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  1. brambles

    30 years

    Good on you mate its great to get the young ones out, I remember the first season I took my grandson at the age of 5, the big day that still stands out for him was a very frosty and sunny morning ferreting shallow holes and the rabbits were rumbling and thumping under ground, says he still remembers the feeling vibrating up through his feet lol
  2. brambles

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Not the best of pics taken with the phone but always like spending time watching these
  3. brambles

    Rex x Fly pups 5 months

    Hope he does you proud 🖒🖒
  4. brambles

    Wheaten cross

    Picked him up a wee cocker and he's been running my wee brown bitch quite a decent little team he has going, he's choking to get going this season, those kits he had off you last year will be well worked this season 🖒🖒
  5. brambles

    Wheaten cross

    Can't speak of the bitch but from what I have seen of the dog which has improved 10 fold since I last seen him, he's a very good choice of stud, atb wae the litter 🖒🖒
  6. brambles

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    My 2 sired by Romeo
  7. brambles

    Count down is on

    Feckin summer hunters should be ashamed Go on mate gotta keep the keeper happy thought you might have netted a few and dropped them on your other bit 🖒
  8. brambles

    Funny Joke Thread

  9. brambles

    Funny Joke Thread

  10. brambles

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Its around 6ft long 2ft deep and 6ft tall, the top 2 tiers are connected via a 3" hole through the floor onto a ramp, the bottom level is independent and where I keep the hobs during the summer months
  11. brambles

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Tidy job mate not to unlike mine
  12. brambles

    Dodgy pop ups - auto forward sites

    Me aswell some shit about winning a I phone does my nut it
  13. brambles

    Golden Eagles.

    Used to have a large stuffed female perched on a branch with her wings semi cloaked, it was mounted on the stair landing wall wife made me take it down due to kids being petrified to walk past it especially during the night going to the bathroom
  14. brambles

    Team for likely next next season

    You still got the 2 Lurchers mate 🖒 kitts look well
  15. brambles

    Funny Joke Thread