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  1. Great tae see mate I still miss no seein that wee dug
  2. Totally shocking dirty bsatards for treating her in that way
  3. There's a few I've got lying g around the shed, probably another dozen or so in there aswell if I have a rake aboot
  4. Your spot mate it is wicked, % of those hares we're trundling along aimlessly after being moved on by beaters before meeting they're demise, and plenty shot as they sat on their haunches to have a look at what was infront of them
  5. My question was "why not sell a few days to coursing lads" answer was they were shot to keep the b*****ds off the land, heard most were buried, again each to there own
  6. Yip some calling it sport, but each to there own
  7. To the ordinary layman they won't appreciate the positions these dogs get themselves into to catch rabbits, all fear goes out the window especially on the steep and treacherous land that I see in the pics, a terrible shame hopefully falls on the ones taking it away from us atb lads and keep at it
  8. Well in mate you ve knocked a few over this season
  9. If your over Sw Scotland early to mid summer let me know and your more than welcome to what you want for free mate ooffgood working stock aswell
  10. Cnut was asked to move deserves more than he got.
  11. Feck them mate we'll get by just the same
  12. Next season you'll have the helicopter up bolting to the dogs on there
  13. brambles

    6 Nations.

    Bad bit o weed DC
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