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  1. brambles


    Have any of you lads ever tried these Meindl boots off ebay, was gonna try a pair work.
  2. Absolutely fantastic mate, you're a very talented man, I'd be scared to use one
  3. Great tae see that auld yin still puttin in the miles
  4. Thats a bonnie dog mate, what's in him
  5. Yes she was called Ruby, I picked her up at 7 weeks and the lad that had her sold her to TW, she ran well, killed some decent hares,
  6. She was out the same litter as yours Westy was she not
  7. Thats the bitch she was Romeo Pearl
  8. If I'm not mistaken TW put his Romeo X Peril bitch to it about 2 year ago, Last time I spoke to RP he told me that he had given a pup to his mate the he had out of the litter
  9. Click to reply, then click on add file, it will give you options like camera or my files etc click on the desired one and look through for picture then click on picture you want, should automatically load the click post, hope I've got this right and it's no the whisky talking
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