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  1. Could there be beaver on this river? Beaver here in America will build these type sets with an exit below the river.
  2. Few days ago it was -10 celsius with the creeks freezing up. Today it was 21 celsius at daylight.Went creek fishing during a small tornado while being chased by snakes lol.
  3. Thanks, We doing ok.We haven't had any snow but freezing cold for our area.Electric company was doing rolling blackouts to conserve electricity.On the plus side all coons have went to ground meaning I don't have to walk very far.Yesterday morning I had a dig it was -15Celsius. That's cold for our area. I recieved an early Christmas present last week that has helped me digging in the cold.If any of y'all dig alone in cold temps I would recommend a pair of these.
  4. Waded a creek yesterday.Nearly froze to death but managed a few.
  5. Wolfdog don't let them bass boys blow smoke up your ass.A hillbilly with a cheap kayak can wreak havoc on big carp and bass.
  6. Life is to short to tolerate a lazy dog,sorry mule or a nagging woman. Happy Thanksgiving Day from this hillbilly pilgrim to all yall.
  7. Its a weed that in cold temps pushes its water outside forming thin pedals of ice.
  8. Swamps were half froze yesterday. Saw my first frost weed of the year.
  9. Carhart is tougher than an otters bite i can guarantee
  10. A new Yellowstone season starts tonight gentlemen.
  11. IM NO EXPERT.Bulldog birddog crosses are used alot in Dixie for a hogdog.Some people call them outlaw curs.We called em running catchdogs.Meaning they ran loose instead of on a leash like a proper catchdog.Usually a running catchdog can handle boar up to 150 pounds.If bigger they will bay until the catchdog arrives.Handy type dog. I would guess wolfdog has something similar.In My Opinion.
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