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  1. An Aussie pal told us a joke, "Saw an abo walking along the road wearing only one thong, ( flip flop, for us poms), Lost a flip flop mate ? I asked, nah, replied the abo, found one !" Cheers.
  2. I remember Lucy's Tiger Den in the early 80's, every f****r in there claimed to be ex American special forces in Vietnam. How the f**k they lost, I'll never know Cheers.
  3. They say if you can remember the 60's.......you weren't really there Cheers.
  4. Perhaps I phrased it wrong, I meant the animosity in general on the thread Cheers.
  5. I don't see why all the animosity? If someone believes and spends time and energy on his belief, so what ? If someone doesn't believe, why try to ridicule the other guy ? personally I'm about 99% sure in my own mind that there aren't big cats breeding in the UK. Of course there were releases and escapees in the past, but I very much doubt they met up and bred, they probably died very quickly, having been pets or captives . But just as I'd like there to be a Loch Ness monster, Sasquatch, Yeti, I'm sure, like big cats in the UK, they don't exist.........but I'd love to be pro
  6. Hey ! One of my Alma Mata's was South Shields Marine College ! But they aren't called "Sand Dancers" for nothing, big community of Yemeni's there Cheers.
  7. On second thoughts it's more like South Shields Cheers.
  8. Hendon ? Southwick ? Fullwel ? Cheers.
  9. More nonsense from the press. A tin of chappie is four times the price of a tin of beans in Lidl . Beans 22p, loaf of bread 39p, 15 eggs £1:50. Why on earth would people pay more to eat dog food ? Beans on toast with a fried egg on top costs less than a tin of dog food. Cheers.
  10. Exactly ! My protege' reads the words, doesn't understand them but has the innate sense to Google them and my job is done ! I have high hopes for him , f**k what others say ! Cheers.
  11. I consider myself far to the right of the Blessed Margaret, and think some of Herr Shicklegrubbers policies should be implemented immediately in this country to save us from over zealous politicians and moderators. Cheers.
  12. You know for a fact I'm a Stoic with a hint of Laconic and a smidgen of Sophism, so stop being obtuse, you scallywag ! Cheers.
  13. Just just spoke to him and I'm fairly sure he's been deleted and he's adamant he won't be back. Cheers.
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