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  1. It depends on each terrier and each coon and how long the dig takes.Some terriers have a natural born talent for taking the right holds to end it quicker than other terriers.I keep some harder terriers and some mixers.The mixers would be hard-pressed to kill an adult coon no matter the amount of time.Ive never seen a terrier who could kill their coon everytime.A big boar coon in a tight spot will rarely if ever be dispatched even by the best of terriers in my opinion.
  2. I took the little terrier's littermate digging today.He is built like a twenty pound whippet.He did a good job but time will tell.In my opinion one of the best feelings in the world is digging to a young terrier you bred and raised yourself.Even if they are ugly lol
  3. When I was a kid some coonhunters got in trouble when they were overheard talking about a certain swamp.After that we made codenames for every swamp.Chinpop,Fingerbite,Lostboot,metal gate,etc .When katchum declared me insane on page 4 of this thread for entering that swamp I named the swamp after him.Game wardens all over Dixie trying to figure out where katchums swamp is.
  4. I grew up with coonhounds and hog dogs.I only keep terriers in more recent years.I dont travel much with the terriers but did with the hog dogs.
  5. Coons will mix it up.If the coon has the upper hand he will continue to mix.If the coon begins to lose he will try to bolt by swimming or climbing. As far as venomous snake bites on dogs.When I was a teenager I had a terrier to get bit twice by a copperhead while trying to kill it.We called our vet.He said to give the terrier antihistamine (benadryl) and he would be better in 4 or 5 days.For 3 days this terrier laid on the back porch.His head look like a balloon full of water.But the vet was right by day 5 the terrier was up and playing. I wear snake proof chaps everytime I go wit
  6. This little dog has been showing well for me. He got a coon in a muskrat set this morning.The tube was the size of your fist.He pushed his way through.Most terriers cant fit in a muskrat tube.I realized today just how small this terrier is.When I got home I weighed him out of curiosity. 11 pounds 12ounces.
  7. I have asked around and everyone local says they are the most disgusting thing to eat .I know the southern rays can store red tide in their flesh and sharks wont even eat them lol.The cownose ray is red bloody meat which generally isn't consumed in seafood in our culture.
  8. I've already got my bumper sticker. There is Flags all over Dixie that says f**k Biden.As I live in the Bible belt that word is not allowed.To see polite Christian southerners flying flags that say that makes me smile.Biden is sending us into another great depression.You can't go to a restaurant because everybody quit to get free money from Biden.I worked 2 full time jobs for 10 years in my younger days as a 20 year old father so my wife could stay home with our babies.If you don't work you don't eat, man or beast(ablebody) I have no sympathy for these animals,white black or pink p
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