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  1. What sort of depth and length are these nets working efficiently at, I'm one of these folk that still uses the old square mesh nets when needed lol
  2. Get yourself up to Sw Scotland mate iff yhe kids enjoy it, miles of coast line to wander and camp, plenty drift wood for fires and plenty of good fishing for Bass, Mackrell, Pollock and Sea Trout. Enjoy wherever you end up mate. ATB
  3. Well lads here it is, this is Nellie ma auld bitches replacement, well enough bred off parents that are doing the job. Been a joy to have around since getting her a few weeks back. Confidence grows daily and she's not scared of getting stuck in. Got plenty for her to be going at so here's hoping she makes the grade.
  4. Antalya a week on Saturday then Gran Canaria 2nd week in May
  5. I'm Sw Scotland mate, bit far from Essex mate, I'm sure you'll pick a couple up this spring/summer
  6. Pity your so far away mate I've a litter due and you'd be more than welcome to what you need
  7. I'm out there on the 20th, Lara Beach Antalya, hotels great, all quite happy to take euro or pound sterling
  8. Had a few nets off Netrigger myself, I would go as far to say that these particular ones were the best I've had
  9. Country is fcuked mate, got no backbone anymore, to scared to upset the Muslims, Gays,those weird cnuts that identify as whatever the fcuk they want, does my nut in as to why we don't put the Great back into Britain and retake control of our own country. My 2 auld granfaithers will be spinning in they're boxes at the state of this place, fcuking deplorable!!!!!
  10. They were called Mintolos if I mind correctly
  11. Always remember a local deer park next to the municipal golf course holding a load of rabbits. It was lit quite well by nearby street lights so we decided wait till dark and get it ferreted lol. The night in question was full moon and crisp with frost, after climbing the 6 foot perimeter fence with nets ferret and small whippet type, we walked the park dog lifted a couple but plenty went to ground. Nets set in went 2 ferrets with bells on their collars (what we'd read in a poaching book lol), rabbits bolted well enough, brown and whites, black one, couple of ginger coloured ones and the normal
  12. Alright lads, anyone use this, is it any good, if not what is recommended.
  13. Few nice fish already been caught, nice place is Perth you won't have any bother getting a pint of a feed, best of luck at Cargill mate hope you get 1 or 2, never had much luck on that bit myself, but probably just down to my bad presentation lol atb
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