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  1. This past week was Memorial Day.I would like to say Thank you to all the Military Men for keeping my family safe. Makes me smile watching my daughter shark fishing.
  2. Yesterday I watched the sun rise over the same stretch of water that Davey Crocket hunted and trapped.Made me think of how hard it must have been to survive. Today we had storms so I walked some small creeks as predators feed during storms in small creeks.
  3. I spent a few days living out of my kayak along a secluded river.
  4. In my area once a terrier makes it around 2 sharp turns the groundhog will be waiting for him.Our ground is hard so even a groundhog can't dig fast.Usually the groundhog digs away when using too large of a terrier that takes to long to get there or the terrier gets stuck.
  5. I received a call last night from some people in the city who had 4 groundhogs living under a wood floor tool shed in their backyard.They wanted them gone as did the neighbors. This morning I loaded up little red and went to check it out.The entrance was tight even for a 13 lb dog. Of course he settled under the toolshed.I trenched a few feet in to him.One groundhog accounted for and 3 bolted out the back.Landowner was happy.
  6. No sir they are longnose gar.They don't get as big.Most of those you see in the picture are males about 3 ft long.In the center of that group is a female about 5 or 6 ft long.
  7. In America if you want decent terriers then you will have to breed them yourself.I bred my foundation stud to his mother.That breeding produced an above average bitch.I bred this above average bitch back to her father/half brother.This produced an entire litter of decent terriers.I bred a male from this litter back to his mother.It produced 3 pups.2 of which quit at the end of their second season. Luckily I had a plan b and had already bred my foundation studs son to his first cousin.Which is what I am currently working.Im happy with them. The only thing I can tell you for sure abo
  8. I can't speak for y'alls beaver.American beaver won't travel 70 miles.Maybe 10 or 15.I catch several beaver each winter a few hundred yards from water.When there is heavy flooding rain they will travel way up small ditches that normally don't hold water to reach new areas.If you give a beaver a cup of water he will build you an ocean lol.
  9. I stumbled into a cottonmouth breeding ground this morning.
  10. I encounter mink and otter in the same areas here in Dixie.But never on the same day.
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