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  1. brambles

    Stud dog

    I don't envy anyone that, terrible wae to lose a dog, you never hear anything of yours either
  2. brambles

    Derbyshire swallows

    Seen my first swallows yesterday evening here in SW Scotland 🖒
  3. brambles

    Stud dog

    She was mate shame what happened to her, I've a bitch out her litter sister Floss
  4. brambles

    Minshaw dogs

    Some frogs shooting driven hare is one thing but a statement like killing 20 lamped hares makes the bitch worth breeding from makes me laugh no wonder there is so much shit out there, atb with your dogs🖒
  5. brambles

    Minshaw dogs

    Your last 2 posts sum you up
  6. brambles

    Minshaw dogs

    Ffs you should be ashamed of yourself killing 20 lamped hares in the one night, it's as bad as running them in the snow,
  7. brambles

    Anyone recommend these wellies or not ?

    I've got a pair mate, best I've had for comfort and heat, they are far from indestructible for the price, but then again what suits me might not you so atb with your decision 🖒
  8. brambles

    Dog enjoying sun

    2 of mine enjoying a bit of sun on their backs 🖒
  9. brambles

    My pup... Nero x cindy scout x cindy

    Very smart mate atb wae it
  10. brambles

    Fresh Run Fish

    Caught today on the Annan 🖒
  11. brambles


    I killed one on the 18th of Feb and she was heavily pregnant with 2 and I reckon they were days away from being born, so that was me by for the season
  12. brambles

    best pic for charity

    Doing well mate had a good season, you still running that dog out of Pearl 🖒🖒
  13. brambles

    Feckin clowns

    Well your spot on then mate they are fecking clowns 🖒lol
  14. brambles

    Feckin clowns

    Ever thought it might just be young lads setting out on their rabbiting future and making similar mistakes that we have all made
  15. brambles

    Dog pup

    I said it about you years ago!! your type are the ones to blame for the shit being bred today, if I mind right the dam to this pup was no more than a baby itself when you bred it lol you haven't a fecking clue the quicker you give them up the safer the dogs will be