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  1. Good to hear she's having a better day and I'm sure you'll do him proud πŸ–’πŸ–’
  2. Hope all works out for you mate and your mum makes a good recovery, had my share of it recently myself mate but hopefully as it happened to me "one door shut and another one opens" atb Brambles πŸ–’
  3. Something along the same lines, this wee bitch loves a night in the birds
  4. He's a fcuking scabby peddling little prick I said it years ago he's had more dogs than Battersea it the dogs I feel sorry for, he'll never change "grass is always greener"
  5. Me to mate I'll book a copy now aswell πŸ–’
  6. One of the places she gets to see
  7. Read what you've wrote you said I had double standards and was a hypocrite, how can you justifiably say that about me ??? As far as what's gone on wae you and another member is up to you's? I only commented as using words as someone being a grass is a serious accusation to make on a forum. But fcuk that explain yourself for calling me what you did!!!
  8. What do you mean by me being a hypocrite and having double standards Ginger??
  9. brambles


    Had the SSPCA at the door asking about my dogs welfare and what I worked them on, one had a peep over the gate and said it was fool hardy and down right cruel you keep ferrets in an aviary along with birds? He was told it was a ferret court and not an aviary and to fcuk off from my front door and not to come back without Pc Plod and a warrant, never been bothered since
  10. Tut Tut Tut, terrible accusation to throw around
  11. Ah the bold "Cushy" this does not surprise me he's a fecking rocket, heard he was shopped in by someone saying he kept Pitbulls and they raided him, mind that SSPCA is only 500yds fae his hoose, some folk just can't see the wood for the trees, only lives 2 mile fae me so they'll be doing their rounds f***ing Eejit Ps the c@nt could eat an apple through a letterbox wae they teeth lol
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