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  1. Creek smallmouth.He fought harder than the shark last week lol.
  2. I live in the backhills of Alabama and I love it.I have miles of rivers and creeks to hunt and fish.In my small town there is 2 gas stations.Neither one accepts credit cards or debit cards.Cash only.Most folks in America would call me a backwards hillbilly to which I would say thank you.Friday me and a buddy left the hills to go beach fishing.The first stop we made was a gas station with 2 sodomites running the place.I looked at my buddy and said,We aint in the hills anymore.The rural areas of Dixie has some of the best folks in the world and some of the worst.These same areas generally have t
  3. He wasn't happy that I scooped him up for a picture.
  4. We turned two baydog hogdogs loose one night.They left on a hog.Ran him 2miles until the hog ran through a bison farm.The curs decided to bay up a bull bison.We all made it out alive but wasn't fun catching the dogs. One day me and my father was walking a lurcher.This lurcher had quickly dispatched everything he had been on.We could see a black dot on the horizon.We assumed it was a coon so we slipped the lurcher.It was a Skunk! Bad part was this was the one and only time this lurcher decided to retrieve his quarry alive.Me and my father was trying to run away and the lurcher is doing his
  5. At the bottom was 3 bricks tied with 100 lb braid 6 ft leader tied to hook. So when a shark bites the bait it cuts the bricks loose.the hook is attached to 6 foot of steel leader.The steel leader is attached to 20 foot of 400 lb monofilament.This acts as a shock absorber and also prevents your fishing line from touching the sharks skin which will cut most fishing line.Add a couple pounds of stingray wing and I would say the whole setup is 30 feet long and weighs probably 10 pounds.We tried a casting rig earlier.Hung a shark and his skin cut the line.The setup I described above is the best rig
  6. I'm in Florida right now..Destin Florida close to Alabama line.If you make it close by send me a message.We will go give it a try.
  7. No sir I use the kayak to take the bait out then I come to shore.The baits we use cant be casted.
  8. Thanks DC I think the big bottle will work for what I need.I will give it a try.
  9. I could use some advice from yall chub fishermen.I need to catch some tiny chub.Roughly 3 or 4 inches.Any suggestions on bait?
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