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  1. Thanks.I'm sure by September I will be ready to go.Ive lost terriers before but this one has been rougher for some reason. I think you're right.I lost the runts sister in her second season.Although it was gut wrenching it wasn't as bad as losing the runt.
  2. Being born into a dogmans household I learned valuable lessons early on.Whether its humans or hunting dogs 50% are a waste of oxygen.The other 49% are just average.But that 1%,When the stars align perfectly and you get an above average worker.It just ain't nothing better. 10 year ago I made a breeding that produced a runty pup.I tried to give her away but nobody wanted her so I kept her.Named her Mugz. She has worked well since her very first time.Never put a foot wrong.Last week I acquired permission with the biggest farmer in my area.The farmer took me to a groundhog set.Co
  3. Them goat ropers will ruin your ankles.I would recommend redwings.Also buy the inserts from redwing store. Looking at around $300 but will last couple years. Leather,waterproof,ankle support and steel toe.
  4. Thanks for sharing.Coons are a tough opponent for a terrier but as you can see otters have supernatural strength.Its no coincidence that the otter has the coon by the one spot where the coon can't do much.Otters are smart and they truly enjoy inflicting pain on an enemy of similar size,Be it a coon,snapping turtle or terrier. In my humble opinion the otter was gonna kill the coon and rape his dead body as otters enjoy such things.
  5. They are venomous.The only semi aquatic pit viper.This time of year they are not too aggressive.By June they will chase you down the creek.
  6. Cottonmouths and snapping turtles have woke up in my area. The last one is a young cottonmouth.They look like a baby copperhead except the end of the tail.He has a bright yellow tip on the end of his tail.They use this to lure in small bream.When grown it disappears and he will get darker.
  7. Drove down to the gulf. When I started to release the shark,someone set off a firework display.Good timing lol.
  8. I'm not sure that old man is still alive as I haven't spoken with him in about 4 years.So I won't use his name.You owned some of his dogs at one time.I can't speak for the guard dog side of them as that's not my cup of tea.The history was suspect.The hunting was staged at the foot of a mountain in a catchpen back when these things were legal. The old man didn't tell me what he traded for those terriers.He simply said he traded. What I can tell you with certainty is those terriers offspring were afraid of the dark lol. There is real American terriermen but you meet them at a d
  9. I agree. There was an old man near me who created a "breed". He flew to the United Kingdom to sell yall a dream.Somebody over there traded him some cull terriers for his "dream". Me and my father seen the terriers.My father said that man flew half way around the world to trade nothing for nothing.
  10. Thanks.I dock my pups but the man who bred that pup doesn't dock his.
  11. I'm not on Facebook but I often get told about the Americans with terriers arguing and self promoting.I just wanted to take time to give credit to a few real American Terriermen.Few months back I made an all day drive to pick up a pup from a man.No fancy names.Just a man who bred for what he needed.He gifted me a pup,took me hunting with his sire.Then gifted me a pieps locator,custom hunting knife,terrierbox and his library of terrier books. 8 years ago I was digging in tobacco country with some people who had a nice pair of coon tongs.I told the folks how much I liked their
  12. Buried a 16 year old terrier this week who was my best friend.This song makes my eyes water but I keep listening.Rip Hayley.
  13. Snowed in.Playing with young ones .
  14. I started slinging a chainsaw for my old man when I was a child cutting right of way for telephone lines.Spent my twenties working 2 full time jobs eating amphetamines.Spent my thirties building myself a small business.Now I'm forty.I work an average of 2 days a week and hunt or fish the other 5 lol.I guess im semi retired.I hope to never fully retire.Just work my 2 days a week till the end.Yall older gentlemen still grinding away have my upmost respect.
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