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  1. Rudy writes like the Indian who keeps 'phoning me to say there's a problem with my internet/phone/bank account/electric/gas talks ! ! Cheers.
  2. Get your name down for two , Davey ! ! Cheers.
  3. A change of scenery is good for the soul........ Cheers.
  4. Your taking the hijacking of your pup thread in good sport, Sheepy . Or are you still hoping to join the 100 pager club ? Cheers.
  5. Nah....... Baw had a Masters Degree in wind ups, mC is a rank amateur compared to Baw ! ! Cheers.
  6. "Scabby" , now there's a word I haven't heard for a while ! Cheers.
  7. I'm not disagreeing Some people , especially these days, want a whizz banger, on the land, take a hare or two, and off again sharpish, they don't want five minutes runs. No ones right or wrong. It's what works for you. Cheers.
  8. One of the fastest dogs I've seen, which, as is the case with these types, was his undoing......dropped both gracillis, so retired. Cheers
  9. This one also "up north"; Out of Geoff Fletchers breeding, so I can almost guarantee there's a bit of Greyhound in there somewhere ! ! Cheers.
  10. Best working KC whippet I've seen, Mally's Vixen. Long gone now, so, no, I'll not be matching anyone with her ! She put many long night shifts in lamping in winter, and could kill a hare. Cheers.
  11. Day walking is great, probably my favourite, but I don't allways run them off a slip. If the dog is decent, you can get on a bit of high ground, let the dog quarter the field, nose down, tail up, getting faster and faster as the scent gets hotter, then the inevitable explosion of brown fur as the hare bursts from its seat and then its game on ! You can watch all the fun from your vantage point, but not all dogs will quarter a field finding their own quarry, some are point and slip. All great fun Cheers.
  12. Damn whippet; I told the shivering little f****r it couldn't take daytime roe; but the awkward f****r just gave me one of those withering looks and went on doing it anyway ! Cheers.
  13. Damn bull x ; I told the bucket headed twat it couldn't kill daytime hares, but the evil b*****d was determined to prove me wrong; Cheers.
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