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  1. Was gifted a bottle of this, was gonna keep it for now but I'm getting curious regarding its taste lol anyone tried it?
  2. Still got this wee bitch, shes a coursing bred bitch to a collie whippet, very quick bitch, great around cover and good for a couple of good daytime hares, getting on a bit now but another nice animal to be around
  3. Beardie Greyhound as an all rounder of fur and feather I wish I could have cloned her, cracking bitch, as loyal and keen as the day was long
  4. Ordered a couple on line mate looking forward to their arrival
  5. I'm taking this advice on board lads so thanks again, that's the ground starting to thaw up here so I'll finish early on Friday and make a start with the digging over. Spoke to a farmer friend and he says he'll drop off a few ton of well rotted manure which I hope to share with other plot holders. Once I'm started I'll post a few pics so that yous lads can keep me in line lol
  6. Seen a few of them, layout and cuisine much the same up and doon the country.
  7. Not really alot of footage openly available mate
  8. Tried to pm you mate but your mail must be full
  9. We approached the village council to see about allocating a piece of land for allotments about 3 or 4 year ago, and its taken this length of time but they have fenced a piece of land and provided 1 stand pipe for all, plot sizes are 10m x 5m plus 5m x 5m ones , I'm fortunate enough to have acquired 1 of each due to the amount of applicants, so I'm looking forward to getting started, and thanks lads for the input, I'll definitely not go jumping in and get overwhelmed, so heres hoping yous dint get fed up wae my questions lol
  10. No long in from work and found a note from the village council saying that my request for an allotment has been approved. Thank feck lol, I applied for one last year but due to this Covid it's all been on a back burner. All I need now is the ground to thaw and I'll make a start. Not expecting to much this season but I'll get it dug planted and set out the way I want with a few raised beds etc, so lads any advice or sarcastic remarks lol please dont be shy and pass on your knowledge
  11. Had a few nets of a different kind off him exceptional quality and certainly have the catch capability, gent to deal with
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