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  1. Can I borrow your book on poaching when you are done with it, sounds a right good ole fairly tale ‘‘tis my delight on a moonlit night was also a load of romantic tosh I’m sorry to tell you, any keeper or poacher reading your posts will be having a little chuckle to themselves as it’s quite clear you don’t have a pot, next time it’s a bit inclement outside, no moon, howling winds from the SW etc pop outside then, you may catch the beam of a real poacher you clown
  2. Think it was quite lucky the lab seemed well trained, if mine bumped into that I,d be doing a Rhia roast for Christmas
  3. Quite pricey, but looks pretty good mate
  4. First one I made and shot I missed my target and went straight through the garage door still have the hole
  5. Yes mate arrow just shoots straight through you can actually use 3 tooth brush heads for the same result picture says a 1000 words
  6. I assume you mean the round thing holding the arrow, if so it’s the whisker biscuit from a compound bow, cost around a tenner simply unscrew the Diablo and add the biscuit to the frame
  7. Get you one of these then mate piece of piss to make and would keep you fed if the shite ever hits the fan
  8. Don’t no if or how much truth is in this little conspiracy, but having run it past several people of much higher intellect than myself they say very plausible and doable, so I will pass it on and it’s up to yourselves what you do with it, but ancestory dna and other similar company’s have one intention and it’s not telling you all about your family tree that is why the outcome is very vague and not at all accurate, there real intent is to patent your dna, so in the not to distant future when you need a transplant and your organs are grown in a lab they will charge you whatever they want as they own your dna and you have willingly given it, and when the grim reaper is at the door you will give your last penny to stick around a bit longer, as I said I,m not an intellectual man and will add nothing further it was just something I heard so have passed it on,
  9. Have seen a few travelling boats that just put the run on the boat roof when travelling and put it on the bank when moored up works ok for two or three hens which is enough for two peoples egg needs
  10. Have thought about getting one myself but rather have something you can make do and mend if it goes wrong and your in a situation were there is no shop or tinternet so think it’s beter to get good with a recurve than just be average with a compound
  11. Gone back nearly 60 years and found me dad
  12. Balloons rise better in cold air seems mad but the colder the better, 🏚
  13. I will hopefully be living on a boat by early next year and already have a chicken friendly allotment lined up ready to go, were there’s a will and all that
  14. I,m off at 4 am driving to Tamworth from Bristol for three nights sleeping out fishing and a bit of catty hunting catch and cook style, should be fun looking at the weather seems I will be following the snow north, but rather that than this endless rain, 6ft rod Bag of lures and 4 Catty,s at the ready along with my old army arctic sleeping bag which will be most appreciated
  15. Your about 20 years late I think, real fur is not very popular these days, used to make a tidy wage in the 1980s but not now
  16. I have for years and ducks and goats, guess it depends on who owns the house, I own mine so I feel that entitles me to tell the neighbours to fro when they moan but if you have a landlord I guess it’s there shout
  17. I have seen them is it any good I like the takedown stealth factor, do you find it similar to the catty to shoot?
  18. I no I’m only firing a basic budget bow in the picture but it was my first ever go on one and I took nearly every record they had up on the wall which I put down to using a catty for 50 years found the two very similar so anyone wishing to get reasonable on the bow I would say get yourself a catty and practice in your garden
  19. Spoonful of honey every night before bed, may be a placebo but haven't had one in years, honey is nature’s medicine
  20. You get a strap thing to prevent that, here’s me in traditional hat modelling one
  21. Is that only available through Facebook ???
  22. Greyman

    The Election

    I don’t trust any of them mate but hate the eu project even more, so would vote for the devil himself if he offered an out I find people like sandy even more low and disgusting when we are remembering the dead from 2 world wars who fought to stop Germany taking over and running Europe, now the yellow back wankers are openly trying to hand over everything they fought to defend with no shame,
  23. Don’t know if this is any good to you mate https://nationalarchery.co.uk/en/venues/archery/caldicot-monmouthshire/oTown-7382https://walesarchery.com/
  24. Snide scout mate, £7 on eBay the ground was pretty horrendous really, had to turn back several times because the paths were flooded but new the sun would bring a few sqizzers out
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