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  1. brambles

    Bloody horses

    This b@stard hates dogs, field it normally has the run of holds a fair few sets of holes with good rabbit numbers, the minute my wee bitch sees it charging down the field she's off she knows it's only aim is to stamp her to death and it's a biting b@stard aswell
  2. Lads I'm looking for a bit of help or info on what's up with my Plum tree, it looks very dishevelled leafs have small holes and a sort of black powder is falling from it, only a small tree but always yelled a good crop, never had any trouble till this season, any ideas?
  3. brambles


    Barney x Penny = Ossie Joe x Rainey = Belle Ossie x Belle = Bulldozer
  4. brambles


    Looking for a couple myself, covered one Jill but she hasn't took any help would be appreciated SW Scotland don't mind travelling to pick them up always out and about
  5. brambles

    Need a breeding Hob Scotland

    Aye mine are decent numbnut but I'm on the other side of the country
  6. brambles

    The Places Ye Get To See

  7. brambles

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

  8. brambles

    Some thing different

    Ffs a bit of animosity and dislike on here this evening
  9. brambles

    Lot of cheap dogs about

    No crush mate your just a peddling little prick 🖒
  10. brambles

    Funny Joke Thread

  11. brambles

    Lot of cheap dogs about

    That fanny Lurcherlad will be having a clearout shortly aswell
  12. brambles

    Stud dog

    I don't envy anyone that, terrible wae to lose a dog, you never hear anything of yours either
  13. brambles

    Derbyshire swallows

    Seen my first swallows yesterday evening here in SW Scotland 🖒
  14. brambles

    Stud dog

    She was mate shame what happened to her, I've a bitch out her litter sister Floss
  15. brambles

    Minshaw dogs

    Some frogs shooting driven hare is one thing but a statement like killing 20 lamped hares makes the bitch worth breeding from makes me laugh no wonder there is so much shit out there, atb with your dogs🖒