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  1. Freshly baked sun dried tomato and Parmesan cheese loaf when it’s cooled a selection of cheeses will join it
  2. If I put that video up it would be just someone’s dog looking out the window
  3. Little update on the rotatec, chain have had new jetty’s so lots of old wood about full of nails and shite so thought as I have 3 chains I,m willing to loose one just chopped a good load nails and all, the chain is still in fine order no stretch and relatively sharp so for £9 quid so far we’ll pleased
  4. Bacon Camembert and red onion chutney in a fresh baked baguette
  5. I don’t think there is any fees involved, my daughter is moored up near the entrance to the marina so I have it to here to try and catch the otter coming and going ( no dedication though ) and she just down loaded an app to here phone and away you go, I,ll stick the name of it up when I get it back
  6. Sorry to interrupt again but apparently the lightning hit the transformer on the telegraph pole, been working with some lads that live in the next village a few mile away and they heard the bang took out the phone lines and the card machine ain’t working in the office lol
  7. I,ve just been bought one by my daughter looks pretty easy to set up even for an old technophobe like me, I,m always more gutted about the content of the card than the camera when I get one nicked,
  8. I think we all have a mental picture of each other and I have gnash as a Range Rover type of guy in my minds eye were as I,m more ford transit
  9. That’s a hard one but bivol style makes him a fav for me, but betrebeive is a bit of a beast and will cause problems for anyone think he will be a hard match for yarde as he can switch off from time to time and betrebeive just keeps on coming
  10. I,ll save you the effort I,m expecting something like this may be
  11. Bigger risk as well so it won’t happen, I like boxing as an armchair fan but I have absolutely no interest in this heavyweight circus that is ruining the sport in my eyes, look at the light heavys bivol, yarde, betrebieve etc it’s exciting as f**k and they are getting it on at the right time not waiting until one of them is in a zimmer, the 135s Davies, Garcia,Haney, shaker Stephens and loma it’s a brilliant scene, if we just stop paying for and encouraging this heavyweight bollox we may even see them return to some level of competitiveness
  12. Mate there have been so many members of this forum that have came on here and had sightings,from driving/ walking home from the pub and flushed by hounds but the constant ridicule of these clowns just wears them down so they stay quiet or revert to pm,s, I,m struggling to keep up with my inbox at the moment and think Mac has done his job now and successfully killed the thread for a while, but hopefully phileas fog will be along soon to take him round the world in eighty days and we can get back to normal conversation and if he needs someone to carry his bags I’m sure Timmy’s not doing much exc
  13. Greyman

    I give up

    I,ve got this and I,m sat here at 25 I do have heating but only turn it on in extreme cold or if we’ve been away from the boat a few days
  14. Mate I’m in tears every time I watch bangers and cash
  15. Funny enough I was driving down a little lane near Dursley today and there was a white bx sunk into the tarmac with a layer of moss on it outside a cottage
  16. Sorry to ruin the car chat I,m an old ford guy myself money no object, lotus cortina mk1/2 escorts etc but on top of still running on generators last night there was a lightning strike in the marina which knocked out even more leccy
  17. It’s a farm building in the sticks mate
  18. Also stripes don’t show up on thermal that’s reeds against its body, and yes there is a building there that’s why I have to be a bit careful with the location but I can assure you it is 100% in the uk in the county of Devon as said we have had the film a while but do have to check it’s authenticity before going public despite what some may think and imply I,m really not interested in bullshitting to prove anything to anyone that is the real deal and here it is chewing on a bone that would be part of a skeleton at some point
  19. One last word as your starting to come across a bit sad and desperate, but I,m not a big football fan so I stay off of the thread rather than go on and talk shit about something I no very little about likewise if gnash is talking about boxing I listen rather than interrupt and talk shit to him as he clearly knows more than the rest of us, were as the three amegos are happy to just keep on and on and on talking total shite until you have simply sucked the life out the thread and bored everyone to death,like I said I can see the attraction must get so very boring travelling the world daily any
  20. Or he’s just been misquoted by the press as happens all the time and mac is just becoming so desperate to discredit the whole subject he will clutch at anything, but hey we’ll leave it there as I said we are doing fine without him just means I have to keep emptying my pm box to talk to the real people on here ps congrats on the mod job think you’ll do alright
  21. More nit picking diversions, hilarious think I will now concede enough people on here that have an interest are now listening to and adding to the podcast so I,ll leave you Timmy and greb to pat each other’s backs on successfully ruining another thread, but as I said it’s more telling about yourselves highest posters on here adding nothing, but hey ho must get terribly boring waiting for all those international flights around the world easy to see the attraction of being a keyboard warrior have a good day
  22. Isn’t it funny how you have now changed your tack to character assassination rather than just answering is this a mountain lion you can consult with foxdropper if you want but it’s very telling that a man of mystery like yourself that travels the world eating in the best restraints and sourcing the finest weed is getting so upset by this one picture very telling, feel free to join in Timmy fox or mountain lion a simple yes or no will do
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