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  1. To misquote Shakespeare’s Shylock; “ If you prick me, do I not bleed ?”. In other words, none of us are perfect….. Your lesson for today, young master ! Cheers.
  2. To be honest, I had a water leak and had to replace a couple of floor boards in the spare bedroom. I finished the job and as I was leaving I stood on a squeaky board that had been annoying me for years, so, tools in hand, I drove a screw through it and straight through a pipe that was immediately below the floor board ! Those lazy b*****ds at Barratts had just notched the top of the joist to run the pipes instead of running them through the middle of the joist. Just imagine if I had done such a shoddy job on a 747 ???? Cheers.
  3. I’ve got a few Irish pals, here and on both sides of the Irish border. Two brothers, ground workers , here are great pals. They will go out of their way to help. My sister has a big old house and it had a concrete and asbestos double garage she wanted taken down and getting rid of. She was quoted over £3000 to have it done. f**k that, said Sean, I’ll do it for £300 ! He put a chain around it, attached to the back of his transit pick up and drove off ! Loaded it up and away. I asked him what he did with it ? Dumped it at the back of the old shopping centre we demol
  4. That looks remarkably like what my pal repaired my pipe with . Cheers.
  5. Just had a closer look at the first pic, the one with the joints. A few years ago I put a screw through a 22mm hot water pipe in my house. My mate who has an HVAC business came round and cut out the damaged part of the pipe and slid one of those couplings in and crimped it with a hand operated hydraulic press. Hey presto, repaired in minutes, no soldering or welding. Still don’t know why those are imperial though ? Cheers.
  6. Just a thought, but are those tools British or American ? Don’t the yanks still use inches ? As for swaging, I was thinking along the lines of construction pipe fitting rather than automation. How many pipe fitters still use swaging to join pipes ? I’m just guessing here but I’d think most use a soldered/brazed/ welded coupling or compression joint. Maybe we have some pipe fitters on here that can help us out. Cheers.
  7. Copper and brass pipe fittings were made with bsp threads before we went metric. Im not a pipe fitter but I thought maybe those swages were for swaging pre metric, imperial size pipe. Cheers.
  8. Yes, British Standard Pipe thread, measured in imperial inches. Cheers.
  9. No it bloody isn’t ‘ LOL ! Cheers.
  10. My duck eggs hatch at 28-30 days ! I remember a Filipino telling me how to eat balut; crush the head on the roof of your mouth with your tongue…..delicious !!!! Cheers.
  11. Those Asians do strange things to eggs! ”100 year old “ eggs, those half formed embryos in the shell, etc. But then again the mere sight of a jar of pickled eggs on a bar here in the UK is enough to make me gag ! Cheers.
  12. Why on earth did I know you would disagree ? LOL ! Cheers.
  13. “Anxiety and depression “ has become the new “bad back” ! No doctor is going to say you are lying in case you go off and top yourself ! Far easier for them to give you a prescription for anti depressant’s. Obviously there are people with genuine mental issues who need the medication, but let’s not kid ourselves there aren’t many who aren’t “swinging the lead”. Cheers.
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