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  1. brambles

    Camping gems

    SW Scotland from the Rhins of Galloway north to Ayr wild camping right along the coastline, sea fishing etc and plenty of open space, caves etc and a few really nice camp sites if you want a change and a pint 🖒
  2. brambles

    Old dogs past or retired

    Few more I've came across that I had in the late 80's early 90's, christ the memories don't half come flooding back 🖒
  3. brambles

    Sharp run

    Very nice mate atb for the forthcoming season 🖒
  4. brambles

    Old dogs past or retired

    Molly not a world beater but a bitch that always gave 100%, a delight to have owned for 16year and if I could clone one it would be her
  5. brambles

    Gerrin um ready

    I do take it serious mate maybe a bit to serious according to my wife but I like to run them 2 or 3 times a week daytime and travel anything up to 6 or7 hours some days to get running so I like to keep on top of conditioning and fitness, if it's my fitness your enquiring about it I cycle with the dogs and jog as fast as I can when it comes on top cause I can't fecking run anymore lol
  6. brambles

    Gerrin um ready

    What do you mean mate?
  7. brambles

    Gerrin um ready

    Heard about a decent vet/bone man down Workington area through a couple of lads I course with so gonna get my 2 booked in for end of the month to get them scanned and checked, all going well it's full steam ahead
  8. brambles

    Gerrin um ready

    Start swimming them twice a week, gallop them along the beach and on a nice little incline on the golf course, also got a good walker that they can have a few miles on daily if needed, along with a well managed diet and a bit of luck with avoiding injuries they'll be on top of there fitness come the season
  9. brambles

    Children's Clothes

    Items have now gone, really pleased that someone's gonna get some use out of them, thanks for looking lads 🖒🖒🖒
  10. brambles

    Children's Clothes

    Alright lads, wife has been tidying out came across these that were bought for my grandson's, the Trespass suit is priced at £75 and tags still on aged 2 to 4 years and the waist coat is 6 to 8 years, just feel far to good to be put out, so any good to anyone please get in touch and I'll get them posted out, atb
  11. brambles

    Fingers crossed

    Atb wae them hope you get a good un 🖒
  12. brambles

    Shapeing up nice

    The dam to my little saluki greyhound x collie whippet bitch was sired by Gaskin's Ice in fact dams litter sister was the grand mother to my white bitch
  13. Top pup to get your hands on that don't see the point in getting rid at that age 🖒
  14. Always like having little collie x around the yard very versatile jack of all trades 🖒
  15. brambles

    Shapeing up nice

    Very nice buddy can I ask how old and what way she's bred 🖒