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  1. That’s the funny thing; as soon as there’s a hint of shortages, the big rolls are the first to go. Whats wrong with a dock leaf or a handful of grass ! Id be stocking up on beans not bog roll ! A dirty arse is preferable to a hungry belly ! Cheers.
  2. The reality is they hate you and me, they hate everything. If they didn’t, they would try and get us on side. They would throw themselves under the minister’s limousine, drive a JCB through Downing Street gates. Stop Starmer flying in a private jet to a European meeting ! But no, it’s a lot easier and less dangerous to stop ordinary people going about their business ! The suffragettes threw themselves in front of the royals horses, the miners fought the police for the life of their communities, these c**ts glue themselves to a road to stop people going to work ! No, Wilf,
  3. Not one of them will do the stretch, they’ll be out in two at the most. Open prison or release on tag. It’s just a warning to the fanatics. Let them protest outside the Chinese, Indian or Brazilian embassy’s and I’d have some respect for them , but stopping hard pressed people going about their business ? Well, f**k ‘em ! You can be the “devils advocate” , the horse that kicks over the traces as much as you want, Wilf , but these c**ts keep pushing the envelope , it has to stop somewhere ! Cheers.
  4. The judge said they had crossed the line from being protesters to fanatics. I agree with nipping this in the bud. Protest is fair enough , I protested at the miners strike and the countryside march but we didn’t aim the protests at our own people. If these just stop oil people had chained themselves to Downing Street railings or glued themselves to Ministers cars I may have had some sympathy, or at least respect for them, but they are going about it the wrong way and alienating the people they need onside. Cheers.
  5. The semi final between Bully Boy and MVG is only a few legs in, but already has the making of a classic ! Cheers.
  6. Without googling it, he was found not guilty but there were several civil cases. I don’t know the outcomes, but he’s as much a hero of mine as Buzz Aldrin ! LOL ! Cheers.
  7. I got mine in Saudi , my daughter in law would have got my grandsons in either Saudi , Yemen or the Emirates. he’s got different ones for when they dress up for different National days at school. Historical dress for Yemen Day; Cheers.
  8. “ Jocks with our brains kicked in “ I’ve heard us called. I prefer to think Hadrian built the wall to keep the insanity north of the border ! Cheers.
  9. Now, now mate, we must respect everyone’s opinions……… unless it’s those troublemakers Tomo , Astanley and mChull. Bloody Bolsheviks ! Cheers.
  10. Whatever happened to the old credit card method that we old timers employed ? LOL ! Cheers.
  11. I’ve changed many of those; without specialist tools , just drill it out. Cheers.
  12. I could never compare myself to such a hero as Buzz Aldrin. As I continually tell you, I respect your opinions, some of them even make me think, but I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. I never mock you or your opinions, yes , I may poke a bit of gentle fun in your direction, but it’s just in jest. I’ve many Scot’s pals, so I know our humour isn’t always appreciated, either way, but we remain good pals. Chill out , mate, you have your opinions , I have mine, mutual respect is a good thing. Cheers.
  13. That should get the conspiracy theorists going. PMSL ! Cheers.
  14. Actually it’s the opening stanza from Tubular Bells ! Or Billy Joel’s helicopter intro to Saigon ! ”Live life as you’d wish to die “. Cheers.
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