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  1. Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers ,They've been known for a song or two
  2. First week is over.Only 23 weeks left.Felt great to be back.
  3. This time of year I use it to help protect a terrier from snakes after a dig.Its the best way I have found to safely get a tired terrier out of the swamp.In the winter I use it to warm up terriers after swimming in frigid water.
  4. Tom I'm in Dixie.The closest thing to working lakelands in US would be the Linruff kennels terriers from 15-20 years ago In My Opinion.Now days those types have been bred back to nuttal type.If you can find the Linruff terriers they are usually kept by terriermen not show people.Good luck.
  5. This time of year I begin scouting for signs.I look for persimmons and Muscadines.These are the two main wild fruit that coons eat.The two most important things I look for is otter shit and venomous snake population.This time of year otter shit will change from fish scales to crawdad shells and claws.When this happens otters generally leave the creeks and go back to the swamps where there is thousands of crawdads.I found the information I needed this morning.First the good news.All crawdads. Now the bad news lol.
  6. My earliest memories are of my fathers English coonhounds. We hunted from mules. These mules were bred from a pony to a jack.They could hop a fence.We hauled them in the bed of a pick up truck.. Mule truck in the background.I owned a coon lamp before i owned a pair of shoes lol.. Pics of pics sorry for quality.
  7. Thanks Mr Tim Anywhere a 10 pound groundhog can fit so can a 10 pound fox in my opinion.
  8. Its a combination of several reasons really.First you need a terrier 12 pounds or smaller.Its usually 100 degrees in my area when you dig groundhog.Poison ivy,chiggers and rattlesnakes are a few more reasons.But if you want to see how tight of a tube a terrier is willing to push through then groundhog is the perfect quarry for this in my opinion.
  9. Its the time of year to dig groundhog. They are not my main quarry.The little red one has done good in tiny spots.
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