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  1. I'm not a great football fan, Ray, but I watched the game and it was what I would call a "smash & grab" by Newcastle ! Wolves were without doubt the better team, but Newcastle treated them like they were Liverpool or Man City ! They went there to defend, no interest in attacking , and hoped to come away with a draw, which they somehow managed to achieve ! Bruce and Ashley seem to only aspire to Premiership survival, it makes business sense to Ashley, but the supporters want something more than the dross on display week in, week out. Cheers.
  2. They are being processed now. Did the SBS treat you roughly, we need to know so we can hound them years later. It's your "human rights" you know ! Where would you like to live in your rent free council house. How many of your relatives will be joining you so your benefits can be worked out. What mobile 'phone would you like, to keep in touch with your social worker. Is normal food ok, or should we make sure it's halal ? That'll teach the terrorist, hijacking, stowaways to mess with us !! Cheers.
  3. No mate, never did. I should have, but never seemed the right time. Same with my deer x bitch, now over eleven, to late now. Cheers.
  4. I mentioned on a thread, some time back, when I did three months pro bono work for the DHSS. This was when they were closing the dole offices and going on-line. Every claimant had to have a c.v. uploaded on line and had to open an e-mail account. It was my job to help them do this. I couldn't believe the number of people, mainly men in their 30's and 40's, who were illiterate and innumerate, who had never had a job in their life, had no intention of ever wanting or getting a job, and were happy to just get their benefits and carry on. Theres a whole underclass who have never worked, sometimes they are second or third generation benefits claimants, whole families who have known nothing but the dole. Extending free school meals into the holidays is just a sticking plaster on a wound that requires major surgery. The Torys won't fix it, and Labour would only expand it. I don't have the answers, but I hope someone does. Cheers.
  5. A tad under 23". Beddy/Grey x Deer/Grey-Whippet/Grey. Had her put down at 15 year old a while back A decent bitch at most things. Cheers.
  6. https://www.gov.uk/get-copy-military-service-records Cheers.
  7. I think the reason the "north" isn't looking on the Torys with the venal hatred and distrust of the past is down to Labour. Now, I was a lifelong labour voter until I sussed out Blair. Yes, I voted for him first time, but never again. Labour took its core voters, white working class northerners, for granted, they concentrated more and more on minority's like the black and Asian votes, the LGBT votes and any other looney fringe. This culminated in Corbyn who completely ignored the labour voting Brexit supporters, who answered in the only way they can....with their vote. I used to have a saying ; " if the only choice on the ballot paper was vote Tory or stick pins in your own eyes, I would have no hesitation in saying pass me the pins" I held my nose and voted for Boris, simply because he promised to deliver Brexit. I couldn't vote for someone I considered a traitor and terrorist supporter. We didn't desert Labour.........Labour deserted us ! Cheers.
  8. I keep seeing words like "Punjabi " and "Ocean View" cropping up on various threads . Are they innuendo or some sort of subliminal message ? Only understood by THL's version of the Freemasons ? Its confusing me as I keep going back in the threads to find out what they mean, but no luck ! Cheers.
  9. The government is paying people £7,000 a day to run the failed track and trace system. Today they advertised jobs running call centres at £2,000 a day But it isn't about money. The government can't be seen to cave in to a 22 year old football player, just as they can't cave in to a petulant posturing Burnham. A government is there to GOVERN, it makes the decisions, rightly or wrongly, and in a democracy, if we don't like it, we can vote for some one else. Problem is, they are all the same, don't tell me if It was a Labour government it would be much different. It would just mean the country would go bankrupt quicker while the politicians had their noses in the trough and the people got shafted. Remember the Who song " here comes the new boss, same as the old boss" ? Cheers.
  10. Simple question; Why are we one of the worlds biggest givers of over seas aid, per capita, if we can't afford to feed our OWN kids ? Cheers.
  11. Get yourself out hunting with David Cameron, he's from round there, isn't he ? Cheers.
  12. I remember an old lurcher man telling me " believe nothing you hear, and only half you see". I also apply that to the news, the Internet, and gossip....... Cheers.
  13. To be fair, Max, the missus and I haven't missed a dentist or doctors appointment yet. Of course there's some restrictions such as waiting outside until your appointment time, wearing a mask, etc, but no hardship. My missus had a health worry a couple of weeks ago and got a doctors appointment the next day. She's had a physical, blood test, smear test, all ok, and has an appointment next week for an endoscope , so I can't complain. You do know that GPS get paid off the government for each registered patient, wether they see them daily or never at all ? So I can't see how it's saving the government fortunes. Just my own situation, yours in your area may be different. Cheers.
  14. A lunatic running Wales, a petulant posing twat running Manchester, a mad woman running Scotland.......as I've said before ; "give someone power and............." Cheers.
  15. You can buy a bottle of vodka but not a winter coat from Asda You can by a bottle of whisky but not gas heater for your home from tesco. But you can by any f****n thing you like from Amazon !!!!! Insane....... Cheers.
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