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  1. Naw mate he's telling you the truth, I'm so grateful for my garmin tracker
  2. Yes mate thats them, Candy, Floss, Pearl and Sunshine I think the other was called
  3. Aye I've still got my bitch out of Pearl's litter sister Floss, you still got that dog out of Pearl?
  4. I was gonna use him over a little bitch i have here bred out of Rocco's dams litter sister, hindsight is a great thing, definitely something I should have done.
  5. The mother to Rocco was out of Ice, this is her here
  6. "Ice", I have a little bitch here in the kennel that goes back to him
  7. Great tae see her still tagging along
  8. She's looking well matehas she never shown any weakness or tenderness towards her injury. Oh and wheres the auld yin
  9. This is a cracker mate, need to get a couple done of my runners, keep it up mate
  10. Few places i want a wee look at this summer myself, always looking for a decent parking place lol
  11. alot of things in this life are illegal
  12. Met 2 well out on a large tract of plough one damp windy day, both with a dog apiece and both wearing trackies and nikies, ffs they looked fecking soaked and frozen
  13. Was gifted a bottle of this, was gonna keep it for now but I'm getting curious regarding its taste lol anyone tried it?
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