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  1. Had 3 in a row now. Mk2, Mk3 (Ex BG) and now a 2.0 tdi R model 140bh dsg and this is by far the best. If you can afford it, go for something at the top end. I never considered ever having an auto but having a season with this one, I would definitely recommend it.
  2. Mr Wasp


    Its all very well blaming various people for the outcome, but in the end it is down to one person, May. You could argue that her civil servant cronies have played a large part in the shitstorm we have now. At the end of the day she has led this "deal" from the begining. Only the other day she said this was the deal that she wanted right from the start of the negotiations. Personally I am fed up being told that I was lied to, didnt know what I was voting for etc. I knew EXACTLY what i voted for and that was to leave the EU. OUT entirley with no ties to the union. I hope this deal does not get through parliment when they vote and we then end up leaving with no deal at all. The 39 BILLION pounds of our money can then be invested in things that actually matter, like the NHS
  3. To be honest, its not difficult. I will leave you to it. Eventually you will go far enough round in circles that you will end up dissapearing up your own arse. All the best!
  4. Why so triggered whenever I comment? If anyone is struggling, it is you. Struggling to make sense or even string a coherent sentence together. What exactly is your point in this thread? Is it to big up your friend Jeff? I catch a few moles yes. I dont pretend to be the big man or the best at it. I simply do not do enough to claim that title. " MOST mole trappers that ive come across, or are aware of aren't 'FIT TOO LACE THE MANS BOOTS' " The above sycophantic sentence says it all for me. I feel sorry for you, I really do.
  5. ??,... can you!.... take (Jeff) with you??.... Cause, let’s be honest! The last thing this industry needs is folk like you and him trying to change things just to stroke their own ego.
  6. Mr Wasp


    BGD? If not you sound like that lefty f****r. Do us all a favour and f**k off.
  7. Mr Wasp


    Nah, its just BGD in disguise.
  8. They are! On Facebook they are giving it hell. Disgusting cretins.
  9. This symbol ? is called a question mark. You use it at the end of a question. Example: Is Jeff a twat? No need to add it to the end of every fecking sentence, that is what a full stop is for. Just a heads up....
  10. I have a xl8 here vin, NEVER USED if your interested i can sort out a sensible price for you.
  11. One or two more refinements and they will have to start considering re-entry proceedures...
  12. Thanks for having me tag along with my camera Vin, much appreciated
  13. Why would you respect someone who wants to see your livelihood severely restricted? This man wanted to impose daily trap checking on the mole catching industry when the vast majority didnt want it. He went as far as trying to do things behind closed doors, until things were brought out into the open for all to see. The man is dangerous to all mole catchers and should be watched very very carefully.
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