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  1. That would be a team of six and a waggon ! Cheers.
  2. I had a HGV 1 all classes licence but let it lapse about 14 year ago because I wasn't using it and didn't want to pay £120 for a medical. Can they be re-instated or would I need another test ? Just wondering, if the wages that are being bandied about are true, I may have to come out of retirement ! ! Cheers.
  3. Read it again, mate, I said "he" in respect of McDonald, then a coma, then "a woman" in respect of Abbot. My grammar may not be perfect, but I'm sure most people understood. Cheers.
  4. Yeah, the UK is in a bit of a mess at the moment, and the Tories are not handling it well, (though I'll allways thank Boris for fulfilling one promise, to "get Brexit done"). But the UK is positively a Shangrila, a Utopia, compared to the dystopian hell it would be if we had a terrorist supporting , west hating old fool, Corbyn, as Prime Minister, an avowed communist, who openly states he wants to destroy the capitalist system, McDonald, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, a woman so stupid she can't put her shoes on the right foot, Abbot, as Home Secretary.......all taking orders from an une
  5. Quoting a few remainers doesn't alter the fact that Poland has a 125,000 shortage of HGV drivers......the HGV driver shortage is pan European; Driver shortage is pan-European | www.globalcoldchainnews.com WWW.GLOBALCOLDCHAINNEWS.COM Bath, UK: The logistics industry has been warning about driver shortages for many years but a combination of Covid-19, Brexit and the ongoing structural issues... Cheers.
  6. If Brexit is to blame, how does that explain that Germany, Poland and other EU countries have a worse HGV driver shortage than the U.K. ? Countries such as China and Australia are also suffering a shortage of HGV drivers. China cannot get goods to the docks so ships are sitting idle or leaving port half empty. Of course the Remoaners will blame Brexit, it give them something to hold onto, an excuse to say "i told you so", but if Brexit has any part in this, it's minor compared to drivers being hit by Covid, wether actually getting it or being forced into isolation through being "ping
  7. Just dropped my missus at the big, out of town Tesco at Kingston Park, outside Newcastle. As I drove past the forecourt, the queues were no different to a normal Monday morning so I pulled in, filled up with the cheapest E10 around, £1.33, and drove off. No queues, no shortage, no drama. Then I get home and Sky News is telling me that 90% of filling stations are experiencing shortages, there's 3-4 hour queues, fights are breaking out, the government is going to bring the army in........ WHAT THE f**k IS GOING ON ????? Cheers.
  8. I'm a very stoical man, and I believe a fox has gotta eat too, BUT, when the b*****d kills all six of your Cayuga ducks and only takes one, then it goes onto my hit list Cheers.
  9. Unless the b*****ds are killing your chickens and ducks ! ! Youre right though, up to a point. I'll take them If they they pop up, but don't go looking for them, although I do enjoy following a pack. Id far rather run something I can eat. Cheers.
  10. Do nothing; leave the evil bitch where she is......she wanted to be there, and that's where she is. No f****r sent her ....... Cheers.
  11. Instead of trying to unglue the bitch, I would drop the trailer in a lay-by, put screens around it, and leave her there until she begged to be unstuck........ Harsh, but fair, she glued herself to the tanker, let her ask to be released. Cheers.
  12. I don't think there's any " right" or "wrong". Ive never had the 'flu vaccine, as both my parents had severe reactions to it, and I think I'd be genetically disposed to have the same reaction, and I can usually handle a bout of the 'flu. I had the Covid vaccine because I'm in a "at risk " group because of my age, amongst other reasons, and I'm not sure I could handle a dose of Covid. Younger, fitter people doubtless feel they could handle Covid without having the vaccine, I appreciate that, and respect their decision. so, to me, it's a case of weighing up the pro's and con'
  13. Why are we still going round in circles about this ? I'd of thought everyone who wanted the vaccine has had it and everyone who didn't want it, hasn't. I had it, haven't had any adverse effects, in fact I feel a bit more confident I won't get Covid, wether that's true or not, I don't know, but it's how I feel. Trying to convince people to have or not have the vaccine now is a bit pointless, the majority have made their minds up, one way or the other. Cheers.
  14. The last two dogs I've had were gifted, a Teckel and a deer/grey. I'd gladly have paid the asking price for them, especially the deer/grey, as it was exactly the breeding I wanted, and is extremely hard to find these days. If it's the breeding I want, I'd travel anywhere and pay anything, within reason. You get what you pay for, buy shite you get shite. Cheers.
  15. Another cheesecake; This time the base is crushed dark chocolate digestives, and the topping is peppermint maltesers. Cheers.
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