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  1. If this had been the only reply the ferrets would have had them
  2. brambles

    Bird Flu

    Right lads, What is safe to eat, was handed in a few brace of pheasant and a brace of duck, don't know whether to eat or feed to ferrets, fella that handed them in says no sign of anything wrong with the way they flew and humans can't catch it, could someone educate me in this matter lol Thanks
  3. I'm the same mate, been showed a couple of times but when on my own memory goes to mush lol
  4. Where do you get your information from regarding the dogs doing nowt if you don't mind me asking
  5. I can be around the 200 mile mark as a round trip for ferreting, bit further if its for a bit of coursing, but needs must
  6. Spot on lads great to see the young un's oot, looks a great day
  7. Nice wee day could have kept going and killed a few more but the auld bitch was down on her arse, don't think there's many more outings left in her,
  8. Real pity your not closer to me in Scotland mate, I could be doing wae someone to tag along
  9. Well in mate great to be out and about
  10. It's roughly £1 per pound up here if your buying from a pet supplier
  11. Yes mate I have a drain that runs the full length of the front of the runs behind the small kerb, and it empties into a manhole which is around 15ft from front of the kennels via a 4" underground pipe
  12. Done mine myself, inside lined with 50mm kingspan sheeted with 9mm ply and I have recently overplayed with 3mm pvc on the inside for easy cleaning
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