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  1. Publicly owned , funded and ran social care and care homes sounds good in theory. But Im old enough to remember all the nationalised industries of the past. So, nationalisation doesn't necessarily mean better or more efficient or caring. Also, how would this be financed ? Sweden is recognised as having possibly the best care system in the world, but it also has one of, possibly the, highest taxation rates in the world. Not just income tax, but have you seen the price of beer, petrol, etc there ? If people were prepared to pay more in taxes here to fund social care, gr
  2. Don't you dare f***ing talk to me about DNR''s !
  3. I wasn't referring to you, but if you honestly believe the government deliberately murders or left to die, 30,000 old people to save money, then I know when to step away from this debate. Cheers.
  4. So your saying a deliberate decision can't be arrived at by gross incompetence ? Your saying the person who made the decision wasn't incompetent, but with malice afore thought decided to murder 30,000 old people for a reason you now cannot give ? This is getting surreal now.... I give up. Cheers.
  5. I'm not making excuses for any one, so stop moving the goal posts ! I say it was gross incompetence. You say it was deliberate and are now saying you don't know why, but you jumped straight on my reply to stop end agreeing with him ! If it was deliberate, as you say, tell us for what reason, what could the government gain by murdering 30,000 old people ? Cheers.
  6. So, yes, you believe the government deliberately murdered thousands of old people, but don't know why. I still think gross incompetence is the most likely. let me give you a first hand experience, Francie; My mum is 90, she refuses point blank to go into a home. The government has paid to convert her bathroom into an invalid wet room. They have paid to install a stair lift. Carers come every day to help her bathe, cook, wash her clothes etc. If this government was really murdering old people to save money, surely they would start with the likes of my old mum
  7. So you believe it was deliberate murder rather than gross incompetence ? Im not going to go round in circles here, but how do you explain all the others I mentioned going along with it ? Cheers.
  8. What do you mean "an excuse" ? Do YOU believe the government deliberately murdered thousands of old people to save money ? Cheers.
  9. I worked for Lockheed Aircraft in Saudi in the 70's on the C130 program, also on th G.E. & NavAids program. The Hercules has been a great work horse for many years and is still going strong. Mind you, I liked it as the "Puff the Majic Dragon" version in the Vietnam war. That would strike fear into anyone ! Cheers.
  10. Are you guys seriously saying the government DELIBERATELY killed thousands of old people in care homes to save money ! Now I know the government has been incompetent in handling the pandemic but come on ! Why haven't the Labour Party or the LibDems or any other party not screamed blue murder if that's the case, or are they all in on it ? why hasn't the media, the scientific community, the lawyers, the medical profession, said anything ? Yes, the government screwed up sending old people back to care homes from hospital, but that was gross incompetence, not deliberate murder
  11. It's those f***ing black ones following me that I worry about....... Cheers.
  12. No one in mainstream media is prepared to say it, but Harry was a bit of non-pc fresh air when he was playing strip snooker or dressing up as a SS Nazi ! He knew he was "spare to the heir" and didn't give a f**k. He liked clubbing, hunting, shooting, was a soldier who done his bit, but now it's like he's been brainwashed by a cult ! Meghan can't be that good a f**k that he gives up everything and becomes a woke, snowflake wimp ! He was possibly the most eligible batchelor in the world, he could have just married some minor European princess to please the Queen, and just carried on be
  13. I'll take you question as rhetorical, as it's not a scenario that affects me at the moment, if circumstances for us change, I reserve the right to change or amend my opinions ! ! Cheers.
  14. I haven't seen my 90 year old mum in months, as I'm terrified of her getting Covid. We've both had our first vax, and when we have the second one I'll see her every day. Im not prepared to put her life at risk by listening to conspiracy theories. Who knows ? They may have some truth to them......most conspiracy theories have a scintilla of truth. If other people don't want the vax, that's there choice, I've no problem with that. But I'll make my own decisions based on what MY circumstances are , Cheers.
  15. I can't fault your maths but it's all about probability and projection, or, in laymans terms; guessing ! Cheers.
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