
  14. Were you worried about it mate, and maybe misheard her ? Shes a nurse, not an oncologist, she shouldn’t be making diagnosis, call your GP and tell them you’re worried. I know it’s hard not to, but try not to fret about it until you get a definitive diagnosis. All the best. Cheers.
  15. I was offered an 8 month old pure GSP bitch a few month ago. A friend of mine bred a litter and kept two pups back to run on. He decided which one he’d keep and offered to gift me the other. I had a moments though about taking it to work with the lurchers, finding game and putting it up for them, but realised my lurchers do that anyway, find and put up their own game…..,and catch it. So I politely declined his offer, as it would just be another dog to feed and kennel, for no obvious gain. Cheers.
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