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  1. Having been in the building trade all my working life it never ceases to amaze me the people you bump into. There is every walk of life working in it from some very intelligent people really happy to work away every day and not wishing for any great deal of responsibility such as being foremen, agents and contract managers and having smoke blown up they're arse. To the clowns who couldn't join hands at a sing song or be left alone to build Lego let alone facing brick, all wanting the notoriety of being someone special. Some of the characters you meet really make it an enjoyable environment to
  2. Sometimes the collars pack up mate due to over tightening
  3. Been in the building trade from age of 15, served my time as a joiner, left school or was told to leave school for showing little interest, truancy and generally being a fcukin pest. Dogs ferrets, poaching and birds eggs were my downfalls (especially peregrines lol). Could make more 2 nights on the salmon than I had for a wage fir a week. Regrets very few all I've done was off my own back, so when I got away with it it was great, when caught well that was that lol. With 3 kids and the building trade being classed as casual labour a mortgage was always out my reach, also the fear of 3 kids and
  4. Aye mate she'll need replaced, got a couple o irons in the fire just have to bide my time till what I want is produced
  5. Well lads she'll no be back oot again, the time came this morning efter she deteriorated over the last 2 weeks I made my mind up that it was time to go, she'll be sorely missed. The final van ride, fcuk me the grand wains will go mental
  6. He's a bonnie lookin dog mate atvb wae him
  7. I'd need to have the bacon
  8. My kennel is lined wae 25mm Kingspan and a layer of 50mm under the ply on their beds to stop them scratching, along with the heater they want for nothing
  9. Alot of early risers this morning lol
  10. Noo this certainly looks more appealing than a Richmond to me mate
  11. Are fcuked, christ knows what the country has come to, a total shambles
  12. I would say so mate, got a couple of them, lasted me years and still as good as they were when new
  13. Great way to have yer brekkie but those Richmond sausages gie me the boak
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