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  1. They are litter brothers mate ,they are wheaton lurcher x bull lurchers .30 odd years of breeding thst I've kept going .
  2. Weekend bushing with keeper mates , had some very good hunts , little Pablo has found he's voice and is going well , accounted for 23 rabbits and a fox Saturday, 4 foxes today .real good crack , only took 3 bushers so they done well .
  3. Hbg owned the dog .don't think he has anything left out of his old stuff .but remus did breed some quality stuff , and hbg will have tested them all to the max 100%
  4. Great days and good little videos, spot on .
  5. Rabbit bushing ,lurchers off keeps them sharp and helps fitness , Fox bushing always on slip and away from cover .as mighty celt says ,most dogs are clued up so no what's going on and can't resist to go in .
  6. Copper ,out ,n out bushing dog will go all day long .
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