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  1. R.i.p. Dusty I been singing this en ever since I heard.
  2. Looks like fun @NEWKID Do yall use any depth finders or electronic equipment on your kayaks to find places to fish?
  3. This is a very important topic in my opinion.Growing up in Alabama you're surrounded by creeks and rivers.It seems every summer a couple drown.20 kayakers had to be rescued in a flood last week.I was kayak fishing 10 miles from there at the same exact time. I have stomped the rivers swimming ,hunting and fishing most of my life.Still alive but I dont mix rivers and alcohol. This past February me and a buddy went lamping from his jon boat.It has a motor thats been tinkered with and can go faster than it should.Roughly 40 mph.Which is too fast at night in the swamp. We have done th
  4. You are right I should explain a little better.There is certified jagdterriers who are great retrievers and bloodtrailers who i have seen trained to a high degree.The good hogdogs and digging dogs were generally uncertified. absolute lunatics who couldn't be released without a shocking collar and garmin tracker.Different dogs bred for different purposes.
  5. A Ukrainian brought a certified jag here to hunt one night for hog.The only thing the dog found was a neighbors cow and clamped down on its nose. The certifications they do doesn't make it a good hogdog or digging dog. I have been disappointed by a few "certified" jagterriers I have seen.
  6. I know 15 years ago they had to pass to be bred from and registered.As I have found with most breeds some of the best ones wasn't registered.
  7. My father could only control his jagterriers with shock collars.A jagdterrier who is independent enough to run a hog alone for several miles doesn't really care what his owner thinks or wants.He works for himself.A will of his own.The way I controlled the one I had was I hunted her on big islands where she couldn't leave and everything on the island was fair game.The last canine in the world I would choose to take in an active henhouse would be a jagdterrier.Just my opinion.
  8. I've made the statement somewhere on here before that a 15 pound otter will test a terrier much more than a 150 lb boar.Something to that effect.
  9. My father kept jags and I have kept pats.A good jagdterrier will work a track several miles.He will give tongue as Mr Aussie said.As far as digging purposes the black ens are better.There are critters in the ground that are much more of a test for a terrier than a hog.Ive seen just as many good hog dogs from the shelter as I have from big name breeders.Not true of digging dogs.I live in Alabama with a thriving hog population but I don't hog hunt my blacken's.Just my experiences.
  10. I camp from my kayak so I pack really light.pound of hamburger meat,pound of bacon,dozen eggs,loaf of bread.Cooler full of water as dehydration is serious in Alabama.I would say water and snuff(tobacco) are the most important things. As far as sleeping arrangements I also pack light. These hammocks are the only way I will camp now.Run a rope from one tree to another,Hook the hammock and secure the Skeeter net.If rainy weather use a tarp instead of mosquito net. Quick and easy and weighs about a pound.Being rocked to sleep by the stars along a bubbling creek is someth
  11. There is a lot of good advice on here.I would like to add you need a wife who is devoted.My wife is gamer than me and stuck with me through hell and back.I took the plunge over a decade ago and don't regret it.If the wife ain't happy you ain't gonna be happy.Whether you stay or go. Another thing I believe is job security is a myth in my opinion at least in Alabama. I would recommend 3 to 6 months income saved back. I haven't made a profit in two weeks.Its just part of it. Hope this helps. Good luck
  12. Thanks I haven't ever heard of anyone fishing for them. If y'all start having problems with silver's holler at me.Id be glad to drive down and thin em out.
  13. Do y'all have many silver down your way?
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