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  1. My cousin's wife got one of those Eastern European Street dogs, fcuker couldn't understand a word of English and every time it was left alone it trashed the house, totally pointless operation for me it should have been pts but the charity insisted on having it back
  2. brambles


    Alright lads I'm looking for a new vehicle for work and dogs, don't know much about them so any help would be appreciated, don't mind travelling for right motor, so are they any good and what sort of age or mileage should I consider, cheers
  3. The father and the youngest child are off the critical list but the mother and oldest boy of 16 are fighting for their life's they're in a really bad way, 28 families still out of they're homes, no one been allowed back for clothing bank cards or even to tend to pets, the four houses in the pic are in the process if being demolished and structural engineers are assessing surrounding properties, the 2 kids are 11 and 16 really hope they all make a recovery
  4. Ayr sw Scotland, ot was on the national news last night at 10, 2 adults 2 children hospitalised thin they're critical
  5. Looks like it mate Heard a couple of kids out so far but no adults, hope to fcuk all are OK
  6. 2 houses not far from me massive explosion houses gone, brick blocks timber 4 streets away, declared as a major incident, heart goes out to the families
  7. True but there's plenty of nosey bsatards out there, that's why the coppers post these, get these arseholes tae dae the leg work and they turn up an take the credit, shower of shite
  8. It's shit lads getting harder to get a few runs without the grief, better off bombin and stabbin MP's, more chance of you being overlooked
  9. Thats a bonnie dog mate
  10. I appreciate mate I like to know its still drawin brathe
  11. Must be something wrong wae me seeing that wee terrier fair brightens ma day aye shit news mate about the dog, as said afore great tae see the wains oot
  12. Whit wan ov you's was carrying the Defibrillator naw kiddin aside mate its a fair trek up those hills, hope you and the pup enjoyed yer day
  13. Bet you's needed they 2 dugs tae help chew yer pieces naw both dogs look like they've had a good day well in lads
  14. Ffs Jack and Victor of the lurcher world reunited on a Scottish Hill lol looks a good day lads (well auld lads)
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