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  1. Now I think about it, they did seem tall, can't remember any really under 24". One thing stuck in my mind, I asked him if he preferred smooth or feathered, and he said it made no difference whatsoever ever to him, a good Saluki was a good Saluki, irrespective of coat or colour. Cheers.
  2. Politics has allways been Machiavellian, it used to be "little black books" were kept, with all the indiscretions, gossip and tittle tattle. Now its indiscreet texts, whatsapps, face book comments, tweets, they are all collected and secreted away for whenever they may be needed to ruin someone who doesn't toe the establishment line Cheers.
  3. Sand slugs, slop and slips, no wonder I'm confused ! ! Cheers.
  4. Worked with a lot of yanks around the world, and they all seem to favour top end American tools, Milwaukee, Snap-On, Proto, etc. All quality made and reliable brands. Cheers.
  5. Just had an hour out with the pup, couldn't ask for a better day for a walk around the fields; not too cold, not a cloud in the sky , grounds perfect for a run ! If only she were a month or two older ! But I'll get a slip or two before the season ends ! Cheers
  6. Nothing wrong with taking your time sourcing a pup, and doing your homework. But if you really want a pup, just get one. An experienced dog man should be able to overcome any problems encountered along the way Cheers.
  7. I used to trencher feed mine when I had a few dogs, but now I only have the deer cross and my daughters chihuahua I feed them separately, not because of food aggression, but in case the deer cross pup swallows the chihuahua by mistake ! ! Cheers.
  8. Don't know if it's relevant, but my hens and ducks came back on the lay about two weeks ago. Pleasantly supprised, wasn't expecting it for another month or more. Cheers.
  9. LI 150; eventually fitted with a GT 200 engine, bored out to 225 cc, 15 tooth sprocket , five plate clutch, Ancilloti exhaust, Amal monobloc carb for everyday use, Wal Phillips fuel injector for whenever any fool wanted a race ! ! Just for the scooter jocks. Back in the 60's by the way Cheers.
  10. You're someone I would have taken the bait at back then, but now, I just smile indulgently at and move on Cheers.
  11. I left the site some years ago, because I felt I was getting far to involved in arguments. I was going through some life changing events in my life. I asked Bosun to delete me, but he said he would just suspend my account until I felt I wanted to rejoin. Seven years later, I asked him to reinstate my account, which he did, and I came back on with a totally different mindset. Now, I don't want to get involved in arguments, I'd rather have a laugh on some threads, or get involved in good threads and give my experiences in the hope they might make good reading. Either way, take wha
  12. Trippier was the best player on the pitch Newcastle v Leeds, £12 million.....what a bargain ! Cheers.
  13. Now stop this, Stoppy, ! ! It looks like you might have some grudging respect for me ! And we both know we can't be having that !!! !!! Cheers.
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